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    The day before....
    It is the year 2013 and it is the last day of August in the city of Tokyo, Japan. It is a cold summer night as the head of the Hyper Medical and Technical advancement incorporated, more commonly known as HMTAI, stares out over the city by himself his white business suit and blue tie flowing with the cold summer's air. He had just got done making sure his plan to...reallocate the city itself as a perquisite for his plan. Of course he couldn't keep what was going on in this city private forever but he intended on making his little game last for as long as he could. Well at least everything was somewhat going along as he was actually gaining majority control of the city from the government rather quickly. Well then it had been quite some time, what now past at least twenty years since he found the sekirei he had so meticulously groomed for this specific little event and it had been at least two...three weeks maybe since he had let them all loose?

    Things were going much better for Magoichi Hanabi in that area than the others as there were already multiple heads in certain areas as it seemed certain sekirei had been matched up with the perfect ashikabi just as planned. The man had spent so many years making this company that he fancied the title 'The King' for himself amongst others and had even gone as far as to start thinking up names for major players in his plan as they appeared. So far he supposed no one truly deserved the nicknames he gave them minus the Northern and Western ashkabi who've both been very active in the hunt for more of the wingless girls. The man smiled as he looked up towards the pitch black sky as he chuckled to himself, "All things will come eventually I suppose after all it's only been two weeks and I can't expect ALL my little children to go and do amazing things just yet. They've been cooped up for so long with those blasted scientists and what not I don't think they are use to this cultural shock just yet. Well I'm sure they'll get along after all what else could I offer to them? I have taken care of them all for most of their lives if they can't take care of themselves now they should FIND their true love in this blasted city already" Magoichi said with disdain as he kicked the nearby railing that kept people from falling off onto the city from their tall tower.

    He wondered how many people in this city had become aware of his little game. Not that anyone could stop it really. The King smiled as he wondered what kind of various wonders and events awaited him! It was almost to exciting to imagine! Then of course as he started to hit his stride about thinking of the wonderment of the world he was about to make when the elevator opened up behind him and he didn't need to turn around as he figured he already knew who would be coming out. "You know I'm quite frankly getting sick of covering for you Hanabi. This whole ordeal is becoming more and more dangerous and I need the CEO of this company to do his job." David Summerset said frustrated but not angry exactly as the two had gone beyond hatred for one another's actions long ago. David was Mago's long time friend or rather well known acquaintance as far back at Magoichi cared to remember.

    "Oh come now David you know that I dislike all that business with the old people down makes me fall asleep I'd rather not make an ass of myself listening to old people chat." The King answered as David took a breath of his cigar and then walked over to Magoichi. He was gnawing at his lower lip as he smacked Magoichi upside the head and nearly flipped him over the railing. "WOAH! Man that was close! WHAT THE HELL!? You could have killed me! I'm your boss you know Summerset! Magoichi said as David grunted and leaned over the railing looking over the city. David didn't apologize.

    "We're not kids anymore Magoichi. We're freaking men and we need to take care of business like men. I can't keep covering for your ass you know and this sekirei plan...yeah I hope you don't go overboard. We spent so long making these girls and guys who they are only for god knows what to happen." Magoichi looked at David as he said that and smiled. "Very well I'll try and act more adult like for you my dear friend. Now why did you come up here?" Magoichi asked David as he panted and breathed in heavily trying to concentrate on regaining his fortitude because he almost got SMACKED OFF THE BUILDING by his best friend! "I came up here to tell you to get back inside because it's cold big guy. You should at least bring a warmer coat when you sneak out of meetings." David said as he ran his hands through his white hair and let loose a mixture of steam from his mouth and smoke from his cigar as he tapped the ashes off his cigar on the edge of the building on the other side of the railing. He co-owned the building so who would complain about it anyways?

    "Awww that's very kind of you David! I'm glad you think about my well being after all!" Magoichi said with glee in his voice as he tried to hug David but he stepped off to the left instead in order to prevent it and Magoichi leaned back on the railing instead crestfallen. However David decided it'd be better to get out of the cold weather and turned around, "Hey don't stay up here for too much longer. If you get sick I'm going to still make you work. I'm your helper not your god damn maid you still got to do your own job." David said before entering the elevator. The King grunted as he responded, "Of course David I just need to finish some phone calls..." Magoichi said pulling out his phone and smiled, David shrugged and went down the elevator what he didn't hear however would have frustrated ever so much more... "I'm going to change up the game a little for the little birds of mine." Magoichi said as he dialed the number.
    Next day 1:00 PM September 1st
    It is yet another bright shiny day in Tokyo Japan as Brandon Hunter finally exited from his early classes in the morning as usual and yawned deeply as he walked down the hall to his destination in the front of the school. Brandon Hunter wasn't too use to Japanese culture just yet and their language still made him raise an eye brow but the young American was not here to gawk at the nation he was here to learn. So far the impressive array of skills his teacher had impressed him, he supposed it had to if he was a Japanese college teacher, and it was much different than his high school setting back in the states. As Brandon walked down the hall way he was eventually met by his friend, and fellow American, Jake Suleiman, who was often made fun of because of his generic sounding name, but in actuality Jake was a pretty cool guy once you got to know him. "So man how were your classes man?" Jake asked as he pulled his red fedora back down a bit as the sun from the nearby glass windows shined in his eyes. He asked as if he was disinterested, and he was, but he normally had a lower monotone esk voice that sounded like he was Eeyore from the show Winnie the Poo but really he was just a laid back guy and he didn't keep to that voice all of the time. Jake slick back his brown hair with his hands as he started to contemplate what the hell he was going to do.

    "Hard man...hard as balls...I mean really? That stuff I just learned makes me want to saw my brain out and put it in an ice cooler to keep down the swelling. TO. MUCH. INFORMATION." Brandon said as he rubbed his temple gently. His headache made him feel as if he were going to explode into tiny bits and pieces. "I really feel you, but really? That saw description man? You know I have a vivid imagination man! I hate hearing things like that it makes me feel...weird you know... Sup Kaito what's up man?" Jake said as he walked up to a young Asian man with puffy black hair. Kaito Takahashi looked at his friends and sighed deeply as he looked at his companions. He pushed his glasses back up his nose and he grunted, "Jack, and Brandon I hope you're adjusting to Tokyo? It takes time to get everything to settle in for foreigners but Tokyo is still a nice city." Kaito stated as Brandon nodded to Jake who grunted, "For the umpteenth time we're not 'adjusted' to the city yet Kaito as you just said it takes TIME to adjust to this shit. Not that Tokyo is shit but-you know what never mind I'm sorry." Jake said as Kaito sighed to himself and looked back at Jake.

    "No offense taken I suppose now what are we going to do now? I have no classes until tomorrow and it seems you two are out for the day seeing as you don't have too many classes." Kaito commented dourly as Brandon sighed. His two friends here were always like this talking about useless things they both knew, and soon it would devolve into finding stupid things to annoy each other over like how Jake was becoming a 'weeaboo' in Japan, which was untrue as he was still as American as apple pie...which ironically wasn't America. Brandom himself had only gotten to used to this school recently and that was because of some big money he had saved up. "Whatever man let's go get some ramen." Brandon said as Kaito conceded to the fact he was hungry and would like some ramen as Jake grunted indifferently to it and said sure.
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    Sayo was on the side of town which wasn't the best side of town, but according to the people she met, there were lots of people and plenty of cheap motels, which is a good place for her to find her Ashikabi. Whether or not, this was true is another story. Either way, Sayo had to take a chance which lead her to where she is now. The Northern side of Tokyo, Japan.

    Sayo walked down the streets with her eyes darting everywhere. There were so many things to look at, so many shops open, and so many different types of people. Sayo continued walking until she decided to give up for the day. She strolled into one of the many convince stores since she was hungry. She went down each isle until she came across a bag of chips...Cheetos. The cheesy goodness that a someone before told her to try.

    Sayo grabbed the bag and brought it up to the register. The cashier rung it up and Sayo handed her the gold card that the facility gave her before the Sekirei were released. "Are there any more types of chips like this?" She asked while looking at the bag when the cashier gave it back to her. She was trying to start up a conversation but all she got was an eye-roll and complaints from the people behind her.

    Sadden, Sayo stepped outside the store where she opened up her bag of Cheetos. She took a seat against the wall that made up the store while she ate her chips. "No Ashikabi yet." She thought as she continued to eat the chips and say 'hi' to whoever passed by.

  3. "Shit shit shit shit" the young man thought as he ran, "Their gonna fire my ass if i'm late again." He had been late for work three times this week, and it was only Wednesday. "I have to stop staying up so late to watch wrestling, its going to make me lose my job." He continued to run, almost knocking over other pedestrians as he did. "Stop thinking about other stuff, just run you idiot." Lucky for him he lived close to work and arrived in just a few short minutes. Entering the restaurant he frowned, it was empty except for another man cleaning a table. “Sato, your late.” the other man said. “No shit.” Kiyoshi replied “Where is everyone Ito?.” The man named Ito shrugged and said “Probably at home, were closed today didn’t you know?” Kiyoshi let loose a sigh of relief, at least he wasn't getting fired. “But as long as you're here,” Ito continued “You can help me clean.”

    Stupid alarm clock Kiyoshi thought as he wiped down a table, "If it worked earlier I could of showed up on time, then gone home." He had better get paid overtime for this, well he knew he wouldn’t but he still should. "Maybe Ill talk to the manager, wait no that would just be a waste of time." His thoughts were interrupted by Ito “Hey its one, you wana go get a bite to eat?” Kiyoshi tossed his towel to the side “You sound like your trying to ask me out Ito.” The other man chuckled and sarcastically replied “Only if you're paying.” Kiyoshi smiled “Then I gotta say no, i’m tight on cash this month already.” Ito took out a pack of cigarettes and lit up “Well then have a good day and remember to lock up.” Kiyoshi walked towards the door “Yeah no, I wasn't supposed to be working today remember.” Ito followed him out then locked the door “Yeah yeah, whatever. See ya around.” Kiyoshi bid his co-worker farewell then headed of to nowhere in particular.

    As he walked along the busy streets of Tokyo Kiyoshi began to recall the strange dream he had the night before. A beautiful voice speaking to him as a soft hand caressed his face. The dream had felt almost real, as if had actually had actually been there. His own hand rose to touch the same place as the soft hand had done as he slept. His stomach growled, interrupting his train of thought. "Sounds like its time to get something to eat." Kiyoshi reached into his pants pocket, took out his wallet and looking inside it frowned. Inside there was nothing but his ID. “Dammit.” he said out loud, “Why do I never have any cash.” He sighed, this day was not going his way.

    Kiyoshi sulked as he walked along side the street. His mood had been soured a considerable amount, even after forgetting all his cash at home. A short while ago he decided to head back to his apartment but found that he also left his key in the apartment, effectively locking himself out of his own home. "Great I bet the landlord isn’t here either." And after confirming that his prediction was correct he went and hit the streets again. "Maybe I can find Ito again, he might buy me some lunch. Yeah like you'll find one man in Tokyo, better chance of finding your soulmate." His stomach grumbled again, "I think I rather just find some lunch." And with that he headed back outside to find something to do, or at least find something to eat.
  4. As Brandon, Kaito, and Jake walked towards the northern corner of the city of Tokyo the group talked about various things that were being advertised lately and talked about by others including but not limited to: Pokémon, the latest game in the Tales of ____ series, and all sorts of in-jokes especially Jake's seemingly magical sense of knowing when shit is about to hit the fan so to speak. "...Remember the time when you won the paintball game when we first met Jake? You dodged a literal bullet and the enemy player hit his own guy and you somehow managed to get the other guys as well? Didn't we win that game too? Those were good times man." Brandon said smiling and laughing as Jake sighed. He hated that story at this point because he only dodged it because of sheer luck and the fact that he sneezed. They used it whenever they felt like busting Suleiman's balls. Regardless Jake had tripped and broke his gun during that same match and had to withdraw from the fight afterward. Jake was on Brandon's team at the time but only because they needed a spare and Jake had some spare time and was a friend of another team member.

    Jake was kind of a friend's friend who became Brandon's friend rather quickly. But it wasn't the game that started their friendship that was just when they met. Kaito grunted with annoyance as he HATED paintball but was a massive gaming dork like Brandon. Kaito was the type of guy who was OK at sports but he got off on his smarts and was certainly no jock. "How droll... can't you think of or talk about something that did NOT revolve around the sport of shooting each other in the face? At least in the realm of gaming I can relate to you dweebs." Kaito said plainly as Jake groaned and rubbed his face only for a group of guys in black leather jackets to shove him aside. They were headed by a man with red hair whom looked like he was looking for something to chew on. Kaito frowned deeply. They were followed up by a beautiful woman with long thick black hair. However none of them payed attention to the kids. "Have the local thugs become sixties American gangsters? Or is the stereotypical thug look just in? I suppose it is better than looking like those rappers in the market today." Kaito commented as Jake flipped the group off when none of them were looking and turned around, "Yeah I mean honestly who wears those jackets anymore? And is it just me or is the street more crowded than usual?" Brandon asked as he looked around the street and saw a bunch of people in suits, casual clothes, and other assorted equipment walking around. Normally people were all at work right now. Regardless as the group arrived at a nearby ramen shop they decided to order immediately and just eat as fast as possible. Kaito had to go play a game of Halo with his friends and Jake wanted to take a nap so Brandon supposed a quick lunch for be the best.
    A couple minutes later....

    Suddenly Kiyoshi was walked into by a man with well groomed and clean red hair wearing a brown leather jacket and wearing a pair of thick expensive sun glasses. They collided with a loud thud as they smacked into each other head first. The man backed up and grumbled as he shook his head, "You know bucko you're lucky I'm in a hurry or-screw it it's not worth it." the man grumbled as he looked at the younger kid in front of him. The man was accompanied by a group of men who wore black leather jackets. "Boss do you want us to rough 'em up?" one of the larger men said as the boss suddenly turned around and faced the man, "I just said we're busy! Do I need to keep repeating myself to you bone heads?" he said with a thick kansai accent as he pulled down his glasses and the man back pedalled and apologized to both his boss and Kiyoshi, "Whatever man you ok? I'll let this go if you say sorry since you seem like a nice kid."
    As Number 48 walked down the block she was suddenly tripped by a young little girl with long thick clothes and a pair of oval shaped spectacles, "Oh no are you awright?" asked the young girl whom looked no younger than fifteen. She smiled at her sweetly and pulled around into his pockets and pulled out a roll of bandages and some scissors, "I hope I didn't hurt chu. I wasn't lookin' where I was goin' so I bumped into ya by accident. I' didn't mean it." the young girl said sweetly with puppy dog eyes towards Sayo as she offered her the bandages. It seemed like an automatic reaction even if Sayo wasn't hurt.
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  5. Some people liked to dance to hip-hop. Others, to something more classical.

    Sora preferred to dance across rooftops.

    He flitted with powerful leaps from the top of one building to the next with the crisp night air blowing his golden hair back. He breathed it in, the bracing air refreshing and clean. It was a good way to soothe the ache in his limbs, for it had been a busy night. Ever since the Sekirei Plan had launched, violence had increased in Tokyo.

    It was not the local gangs, nor the Triads causing trouble.

    It was his own people, Sekirei, at war with each other and dancing like puppets to HMTAI's little Plan.

    Even thinking about the corporation made him clench his teeth in seething rage. Their Plan was twisted in his eyes. To release the Sekirei into the city without any knowledge of social norms. To be preyed upon by the unscrupulous who would force his people into unwanted bonds. Even if a Sekirei found their fated one, they were doomed by the rules of the Plan to fight another couple.

    And given the power Sekirei had, only heartbreak could end after such a fight.

    The Plan was cruel. The Plan was vicious.

    And Sora had vowed to stop it.

    HMTAI had their agenda, but Sora doubted they ever realized just how far the fallout of their machinations went.

    Rumors of "beautiful women looking for men" had made the rounds in certain streets. Humans who explored the rumors began to hunt for easy meat, whether to enslave them for their pleasure or to turn them into weapons. In the few weeks Sora had been wandering the city, he had already engaged a half-dozen such humans. A brief meeting with his twin machetes dissuaded the unscrupulous from further hunts. He would not stand idly by while his people were preyed upon. They deserved to find their fates ones and not to become the playthings of scum.

    Sora stopped on the edge of one roof, overlooking the downtown district. The moonlight lined his dark-clad figure in silver. He was dressed simply and conservatively, a set of trousers, sneakers, and a turtleneck with a balaclava over his face to conceal his identity. A pair of machetes hung from his back.

    He saw movement below. A woman by the looks of it, with two men chasing her into an alley. He frowned darkly beneath his mask.

    This was the other bit of fallout that HMTAI didn't predict when they launched this insane Plan.

    Humans in general had no idea that the rumors were based around an alien race. Most of the swine simply found an excuse to prey on their own.

    He leaped down into the alley, landing softly behind the two assailants. The girl they had cornered had absolute terror in her eyes, which only worsened when she saw his dark-clad visage and the blades he drew into his hands. She did not see a savior, just another thug.

    That was fine. He didn't care about her opinion. But he wasn't about to let her get hurt, either.

    "Back away," Sora warned. The two men were surprised as his appearance, but seemed to think two to one were good odds. They rushed him.


    Sekirei were by nature stronger than humans. Even the least of his kind were stronger than most human men. Two humans were child's play.

    A machete slipped low between the legs of the lead assailant and a quick jerk of his wrist turned the blade just enough for the human to trip to the ground. Sora hinged-stepped to the side, eyes locked on the other man, and shifted forward just as the other man charged at him. They met in the middle, the man's collarbone with the flat of Sora's second machete. There was a sharp snap of bone as the man crumpled to the concrete.

    The first man regained his footing, glanced once at his defeated companion, and then up at Sora. He quickly reconsidered his life decision and ran into the street.

    Sora sheathed his machetes behind his back and looked over to the human girl. Tears streamed from her eyes and she was sitting amidst filth, her legs having long ago lost their strength. He studied her carefully, but felt nothing. No Reaction. This was not to be his Ashikabi.

    That was fine. He preferred to work alone, anyway.

    "Go home," he said simply. "You're safe."

    With that, he leaped to a nearby fire escape and scaled it to the rooftops to resume his patrol.
  6. As Brandon's friends sat down at a small table and watched as the ramen shop owner proceeded to work on their order, luckily for them each of their orders were already being made as per a large order going out so they'd be able to get their food a bit quicker than expected. After a moment they decided that they'd pay in advance just to make sure they didn't need to wait on the bill. Kaito ordered pork, Kaito ordered a extra spicy ramen, and Brandon ordered his plain with just some herbs through in for taste. Each guy pitched in, as usual for the bunch unless one of them offered to take the other two out for a night on the streets of Tokyo. Kaito didn't really like walking about much so if he came out with them normally he decided to run home to get to studying but Jake on the other hand usually chatted with Brandon some about the days events and the weather. Adult crap the kid versions of themselves would balk at. Jake ran his hand through his coarse sticky blond hair as he told Brandon suddenly that he really enjoyed doing this with the two of them. Brandon grinned and smiled boldly, "Bro I hope you don't plan on purposing to us. I know that I'm a boss but you're not up to my standards." Brandon said sarcastically as Jake laughed, "You got to be a LOT more handsome for me to do that you bastard. Besides you're not exactly easy on the eyes!" Brandon laughed as Jake did and Kaito groaned and tapped his foot impatiently, "I swear you buffoons will be the end of me." Kaito grumbled as he watched his friends laugh at each others expense.
  7. The afternoon was filled with the shriek of steel on steel.

    Blades whirled like the strokes of an artist's brush, with blood for paint. Sora panted raggedly as his two assailants flanked him. He inverted the grip on his left machete so it pointed toward the ground, deflecting the thrust of a spear. His right blade tilted slightly to the his second attacker's shoulder, the angle providing an easy parry for an incoming stab from a sabre. With a grunt, he pushed himself away, breaking the flank and taking position as a point in a deadly triangle with his two attackers in front of him.

    They were Sekirei, lean and muscular women, one a swordswoman and the other a lancer. The former fought with the quick-step timing of a classical fencer. The latter held her spear in a way that Sora had seen the local martial artists do - naginatado, something he was not entirely familiar with. He was, however, more than familiar with violence.

    This particuarly pair had a bloodthirsty air to them. They had attacked a hapless unwinged Sekirei minutes earlier. He intercepted.

    They, unsurprisingly, took issue with that. Violently took issue with it.

    "You're not bad," the sabreuse noted and added salaciously, "Two-sword style. You must be good with your hands."

    "Too bad mine's bigger than yours," the lancer put in.

    We can't keep fighting out here, Sora thought. Its too damn high profile. These idiots couldn't have picked a worse place if they tried!

    Sora took a hinge-step back as the lancer charged in. The step adjusted the distance between them just enough for him to be able to parry the spear with the right machete and then slide forward with a chop from the left. His opponent doubled back, releasing one hand off her spear to allow the movement. Sora leaped on the advantage, slamming the hilt of one of his blade into her nose and forcing her back.

    He looked past the two fighters and saw the unwinged Sekirei getting back to her feet where she had collapsed from exhaustion from vainly trying to fight off the others earlier. The unwinged looked to him once, nodded her thanks, and dashed across the rooftops.

    His two attacked rushed him, but Sora's work was done. The unwinged was safe and he had no intention of staining his blades with blood and lives of his own kind.

    He jumped backward and arced his descent toward a fire escape nearby. From there, he went threw himself over the railing with feet planted against the grating and his hands on the rail. Then he dropped the rest of the way to the space of the alleyway between buildings. He landed in a silent roll, regained his footing, and then he exploded into a run, taking the sneaking ways of the shadowy back alleys to cover his escape.

    Once far enough away, he slowed his run to a gentle walk and let out a sigh. The last few nights had seen a steady increase in Sekirei battles and he could only interrupt so many. As it was, he had heard other Sekirei talking about him - the Steel Sekirei, they dubbed him. They had not yet identified him by name or number and the fact that he did not reveal his number in battle had cost him street cred from the more honorable participants in the Plan.

    The increase in battles concerned him. They would eventually become frequent enough that he would not be able to stop them and eventually a Sekirei and her mate were going to be separated by violence and heartbreak. And if the battles spread into the civilian sectors...well, the entire Sekirei Plan had the potential to get unmasked quickly.

    Ostensibly, the Disciplinary Squad was supposed to keep such things from happening. Ostensibly, Sora thought the idea of the Disciplinary Squad was reprehensible. Unleashing Sekirei to brutalize their own kind if they didn't play by the rules. HMTAI had plenty to answer for in addition to that insult.

    Sora had noticed that the Squad had yet to field against him. He had thought that HMTAI would have sent them out for him already, a rogue Sekirei playing outside the established rules of their Plan. He dreaded the day he would have to face them. Even though the concept of a Disciplinary Squad was reprehensible, HMTAI did not squander the opportunity to recruit the most terrifying of his kind for the position.

    The clash of steel rung out again.

    Another battle had started.

    Sora exhaled, willing the fatigue out of his limbs. Then the Steel Sekirei took to the skies again.
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  8. GM Note: GDeer has left the roleplay.
    The boy whom the man had walked into quickly apologized nervously and the man with red hair quickly smiled to himself and told his group to let the boy pass. After all why bother with this little shit while there were plenty of other people whom were much more interesting by now. The woman next to the red haired man chuckled, "Feeling generous today aren't you sir?" said the woman next to the man whom chuckled and smiled at her then gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Yeah I guess I am after all with everything that is going on today I suppose I would have to be in a pretty pissy mood to hassle a young guy like him." the man said as his goons lit cigars behind him and handed him one but he rejected it with casualness as the group resumed their walk. The woman next to him followed with slow graceful steps but easily kept pace with the longer legs of the man as the two keep on keeping on.

    The group of boys talked about their school day for a long bit of time while eating their food in the relative friendly atmosphere of the shop they were in. Brandon laughed as Jake tried to use the chop sticks and struggled with it but was retorted by laughter by Jake as he couldn't do it either. Regardless both of them did have a good laugh as Kaito finished his meal in peace and got up to leave as soon as he was done telling them that he'd be seeing them tomorrow. Brandon and Jake both said goodbye and talked to each other for a bit more before they both left and said goodbye to the shop owner. As they walked down the street they noticed that they were in there longer than they thought. Jake didn't talk much which puzzled Brandon's mind as he wondered what was up with his old pal as they walked together passing the occasional passerby. "So what's on your mind man?" Brandon asked as Jake groaned and pushed his hat up as he looked into the sky. "You know big guy I got these feelings that shit is about to go down? Well I got that feelin' in my insides again and I don't know what's up am I just nervous? Or is it something else that I'm not thinking of? Whatever I'm probably just nervous about school and Japan." Jake asked plainly as Brandon raised as eyebrow. Jake wasn't the sort of guy to make things seem overly dramatic but he laid it on real thick right there. "Yeah about that man you probably ate some bad soup or whatever the hell was in your food in that place." Brandon said passing it off as Jake looked up at the sky questioning and grunted before pulling his hat back down and nodded at Brandon. "Yeah man I'll be seeing you later dude." Jake said as he bid his friend good night and the two went the opposite way the other went heading back to their houses. But Brandon decided it'd probably be best to cut through the park. It was under construction and not many people would be around there during this time so maybe the workers were on break.
  9. #48 Sayo

    After finishing her bag of Cheetos, Sayo got up from the spot she had against the wall and walked to one of the many trash cans on the street. She threw away the bag only to continue walking down the same street looking for her Ashikabi restlessly.

    After a few minutes of walking, Sayo was tripped by a girl. The girl seemed pretty young and was very odd due to the face that the girl pulled out scissors and bandages in response to her tripping Sayo. After regaining her balance, Sayo looked at the girl with her face lit up. She has completely ignored the fact that the girl was ready to fix someone with a broken bone or said sorry. Sayo was just too fixated on the fact that Fate has led her to someone new to talk to.

    "Hey! My name is Sayo! What's your name? How old are you? You look pretty young. You seemed a bit out of it. What were you thinking about? Are you okay? I'm feeling great. Have you had Cheetos before? They are great, aren't they? I would give you some, but I ate them earlier." Sayo spitted out quickly. She asked a bunch of questions and said a lot of statements while bouncing from side to side, which might've overwhelmed the poor girl.

  10. "Oh my name is Shizune! I'm fifteen years old! I'm not from around here I live in another part of Tokyo with my big bro! I was just going out to give some of those bandages to one of my friends. Her bro got hurt recently and needed some more stuff. Lucky for me I got a store nearby which sells this stuff super cheap...But actually it also is a big help since I fall a lot in these clothes of mine miss." Shizune told Sayo with a gleeful face that radiated cuteness as if she had just walked out of a slice of life anime and was supposed to be the ditz one of the group with a big heart. "Oh ummm Cheetos? I'm not allowed to have snack food usually. Big bro says they'll go right to my big head if I keep this up. Big bro takes care of me a lot and gives me chocolate when I'm a good girl so I'm always on my absolute best behavior!" Shizune said bouncing up and down. "Hmmmm I'm not supposed to talk with strangers but you seem nice so if you come with me to my house I'll see if I can get you something to drink. It's the least I can do for bumpin' into ya like I just did. I feel bad you could have hurt yourself because stupid little Shizune can't watch where she's goin'. Or at least that's what big sis tells me." Shizune grumbled out.
  11. #48 Sayo

    Sayo grew a great big smile. From what she could tell from the first impression, she like Shizune. She was bright, happy, and she had a funny speaking pattern. Since this is what was Sayo thought of Shizune, there was no reason not to go to her house.

    "WOW! You have a big brother and a big sister, how cool! It must be nice to be the youngest in the family. I have a bunch of older and younger brother and sisters. We are like a big family but none of them give me chocolate. They just tell me to be quiet instead." Sayo quiets down for a second. She suddenly remembers what it was like at the facility and how she was told to be quiet. No one wanted to hear about all the things she had to say. No one was interested. They were just fed up with her for some odd reason.

    Sayo suddenly perks up. It's her way of getting back into happy cheerful mode since being gloomy and sad isn't her thing. "You said drink earlier, didn't you? What type of drink is it? Is it like the fizzy clear drinks they have at the convince store called Sprite or is it like apple juice?"

  12. "I guess I mean we got no mom and dad to take care of us often because they live somewhere else and are too busy so we rely on big bro a lot but we get by. It's my job to run the errands! I may be a little girl but I know where to go because I'm good at memorizing places!" Shizune commented with a shrug as if it were just another thing she was used to at this point. However Shizune frowned and grumbled, "They sound mean! Even when I'm on one of my sugar rushes big sis doesn't try to shut me up she just let's me burn out. You must go on a lot of sugar rushes though if they get that angry. Don't worry though miss I don't mind talkin' to you at all. You seem nice and I like talkin' to people 'bout my own problems as well." Shizune said as if it were just normal to spout whatever came to mind to whoever. Whatever the young girl's little brain held it was full of random thoughts it was clear. "No sorry miss I never heard of that drink. I do drink apple juice sometimes though. My big bro likes Ramune though. That and big sis likes coke...she makes fun of me because I'm not allowed to drink really caffinated drinks. Man it must be so cool that you can buy your own things!" Shizune commented with a grin. But then her watch started to beep on her wrist, "Oh man I'm going to be late at this rate. Miss if you want we can talk while we walk. Unless you got somewhere to be that is in that case I may need to say goodbye. Big bro get's mad if I'm late and in-inc-inconsi-sitant. I think that's the word." she said putting her hand on her big coat.
  13. The afternoon cast sharp shadows over the craggy features of Gosuke Kagemura. The lean man was tall by Japanese standards, nearing six feet in height, but for some reason he seemed to effortlessly blend in with the post-lunch crowds of Tokyo. It was a trick he learned over his career in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, the concept of making one's presence small. Even a tall man could blend in if they were nondescript in every other way, just a baggy set of clothes, a dumpy jacket that was neither too old nor new, and a baseball cap to block out the sunlight without being too far over the face as to scream "Yes, I am indeed trying to hide from you."

    It was a combination of these elements that enabled him to keep a half-block behind his prey, a group of men and one woman he believed attached to the organization of one Hideyori Matsumodo.

    The JDSF had assigned Captain Kagemura to Tokyo to investigate the sudden rise in violence in the city despite the decrease in the criminal element's activity. Something wasn't adding up, and the government noticed that the discrepancies began after HMTAI began taking over more control of Tokyo's municipal rulings.

    Kagemura's attempts to sit with HMTAI's leadership ended in a farce of red tape, even after the captain threw his military clout around. That bridge burned, he went for another avenue of investigation.

    The crime lords themselves.

    A cursory investigation into the major Triad and Yakuza groups revealed that none of them had been increasing their typical activities. In fact, they were reining in their normal under-the-table ventures, as if they were turtling up.

    Kagemura had been on enough disaster relief missions in his career to recognize people going on the defensive when it was pushed in his face. All attempts to glean the reason why ended in failure - even breaking a few arms failed to elicit any meaningful information.

    However, he did get one lead. The leader of the Rough Raiders of Tokyo, the enigmatic Hideyori Matsumodo, had been increasingly absent from his own business ventures and had taken to operating the streets himself, accompanied by his newest associates, a lovely young woman. Matsumodo's actual face had been omitted from the records, likely from under the table deals, so Kagemura took to following his patrols. Rumor attached the woman to Matsumodo's bedroom proclivities, but certain things didn't add up after Kagemura began tailing said patrols. This one in particular, he had reason to believe involved the new woman Matsumodo had been associating with.

    She moved efficiently, no wasted movement. She had perfect balance in every step. Her breathing was even and regular at all times.

    Kagemura's assessment didn't spell whore.

    It spelled warrior.

    If this was indeed the woman Matsumodo had recruited, then she was in a class Kagemura had rarely encountered. So he didn't engage, even after finding three prior sites perfect for an ambush. The woman was simply too much of an unknown quantity and she set Kagemura's danger sense on full alert.

    He followed them circumspectly to a nearby store, where the woman, two guards, and their pack leader - a debonair gentleman in a dark suit with dark hair and sunglasses - approached a pair of young women talking there.

    He was too far away to hear, but the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. There was the promise of violence in the air....

    Kagemura kept near the corner of the building out of sight. His every muscle tensed. His job was to protect the innocent and this scenario burned with the sense of an innocent in danger.

    Now, he needed to wait for an opportunity to intervene.
  14. "Huh those guys over there look scary..." grumbled Shizune suddenly as she pointed at a group of men along with a woman walking straight towards them. "Are those guys friends of yours?" Shizune asked Sayo as the apparent leader of the group came over towards them making it bluntly clear he wasn't just passing by as he was looking straight at them and whistled, "Hey there young ladies havin' a nice day? In case you haven't heard on the news there's some stuff going around this part of town. It'd be much safer if you came with us." the man said with a smug grin on his face as his two large goons trailed behind him. The men and women passing on both sides quickly backed off but one gentlemen stepped up to the man. "Hey buddy you have some guts-" the man said as suddenly the man on the leader's right suddenly sucker punched the man knocking him out cold with one hit. "Hey that's mean you can't just do that!" Shizune called out as the leader shook his head, "I admire your courage young lady but I'd really recommend that you just follow us or things may get a bit difficult. After all that lady next to you is really the one we're interested in so I'd also like to recommend getting out of the way." the man said as he pointed to Sayo as he chuckled, "I'm sure that you understand what we're asking about right? Not that any of these bozo's over here are going to do anything about it so you got two choices right now: Come with us or fight us." the man continued as he clicked his fingers and his two men behind him started to move forward as the woman next to him stood still simply watching with indifference. The people nearby did nothing to stop what was happening.
    It had been a long day so far for The Grey Sekirei Izumi. She had not only been attacked once but twice now and was quickly was being backed into a corner despite her attempts to get out of danger. She had managed to lose the first attacker in the back alleys of this part of the city without drawing her blade but she did have to work for it and it left her sore. Almost immediately after Izumi had been accousted by a woman with a bright orange sash and a man whom claimed to recognize her from something. Izumi didn't hear all of it but she heard enough that she bolted immediately down the streets which were empty. Lucky for her this area was a area where people lived and thus had many corners and was open for her to run around not like the urban areas down south towards the center of the city. She had ran not because she was a coward but because she didn't want to fight anyone just yet. She couldn't help but blame whatever fates had brought the events that transpired to make this happen in the first place. However it quickly became apparent in her mind that she knew something was going on here and this wasn't just bad luck rearing it's ugly face. She couldn't help but wonder what they got out of this by sending a sekirei of this caliber against her was foolish she could win if she went all out but she was already tired and there was still a chance she'd lose this damn fight. "Damn you both! This whole thing is just going to end badly for you both if you keep on doing this! Why don't you just give up already!?" Izumi shouted in frustration as she clutched her sides which were scraped by the heat slashes caused by the enemy sekirei's attacks. These attacks were quick but they lacked accuracy. For Izumi it was if they were throwing baseball at her like in her younger years instead of searing hot flames coming from the woman flailing that clumsy weapon she was using. Who used a sash to channel their fire energy anyways? The scientists had failed this young lady miserably it seemed. "Because we want the god damn prize!" the ashikabi answered as suddenly Izumi was unexpectedly knocked down by a blast that was aimed at her feet but she rolled and recovered quickly. But not to quickly as she was quickly being forced into a preverbal corner now. She was stuck in a construction zone it seemed and there were trees and construction vehicles all around the group.
  15. This has gone on far enough, Kagemura thought as he saw two men from the intruding party head toward the girls.

    He stepped into view, announcing in a tone accustomed to command, "I would walk away now."

    No "if you would," no "please," no other form of typical Japanese etiquette. His voice carried the edge of threat and authority.

    The group turned to face him. The man who told the two thugs to approach gave him a dirty look and then flicked a thumb his way. That was signal enough for the thugs to change their vector toward him. Kagemura let his body relax, hands at his sides, outwardly serene but inwardly ready to move.

    "You picked the wrong time to play hero," one of the goons growled, throwing a wild haymaker his way.

    Undisciplined, telephraphed, absolutely no economy of movement, the captain thought, weaving under the swing and countering with a sharp, tight hook into the man's floating ribs. Something snapped and the man doubled over in agony...right into Kagemura's rising knee, which found a home in his throat. The man went down instantly.

    His partner let out a wild roar and charged him. Sloppy. Letting his emotions cloud his judgement. Kagemura waited. An opportunity quickly presented itself. He's shorter than I am, but heavier. His blows will hurt...if I let them hit. The powerful cross he deflected with an angled block of his forearm, redirecting the force of the blow in such a way that Kagemura barely felt any impact. The man's follow-up upper cut he merely halted with an open palm striking the inside of the man's elbow. He changed that palm into a quick thrust of the elbow, pushing the man back from the sternum and opening him up for Kagemura's follow-up combination. Jab to the throat. A second to the right temple. A cross to the jaw. A front pushing kick to the sternum, landing in a step outside the man's leading thigh. A quick trip took the man to the ground and his head bounced against the pavement painfully.

    Throughout the short fight, the captain kept his eye on the thugs' female companion. Even breathing. Economy of movement. Stillness and tranquility. But there was an aura about her, a dangerous one. Throughout the fight, she watched him take apart her companions without batting an eye.

    The captain didn't like that one bit. Every hair on his neck went on end. He pushed his concerns to the side. He made the decision to intervene. He had to see this path through.

    "As I was saying," Kagemura said stonily, "I would walk away. Now."


    Damn it! There's another fight going down, Sora thought as he kept to the rooftops and peeking down to the streets below. He spotted the group of aggressive-looking men and their female companion moving against two young girls. Just as the Steel Sekirei was about to intervene, an unusually tall Japanese man systematically took apart two of the aggressors.

    Holy shit, Sora thought in awe. There was no wasted movement in any blow. In fact, from here, it looked like the tall man had simply touched the others and they went down. And I thought I knew how to fight When his gaze went to the men's female companion, he froze. That one...that one feels dangerous. Like the tall guy. I don't know what it is about her, but she's setting my nerves on end.

    He drew his machetes. There was violence in the air, just waiting to be unleashed.
  16. As the fight progressed Shizune took off as fast as she could saying goodbye telling her that this place wasn't safe and her big bro didn't want her in this sort of situation. After seeing the 'big man', referring to Kagemura, and wished Sayo good luck before running away on her own accord. Shizune didn't look back regardless of what Sayo said to her.

    After the two of the group got beat down the man in the black coat groaned in impatience, "You know big guy I'm not unreasonable but heroes in this part of town should know better by now. You understand that I'm a member of the Rough Raiders right?" The dark red haired man asked to Kagemura as the woman next to him let out a giggle, "It seems that this man intends to play the savior against the big bad wolf to save the little piggies wouldn't you agree love?" the woman said in a sophisticated and seductively mature voice to the man next to her as he looked back towards her and spit on the ground. "I guess I didn't want this to get violent but so be it." the man said as he pulled out a bright silver 9mm pistol with hand carved inscriptions on the sides of the gun that said something in Arabic. He aimed it towards the stranger whom beat up his companions, "You know I can't just let you interrupt this right? You're way over your head....wait a second I think I recognize you from're....shit there it goes...whatever look bucko you let us do what we need to do and you walk away. No one else get's hurt. We're not lookin' to rape or murder this young girl we just need her for a specific little bit of business we're involved with. And are you two ok?" the man said patiently trying to appeal to the person in front of him. Of course it wouldn't work though it never worked like this. When the goons whom he sent after the girl answered in grumbled tones that they couldn't feel their limbs the man groaned further and face palmed himself with his free hand.


    Izumi coutinued to run but the girl got smarter and cut down a tree in front of Izumi forcing her to jump over it in a swift display of acrobatics which shocked the other sekirei. "OH come on now you're just showing off now!" The sekirei called after Izumi as she herself was forced to run around the tree itself but a stroke of luck happened. Izumi kept running happy that she was about to get away when suddenly another flame slash was throw towards her general direction but instead of hitting her it hit a machine which fell over and nearly hit Izumi if she didn't jump backwards. Breathing heavily Izumi looked back and noticed the ashikabi and the woman cornering her. Izumi closed her eyes and shook her head in frustration and for the first time in a long time she drew her blade. It was a quick process but the sound of steel coming out was bone chilling to the people chasing her. Despite Izumi's fatigue and she was also starting to notice her left arm ached she must have pulled something. "Damn it!" She said as she growled at her enemies. The woman was now placed in the corner now and had no quick escapes and was more or less placed on death's row. Thus was the fate of all sekirei...fight or die. "Surrender and die with grace." the sekirei said in annoyance as the ashikabi kept silent but was clearly unhappy about this whole situation. His eyes glimmered with remorse but he was determined too keep going.

    However as Izumi started to question if these kids knew what they were really getting into and were about to do when a round object smacked into the ashkabi's leg and the sekirei's waist causing both to recoil in pain and the sekirei cursed vehemently as a man came around the corner. "Hey jerkoffs I think ganging up on a lone woman is rather low right?" the guy said smugly as the ashikabi complained about what hit them and called them paintballs. "That's rather low buddy! Just stay out of this!" the man shouted as the guy chuckled, "Yeah right! I'm just going to go away and leave you two to gang up on this chick by yourself? Yeah about that....No!" Brandon said as she pulled up a bright green pistol and pointed it at the sekirei. The sekirei in turn held up her sash in preparation to deal with this new annoyance. Izumi stood there wondering what the hell was going on when she looked at the man's face and felt her body starting to heat up and get weaker. She felt as if her insides were crawling...and knew immediately what was happening as she could barely hold herself up on her own two feet. This man...this random stranger....damn you Magoichi! She cursed as her sword shivered in her hand, "Shit not now...Of all the times why now?" Izumi said as she looked at the man."Thanks for the help....but this is going to get a lot more complicated now..." she said trying to control herself barely keeping her sword in her hand as her hands got heavy.
  17. From his perch on the roof, Sora saw the leader of the aggressors draw a gun and level it at the tall man.

    Uh oh, this is about to get ugly real quick, he thought. He had noticed in the last few weeks he had been free of HMTAI that Japan had a no-gun law, so the Steel Sekirei doubted the tall man was equipped to counter a firearm. Given the distance between them, he doubted the man could have done anything about the weapon regardless.

    However, one very interesting habit he noticed about humans....

    ...was that they never bother to look up.

    Sora flung a machete at the gunman, the weapon tumbling end over end and slamming into the street with a steely thunk. It proved to be the perfect distraction.


    Kagemura faced the gunman with his typical stony veneer. At this distance, he had no chance to successfully disarming the weapon. The best bet was to stall for time. He had raised his hands and was slowly approaching, clearly making himself a surrendering target.

    And that was when everything changed.

    A sword - of all things - embedded itself in the ground between them. The gunman looked up toward the roofs reflexively, but Kagemura capitalized on the offered opportunity. He charged the distracted man and with a move born of long practice, used his leading hand to cup the back of the man's thumb and the other to cup the underbelly of the pistol's barrel. A quick wrenching movement pulled the gun free of the man's grasp. Kagemura stepped back, now in possession of the weapon.

    "I suggest leaving," he said simply. "Now."

    The captain allowed himself a moment to glance toward the roofs out of the corner of his eye. There was a flitting shadow, but it quickly ducked away.

    The captain instead turned his attention to the biggest threat here - that strange woman.
  18. "Fucking OW! Where the hell did that!? You know what!? I'm not gonna even question what the actual HELL just happened." the man growled in major annoyance. His hand hurt but he'd been through much worse in his life. "You know...I have more aces in my sleeve...but since-" the man said with sarcasm in his voice. However he was interrupted when the the woman spoke up, "You know...looking at me like that is not professional Mr. Police Officer. I thought someone trying to act as 'cool' as you would have more decency...unlike you two." grumbled the woman as she turned around to find two girls battered and bruised. "Sir we failed to get anymore sekirei. Please forgive us." one of them told him as they bowed to the man who grumbled and looked at the Sayo then the cop then at the roof tops. "You know what? I'm willing to forgive you two I'm a fair man. Just try to clean up this mess for me. Get rid of this sekirei and come back home then we'll see what happens. I don't care what you need to do just take care of her. I'm going to take care of some more business somewhere else...or maybe I'll head home who knows?" The man grumbled with annoyance as he started to walk away leaving two sekirei to take care of business for him. "Heeheehee...good luck with this sweethearts." the woman said to them.
  19. #48-Sayo

    Sayo was so unsure of what to do when the hostile people approached her and Shizune. Of course, she has power to defend herself because she is a sekirei, but Sayo was too afraid it would scare off the new friend she made. Not many people would listen to her ramble. Luckily, a person intervened soon enough after the people arrived so she dodged the decision she eventually would have had to make.

    "Hey, Shizune! We have help!" Sayo exclaimed while she turned her head to look at where Shizune was, only to discover she ran off. It's understandable since she has a family at home wait for her.

    Sayo wasn't leaving where she was standing. If the worst happens, she would have to help the stranger who came to her rescue. As time went on, it seemed like that wasn't necessary. The stranger won but she had no clue how. It was so quick she couldn't tell. Even so, the people walked off in anger and the stranger one.

    Sayo ran up to the man in order to thank him. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciate you coming to help me. My friend ran off, but that's because she has a family to go home to. I stayed! Isn't weird how they just chose to pick on us? I wonder if they just randomly chose who they were going to mess with and I was chosen. If that's the case then I feel special! Did I say thank you?" Sayo spoke speedily with her cheeks feeling hotter and hotter with each word she said.


    Rei was sitting on top of building when watching what occurred from down below. She observed what occurred in hopes in that there would be some action or someone good looking would pop up. It wasn't hard for her to see because she has they eyes of an archer. "Hmm... number 48, Sayo, the loud sekirei. I somewhat remember her. I didn't try anything with her, but I'm pretty sure I said hi at least once." Rei commented within her head.

    The machetes fell onto the ground from above and she moved her eyes so she can figure out where they came from. Turns out they came from a sekirei. Number 100, Sora, the steel sekirei. He was standing on the building across the street from the one she was sitting on. "Not bad looking like always. I have tried to flirt with him way to many times before, but he always laughed it off. It's not a surprise that he helped out at this scene." Rei thought. "Might as well try again."

    Rei crossed her legs and cupped her hands around her mouth for projection of her voice, so he could hear her over the crowds. She took a deep breath in before yelling across. "Hey there, Sora the Golden Fox! Long time no see. How are you doing?"

  20. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciate you coming to help me. My friend ran off, but that's because she has a family to go home to. I stayed! Isn't weird how they just chose to pick on us? I wonder if they just randomly chose who they were going to mess with and I was chosen. If that's the case then I feel special! Did I say thank you?"

    Kagemura actually found himself at a loss when the young woman came up to him, seemingly speaking at a million meters a minute. He kept his eyes on the two remaining - what was the term bandied about? Sekirei? - Sekirei ordered to remain behind, while keeping his ears on the rambling girl.

    The girl seemed just shy of twenty, with the fresh and vibrant beauty of youth and the energy to match. She seemed rather sincere in her gratitude and he noticed a flush to her cheeks as she continued to talk.

    He gently took her by the shoulders and guided her behind him. "Stay behind me," he ordered curtly, taking up a protective position in front of her. "We can worry about thank-yous after we deal with these two."

    He would have preferred going after the man in the business suit, the apparent ring leader of this whole fiasco. But his bodyguard, the woman with the efficiency movements, was too much of an unknown quantity and Kagemura honestly wondered if a confrontation with her would end with his head on a pike. The woman must have realized it too, as she and her charge left the scene undaunted.

    Leaving him with the girl and two of these...Sekirei.

    Wagtail? he wondered. What does that mean?

    One of the "Sekirei" drew a rapier from a long case on her back. It had looked like the kind of case used for a woodwind instrument. The other opened a similar case and retrieved a pair of lengths of wood, attaching them together at the middle, and revealing its true form as a naginata.

    " 'Deal with these two,' he says," the swordswoman mocked. "Did you hear that? The human thinks he can play with us."

    "Well, he'll be a warm-up at least," the lancer replied. "At least until we take care of the girl." She leveled the weapon at the female behind Kagemura.

    Kagemura raised his fists, assuming a boxing stance. Something was off about these two, aside from their evident bloodthirstiness. They felt and moved like the woman before - strong, powerful.

    It was rapidly becoming apparent that whatever the hell these "Sekirei" were, they weren't human.


    Sora fingered his remaining machete in preparation for a fight as he looked at how the confrontation below was evolving. The man in the suit and most of his posse departed, leaving behind the lancer and swordswoman he had fought earlier to perform clean-up. He had to admit, the tall human had impressed him, fearlessly and unhesitatingly moving to try and protect the unwinged Sekirei. He recognized her from the lab - Sayo. She had always been a motormouth and some thought her annoying, but she was just like the other unwinged ones - a young woman looking for her fated one.

    He was about to leap down into the fray when he heard a voice call out to him.

    "Hey there, Sora the Golden Fox! Long time no see. How are you doing?"
    He looked over his shoulder and spotted a familiar face a building away.

    The Red Sekirei, he thought. She still insists on using that ridiculous nickname for me.

    "Quiet down!" he hissed, waving down with his blade. "You'll reveal our location!"

    He remembered Rei all too well. The curvy redhead was irrepresible to the extreme, a trait enhanced by her voluminous intake of television back at the lab. He liked her well enough, though he usually laughed off her flirtatious advances. There were more than a few vicious Sekirei out in the field, so one with a kinder nature was a welcome sight.

    But he couldn't be distracted by her. Not when a potential bloodbath was stewing below. He looked back to the street below.

    Damn. That human's serious about going toe to toe with two Sekirei. He's in for a world of hurt if I don't get down there!
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