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    Jag has helped out a lot with this rp so that means he's in charge as well x]

    • That is when a war which would echo through the ages began. It’s a simple tale, honestly. It starts in a cabin in the woods, with a loving father, a mother and the birth of two children – twins, a boy and a girl. It was a wondrous affair, as the husband and wife, for the longest, yearned for children. They lived a simple life away from society, finding it much more peaceful to live off the land rather than the oppressive rule of the government.

      As time passed, and the twins grew older, the couple was blessed with another set of children. Another set of twins – a boy and a girl. Yet, things were different. Their birth sparked a change in the others. The once joyful pair of twins began to act strange – sometimes blanking out and talking to things that weren’t there. They were inseparable, and their parents could only worry as they did their best to raise their children to the best of their abilities.

      What alarmed them most was the fact their eldest daughter would seem to hold conversations with nothing. At times breaking out into crying and screaming fits if she was away from her twin for too long; as if there was something she was afraid of. The youngest pair had their own quirks as well. The youngest daughter was always quiet and despondent, at times disappearing for days in the forest only to return with blood-stained hands and mouth. The son was seemingly oblivious to it all, spending his time playing and learning.

      But, eventually, as the parents feared, something happened. A tragedy occurred. During the winter season, something impossible happened. Around the cabin and only around the cabin, a snowstorm formed. The family had lived in the woods for years, yet they had never seen a flake of snow. Yes, the temperature would drop to the point it was practically freezing, but never before had snow fallen. The parents saw it as an ill omen; something which was magnified by the fact the cold seemed to drive the youngest daughter away, with her returning infrequently each time covered in more and more blood.

      The father was never really a religious man, believing that nature was naturally unpredictable and that anything a man earned, he earned through his own actions and not from worshiping a being above. His wife was a different story, though. Having been raised in a religious household, she had been taught to worship many gods, though her ‘dedication’ dwindled as she grew older, yet she held onto her beliefs loosely. So, to placate his wife’s worries, the father travelled to the nearest town and sought out the elder shaman.

      He explained to the man about his children and how snow was falling only above his family’s cabin. The man merely confirmed his wife’s suspicions that one of their children was cursed before sending him away, telling him that the only way to break the curse was to sacrifice the cursed child. Yet, by the time he returned home with the shaman and a few guards, all hell had broken loose.

      The snow had ceased to fall, yet the cabin had been frozen solid, with one half of it completely destroyed, along with most of the land. His wife lay on the ground unmoving, as well as the body of his youngest daughter. The youngest sun stared blankly, all life drained from his eyes as he stared at his sister’s body.

      The eldest twins, though. They were the source of the fear and commotion. The girl’s features had changed, resembling that of a cat as she spoke in an unknown tongue. The boy’s arms were covered with strange inscriptions and his skin had turned a pale blue as he created and manipulated ice to seemingly destroy the landscape. To the father, shaman and guards, the twins appeared to be something of pure evil, using ‘wicked sorcery’ to kill the family.

      From the twin’s perspective, though, they were merely trying to protect themselves and everyone else. Ever since their younger siblings were born, the eldest sister had begun to see something hanging over the younger girl. It followed her like a shadow that resonated with a malignant force. Over time, the eldest son began to realize he could control the cold and he used it to steadily drive the strange thing away to keep his twin safe, even if it meant driving the younger sister away.

      But, when the father left, the spirit which seemed to hang over the younger girl took control. Within an instant it returned to the cabin, ignoring the cold as it lashed out and killed the mother. Doing the only thing he could, the eldest son allowed his instincts to overtake him as his powers surged forth and he began to battle the spirit, the monster now having form in both his eyes and his twin’s.

      And, on that day, the first Soul Hunters were born.

      As quick as the spirit struck, it was just as quickly killed by the combined efforts of the twins. Yet, unfortunately, irreparable damage had been done. A once solid and loving family had been torn to bits.
      A mother and daughter lay dead. A son’s mind shatters. A father thinks his children, whom he loved, to be evil beings.

      And a lone brother and sister run away, struggling to survive against humans who think them demons and malevolent spirits which seek to feast upon the blood of the twins. Yet, along the way of their years of running, they come across other children like them and, eventually, they decide to fight back against the spirits while hiding from society.


      It is now the 21st Century and a shadow war rages. When the first two Soul Hunters ‘awoke’ and slayed the first ‘spirit’ something changed in the world. It was as if someone opened Pandora’s Box and, ever since, countless Soul Hunters have been born and, subsequently, died. There are those who believe that being a Hunter or Seeker is a great gift, while there are naturally those that hate their ‘curse’.

      The life of a Soul Hunter is a harsh and brutal one. They live in a world where supernatural forces seek to consume them, while also having to survive against society.

      Perhaps we should rewind, just a bit.

      Back to 200 A.D. and the tale of the four siblings.

      The eldest twins became Soul Hunters.

      The youngest girl was host to the first ‘slain’ spirit.

      But what of the youngest son, whose mind shattered? He couldn’t believe what he saw. He couldn’t believe the sight of the spirit which seemed to appear out of nothing – how it controlled his twin sister’s body like a puppet on strings. How it killed his mother. How his older siblings killed his sister.

      It was too much at once. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Something inside of him snapped. Something crucial.

      But he recovered. Slowly, but surely, his mind pieced itself back together, but he was different. That once clueless and playful child was replaced by something else. He was now driven. He dedicated the rest of his life to the government. He chose the route of a soldier, gradually rising up into a position power. When he gained this new position, in which even the ruling emperor would listen to him, he started his crusade.

      The crusade against Seekers.

      In his mind, after years of studying various religious texts, he was sure that the Seekers were the answer to truly destroying spirits. He believed that, so long as Seekers continued to draw breath, spirits would continue to torment and plague humanity. So, with the emperor’s consent, he created a special troupe. A troupe designed to weed out and kill any Seekers and any Hunters which sought to protect them.

      And, after all these years, that troupe remains. Even though it has changed over the ages, it still exists to this day. Their goal, always the same – the extermination of all Seekers. The scary part? Almost all of the field operatives are Hunters.

      Hunters that choose to hunt and slay their own kind.

      So, how do you survive in a world where supernatural entities and your own kind seek your death? I don’t know – so why don’t you show me?

    1. Kar as Dawn
    2. Ducky as
    3. Rae as
    4. Rain as

    1. Viet as
    2. Jag as
    3. Vyork as
    4. Jag as (possibly)
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    keep the girl/guy ratio even as well as the seekers and hunters
    Post reasonable posts (2 paragraphs or more, I want effort)
    Be nice, I don't mind kicking anyone out x]
    Please be considerate and use proper grammar, I believe that the way you type is a mirror on how you rp
    If you are going to be absent for more then 2 days please pm me
    If you wish to rp with me on something else, don't hesitate to pm me x]
    Btw, your person is not perfect! Remember that!

    Age-( +18)
    Occupation-(You have a job to have living expenses)
    Personality- (2-3 paragraphs or just 1)
    Seeker or Hunter-
    History- (2-3 paragraphs)
    Appearance-(anime only)
    Power- (make sure this makes sense. Hunters can have two abilities and Seekers can only have 1. Also, Hunters have fast reflexes and high senses while Seekers are more agile then the hunters)

    My Character~


    Name- Dawn Caster
    Age- 19 years old
    Occupation- Waitress
    Personality- Dawn is one the doesn't like having restrictions so it makes it harder for her not to get into any trouble. Which is what happens all the time, if it isn't a fight with someone then its a fight with a spirit. There were several occasions when Dawn almost lost her life because she had no partner so defending herself against spirits was tougher then one thought. She is extremely intelligent and would have a better job then working in a restaurant but she prefers not to waste her energy and time on something like being serious about a human job. With a stubborn personality Dawn dislikes having to be a Seeker, sensing spirits (especially strong ones) hurt immensely. Mainly because she hasn't accepted being a Seeker just yet.

    She's hard to understand but if you get to really know her, her loyalty to those who are close to her is practically unbreakable. It use to be stronger then 'practically' but things happened and she isn't able to trust people as easily as before. There are moments when she is quiet and alone, allowing herself to think things through and the decisions she has made in life. Getting some alone and quiet time always allowed her plans to appear sooner or later.
    Seeker or Hunter- Seeker
    History- With a mother who was constantly on crack and an abusive father, Dawn learned to shut herself out at an early age. Her father would say to remember each hit and learn from it because she had been born a Seeker instead of a hunter. He always saw Seekers as weak because they were just the support in the battle, the ones that had to listen to the hunters. Of course slowly Dawn began to believe these things but as she grew older and she finally got her first partner... she realized that she could be useful in a fight as well. Even though Seekers only have one ability, they can be helpful in their own way. Dawn taught herself how to fight... of course the only free teacher she could get was from her father, a brutal training that hardened her. Learning how to use her ability was something she had to learn on her own, seeing as how her mother was more busy sniffing drugs to help. When she finally reached the age of 15 years old she had became a professional fighter but she keeps this little knowledge to herself, learning to fight helped with her stamina and speed which also affects how she can protect her partner.

    Her first partner was a young girl who was only about 14 years old while Dawn was 16, something that Dawn disliked was how young she was. Sure, if Dawn thought about it then getting into the hunting business at such a young age wasn't rare. The only reason Dawn had waited until she was 16 years old was because her father wanted to train her until he believed she was ready. They went on several missions together and were known for how many souls they had hunted down at their age. It was all good... until a demonic soul appeared. Her partner had been ambushed by the thing and when Dawn had arrived, she tried to save her but Dawn used her air ability and threw Dawn far from the actual fight. By the time that Dawn had made it back over to her... her partner's body lay in a blood mess with her flesh torn and a limb or two missing. The site... scared her. What if she can't protect her next partner? She didn't want to be a Seeker after that but she had no choice... it was in her blood and spirits always thirsted for the blood of a Seeker.
    Likes- Sweets, shiny things, the moon, pure souls
    Dislikes- Vegetables, dull things, being bored, her mom, her father and cats
    Partner- (open)
    Relationship- (Open)
    Appearance- [​IMG]
    Power- She has the ability to telekinesis, which she uses for defense the most because its harder to move things then it is to block but she can do it. (made a shield to stop her fall when Dawn had thrown her)
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  3. I'm interested in playing a male character, if there's space?
  4. yay cool, I have an idea for a hunter and a seeker, which one do you want?

    -also, are non-humans allowed? As your character appears to be a neko?
  5. Either one of them are available but I want 4 hunters and 4 seekers. This is just her form when she goes hunting (when she uses her ability as well). Its what will happen to other Seekers except some of them can have either just one or two (ears or a tail or different eye colors).
  6. Alright, well I'll just make both, and then when more people filter in I'll drop the one we don't need.

    Vincent (open)

    Name: Vincent Rosel
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Bartender

    Calm and mature, Vincent Rosel seems to portray emotion in typically one of two ways: bored, and annoyed. Cold as ice, Vincent appears to be the typical uncaring type, and is an aloof loner. With his smoker's hack, constant glare, and seemingly complete lack of empathy, its a wonder people don't regard him as a dangerous sociopath. While not necessarily a trouble maker or deviant, Vincent is not exactly one to abide by the rules, and will often do things with little regard for the law. Though lazy and unmotivated, Vincent is surprisingly able to maintain a stable job, and steady relationships with a small number of close friends.

    Slow to trust others, and a firm believer of relying on his own powers, and is loathe to need or require the help of others. He is rather prideful, and is slow to anger, with a temper akin to a slow boil. When angered, Vincent remains witheringly quiet, and possesses an intimidating presence.

    Despite his cold and callous attitude, Vincent's coat of ice may not be as thick as he thinks it is. He has a soft spot for the young, homeless, and outcasts. Vincent has a well developed code of morals, with a strong, albeit occasionally misguided, feeling of right and wrong.

    Seeker or Hunter: Hunter

    Born in San Jose, Vincent was the middle child of three. Often regarded as the trouble child, neither incredibly intelligent like his older sister, nor polite and respectful like his younger brother. Vincent often got into fights and arguments with his father, which would escalate as he got older. Despite his shaky relationship with his parents, Vincent's relationship with his siblings is surprisingly positive, and very strong. Throughout this school years, Vincent often found himself getting into trouble, and was often sent home from school or suspended for violence and disobeying rules. Despite being recognized as a bright child, competent with math and reading, as well as showing an aptitude for the arts, Vincent nevertheless earned mediocre grades all throughout his school years.

    Vincent's steadily deteriorating relationship with his father eventually led to the accidental discovery of his powers. At one point during a particularly heated argument with his father, he and his father had began hitting eachother, only stopping when Vincent accidentally used his powers to knock his father unconscious. Picking up his stuff and running away from home immediately afterwards, Vincent eventually moved in with his sister, who had witnessed the entire thing. Vincent and his sister moved out of town, and his sister began grad school in their new home while Vincent began learning the extent of his powers, and how to control them.

    Vincent eventually realized that he could see spirits, and fight them, and so began his career as a Soul Hunter. He acquired his first partner at age 19, she was a few years older than he was, and had just recently lost her partner. Together, Vincent and his partner proved to be an effective team, and managed to take down several Spirits together before his partner became too wounded to continue fighting. Entrusting his former partner to the care of one of the other Hunters Vincent had met over the years, he now works on his own.

    Cigarettes, canned tea, peace and quiet

    Commotion, arrogance, incompetence

    Partner: - open
    Relationship: - open
    Powers: When using his powers, intricate tattoos appear on his arms
    Mineral Manipulation

    Vincent is able to manipulate the minerals in the objects around him, and can move them around at his will, at the expense of his various mental and physical resources. His powers most commonly manifest in drawing minerals around himself to armor himself in what appears to be a suit of rock or stone armor, condensing stone into dense darts or bullets, or using pillars of stone to propel himself in different directions. Manipulating stone and minerals is surprisingly energy efficient, as once the stone has been created or is in place, no further energy is required to maintain them, as such the most energy consuming of his abilities would be pillar jumping.

    Accelerated Regeneration
    Vincent's second power manifests itself in the ability to speed up the healing and regeneration process of his body. Vincent heals much faster (but not superhumanly so) than a normal individual, as his body uses energy to speed up the process in which damaged tissue repairs itself as well as increase cellular growth. His powers also increases the rate at which he metabolizes, speeding up the rate at which harmful substances (such as alcohol and smoke) cycle through his body. However, his increased regenerative speed and metabolism comes at a slight cost. As energy cannot be simply created, Vincent must consume large amounts of calories in order to fuel his powers. Alternatively, Vincent could skip the metabolizing process and connect himself directly to a source of energy (Such as a power line), which would heal him faster than he harmed himself, resulting in generally positive recovery.
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  7. Alrighty, they're both accepted and do you think that maybe Dawn could be his partner? I'd like to see how mad she can get him >=3
  8. I'm probably only gonna use one, and since you want me to partner up with Dawn, I'm guessing I'm probably just going to use Vincent then.

    and who knows lol, maybe she'll grow on him.. haha
  9. Unless you wanna keep Aiden or both? I don't mind xD
  10. I'm not a big fan of controlling multiple characters, I prefer to just focus on one, so I'll just use Vinny
  11. You know I'm in Plato. I'll write up a Seeker. I'll get it in by tonight.
  12. Alrighty love! <3
  13. So... is this still happening?
  14. I take it this is another dead RP? Such a good premise, too...
  15. Yea, I wanted to do this rp but not a lot of peeps seem into it. Hopefully one or two more join so we can start instead of it being permanently dead.
  16. I can probably get someone to join... Maybe two someones, but I'll definitely be able to get someone else to join.
  17. Caelum, #800101

    Name: Caelum Darius Mirrhai
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Takes odd jobs due to his 'curse'.
    Personality: He's a silent yet cocky individual, letting his ego make itself present through his mannerisms and actions. Being unable to talk, he operates solely through body language and facial expressions, and he's made it a habit to carefully 'read' those close to him. He is, undoubtedly, an introvert with the outward qualities of an extrovert. He does his best to keep to himself, but when in the presence of others, he's not afraid to get his point across and disagree with something his 'gut' tells him isn't a good idea.

    Yet, beneath the layers and layers of attitude lies a good-intentioned individual. If he sees someone in need, he's more than willing to forsake his anti-social attitude and assist them.

    Seeker or Hunter: Hunter
    Growing up in The Deep South, Caelum learned to fend for himself from a young age. Orphaned at the age of five when his mother left him on the side of the rode in the middle of a storm. Feeling lost and alone, he developed a sort of grim outlook towards the world, despising the children who were able to enjoy the company of a loving family while he wasted away inside of an orphanage. Said despondency was magnified by the strange things he would see out of the corner of his eye. He could never understand why no one else saw the 'strange shadows' like he could, and it filled him with an inexplicable anger when he was told he was 'crazy'.

    And then, 'tragedy' struck. It was, in all honesty, an accident - just not the kind authorities thought occurred. What was originally a prank gone wrong quickly escalated. Having always seen the 'shadows' that no one else could, Caelum was naturally a target to be picked on. He wasn't a wimp, though - no, he always fought back. He wouldn't lie down and die no matter how many times he was called crazy or pushed down into the dirt. Every time someone called him crazy, he'd respond in kind with a middle finger. Every time someone pushed him down, he be right back up punching and biting with a vengeance. So, what happens when a group of children paint their sheets black and wait until the middle of the night to pull Caelum off his bed to scare him?

    He burns the orphanage down.

    Not intentionally, obviously. He was trying to defend himself from the 'shadows' in the only way he didn't know he could. Within an instant, as he screamed in fear at the looming pranksters who were disguised as 'shadows', his hands were consumed by fire and he could feel what could only be described as 'lava-like saliva' drain from his mouth and then, suddenly, everything went black. The next thing he knew, he was waking up on the floor, smoking feeling his lungs as his eyes watered and he stood in horror as the orphanage slowly burned and collapsed around him. Not knowing what happened, he allowed his instincts to kick in and he ran as fast as he could.

    That was the day he learned of his 'curse'.

    It was difficult for him, to be young and alone - scared of his own self. How could he explain it? How could he explain the fact that he could create fire? That, when he got excited, his entire body temperature would heat up to the point he could practically spit orange lava. If people thought he was crazy for seeing 'shadows', which were slowly taking more menacing shapes, then how what would they think of him if they knew what he could do? And so he ran, living his life constantly moving and taking odd jobs when he could, melting through the locks of stores and homes when he couldn't.

    It became his way of life, and then, he found another person like him. A 'Hunter', the man called himself. He was old in age, but he was able to teach Caelum everything he needed to know to find off the 'shadows' which Caelum now knew were called 'spirits'. He didn't know if they were 'evil' or 'bad' - all he knew, and cared about, was the fact it his duty to confront and eliminate them. The problem arose in the fact that, to do, he'd need a partner - a Seeker.

    And so, after spending the last few years with the veteran hunter, Caelum now embarks to find a 'Seeker' to assist him in hunting spirits.

    Music - (Anything that involves guitars.)
    Easy going people.

    His powers.
    Obnoxious people.
    Police Officers.
    People who think they can save the world.

    Partner: Open.
    Relationship: Open.
    Powers: When using his Pyrokinesis openly, instead of suppressing it inside of his mouth, an Ouroboros tattoo appears around his neck.
    Pyrokinesis: An ability which allows Caelum to create and control fire. It's a bit different in his case due to the fact that his powers don't necessarily end there. In fact, they affects his own body as well, to the point that he is constantly 'emitting' heat, making it so his body could be considered a furnace to some extent. If he doesn't focus on 'controlling' his pyrokinesis, it could easily spiral out of control and burn or incinerate those close to him. As such, he tends to keep his fire 'built up' in his mouth, as it's the only way he can keep it contained, and when he does speak, he has to allow the fire to spread over his body, usually his hands, or else the flames would go out of control. His powers are also somewhat connected to his emotions due to the fact that, when he gets excited or angered by something, his usually pale skin will begin to turn orange and his saliva turns into the equivalent of lava.

    Superhuman Condition: A special power in which Caelum's body is constantly at peak-human condition, with certain aspects reaching superhuman. His footspeed clocks in at 60MPH, almost equal to a cheetah and his body is durable enough to withstand non-fatal gunshot wounds (to an extent), a fall from a 5 story building and a small-to-medium sized explosion. Caelum's most notable display of Superhuman Qualities, aside from the whole pyrokinesis, is his strength - with his muscles being strong enough to lift and throw a car. Though, in terms of physical strength, that's where he peaks, only being able to flip over trucks and a few other large objects due to the strain being too much on his muscles.

    PS: I apologize for anything that may be misspelled. It's currently 3:12 AM and I'm beating off sleep with an ugly stick, just so I can finish this xD
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