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  1. [​IMG]

    The merchant dynasty of Kleon Horus is an old family, steeped in traditions of gold and water. For hundreds of years have the Horus family survived and thrived on the trade of spices and trinkets and silks, bringing their goods to all the corners of the world with their galleons. The Horus' were already considered an ambitious family for many generations, particularly by rival merchant dynasties and overseas trading partners, but the most recent heir to the dynasty has surpassed all his ancestors in ambition.

    Kleon Horus, unlike his father and fore-father and fore-father's father who sat sleepy in their cushions and velvet robes, Kleon was a man who preferred to sailed the seas and witness everything. He was regarded by his friends as eccentric and by his enemies completely mad, but that did not stop Kleon from stepping up to his father's seat. Nor had being the third-born son helped his cause, but some say that poison helped quite a bit...

    Kleon recently took command of his father's prized flagship, Champion, and assembled a crew of specialists to help him find treasures from all across the sea. He found artifacts to be far more interesting trade goods than spice and cheese. (Though Kleon's still living brothers and sisters still keep their own galleys with spices and silks.) His crew has been assembled from all over the world, the best all the races and kingdoms had to offer. You are one of his crew. Kleon Horus has offered you gold, jewels, priceless artifacts and mystical tomes. What have you to offer?

    Open Spots:
    • Strongman (Somebody to rough people up when needed.)
    • Merchant/Negotiator (Kleon Horus could fill this role, but he's far too busy.)
    • Mystic/Sorcerer (The Horus family has a soft spot for these people, and their powers help quite a bit too.)
    • Adventurer/Explorer (The many lost temples, old ruins and haunted jungles will need a guide to lead the way.)
    • Rogue/Assassin (Many merchant houses own at least one assassin. The Horus' aren't an exception.)
    • Captain (Every ship has a captain.)
    If someone would also like to play as Kleon Horus, feel free to make a character sheet for him. But before we get to the character sheet, here's some world information.

    The Explored World (open)

    The merchant dynasties and lesser families hail from the many islands of Isis, a chain of land each separated by clear waters. Their empires are as numerous as their islands, and very often two or more dynasties go to war with each other. The Horus dynasty is one of the oldest families on Isis, and one of the richest.

    The Isene, as the island's inhabitants are called, are a very diverse people, coming from all the corners of the world, from pale skinned to copper skinned to ebony skinned, even to exotic colors of red and yellow. Other races dwell here as well.

    The merfolk who bed fishes and sharks and steal men's hearts and lives dwell beneath Isis' shores. They are reclusive, but friends to the merfolk are often given gifts of unnaturally beautiful pearls or sunken treasures. They much prefer the sea, but given some proper clothes they look human from a distance. Up close their gills and moist skin is very easy to spot. Merfolk are either revered or despised, depending on which island you're on.

    The tree-men of Isis much resemble apes and monkeys, depending on their caste. Some are no smaller than a child, with long, hairy arms and hairier tails, while other tree-men are huge goliaths, with massive forearms and sloping heads. They are a very primitive people, living in caves and trees, but they are quite clever and cunning. The Isene get along with them well, but tree-men are known for mischief...

    The dragonspawn are tall, pale and haughty, hailing from a home they themselves burned to the ground in their experiments and rituals. They claim to be born from dragons, and some unawares fool might believe that with their beautiful and terrifying features, with haunting eyes of purple and red hues, hair of silver and gold, pointed ears and teeth and tongue and their conjurer's tricks they call magic. Others aren't easily convinced, seeing them as frauds and homeless beggars. No one doubts their minds or magic, however, as the dragonspawn are very gifted at both.

    The Isene dynasties have discovered many lands in their travels for trade, but many more still remain unexplored. Whether it be undersea caverns or forgotten temples or sunken ships, the sea is yours to sail.

    Character Sheet (open)

    One of the races living in Isis, but you could be from another race, from another land staying there.

    Job: What job spot are you filling?

    Appearance: Description or image or both, choose what you like.
    History: The story of your character till now. Keep it sparse and simple. I'd like you guys to reveal most of it during the game.
    Personality: A basic overview of what your character is like, so we know what to expect from them and how to act around them.

    Rules and expectations:
    • No godmodding or Mary Sues. You can make any NPC you want to fulfill your needs (just make sure they make sense in the context).
    • Worldbuilding! One of my personal favorites. Tell your crewmates of your home beyond the sea, of distant castles and cities. Explore new ports with strangers speaking stranger tongues.
    • Work as a team. There is no overarching plot except for treasure hunting or general exploring. If you have an idea for a plot share it with the others; if it's good, it's good. Don't derail fellow players' stories by barging in unexpectedly. Ask them beforehand if it's okay.
    • Keep things interesting and the readers on edge. You could write about how your character can breathe underwater for an hour straight, but it's much more thrilling when a normal man who could barely breathe for a minute underwater is swimming for his life. Basically, don't make yourself overpowered or put you and the others in situations that are quite trivial.
    • Create! Learn! Have fun! Those three qualities make writing enjoyable, and reading even more so. It's great because we're doing both when roleplaying!
  2. This seems fun, i may make a Character Sheet some time soon, though quick question, Captains are the ones that lead everyone else and choose where to go ect. ect. correct? I've seen a few RP's that have captains but don't do, for lack of a better word, 'captainey' things.
  3. Name: Aou-bi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Job: Mystic. Her powers range closer to that of weatherworking, a talent she discovered shortly after starting her journey. Normally her powers include keeping good weather and creating nice winds. When it does happen that they are in a terrible storm, she's out of her element unless further help is given.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    She's very petite, with hair normally kept tied away from her face and wears the loose clothing of her homeland which include bright colors and many layers.
    History: She hails from a distant part of country, deep where her own people are secluded from the rest of the world. Aou-bi traveled alone to perfect her powers and find herself something to do. Her clan speaks a sort of dialect, a choppy short version of the common tongue which gives her a strange accent. She grew up speaking only the dialect until an outsider visited her clan and she was interested in learning.
    Personality: Surprisingly resilient and sturdy, Aou-bi is a stubborn woman who keeps to herself and doesn't much talk about her past or her interests. Despite her intelligence, she doesn't understand a lot of the things people say-such as slang or curses. It's very easy for her to come across as cold and arrogant, but is actually very kind to those she feels deserves her respect. Aou-bi is religious, and may have grown up in a temple.
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  4. Name: Ahksha
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Race: Mama Wata - a Snake-shifter race from the Southern isles. They are normally held in groups called a Pit that is traditionally controlled by a Matriarch, said Matriarch is called the Valya.

    These snake shifters have their own language called Menos and are usually taught this as their first language, though some are fluent in the common tongue. Menos is a rather soft language that seems to creep off the tongue, usually causing it to be spoken breathy or raspy. Some find the sound of it entrancing, others thinkit eerie.

    Mama Wata's can also shift into large snakes as well as attract them and have minor control over them. Their most prominent traits are their bright yellow or green, vertically slip eyes and retractable claws and fangs. Mama Wata's can also generate venom from their fangs, this can be used a variety of ways.

    (If you would like more information on the Mama Wata Race, just tell me and I'll either send you the info or post it on this thread.)

    Job: Assassin

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Ahksha is a rather tall young man, sanding at a solid six foot and two inches, with an athletically lithe build. His compact muscles are toned and deceptively strong. He has shortly cropped blonde hair that often gets in his eyes which are an almost iridescent light green colour. His teeth, specifically his canines can elongate into venom producing fangs and he has a forked, prehensile tongue that allows his to taste scents. His body is also patched with dark green scales, specifically around his eyes, shoulders and the back of his neck. When he shifts into a snake, his eyes remain the same, but his scales are composed in striped of yellow and black.
    History: Ahksha was born into a small Pit, raised as most of his race was, a hunter. He was taught Menos as a child and never saw the need to learn the common tongue while is his youth. It was only when he finally left his Pit aat the age of 21 that he began to learn the common tongue from his "master" Kleon Horus.
    Personality: Ahksha is a rather quiet young man by nature, due to his predatory upbringing. He is calculating and conniving at times and will not hesitate to use all available resources to their finest potential in order to get a job done. When he does speak, it is heavily accented and often mispronounced as he is not fluent in the common tongue. Ahksha is also very loyal to those he cares for and considers a part of his Pit and will lay down his life for them. He is often cold or sarcastic towards his enemies and enjoys toying with them before striking them down.
  5. Name: Olivia Marrigan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Marionette (if Possible, if not than Draconian)

    Those of the Marionette race live on one of the many islands in the west. They are rumored to be created by a mad Shamans insane experiments on humans and are thus considered abominations or monsters. They have minds of their own and work like any other human does but they require less, shall we say, 'maintenance', then humans, meaning they only need to eat 2 meals every 2 days and get dehydrated/drunk much slower than regular humans. They can also reproduce like humans but have a higher general pain tolerance than them.

    A family of Marionette's are called Theaters, to them at least, and live on a desolate island in which only Marionettes reside called Masteree, though other races do travel by for trade and other such things.

    Marionettes are unique in the fact that their limbs are easily replaceable, though their organs are like any other humans, and a few worship a deity they call 'The Puppeteer', though most believe it's the insane shaman they worship. Marionettes are also proven to be able to think and react slightly faster than humans but are slightly more 'fragile' then them, meaning their bones/limbs can break easier than a humans, though some do practice forms of close combat to protect themselves in case of close encounters.

    Job: Captain

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    (My character is the female one)
    History: Olivia lived most of her life on her races island Masteree but lost her parents at an early age when her theater went exploring, evidently killed by Dragonspawn pirates. She managed to escape to a human island where she was tormented most of her life before leading this crew.

    Personality: Likes to be by herself and observe others but also contradicts this by the happy moods she displays when conversing with her crew and friends. She doesn't laugh a lot and when she can she likes to read as much as possible. If she can get an entertaining story or reaction out of someone she'll try to do it by any means, unless it's taken too far. She leads her crew with a masterful hand, being serious when commanding her crew and lighthearted when not.
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  6. Name: Akumu Solmer
    Gender: Female, but cross dresses since where she comes from men get more opportunities then women
    Age: 22
    Race: Dark Sorcerer

    Job: Sorcerer. Powers consisted of Deception where they can release a black mist that can both disorient an attacker or, if powerful enough, when inhaled can cause powerful hallucinations of the attackers dream and nightmares, as well as the power of Manipulations, where members of the clan have a powerful poison in there blood and when it comes in contact with someone it can cause the persons mind to become diluted and confusing and she can easily make a person do what she wants. On full moons she can travel into other peoples dreams and change them, either giving them pleasant dreams or night terrors. The Deception lasts a day while the Manipulation lasts a few hours, but once the poison is on your blood it stays there for around a month allowing her to call upon the poison whenever she wants.


    History: Akumu grew up in a clan of Dark Sorcerers. The clan was large, it owned a whole town in fact, but there were very few girls. Any girls in the clan were not allowed to train or have large jobs. When Akumu was born, her father was angery because he wanted a son and kept the girl in the house all the time. When Akumu was a child, she made a deal with her father where she would be the boy her father wanted by cross dressing and never real gender, and in exchange she would leave the house as soon as possible to ensure no one found out. Her father agreed, so Akumu spent most of her years dressed as a boy and learned as well as did things other boys did.
    Once she was old enough, she left the house at 17 and went to the islands. She took up many jobs there, and even became a conman and a thief for a while to get by. Even though she left she never really stopped dressing as a boy since she found the clothes comfortable and they were all she really had. Eventually, Akumu managed to get a job of being sorcerer for the Horus family at 20, and stayed working for the family since.

    Personality: Akumu absolutely hates when people point out she doesn't dress like her given gender, and hates it even more when people say she cant do things. She is very ambitious to prove people wrong when they say such things. She can be very stubborn and hard headed, but very sweet and helpful when needed. Akumu can be rude and disrespectful to people she just met, but once you get to know her she is a very understanding and loyal friend. She doesn't let many people get close to her, since she never had close friends growing up.
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  7. Name:
    "Um... some call me Alaska."
    Alaska Lannoos


    "Female, duh."


    "17, I think. I am not quite sure. But I think, it is either that for 18."


    "I have a tail."

    "Unless you want to hire me, I am not telling you."


    History: The story of your character till now. Keep it sparse and simple. I'd like you guys to reveal most of it during the game.
    Personality: A basic overview of what your character is like, so we know what to expect from them and how to act around them.

  8. I'll have a character sheet up by this afternoon.
  9. Name: Kazimir
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Race: Isene, from the northernmost isles

    Job: Explorer

    Kazimir was born and raised in the wild Northern Isles, surrounded by snow and cold winds. It was here he learned how to survive with the little resources he had and explored the mountains and caves of his isles. He brought wealth and fame back to his small fishing village and for this he was rewarded, the tattoos on his face showing his status, something extremely rare for someone so young. He left the Northern Isles when he turned twenty, the coming of age time for his people.
    Personality: Kazimir is as curious and excitable as he was growing up. He is easily distracted and finds many things interesting, particularly things he has never seen before and things he finds beautiful. Despite his frivolity he is clever and skilled with his hands.
  10. Okay, seems we have almost everyone. All we need is a strongman, but I could fill that role if no one else wants to.
  11. So i'm to assume everyone's sheets have been accepted? Also why don't you fill that role @Cheesecake and make the Strongman Kleon Horus?
  12. @KyuubKitsune9 Yeah, you're all accepted. I was thinking on making the strongman and Kleon two different characters. Making the sheet now.
  13. Ah okay, i understand ^^
  14. Name: Ramses Horus

    Job: Strongman

    Kleon's cousin, a lowborn relative to the more powerful Horus family. He lacked for wits, so his father had decided to sell him off to another family for use as a warrior. Ramses had always been big, even at birth he nearly killed his mother and as a child he was known to start fights and break his brothers' bones.

    For years his foster family abused him and trained him to adore carnage and fanned his fury. They mutilated and disfigured him until he no longer resembled any of his kin. The beast known as Ramses suffered for years, but his skill with an axe was unmatched.

    Fortunately, Kleon found his lost kin when he visited the family who took Ramses away. He bought Ramses out of their service, with interest. Using his connections, he ended the family who took his cousin away. Ramses' father had already died before, murdered by his brother, Kleon's father. Ramses was free to go wherever he wanted, but he had no future anywhere. Instead he followed Kleon, completely devoted to him.
    Incredibly gruff and taciturn, he only speaks when spoken to, and not a lot when he does speak. He has few words to say, which mostly consist of "kill" "obey" and "food".

    Ramses only follows Kleon and his command. He would even leap overboard and drown if he was told to. The two share a bond that's been fostered for years of travelling Isis together. Ramses holds everyone else in low regard, including his kin that sent him away.

    Some would call him a savage beast in human skin, but it would be more fitting to call him a tame beast in human skin.
  15. So, i have a question. The character i made took the Job captain, but Kleon Horus is the leader, so does that mean she's the pilot/navigator then, and not the captain? Because the captain is the one who leads everyone else >_>
  16. No, you have complete control over the crew and ship, as you're the captain, but Kleon is merely the guy who pays for everything and wants to sail along with you guys. If that makes sense.
  17. Ah okay, i got it,looks like Olivia is gonna have to stay on Kleons good side if she doesn't want Ramses on her XD
  18. Is the sign up still open?
  19. Unless your making Kleon Horus, than i don't think it is >_>
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  20. @Regland Sorry, the crew's full for now. If one of the people in the roleplay can't continue, I'll be sure to inform you if you're still interested. Also starting on the IC thread
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