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  1. Selector Quintet
    A Tale of Magical Kids, Closing Schools, and Hero Clubs

    • [​IMG]
      Centuries ago, back when populations were still small, a Chosen One, a Hero of Light, or whatever else, would always be born in order to defeat the evil that loomed over the horizon and protect the world from devastation. They may be born from a long line of practitioners of the sacred arts, or they may be a once-in-a-hundred-years prodigy that came from humble origins. They may stumble upon an ancient relic that grants them immeasurable power, or they may be cursed or blessed by a diety, granting them their unnatural abilities. Regardless, heroes were born, made, or trained, rising up in their adolescence before fading away into peaceful obscurity in adulthood.

      There was always a perfectly maintained ratio of heroes to humans, and, as the forces of evil grew, the amount of heroes increased to match those hordes.

      That was then.

      This is now.

      After the human population exploded in the 19th century, the number of heroes also did, in accordance to the ‘Heroic Ratio’. This number continued to rise exponentially, until it became clear that there really wasn’t enough demons and monsters in stock to be a threat to the heroic armies. After being squashed, outnumbered, and overkilled countless amounts of times, the monsters eventually hung up a white flag and declared that humans were, indeed, the master race. From then on, the bad guys lived in coexistence with the good guys, never sticking their head into any more nefarious schemes of ill-repute. For a brief amount of time, the heroes were satisfied with using their powers to enhance society, not simply protect it. They would blossom into world-saving activity during their teenage years, before losing their powers at the age of 25 and moving on to enjoy the more mature aspects of life. Environmental problems didn’t exist. Food problems didn’t exist. Crime problems didn’t exist. With so many heroes around, the common criminal stood no chance, and they all understood that.

      And then, the amount of heroes became a problem. The inability to use their destructive powers lead to frustration, especially amongst those children who were going through puberty, and many weren’t satisfied with the mundane, eventless lives they held, when they could be doing so much more with those powers of theirs. There was no external foe to fight, and eventually…

      On a hot summer day, the cicadas buzzing lackadaisically in the air, an ice cream shop was robbed by a five year old with Telekinesis and True Sight. Though the mother apologized and paid for the ice cream eventually, word had already gotten out, at the fact that a ‘hero’ used their powers in a greedy, selfish way. And, just like that, villains of a human sort began to pop up all over the world, robbing banks or hacking video games or scratching cars or whatever misdeeds rebellious magical teenagers got themselves in. Immediately afterwards, the heroes that have not strayed overzealously engaged their dark counterparts, and it became clear to anyone with half a brain that the collateral damage caused by those fights did more harm than good. Magical lasers seared through the atmosphere and buildings toppled from the destructive impact of combatically-repressed kids, causing no shortage of things for the Earth Defense Force to clean up.

      The moniker of ‘hero’ eventually turned into ‘magical boy’ or ‘magical girl’, as they could no longer be considered a pure force of good.

      As governments, EDF officials, and former heroes discussed this growing societal problem, it became obvious that magical children needed a way to get rid of the frustration that came with having powers that could not be used. While dark magical boys and girls were still zooming about, providing a new enemy for the good guys, it was the root of the problem that they worked to address.

      One week later, they came to a decision. If the magical boys and girls wanted to fight in order to release childhood stress and frustration, then they should at least do it in a safe environment.

      And thus, the Selector League was created.

      An event like no other, the Selector League pits teams of three to six magical boys and girls against each other, in competitions that featuring various objective goals, but all end up being combat-centered in one way or the other. Popular both with those who want to play and those who want to watch, the Selector League is split into a multitude of smaller subdivisions that match teams up either by strength or by age. Supervised by the Earth Defense Force and set on holographically crafted arenas in the sky, it has quickly become one of the most exciting things to watch on television…even if not all matches are particularly skillful.

      Professional teams that show good sportsmanship are eventually granted Hero Licenses that allow them to apply their magical skills to the real world, and many of them become just as popular as actresses or celebrities, endorsed by dozens of companies and mobbed by massive groups of adoring fans.

      Needless to say, it’s pretty great publicity for pretty much anything, and it’s healthy fun for all involved.

    • [​IMG]
      Of course, most of that’s also irrelevant to your own life as a magical boy or girl. Living as a student of the only school in Sakurashin Town, a town out in the boonies, your powers have really only been used for mischief or cat-saving or making your chores easier. In a peaceful little town surrounded by the natural beauty that Japan’s old heroes fought to protect, there was pretty much nothing going on, even though the rest of the world went through gigantic changes. Rice was still being farmed, cows were still being milked, monsters were still chilling with humans, and students were still going to school.

      And then, one day, an earthshaking event occurred, destroying your illusions of a peaceful, normal secondary school life.

      Due to low enrollment rates, Sakurashin Secondary School was closing next year, putting a brutal end to your painless lives. Instantly, dreadful tales of super crowded train stations and scary, hip urbanites flash through your brain, and you fall into a crippling, brutal despair.

      It is in that desolate abyss that an announcement rings through the PA system of your soon-to-be destroyed school.

      The Hero Club is recruiting for a Selector team, and all are welcome to join.

    • [​IMG]
      Sakurashin Town is a typical Japanese town in the middle of nowhere. It’s near a bunch of farmers, so the vegetables are as fresh as can be, and the weather is generally rather fair and pleasant. When it rains though, it pours, and for that reason, most homes don’t have a basement, and are elevated a foot or so off the ground. There are a few convenience stores and a few supermarkets, but as for high-tech urban stuff, it’s better off to take the train and head to the city than to look through the local electronics shop. The prices may be cheaper, but the products are also older.

      A thirty minute bike ride away from the beach, it’s often used as a pit stop for people heading for summertime fun or whatever else. Most of the families living in Sakurashin own a boat, and it’s a popular pastime to go fishing during summer and fall. The namesake of Sakurashin, it’s massive, ancient cherry blossom tree, rests at the center of town, and creates a mesmerizing cherry blossom blizzard that lasts through the entirety of May.

      As it stands, the only hero operating Sakurashin spends more time as a teacher than a villain-fighter.

    • [​IMG]
      The fruit of knowledge that magical boys and girls possess, magic is the ability to do supernatural things, whether it be flying or shooting out lasers. They can be obtained through a variety of different methods, but the general consensus is that your magical powers will greatly decline or increase in ‘cost’ after you reach 25 years of age. There are certain exceptions to the rule, such as if you’re a magical boy or girl who got their power through tireless training, but most people don’t actually do that.

      While there’s a lot of fluff and faff that goes along with utilizing magic, such as lazer beams and plasma and monomolecular blades, ultimately, the strength of magic is determined by the user. If a weakling that has a plasma sword capable of cutting through dimensions goes up against a stronger magical kid who only has a normal plastic rod…the stronger kid’s going to block that lightsaber and send the weakling flying through three buildings.

      Ultimately, fluff is cool and can bring out special effects, but as long as it’s magic, even if you can stop time, that means nothing if they can just use LOVE AND JUSTICE to break free of those temporal bindings.

      After all, the true fuel of heroes is their emotions!

      …though, realistically, what they’re using is their energy, whether it be ki, mana, or whatever else.

    • [​IMG]
      Annually, all magical girls and boys must take a set of physical exams to see how far they have progressed or regressed in regards to their powers. Though there’s a much more complex set of data that is collected from those exams, for the benefit of children with short attention spans who still like to see big numbers, these stats are simplified and compiled into a very RPG-like set of details.

      Energy – Energy is the umbrella term used for whatever source of power people draw from, and can generally be used to compare how long a magical kid can do a magical activity, such as tossing out fireballs or erecting barriers. Energy also refers to the amount of energy that can be output in a single instant. Essentially, the more energy you have, the bigger your magical attacks will be, and the longer you can continue to magically attack.

      Willpower – Willpower is the ability to exceed your limits, to use the power of your pure emotions in order to push yourself into another level of power. This is often characterized by lots of dramatic speeches, following by yelling and slow motion cinematic attacks with long incantations and names. High Willpower will also allow you to not die when you should be killed, but generally, that bit’s irrelevant to Selector battles.

      Intelligence – Intelligence refers not to knowledge of the physical world, but of your own powers. The more intelligence you have, the finer control you have over your magical abilities. You’ll also have a wider array of magical abilities with high Intelligence, as well as more efficient energy usage. Basically, if low Intelligence gave you linear beams, high Intelligence would allow you to curve them around and shoot more of them for the same amount of energy.

      Strength – Strength should be obvious, but it’s basically how strong you are when you go into battle after activating your magical boy or girl form. This encompasses all forms of strength, from lifting to striking to gripping to whatever else you can imagine. High Strength, generally, doesn’t correlate with muscle mass...because you should get your dream body type from wholesome exercise and healthy eating, not magical drugs!

      Speed – Speed is also obvious. It’s how fast you physically move after transforming or whatever else. This covers flying speed as well, as normal methods of magical flight only allow you to fly as fast as you run. Naturally, if you’re faster, you’re also more agile, allowing for fancy backflips and parkour maneuvers. Of course, Energy would still determine how long you can run.

      Skill – Skill refers to two things that aren’t really similar: reaction speed and dexterity. High amounts of Skill would, for example, allow someone to react to an arrow being shot at them from behind, before catching it with two fingers. This is all about physically being badass, instead of magically being badass.

      Obviously physically inclined heroes, such as wielders of holy swords or prodigious martial artists, would have higher Speed, Skill, and Strength, while magically inclined heroes, such as magister magis and ACTUAL magical girls, would find more usage for Intelligence and Energy.

      And, of course, every hero of justice should have tons of WILLPOWER.


    • [​IMG]
      ENR – Amount of energy available for use.
      WILL – Status Effect Resistance. Extra Effort modifier.
      INT – Magic attack damage and accuracy. Also governs amount of starting abilities.
      STR – Used for basic attack damage. Used for blocking. Used for feats of might.
      SPD – Used for movement speed, both in and out of battle. Used for dodging.
      SKL – Used for defensive and offensive things. Basically your ability to attack people dead.

      Every stat outside of Willpower can be used as a modifier for an ability.

      Each point put into a stat signifies a d10. Thus, having 5 points in Strength will mean that every time you attack, you roll a d10 five times.

      Your Barrier, that is, your HP, is set at a static value of 5, unless there are traits that effect it.

      As the battle goes on, your Energy stat will slowly to drop. After it goes to zero, Skill and Intelligence begin to drop as well. Essentially, you’re going to get tired as hell.

      Basic attacks are set either as a roll of (SKL + INT)/2 or (SKL + STR)/2, depending on whether it’s a magical ranged attack, or a physical melee attack.

      Special attacks have their own rules and conditions, so those are on a case-to-case basis. However, the general rule of thumb is that, if there are two rolls involved, such as hitting and then damaging, the defender only rolls once for both of them.

      The defender chooses either to block, dodge, or parry, and then the dice rolls are made. If the attack is successful, then 1 point of damage is done. If the attack value is greater than the defense value by 20, then 2 points of damage is done.

      If the attacker is destabilized, for their next defense roll, they take a static 10 point reduction to the value of said roll.

      Parrying is SKL/2. If successful, has a 100% chance of reflecting a magical attack or destabilizing a melee attacker. If unsuccessful, defence value is reduced by 5 points when calculating damage dealt. Does not suffer from the same loss of defensive stats from consecutively parrying as does consecutively blocking. Explosions can not be parried.

      Blocking is a STR roll for physical attacks, and a 0.75x STR roll for magical attacks. If the blocking roll is greater than the attacking roll by 20, then the attack is either reflected or the attacker is destabilized. If attacked by multiple opponents, STR decreases by 1 every time a block is used. An explosion/AOE attack cannot be blocked.

      Dodging is a SPD roll for physical attacks, and a x0.75 SPD roll for magical attacks. Does not suffer penalties to dodging consecutive attacks, but cannot garner any advantages from exceptionally good dodge rolls. In an enclosed space, all dodge rolls are halved.

      All status debuffs can be resisted by Willpower, and, unless stated specifically, must first hit (succeed in a damage roll) before their effects activate. Certain conditions can be applied though, such as something like a paralyzing strike still having a chance to paralyze if the other person blocks it instead of dodging it.

      Attack Interception
      Intercepting an attack meant for someone else takes two different phases. First, Speed is rolled against the enemy’s Skill. If Speed is greater than Skill, then nothing happens. If Skill is greater than Speed, then the blocking that follows (you can’t intercept an attack via parry or dodge) is reduced by a certain amount that scales off the difference between the skill roll and the speed roll.

      A Willpower boost can be used though, in order to skip the Speed-roll phase.

      One can disengage from being locked in combat against a singular opponent if they do a Speed roll against the enemy’s (SKL + INT)/2 roll. If successful, you can use your out of combat speed in order to retreat further away.

      Movement Speed
      There are two tiers of movement speed: in combat and out of combat. In combat, your Speed stat multiplied by 2 is the amount of meters that you can move in a single instance. If you choose to forsake your attack action, you can move once again. Out of combat, your Speed stat multiplied by six is the amount of meters that you can move in a single instance.

      Chances are, this is going to get convoluted if I go into too much detail, so just assume that it’s semi-fluff for now.

      Weakening Resolve
      Continually defending from attacks will reduce whatever stat you used to defend with on a per turn basis. If you defend with Speed and are successful with it, you lose 1 Speed dice for your next defense roll. Same with Strength for blocking and Skill for parrying. This debuff will stack and persist as long as you are continually locked in battle without getting hit. After getting hit, the debuff resets.

      If you spend a turn without having to defend in any way, you will recover one point from the debuff. The next turn without defending, you recover two points. The next, three points. This continues until the debuff disappears.

      Flurry of Blows
      This is an option only allowed for by melee people. Instead of going round by round, where everyone gets to go, the exchanging of blows is repeated continuously between two melee characters in sets of three. The destabilizing effect, if they choose to block, can be stacked up to three times before the person who was destabilized thrice is knocked back, receiving a noticeable amount of damage. One can attempt to disengage in lieu of attacking. If three exchanges come up between the two where neither manages to land a hit or block enough to destabilize, either of them can disengage without a roll, as a free action

      When in such a state, no active abilities may be used. Allies can break up the fight by interrupting…but their own attempts at interruption can be intercepted, forcing the battle to continue. Damage accumulated through a Flurry of Blows is not recognized until disengagement.

      Extra Effort
      Willpower gives you the ability to add a bonus amount of dice, depending on the amount of Willpower you have, if you permanently expend one Energy stat for the rest of the engagement. Essentially, if your character is almost out of Barrier, and has only one Energy point left, why not go all in and try to take down the enemy with you?

      BE A MAN.

    • [​IMG]
      Fluff-wise, abilities can be pretty much anything.

      Mechanics-wise, I’ll handle it. Just understand that there’s a simple rule: the more flexible a singular ability is, the weaker it is. Telekinesis, for example, can do more than DEATH TRIANGLE STRIKE, but is much weaker.

      Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

    • [​IMG]
      Character Image: Anime only. Pretty looking pictures are preferable.
      Character Quote: Something that your character won’t feel embarrassed as hell saying.
      Name: Generally Japanese. Last Name, First Name
      Age: Should be in secondary school, so anything from 12 to 19.
      Biometrics: Height, weight, and details that are not present in the picture.
      Transformed Appearance: Anything that changes after you power-up and transform, if that’s actually a thing for you.

      Personality: Two paragraphs describing their personality. If you’re a lazy cunt and I’ve RPed with you before, perhaps you can try your luck and put in one paragraph instead. Note that, as the goal of the RP is for your character to get into the Selector battles, your character is better off not being a pessimistic loner that has no reason for being anywhere.
      Likes: Obvious.
      Dislikes: Ctrl + C

      History: Should tie into their personality in some way. Also, should detail what exactly makes them a magical girl/boy.

      Skills: Mundane things that your character is good at.
      Theme Song: You’re a magical girl or boy, but more importantly, you’re a hero! Get an equally heroic theme, yeah?
      Others: Anything else?

    Mechanical Shit
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  2. @Craftsdwarf @Asuras @Zombehs @R-9 Pilot @Voltin

    Here it is. Post up a blurb of what your character is, just so we avoid any unintentional clones. Also, did everyone just give up on hunting down the four references? XD

    Preferrably, you'll have a CS by tomorrow, because I have work for the next five days starting from Thursday, and would like to plot out stuff before then.
  3. Probably going with a standard Nanoha-style blaster, as I always like those in magical girls. Blow everything up at range in a variety of ways. Probably, you'll get my usual approach to powers and such, which is less flexible and more a set of specialized things. Or at least specific abilities under a big umbrella. alternatively, I could do a peerless duelist supernatural swordsperson, probably with some heavy influence from Signum, among others.

    Oh, do we actually assign points into attributes somehow, or will that come later?
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  4. Apparently we get our points pool based on ERode's whims and thoughts on our character sheet.

    Anyways, character blurb. Chosen Hero gets their Infinity Blade but chooses not to use it because they want to accomplish things out of their own power rather than having won a draw for superpowers. To help out the school though, he settles in for the wild ride.
  5. Can someone link me to the collab? On da phone ATM.
  6. In regards to how the stats are, I'm mainly looking for what your character is based off, any training for battoru they may have done in the past, and anything they were born with.

    So yeah pretty much just my whims. Just to specify, but 1 is human and 2 is peak human.
  7. I'm thinking of someone who uses iaijutsu in a sense, but whose sword instead simply summon some sort of shadowy entity for a brief second that attacks an enemy. So like, instead of a lightning-fast sword draw that just cuts, unsheathing the sword summons a demon at a target that quickly attacks an enemy where she intends to strike; the reason it's an iaijutsu technique is because the demon should only be allowed to exist in the world briefly, lest she lose control. Idk if that works or whatever, but it's my initial idea.
  8. Best off going Blaster Modu, R-9, or it's literally going to be three melees derping about again, just like in SMW. XD

    Zombs, you'll probably have shit starting stats that get a boost if you actually activate your Infinity Blade. Might toss in some bonus Willpower for your character though.

    And that demon-manifested Iaijutsu sounds nice. I assume that you'll have more range as well? Chances are, it'll be classified as a physical attack that scales off Intelligence. Guessing that the demon exists in the sword, so she can't use it 'normally'?
  9. Well, long-ranged support it is. Probably with at least some melee potential. Well, possibly. Time to pick a ridiculous energy type and decide how many references to which mecha I want to throw around. So many options...many thanks to SRW.
  10. More like it's a portal and the shit that comes out is "random" but unanimously of a "tooth and claw" demon variety.

    The sheath is a portal and the sword is the key that locks it. As long as the sword is inside, nothing can escape. When its unsheathed, the portal opens temporarily, allowing a demon to manifest until the sword is sheathed again, in which the demon is pulled back inside. They're invariably chained to the portal, and cannot break free. Still, it's best not to allow them outside for longer than a second, lest they potentially turn on allies or herself. While they can move if given more than a second, as she uses iaijutsu for safety, they moreso just appear at a select location instantly then vanish just as quickly.

    So yes, it has range, but only as far as she can perceive, probably less.
  11. Hm, probably going mid-range "gunner" who shoots frickin' laser beams from his hand (Yu Yu Hakusho style). Might also have a "familiar" of some sorts which will keep enemies off his ass. Going to go ham on the magical girl tropes, too, ofc, so make that a definite on the familiar, just going to alter its purpose to have a pnp ranger effect..
  12. Sounds fair enough to me. I'll toss in a Willpower roll if she ever gets into a position where she can't sheathe her sword within a post then, to see if the demon goes wild or stays complacent, yeah?

    Only from his index finger? Or from all of them? And yay, we have a balanced party! Two melees, one super range, and a midrange~
  13. Sounds good to me.
  14. Index finger only, but I may throw in alternate power sources for different effects.
  15. Oh, once more there's some good timing! Not only was I in the mood for a new RP but I just happen to have tomorrow off after working six days straight!

    As for my character, I doubt the personality is going to be matched (heh heh), but as for powers...would a support role of sorts be adequate? Not that she'd be helpless in combat, but I'm not sure if it would be fitting. Like, will there be more 1x1 fights or team fights?
  16. It's always team fights. That's why there's no 1v1 Selector battles. It's better to foster the mentality of teamwork than of lone wolfing, when it comes to heroics.

    Something to note though. There are only buffs or debuffs. There's no stat-stealing or switching. Because that's evil.

  17. [​IMG]

    ˪ "They never expect it." ˥

    Բge » 16
    Ցiometrics » 5'5" | 120 lbs

    թersonality » Mabi very much lives in a present but considerate world, paying a certain level of attention towards whimsical desires but nevertheless having enough sensibility to dismiss the ones she knows are impossible or in poor taste. She's not afraid to voice concerns and wishes, as well as complain, but she certainly doesn't waste time mulling over what's clearly never going to happen, or what shouldn't happen at the time. Due to this, many of her fellow students find her a pleasant individual to be around and go to for fun and friendship, but at the same time never expect anything less than... acceptable, behavior.

    She knows what's good for her, but doesn't always like it, to put it simply. Family has raised her well in regards to sensibility, but their social laxness has granted her a freedom to do as she pleases; given one of her main concerns is respecting her mother and father, she rarely disappoints them when it comes to truly important things (such as academics and law-abiding). All in all, Mabi is the "sensible bro" of her school, being able to enjoy a good time when she sees one, but knowing when to quit.

    Despite her calm demeanor and generally amiable personality, Mabi is actually quite prone to taking words to heart. While she is rarely inclined to retaliate against others, she is easily and genuinely hurt when she hears of others talking poorly of her. She tries her best to be approachable by fellow classmates, so when her nature is marred, she tends to take it seriously.

    Ղikes » Chilling in all its forms, Mabi is very much accustomed to simply being around people and talking about anything, student council work (really!), chess (though she's only so-so at it)
    Ժislikes » While she might rather do something different in certain cases, Mabi is hard-pressed to outright refuse doing something with others unless it were "pretty" illegal.

    Ոistory » Mabi was born to the (not so) infamous Yotataka Kurogane, a man who had personally set out to collect as many demons into a single sword as possible, for whatever reason. Having been out-shined by his future wife, Kurogane wanted to impress her with his own abilities, though took some shady methods to do so. Most demons he collected were attained out in the field, utilizing sealing magic he had learned from his own father, but some were literally snatched from other demonologists and cultists under their nose. What he lacked in pure strength compared to Mabi's mother, he made up for in cunning and slyness.

    The sword he had created became his signature weapon, boosting his notoriety somewhat as he went onto actual fighting alongside Mabi's mother. Eventually the two lost their magical skills with age and settled down together in a quiet town; Sakurashin. Eventually Mabi was born, and summarily given the sword her father had made. The thing was locked in place until she was old enough, but the sword itself was kept around at all times, in hopes that the radiant energy it gave off would boost her potential for magic as she got older.

    Indeed it did; partnered with the blood that ran through her veins from her mother, the sword's leaking energy granted Mabi a predisposition towards manipulating the infernal towards acts of good and justice. She was raised to be happy and simple in her thoughts, so as to increase her mental resistance to demonic influence; a strict and powerful personality was often the target of manipulation from the forces of hell.

    She grew to become a skilled iaijutsu swordswoman, developing a technique of summoning that both surprised and worried her parents. Where her father used the pure energy in the sword to inflict damage, Mabi's ability to commune with the contents of its sealed nature allowed her to literally manifest the demon's forms from within, unleashing their latent, uninhibited potential for brief moments of time in the real world.

    With her easy-going and friendly nature, Mabi was easily voted for as a member in the student council, going as far as to retain the position of vice president for three straight years. She is well known across campus, being a helpful, amiable, and ever-present figure within and without its gates.

    Տkills » Organizational skills (paperwork, scheduling, etc), non-fiction writing, planning.



    • Recalcitrant - Mabi is resistant to abilities that influence the mind, granting a +2 to Willpower when resisting such abilities.
    • Opportunist - Mabi has an advantage on the first strike, giving her a +1 advantage in the initiative roll, and +2 in Skill when she first attacks.
    • Blood of the Rakshasa - Mabi's mother was known for her usage of demonic blood to fortify her own body, and this magic bloodline has passed onto her daughter. Mabi has a bonus +1 to Strength and another +1 for Strength when defending against physical attacks.
    • Demonic Characteristics - Mabi is classified as a non-human, meaning ‘anti-monster’ traits and attacks activate against her.
    • Hunger - Mabi has higher energy consumption than normal, because demons are hungry bitches.

    • Eclipse Invocation - Active & Passive
      Active: Mabi can unleash a quick succession of strikes in one turn, at the risk of taking a single, undodgeable mental attack. Mabi flips coins equal to half her Skill (rounded down) and gains a number of basic attacks that turn equal to the heads achieved. She then rolls her Willpower (defending roll) against her Willpower -1(attacking roll). If her defending roll fails, she takes damage.

      Passive: Mabi's basic attacks utilize the power of demons contained within her sword, rather than the cutting power of the blade itself. Rather than using Strength for basic attacks, she uses Intelligence.
    • Feed - Active
      Mabi can charge her sword with the blood/energy/spirit of either herself or an unfortunate target. By sapping power from a Barrier (or otherwise), her sword can gain an Energy buff for its attacks temporarily. Mabi can use this attack on herself, dealing a flat 1 damage to her Barrier, and giving her to-damage attacks a +2 Energy bonus for 2 turns. Used upon an opponent, the ceremony is slow and telegraphed, making it easier for them to dodge. When Feed is used on an enemy target, Mabi must use a normal basic attack with (STR+SKL)/2.
    • Infernus - Active
      Mabi allows a particular demon, Infernus, to partially possess her body temporarily, granting her a chance at a devastating attack if she's lucky. While Infernus possession is active, Mabi loses 1 Energy per turn (engaging the turn after she activated it) though this does not occur if she manages to hit an enemy before the turn is over. Whenever she strikes an enemy with Infernus active, she has a 50% chance of gaining +1 Energy until Infernus deactivates. If Mabi manages to strike an enemy 3 times, Infernus unleashes an AoE magic strike around Mabi scaling with her Intelligence + 0.5x Energy. If Infernus unleashes this attack, he releases possession and reduces her current Energy by half, as well as her Willpower by -1 for one turn. If she reaches 0 Energy, she is incapacitated for a turn and the effect ends. She can disengage the effect at any time.
    • Crimsig's Halo - Activated Passive
      Mabi can summon a portion of the demon Crimsig's magical prowess, granting her a temporary boost to Intelligence with a slight risk. While active, Crimsig's Halo requires a Willpower check for each basic attack Mabi makes. She rolls XD5 where X is her Willpower. If she receives a combination of only 1's and 2's, she takes damage. Succeeding grants her +2 Intelligence for that attack.
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  18. Yeah, I have no real problems with it. Just note that the demons stuck in her sword are more like 'Legion' and less like 'Paimon'. Basically, run of the mill demons, not OP Angel slaying demons.

    You said that she's a member of the student council, but what's her position?

    In regards to stats, her base ones will be 1 for everything except for Willpower and Skill, which will be 2. The amount of stat points she has to play around with stands at a pretty solid 14.

    Also, she has two traits that you can name for yourself.
    She is resistant to abilities that influence the mind, granting a +2 to Willpower when resisting such abilities.
    She has an advantage on the first strike, giving her a +1 advantage in the intiative roll, and +2 in Skill when she first attacks.
  19. Aight, looks fine. Might nerf her by making her post-AOE state into a -1 Speed and -1 Willpower instead though. Her Opportunist trait (was expecting a much more badass name, really) activates at the beginning of each fight, and doesn't activate if she fights the same opponent twice in the same match.

    So, if she fought someone once, her trait activates. After that, they disengage, and the fight ends. If she meets them again in the same match, her trait won't activate a second time. Using it on their buddy though, will activate it.
  20. Tamaki Meiko (open)

    "It's kind of a pain but...I guess I gotta."

    Name: Tamaki Meiko
    Age: 14

    Biometrics: 5'4'' (163 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

    Hair short and dark, eyes sharp and blue, Meiko doesn't generally put a whole lot of thought into her looks. She often wears her school uniform or lounging clothes, but her higher than average weight is a bit of an issue, as she's certainly chubby.

    Transformed Appearance: In true magical girl fashion, Meiko's clothing changes, and she gains a long, gold skirt with silver frills, heels, and long white gloves. She can also summon a large, ornate, silvery hammer.

    Personality: Meiko just simply isn't that active, physically or socially. Her favored activities aren't physical, and while they allow her to chat with friends, she seldom hangs out after school, partially do to lack of things to do. She's generally nice, but she can get irritable when it comes to rudeness or ignorance. While she doesn't necessarily have a short attention span, her mind can find itself wandering to other things. Meiko's intelligence is pretty average and she doesn't make any particular efforts to come off as girlish, but likes being perceived as such.

    However, in lieu of her new magical abilities, she is trying harder to change. In particular she wants to be seen as a cool person, but her attempts have varying results, ranging from 'awkward' to 'mild success'.

    Likes: Bees, rice, those perfect days where the breeze is cool but the sun is warm
    Dislikes: Ghosts, the inconsiderate, slimy foods

    History: In the wide world of magical happenings, Tamaki's family for a long time was just one of those normal ones. While some relatives had the occasional story to tell, none of them had ever been a direct part of anything particular special. Meiko's father had lived in Sakurashin for his entire life, just as many of his ancestors before him had, while his mother moved there some two decades ago. As such, Meiko seemed destined to do the same, and considering she rather liked Sakurashin, knowing it well, she didn't mind in the least.

    Of course, Meiko had dreams like any kid, even if they may have changed often, and certainly one of them might have been the desire to be a hero of some kind. But when it came to the idea of working for it, there was always some excuse, some other thing distracting her. However, as far as ideals went, there was always one that persisted: Miyako, her older sister. Two years older than her, always collected, likable, cool... Somehow that came to her naturally, but Meiko, was always irritable and unfocused, and changing was so hard.

    But as far as changing, there was one particular instance. While Miyako was away visiting a friend in another town and their parents were out enjoying a dinner for a special occasion, Meiko had the house to her lonesome, passing the time the way she normal did, her methods involving television, snacks, and the occasional video game. On her way to the bathroom, she caught an unusual, pale yellow light from elsewhere in the house. After finishing her business, she went to investigate, finding the source coming from her older sister's room.

    Floating above the empty bed in the tidy room was a semi-translucent orb. Meiko had a good feeling as to what it might have been as she approached, the orb seeming to whisper among it's low hum, Meiko hearing it call her absent sister's name faintly. Meiko pulled out her phone to contact her sister, but stopped herself as curiosity got the best of her. Was it from the future? Another dimension? Space? What would happen when Miyako found it? She'd probably get magical powers that would perfectly accent her coolness. Maybe she'd find something awesome to do with them too. Or...

    ...She was already on the track to becoming someone great.

    Would she really miss something as distracting as this?

    In a moment of weakness, Meiko reached out and touched the orb, and in a flash of light, was bestowed with its power.

    What could Meiko do with this untold power? Could she finally break out of her shell and become cool like her sister?

    But as the weeks passed...nothing. She never told a soul, only practicing with it occasionally, not her parents, and certainly not her sister. It was just easier to go on like nothing happened, but it certainly gnawed at her. And then there was this news about the school was going to be demolished, which meant her life was going to be changing anyway, due to something outside of her control.

    Better now then never?

    Skills: Relaxing
    Theme Song: 'Lacrimosa' by Kalafina
    Others: Her older sister, Miyako is in her Junior year at the Sakurashin Secondary School


    Basic Attack: (SKL + STR)/2 | (2+2)/2 = 2d10
    Disengage: SPD | 2d10

    Movement: 4m In Combat, 12m Out of Combat

    WILL Boost: +1 to a die roll

    • Big Boned (I swear) - +2 Barrier (Total of 7)
    • Not Racist but... - +2 STR when fighting monsters, demons, and other non-humans
    • Get behind me! (I'm bigger than you) - +2 STR when protecting another
    • Eh? I'm not sure if I want too... - Every other point gained in WILL costs double


    Spatial Displacement: Having targeted an object or being roughly her size or smaller, Meiko can teleport herself and the target, swapping places at an Energy cost.

    The range is 50 meters, but after 30, Spatial Displacement becomes more taxing for her to use, costing a more significant amount of Energy.

    When switching with an ally, it automatically disengages them from their current combat.

    If attempting to use it with an unwilling target, Meiko rolls half her INT against the targets WILL. Failure means Meiko will lose a more significant amount of energy, but there will be no movement.

    INT/2 vs WILL | 2d10 vs WILL

    Unbroken Boundary: Meiko uses her magic to create a magical shield near her or an ally (even herself and an ally if they are close enough). It takes the form of a golden, semi-translucent wall. Based in INT. Only blocks a single attack per use. If broken, remaining attack value is rolled against the protected one's defense value.

    5d10 Blocking

    White Instance: Meiko, hammer at the ready, uses some Energy to teleport to her target mid strike. It has a range of 20 meters, and reduces the targets defense roll by 10.

    Basic Attack vs Target's WILL - 10 | (SKL+STR/2) = 2d10

    I normally don't post unfinished stuff, but I did want to get something up. Sorry if it feels a tad rushed!

    Clearly I couldn't find a good image. Well, I found one, but I didn't feel like it fit her personality. Speaking of that, no, she isn't particularly heroic, but I want to see that change over the course of the RP!

    Anyway, my idea for her magic was perhaps a melee weapon (I'm thinking a summoned magical hammer, but nothing as strong as any of the main combat characters) for those face to face moments, but mostly I was considering the idea of her using created shields and switching magic. For example, say she switches an ally out of danger, taking a blow, or swaps with an enemy, planting them among her allies while she herself is in a bit of danger among the enemies. It certainly has a few interesting strategic applications. If not then I can work with the suggested buffs/debuffs!
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