Secrets of West Grove Manor

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Watching as the slight point of sadness twinkled along in Anya's eyes, he felt he could relate to how she felt just now. As the Lady spoke of her mother, her eyes averting his at some moments, Galen couldn't help but smile a bit. It was refreshing to know this young woman wasn't brain-washed into just following along with her family's expectations. In the least, she noticed how they expected her to form into this way and that, be a statue of perfection and nothing else. Flawlessness was impossible, he knew this to be true, beause he had tried to be what his father wanted of him as well. It never works out in the end.. This just proved, though, that Anya was smart enough to still be her own person, and not a puppet. The evening just was turning out to be better than before. With the comment on how they use to be young, and free from any work or worry, Galen smirked and rolled his eyes at the choice of words.
"Carefree is right. Though, I was a bit too carefree. I was quite the trickster as a lad, you know."
Eyebrows raising slightly, his dimples only became more bold upon his face, grinning like the best joke was given out. All those moments of time-out spent as a kid, well, he found they made him who he was today. So, really, it was totally worth it. Eyeing the flower as it was moved around gracefully through her fingers, his wide smile softened to a smaller, more polite one, agreeing with her statement with just one nod of his head.

Standing back a bit as Anya conversed with her sisters, Galen tucked his hands behind himself, folded neatly as his posture showed patience. Head tilted to the side slightly, it was actually very amusing to watch this all unfold. He found she was incredibly kind with her siblings, though, he wouldn't have expected anything less from after the meeting earlier that afternoon. The way her face lit up around them, clearly she enjoyed children. Too picture perfect, Galen had to look down and away, smiling just too much for his cheeks to handle. Blinking and shooting his gaze back up once she spoke to him, the Lord followed along, being shown an outside decoration. Observing it quietly with his eyes as she commented on her father and mother's differing opinions, Galen squinted at the different angles and shades. It wasn't that bad.. He kind of enjoyed the way it was sculpted. Preparing to listen in on more, the Lady was cut off as a woman with golden locks entered their area.

The mention of dinner caused Galen's stomach to rumble quietly. Flushing with a soft pink tone at his cheeks, he coughed and looked away awkwardly, kind of embaressed at the sound.
Laughing suddenly, briefly, though it was quite the joyful little gathering of noise, he looked back to her and extended his arm out.
"I suppose that would be a good idea. My hunger seems to think so, at least."
Smiling in her direction, his offered limb awaited her to grasp onto it. It was growing a tad chilly out there anyways, he wouldn't want anyone to catch a cold, especially not Anya in particular. Although, then he could make good use of himself and cook soup for her.. No. That would not be an option, her becoming sick, just for him to boast on his culinary skills. Clearing his mind, his eyes stared blankly for a long moment, but snapped back to focus, gaze meeting up with her own.

Anya smiled at him softly as he offered his arm to her, she slipped her hand through his arm. "I believe I agree with you" She told him softly, a smile playing on her soft pink lips as she spoke, she began to lead the way back towards the manor, the short trail at the end of her dress followed her as she walked down the path, the wind hit her face, pushing the few loose strands of soft curled hair out of her face, she quickly tucked the pieces of hair behind her ears and looked over at Avery once more, smiling at him softly.

"I do hope I haven't bored you, Avery" She told him softly, she knew as soon as she got into the dinning room and was back in the company of her mother, she would have to call him 'Lord Galen' once more. "Though I will warn you, there's never an uneventfull day at this manor" She said, she looked over at the sunset, giving the fact it was nearly December, the sun was setting earlier than usual, leaving the place looking slightly dull, though the roses and other flowers brought the colour back to the manor.

She walked towards the large steps of the manor, looking up at Avery "Thank you for accompanying me for my walk" She told him, leaning up and kissing his cheek softly "I hope we can do it again" She told him softly, slipping her hand out of his arm, she smiled softly at him, a slight light pink colour coming to her cheeks. She knew he would have a long list of possible wives all of whom were no doubt higher up than she was, after all, she was on the same status level as him, only a Lady, without much of a title. Why would he pick her?

She looked as her sisters, now dressed in their dinning outfits appeared at the door, giggling softly. "Come along, little ones, we wouldn't want Mama to be upset if we're late for dinner, now would we?" She asked them, smiling slightly brighter, she turned to look from them to Avery "We better get going, we wouldn't want to upset Mama, or let the food go cold" She said, she signalled for him to follow her as she headed up the steps, her sisters rushing in infront of her as she walked into the house, nodding at the butler Carson as he greeted them, she slipped her jacket off and handed it over to him "Thank you, Carson" She told him with a soft smile.

She looked at Avery before saying "I'll have to give you the grand tour after dinner" She said, she walked towards him and slipped her hand through his arm once more, knowing he wouldn't know the way to the dinning room, she fixed a crease in her dress as she walked, heading down the hallway, taking the first left before heading into the large dinning room, the two footmen stood on either side of the room, waiting to do their jobs, the plates were set, the cutlery sitting to perfect, as per usual, the wine glasses already filled. "I believe we're sitting here" She said, nodding towards the name cards, she and Avery were next to each other at the corner of the table, with her mother infront of them.
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