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Seeking 1x1 Partner

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LostInWonderLand, Apr 16, 2017.

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  1. Hello everyone. I haven't been active on this well because I forgot about it. I am back now. I am seeking someone who will be interesting and really fun to roleplay with. I am not a very picky person but if I feel like the roleplay will go nowhere I might end it. I have a few rules.

    1. I like playing as a female. I will double up with you. If you have no idea what that is. It is when you play a male and female to make sure it's fair.

    2. I like smut but not the hard core detailed stuff. I'm a child man. (not really)
    3. I love detailed replies. Sometimes I find it hard to make a juicy detailed reply. I do not like 1 word replies. It's truly annoying.
    4. I have okay grammar, all I ask for is that you talk like a human being.
    5. I do not like anime pictures because I like realistic roleplays. Sorry.
    6. I will have ideas listed below but I would love to come up with ideas with you all.
    7.I roleplay in third person.
    ex, Perrie walked into her room. She slammed her bag down onto the floor and sat on her bed.
    8. I believe that is it. Please message me :)
    Muse A has been an aspiring musician for years. They have finally hit it big; their music quickly climbing the charts, labels scrambling to sign them, screaming fans waiting outside venues. Muse A meets Muse B at an industry event, and the two hit it off immediately. Muse A invites Muse B out after the event, and they end up going home together afterward. As they continue to bump into one another at industry events over the next few weeks, the pair decides to act on their chemistry and try dating. It isn’t long before they start to fall for each other, but Muse A’s rising fame sweeps them up, leaving Muse B behind while Muse A travels the world. Muse B does their best to deal with the distance and the insecurities that come along with dating a musician but, they finally reach their limit when a photo surfaces of Muse A kissing a fan after a show. Muse A expresses regret about the incident, but can’t promise that they’ll be 100% faithful while on tour. After a difficult talk, the two agree that they shouldn’t be together right now, and they’ll just have to see what happens when the tour is over. But when it’s time for Muse A to write their sophomore album, nothing is more inspiring than their relationship with Muse B. Their first single is released and it’s a break-up song that’s all about missing Muse B.
    (You will be muse A)
    muse A adores muse B more than anyone or anything else. she loves him with all of her being. and when he leaves her alone she isn’t able to function. she is literally a puppet and he, her master. muse B is manipulative. he has never told muse A that he loves her, even though muse A has said it countless times. he does care for her however. he’s protective and hates the idea of anyone ever seeing her. of anyone ever touching her. he keeps her inside away from anyone else. his reasons for always keeping her inside being “no one deserves to see you”. and if she does question him he’ll raise his voice to frightening levels until she submits and obeys without question. he always apologizes afterwards though. and she always forgives him. muse A feels that she is never good enough for him. whenever she doesn’t do something right and he points it out she gets overly emotional and tires herself from trying to get it right. trying to make everything perfect. BECAUSE SHE WANTS HIM TO BE HAPPY. AND SHE WANTS TO FINALLY HEAR HIM SAY HE LOVES HER.

    Muse A is a hitman. A doesn‘t care if his victims have family or not. He‘s cold, he‘s a murderer and he loves it. But what he also loves is Muse B. the only person A is close to. A loves B more than anything and he probably would kill people just to keep her safe, but what happens if B finds out about As job?

  2. What fandoms are you into?
  3. Message me love (:
  4. Hi, I would be interested in the third plot idea if you're still available!
  5. Yeah pm me
  6. @LostInWonderLand

    I love the hired killer story. Let me know if it is available.
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