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    Welcome! Please read!

    I'm Sailor Moon and I'd like to tell you a bit about myself and what I'm looking for before we get started on pairings and plots.
    I'm a 23 year old female and I've been roleplaying for over ten years, though I guess that has no bearing on writing ability. I strictly do main pairings as FxF and I will very rarely budge on this, so it's better not to ask for anything else.
    I love a wide variety of genres and will pretty much try anything once, but my favorites are supernatural, adventure, medieval, fantasy, mystery, and horror. I prefer all of my roleplays have romance in them, because that's what I love. Nice, slow burning romances between two female characters. I generally prefer our characters to be platonic at first, and then it develops into more to keep it fresh.
    I don't like instant gratification, so I'd prefer our characters go through a lot before they ever define the relationship or get their 'happy ending'.
    I enjoy writing out mature scenes between two characters, but I don't like roleplays where the main focus is to get off. I need story, and I need character development. With that said, I'm only seeking 18+ members.
    I will post at least two paragraphs per post, but I'm very happy to write more. I expect the same out of my partner. I consider myself Adept/Advanced and would appreciate someone that is at that level.
    My characters are generally more femme and submissive.
    I want the character opposite mine to be more dominant and aggressive. Someone that doesn't fit the stereotypical gender roles for women.
    If you have a plot or pairing in mind that you think I'd be great for don't be afraid to let me know!

    Rules for playing:
    1. Must write at least two well thought out paragraphs that help drive interaction, or progress the plot.
    2. Must post at least once a week. If you're ever busy or need some time to yourself, just let me know.
    3. Must be able to help me come up with new elements for our plot and be equally willing to contribute.
    4. Must be a RED STAR member.
    5. Don't leave me hanging! If you're not enjoying the roleplay please let me know. I won't be mad at you, but I'd rather know than be left wondering.
    6. Must be able to bring in your own side characters to compliment the story.
    7. Must be able to create independent scenarios outside of main pairing aka personal crises.
    8. If you have a habit of disappearing I'd rather we don't play at all. :o
    9. PLEASE don't PM me without bringing something to the table. I don't like forking out ideas for pairings with little contribution from a potential partner and it's a huge turn off.
    10. If you PM me, tell me what interests you off my list.
    11. To let me know you've read this tell me your favorite fruit.

    Roleplay Pairings and Plots
    If it has a plot I will write the description! * = craving a lot

    Original Plots:

    Sheriff x Saloon Owner*
    Type: Western or Western-style Steampunk

    One of our characters will be new in town and meet at MC's Saloon, where they become acquainted after YC wanders in. The town has a problem with the Sheriff's position being filled by a woman, and the most popular Saloon in town being run by a woman. On top of that, they will have to face prejudices and figure out how to handle their blossoming same sex romance in a period where things of that nature are punishable by death. Not to mention crime is on the rise in the area and the west just ain't as safe as it used to be!

    Magical Schoolgirl x Magical Schoolgirl

    When life as they know it is being threatened by dark forces, two sworn enemies are paired together by a mysterious creature that grants them special powers. Can they overcome their hate for each other long enough to save the world?

    Alien Space Roleplay (Insp. by Dead Space)

    Soldier/Combat Specialist x Pilot/Medic

    Two military personal are stranded on their space colony with the few remaining survivors after a violent alien attack leaves the majority of their population dead. It's up to the two of them to help pick up the pieces and secure and repair the ship before they are all wiped out.

    Knight x Princess *

    After the King of the most prosperous Kingdom dies, a Princess is left in danger of being wed to a Prince from an allied Kingdom. With the suggestion from the court mage, he offers up one of the female knights as a stand in to pose as her fiance until they find her a husband she is happy with. While beautiful, the Princess is very headstrong and difficult to get along with and making their fake engagement work will prove to be difficult.


    Ronin/Ninja/Samurai/Demon x Priestess *
    Vampire x School Girl

    Werewolf x School Girl
    Kidnapped x Kidnapped*
    Warrior Princess x Prissy Princess
    Human x Mermaid
    Schoolgirl x Schoolgirl



    Haruka x Usagi
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  2. Still searching. :> Specifically craving my Western one.
  3. I'd be interested in your Western rp. I wouldn't mind doing a western steampunk if you're still looking for a partner.
  4. Send me a message. You've read all the rules and such, yes?
  5. Western, Knight x Princess and Demon x Priestess haz been filled!
  6. I am considering your Human x Mermaid pairing. PM me your plot if you're interested!
  7. My generic pairings don't have a plot, so we would have to come up with something together.
  8. I'm good with that! I already have an idea for the human character. <3 I've been craving a quality FxF roleplay for some time.
  9. Okie. You read all the rules and stuff? :p I never got your favorite fruit.
  10. OH. Yes, I read the rules, I was merely distracted in another tab and it left my head. It would be pretty bad if a mod didn't read the rules, yeah? ;D My favorite fruit is grapes, by the way!
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