Secrets of West Grove Manor

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Erin nodded happily as he pulled the saddle off of Mime." Of course I had fun today, I think Mime did too."Mime whinnied and nudged Cristiana's side. Erin laughed and stroked the horse's neck, brushing out any knots in the horse's silky black mane." If you don't mind me saying Miss Cristiana, you look far prettier when your hair is down... not to say your not pretty with it up... I'm sorry, just ignore me." Embarrassed Erin looked down and sighed, wishing he listened to his brother when he had given him advice about talking to women.
Cristiana put her hand on Mime's nose. "Thank you for the ride mime. You are one handsome horse," she laughed then moved next to Erin, watching him brush Mime's mane. A bright blush arose on her cheeks when she heard what he had to say. No one had ever complimented her, or even gave her any attention for that matter. "I don't mind you saying that but y-you really think so?" Cristiana stammered.
Erin nodded," Yeah..." He kept his eyes on his work afraid to look at Cristiana. Mime snorted and shook his head, causing Erin to look up and catch Cristiana's blush. Swallowing his pride Erin smiled," I mean every word I say Miss Cristiana."Mime snorted again and walked away back into the stables leaving Erin without cover.
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The Lord laughed and Harriet looked towards the door. "I wish your father would not drag out this meeting," she complained "going through the same ritual every time a suitor comes is rather tiring." Harriet shook her head. Her mother turned towards Anya, giving her a sympathizing smile. "Do not fret my daughter. The right man will come in time." With a sigh the Lady slouched, allowing her posture to be ruined for a moment. Lines of worry deepened on her face as she retreated into her thoughts.

Anya took a deep breath. "You know what Papa's like, he'll be giving him the once over, making sure he hasn't made a mistake, like all the others" She told her mother, some of the possible suitors had just been horrid. "I know he wil, but perhaps I can look next time, I have two weeks, Mama, please give me a week" She said, she saw the worry lines on her mother's face and placed her hand softly on the woman's arm, smiling weakily. "I'll give it a try this time, I promise" She told her mother. "If he's nice and sweet, then you can ask him to escort me to my coming-out ball" She said, mainly saying it in the hope of calming her mother down.

{Do you still need a Lord? c:
Just answered my question by seeing that next post. o_o
Do.. You need ANOTHER Lord? o.o like.. like Pride and Prejudice style?}
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Lady Harriet nodded, agreeing with her daughter. "At least he is thorough. He has learned from past experiences." She forced a smiled trying to keep the atmosphere light. Hearing her other children laughed, she glanced out of the window. "Soon enough this same process will happen with your sister. I am afraid she does not have the same standards as you. As Anya continued to talk, she debated allowing her daughter to pick for herself. "We will have a meeting with this Lord, if you like this one, then we shall keep him in mind, but I will still allow you to look, just in case you find someone who suites you better." Harriet smiled, this time genuinely, feeling as if she pleased her daughter. "But a week is all you have." She turned towards a maid that was already in the room. "Find Cristiana, that girl is probably in the gardens." Looking over at Anya she asked, "would you like to have charge over Cristiana once you find someone suitable? She works hard, but her preoccupation with books is more than I can handle."
Mime walked into the stable, and suddenly she was just there with Erin. "You are sweet to say such things," Cristiana said softly. Her attention was soon grabbed by another maid calling for her. Taking Erin's hand she pulled him into the stables hiding from the other girl. "I do not want to go, I do not want to stand in another meeting with a Lord," she whispered. "I know I risk being in trouble, but I hope the Lady will understand this once." Cristiana was rather enjoying this new found freedom and wasn't ready to let it go. Part of her wasn't ready to let Erin go, this is the first time in awhile where she has spent anytime with him, she didn't want another expanse of time to go by like that. "I hope you understand." She looked back at him, her eyes soft.
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Of course, the young man was enjoying the conversation he was currently wrapped up in with the father before him, it wasn't too boring thus far. His lips were starting to twinge a little, holding onto the smile that kept his complextion lit up, shimmering with charm. The way in which his silver blue eyes shone with each dimple added to the collection along his cheeks, it was quite captivating. And, mind you, this was not the easiest of work, to keep on looking interested, and to keep upright with poise and proper mannerism. No, he had gone through his training as a child. It had taken years, honestly, years to project the image he gives off at this present time. All those days and nights, where the young lad could have been out playing and rough housing with others of his own age, were spent learning how to walk, talk, eat, sleep, and breathe as a true royal gentleman. Luckily, the chap held a great amount of patience, and was laid back enough to endure the torture that was his childhood. And now, it did show. Behind that delightful expression, however, he grew immensely restless.

"Sir, if I may be so bold to end this small talk between us, would it be a suitable time for an introduction within your home?"
Head tilted gently to the side, Lord Galen hoped his words had not come out too strong. The last thing he would wish for would be to upset the head of the family. Not the best way to start off on a impression, especially with the reason he was even here in the first place. Being paired up with women by their parents was a normal task for him to pull through on. This was not the first estate he had visited on his dear stead, with the plan on meeting a new maiden. The difference was, all the other relationships, pairings well, they hadn't turned out all that peachy. The female race was.. hard to understand sometimes, Galen discovered. Although, being a romantic at heart, it was hard not to still end up appreciating every little bit about them that was beautiful, even while they threw porcelain, pricey dishware from overseas in his direction.

A single, gloved hand raised up above his head, adjusting the large, purple and gold tophat that completed the current attire along his form. Waiting for a response from the male opposite him, his fingers brushed over some brunette strands, clearing his view casually before standing back up in position. Clearing his throat politely, his eyes wavered over slowly to a large window seeing into the building. In his mind, thoughts raced focusing on the young woman he was to meet with. All hopes were aimed towards the Lady not being a psychotic, obsessive swooner, like most of the others he had attempted to court. Seeing as he had found a heads-up penny that morning, now resting silently in his left pocket, Luck was likely to be on his side. Well, that was what he preferred to believe.
Erin smiled gently but lost the smile as he heard the maid calling for Cristiana. Hoping she wouldn't go but not being able to stop her if she did he was surprised when she pulled him into the stables to hide. His smile returned as he looked down at her," Of course, I understand Miss Cristiana, I would love for you to stay." Some of the horses had poked their head out of their stalls to see what was going on but after a moment returned to their own business. Erin hoped she wouldn't get in too much trouble for this and he squeezed her hand as if to reassure himself.
Lady Harriet immediately regained composure as the door opened and Lord Galin walked in. "Hello," she said, nodding to him respectfully. "I am Lady Harriet..." The maid looking for Cristiana came in. "Excuse me, Ma'am," she said quietly, not wanting to be too rude. "Miss Cristiana could not be found." Harriet smiled, but her eyes grew angry as she stood and excused herself from the room, apologizing for being rude. "Cristiana!" Lady Harriet yelled angrily forgetting her manners for the moment. The movement of the horses her caught her attention causing her to head toward the stable. She walked in and found her with Erin. Her eyes were hard as she glared at her. "Put your hair up," Harriet growled. "You are to be with Anya and I. How dare you embarrass us in front of Lord Galin."
Cristiana's face lit up when he welcomed her to stay. Leaning towards him, she quickly placed a soft kiss on his cheek "Thank you for everything today Erin." Color drained from her face as soon as she heard Lady Harriet calling for her. She let go of his hand and tried to fix her hair but she failed to do so in time. Harriet came around the corner, her face bright red with anger. Finally, Cristiana fixed her hair, only to have Harriet grip her wrist tightly and pull her towards the house. Cristiana looked back at Erin her eyes showing that she was scared. "Ma'am I am...." she got cut off when Harriet glared back at her. "Speak when you are spoken to," Harriet snapped then composed herself once they got to the door. Obediently, Cristiana filed into the room behind Lady Harriet and stood quietly in the corner, her hands clasped in front of her.

"I am truly sorry Lord Galen. Some of our staff needs to learned her place," she forced a stiff smile. "I am sure you have already done the proper introduction, but this is my daughter, Anya." Harriet motioned towards her.
Anya stood up when the man walked in, she smiled at him and looked him up and down, he wasn't hard on the eyes, not at all, as per usual she allowed her mother to introduce herself, she watched as her mother yelled before rushing out of the room. "I'm ever so sorry about my mother, tings get to her sometimes" She said to the man. "Let me finish the introductions, I'm Anya, the daughter" She said with a soft smile as she put her hands out for him to kiss, she used her free hand to push a strand of her hair behind her ear, she hated having her hair up, she would rather have it down around her face, mainly because she was used to hiding behind it when she was nervous, but her mother had told her it had to be up and out of her face, to show off her pretty eyes.

She looked as her mother and Christina as they walked into the room, her eyes followed her mother as the woman came to start before her once more, she looked at Christina, giving her a 'tell me later' look before turning back to her mother and smiling softly.

"Don't worry, Mama, you haven't missed much, I just introduced mysef" She told her mother. "Perhaps Lord Galen would like a drink?" She asked, glancing over at Christina. "Maybe he could have one before the grand tour" She said, she smiled at him once more, her mother's earlier words running through her head, she had to make this work, she had to charm him, she had to find some way of liking him, somehow, she took a small breath and smiled, glancing from her mother to Lord Galen.
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Erin sighed as Mime walked over and rested his head on his master's shoulder. It had happened so fast... there was nothing he could have done to stop it. He gently patted the concerned horse's nose." I'll go and talk to Lady Harriet and explain it was all my fault. I don't want Miss Cristiana getting blamed for everything." Mime snorted and walked away and Erin sighed," Though I'll probably get punished anyway..." Erin stood and sighed again, wishing he listened to his mother when she lectured about time.
Harriet refused to look back at Cristiana. The most interaction she would give the young maid was a short nod, directing her to do something. "I am glad you two have been introduced. I assure you such happenings that you have witnessed are not habit." Once again Lady Harriet profusely apologized for the lack of manners her maid had. "Lord Galen, how do you like out quaint town so far? Have you found the company pleasing?"
Cristiana's face turned bright red as her employer spoke harshly about her. When Anya looked back at her, she quickly wiped away a tear then gave a quick nod showing she understood. She looked out the window towards the stables as the others in the room were chatting. As soon as Miss Anya suggested a drink, Cristiana went straight into action. She was determined not to disappoint her employers again. Coming back in she offered tea to Lord Galen. Her eyes stayed lowered out of respect and pride, she did not want him to see the redness of her eyes.
So much had just happened in such a short amount of time around the young man with the giant purple hat. Barely enough time to take in the Lady of soft brown hair, a porcelain complexion, and a sort of hazel ring surrounding her eyes, actions had taken their course. The head woman of the home greeted him, called for a servant. Servant did not answer, said woman storms out. At least that did give him the fleeting moment to have a quiet greeting with Miss Anya. At that time, he had only responded with a smile, and a polite, focused gaze on whoever would be speaking in the present. But noticing a hand coming out his way, in the most graceful, fair manner, with his own palms cupped behind his back, Galen gave a quick flash of surprise. Finding this was the opportune minute to share a word, as he hadn't been able to slip in his two cents quite yet, the lankly figure stepped forward. Leaning down slightly from the waist, his lips brushed against the back of the offered hand, very briefly while his left hand was already out underneath it as support. Head tilting back to bring his view up with hers, his lips curled at one corner, holding out his position as he spoke.
"Everyone has bad days, just as often as good. It is a pleasure to officially meet you, Anya."
Straightening his spine up, his throat cleared underneath his breath, retrieving his limb back to hang at his side in one swift motion. His eyes lit up a little, as if he wanted to chuckle, but so held it in and expressed it otherwise in this way.
"I'm Galen, not related to you in the least. Which, is probably quite good, being a suitor and all."

As the two other women came to the room again, Galen was busy removing his tophat. All the while his eyes followed Miss Harriet and the other red-faced individual, his fingers occupied with carefully craddling the head accessory, bringing it down to level with his abdominal section. Twirling the item in his hands with ease out of habit, a kind upturn of lips adorned his mouth as a reply crept up along his throat for the head Lady.
"Ah. It's very nice out here. I think what I do enjoy is how quiet it is, how peaceful.."
Shaking his head, loosening up locks of brown hair as they messed about into the correct place somehow, a sigh came with the next gathering of words.
"It is much too busy back home. I don't favor it at all, especially during this season, with the weather being so lovely. Oh! And I must take this time to compliment your family and your staff on the simply beautiful flowers within the gardens. I peeked around and noticed them covering your home, I hope you don't mind."
Raising a hand to rub gently at the back of his neck, Galen gave a sheepish smile before he noticed the red-faced girl that was sent away a moment prior to then coming his way with a drink.

Head tilted to the side only a bit, the young Lord watched the soft shaking that took to her shoulders. How she turned down her sight from his, well, it helped add to the reassurance that she was not in the happiest mood of all time. His expression quickly turned downward, still, his hand came out to grasp the drink slowly, of course not planning on dropping a glass in someone else's home anytime soon.
"Thank you, Cristiana, was it?"
Having brought back up her name being called out earlier to his mind, Galen softened his eyes as he gave a gentle nod in her direction. Bringing his lips to the edge of the cool container of liquid, it was raised up from the bottom using his fingertips, only a small amount splashing against the upper of his tongue. Savoring the taste for a moment longer, his eyes had closed over, letting seconds pass. Looking down to the tea, back over to the assistant, he smiled gratefully and spoke once more.
"This is just what I needed. The perfect refreshment after a long ride over! Wonderfully done."
Gazing back to Miss Harriet, his current show of face did not waiver. Clearly he noticed how the worker was scolded, and he did not know the details behind why. But, he knew everyone needed a little kindness from someone outside of either side once in a while. Fortunately, this was turning out to be a nice day, and his mood reflected the wanting to be that someone at this time.

"Please sit, Lord Galen" Anya said with a smile, she nodded her head at him once more as she moved back to the chaise lounge and sat down, watching him for a few moments, at least he easy on the eyes, she pushed a strand of fallen hair behind her ear once more and looked up at him with her hazel eyes, she smiled softly. "We don't mind at all, I love the garden, we started it when I was a child" She said, she was never this talkative to possible suitors, she looked up at him once more. "I wouldn't mind showing it to you in more detail some time, explain all the flowers to you, the roses are just starting to bloom" She told him softly, she glanced up at him once more.

She looked over at her mother once more, before looking over at Lord Galen, a small girl appeared at the door, giggling softly, a small bouquet of flowers, picked from the gardens. Anya looked up and smiled at the girl, putting her hand out and waving for the child to come over, the small girl rushed over and put the flowers out infront of her, Anya smiled and kissed the girl's forehead, stroking her hair softly. "Thank you, Darling" She told the little girl, taking the flowers from the child and placing them in her lap. "Why don't you go and play in the library, I left the book out for you" She said, she watched as her sister smiled before skipping off. "I must apologize for my sister, she always seems to have perfect timing" She told the man, smiling softly before looking at the flowers once more.

She looked up at Cristiana and smiled softly. "Cristiana dear, if you don't mind, could you perhaps take these and put them in a little vase in my room?" She asked the woman, placing the flowers on the arm rest of the chaise lounge, smiling at her softly. "Thank you" She said to her, she leaned back in the chair slightly, she looked at Lord Galen once more, she played with her bracelet, twisting it around her wrist, she looked up at her mother once more smiling softly before looking over at Lord Galen once more.

"Are you staying for dinner?" She asked him softly, he did look rather sweet, perhaps he wasn't as bad as she had feared he would be. "I think the cook is making lamb tonight" She told him. "Her food is always wonderful" She informed him, she smiled weakily as she tried to think of something to say.
Lady Harriet did not appreciate Lord Galen acknowledging Cristiana, especially after she had blatantly disobeyed. Taking a deep breathe she reasoned with herself by thinking that everyone , even a disobedient maid, needed some kindness. She allowed herself to fade into the background so the Galen and Anya could talk. Soon, she was lost in her thoughts and did not even realize her young daughter had come in the room. It wasn't until Anya had mentioned dinner. "Oh yes! Lord Galen you must stay for dinner. The lamb is exquisite. I assure you, you won't be disappointed.
When her name was spoken, she looked up into Lord Galen's eyes. A small smile showing over the fact he acknowledged her. "Yes sir, that is my name." She returned the tea and the tray to the kitchen then went back to her post in the corner until Miss Anya suggested putting the flowers in a vase. "Yes ma'am," Cristiana nodded and followed her orders. After she had place the vase in Anya's room, she quietly slipped out to the stables to find Erin. "Erin," she said softly when she saw him. "Tonight after Lady Harriet has gone to bed, I shall come out to see you." Cristiana smiled brightly then quickly went back into the house, only to stand quietly in the corner.