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  1. Hello everyone! The name of the thread, and forum really, says it all; I am looking for at least one or possibly two more partners to do 1x1 rps with. Honestly I don't have a lot of ideas for plots, I used to rp a ton when I was a teenager and now I have no creative ideas left. But I really wanna know what everyone else has for ideas.

    I really wanna rp as a female, I expect at least some sex in my rps (torture, gore, graphic violence are all optional; I haven't really explored these themes for roleplays but I'm up for anything really). As far as a paragraph requirement goes I don't have a minimum for my partners, just no one-liners please and I usually post between 1 and 3 paragraphs, depending on what is going on in the story. I expect at least one post a day, so if you're going to be gone for more than three or four days I would like to know; I will also be giving you at minimum one post a day. I usually play submissive and tsundere characters, so naturally I am looking for a dominant character. YOU MUST BE A DECENT SPELLER AND AT LEAST KNOW HOW TO USE COMMA'S AND PERIODS CORRECTLY!! I will not negotiate on these two facts.

    Plots I am open to:
    School (I am very picky about these kinds of rps so if you wanna do this type of plot it better be damn good!)
    Slave trade
    Horror &/or Supernatural (I do not have experience with either of these kinds of plots but I would at least be willing to rp horror, I think it would be interesting)
    Child (Ok I've been thinking of doing this one for a while, where we could rp the adults and the children. The kids would go to school together and get into a whole mess of trouble and the adults could fall in love. Thought it was a cute idea.)

    I am sick of these plots:
    High school

    I think that's about all for now. I am interested in hearing what you all have to say, even if it's just to say hi :) I will check back on this often. <3
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  2. Hello. Since you stated that you are looking for sex in your roleplay, I have moved this thread to the Libertine Interest Checks forum. If you have any questions about why, don't hesitate to ask.
  3. Hmm. Sounds interesting, you have my attention with this and I'm a dominant person. And if it's the heavy stuff you would like to explore more, I'm happy to help. Though if depends if you're comfortable with FxF. If you want to role play still, I have my creativity at high so I'm sure I could sparkle some ideas to you. If you're interested, just got me up with a PM.
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  4. Oh, okay Peregrine. I didn't realize it was in the wrong spot.
    Beckie Hampton, I wouldn't mind playing FxF. I mean I've never played that role before so as long as you don't mind my character being in the closet. But I much prefer mxf.
  5. I would play a male, but I don't find them as pleasurable as FxF. Also, I seem to be able to be a lot more dominant with FxF heh. And of course with your character being in the closet, it means my character can just flirt and seduce. Though if at any point you would prefer to switch to MxF, I'm sure I would find some creative way to do that.
  6. What kind of supernatural you thinking of? :3
  7. Sorry honey, but I got all the rpers I have time for. But thank you for taking an interest! :) This thread will be deleted soon I promise! ^^
  8. :< Well. Just keep me in mind, alright?
  9. I will definitely keep you in mind Mr. Frog! ^^
  10. Nah, y'know I kinda like the idea of FxF. I mean that's why I came back to the rp world again was to try something different so, yeah lets do that! lol Which of the plots spoke to you the most? I can go with any of the plots I'm not sick of.
  11. Ah screw it, I'll search for more partners. And you're my first choice! ^^ I didn't really have any kind of a supernatural rp in mind, it's just a subject I haven't roleplayed before so I'm kinda dipping my toe into everything lol
  12. <3 YAY!
  13. Holy crap guardian!!!! O.O That was some fast replying!!!
  14. Got my slots full atm, but I just want to tell you (@ReiRei) that Star is a wonderful RP Partner. :D I am having a great time with her atm! ^~^ I'm sure you will as well!
  15. Thank you! :3 That kind of feedback is very useful! ^^
  16. Doh, Izu, you're so sweet~!
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  17. lol!! Luvs all around! ^^ So! did you have a particular story in mind? I'm not good at coming up with stories, I just know what category of plots I like and don't like.
  18. Well as she can tell you I adore monster girls. <3
  19. Monster girls....? o.O as in like...Monster High type thing??
  20. *gags and dies* T^T No, no, no, I always cry a little -- or a lot -- when people think of that horribness. Bleh. No, no, it's a subculture. Sorta think of fantasy creatures -all- turned part succubus. ;3
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