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  1. Hi! Welcome to my request thread. I'm new to Iwaku (I only joined the site yesterday) but I have roleplayed on other sites such as Wattpad and Facebook.

    As you can see by the title, I am looking for partners who would like to take part in modern romance one x one roleplays with me. I love supernatural and fantasy themes, so if we could implement such a theme into a modern romance roleplay that would be fantastic!

    I have a few rules;

    - Please be active at least twice a week. If you can be active every day, that would be fantastic.
    - Please be respectful of me. I will be kind and respectful towards you in return.
    - I can understand if you need to leave the roleplay, but please do not just drop off the face of the earth! Please tell me if you need to leave the roleplay for whatever reason.
    - I can do straight and lesbian partners only.
    - I'm fine with swearing, but please don't go overboard. Your character doesn't need to swear in every sentence.
    - NO SEX SCENES. I am fine with fading to black, but please, don't ask me to do an explicit sex scene.
    - No anime or apocalyptic/action themes.
    - Only realistic face claims for your characters
    - Please try to have reasonable grammar and spelling. Mistakes are only human, but if you can't string a sentence together correctly please don't bother messaging me.
    - If you are uncomfortable with ANYTHING in our roleplay, please don't hesitate to tell me! I would hate to make someone uncomfortable.

    I only have a few pairings in mind right now. They're some of the typical pairings, but they can be classics.

    - Bad Boy x Good Girl
    - Vampire x Human
    - Werewolf x Human
    - Gifted Human x Normal Human

    Please PM me if interested!
  2. Still looking
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