CLOSED SIGNUPS Saving The World In Spite of Ourselves

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  1. In through the towering, rainbow-hued glass windows spilled the amber evening sun. It shone from the polished sword hanging faithfully at the queen's hip and glowed like dull coals in the hammered gold of her breastplate. The waning light cut deep clefts of shadow in her tight and drawn face far too worn for a woman her age. The sun was setting on unresolved troubles that weighed more heavily on her than all the metals and jewels of her regalia combined. Her throne room, decked in crimson and gold, was empty. Queen Amilah slowly lowered herself down onto the throne and closed her eyes.

    The scouts had brought her the news earlier in the afternoon. All five caskets of the goddesses were poisoned. Scattering them across the worlds had done nothing to remove them from the influence of the darkness and the purification ritual had failed. Now the poisoned darkness in them was spreading to the worlds they rested in and they had used up the last of the sacred herb in the ritual. More would not grow for fifty years. Rather than purify the caskets the ritual had instead imbued scattered beings with the ability to, possibly, purify the caskets. The matter was, then, to find them and get them to perform their duties.

    And there were only a select few people she trusted to do that. Wordlessly Queen Amilah summoned a small white ball of light and sent it to retrieve Shola Rehau, a guard who had served under her father's reign and who now loyally served her. Beyond loyal Shola had proved to be capable and there weren't many Amilah would trust this mission to. The latest rescue, the Purifier Dante, was of questionable loyalty but immense skill.

    "Your highness?" came a soft voice and Shola emerged from the shadows of the hall's pillars. She wore the traditional uniform of the Royal Guard, her dark blue, loose shirt and pants overlaid with a crimson apron on which the royal seal was printed. She had no reason to wear her armor then, but Shola wore it often and it was strange to see her out of it. Shola dropped to one knee before the Queen, crossing one arm over her heart.
    "I have answered your summons, my queen."
    "Shola, rise and approach," she replied out of habit and Shola came up the crimson steps, her brown and worn boots silent on the marble.
    "The ritual has failed us. The caskets have not been rid of the poison and now instead of a purifying ritual, it appears that the power to purify the caskets has been placed into people, not a spell. I am charging you and Dante with seeking them out, but you must be hasty: the darkness over the ocean grows larger by the day and the monsters grow more plentiful. I fear only the lingering grace of Kirimbal protects the ocean province now. "

    The queen stood and tucked her arms behind her back, gliding down the steps and motioning for Shola to follow.

    "From their readings we suspect Purifiers may also be able to, on some level, detect other Purifiers, although to what extent we're unsure. Imal thinks it may be very low-level. Shola… You have long been trusted at my right hand. This mission ranks far beyond any I have ever asked of you, irriam. My trusted friend. If this mission fails, our world and all of the worlds that have come from this one fail. There is a Purifier in the Wolfshead Tavern."
    It wasn't her custom to enter without knocking, but as the night came on Shola stepped over the threshold of Dante's quarters and cleared her throat.
    "Dante, orders from the Queen. We're heading out at once; I'll be waiting for you at the palace gates."
    "Fucking knock," he groused and rose from the chair he'd been half out of from the sudden opening of the door.

    Just that quickly she was gone and headed down to the massive golden gates, brushing back the glowing night flowers that crept over the pillars and gates of the courtyard. In the bright moonlight the lush garden was softly illuminated. Shola hurried up the stone path and slipped into the procession arena.

    Shola crossed her arms and leaned against a marble planter, waiting for Dante to appear. As per his usual habit he appeared from the shadows of the other end of the gates. Shola had never been comfortable around Dante. He was a soldier without a leader, an adept killer with a deceptively lean body and a cold, chiseled face. His eyes were bright green and his hair was cropped closely and deep black. His clothing was strange, all black and close-fitting with various pockets and straps all over it. She imagined his seemingly endless supply of weapons came from them.

    "Where are we headed?" he asked and Shola raised a friendly hand to the guards who began opening the gates. Dante flinched away from them and glanced around before following Shola out and down the cobblestone street.

    "We're headed to the Wolfshead Tavern. A Purifier is there and the Queen's priestesses have picked up agents of the Dire Queen headed there. We need to find the Purifier and head them off."
    "We going into a fight?"
    "It is very possible."

    He nodded and discreetly palmed a small knife, frowning. Shola pointed to the tavern entrance and slipped inside, holding the door open with her heel for Dante. He paused at the entrance, took a deep breath, and plastered on a smile before stepping in. Shola had already drawn a lot of attention by showing up to a tavern in her royal uniform and so Dante was able to slip in relatively unnoticed. Discreetly Shola motioned to the woman doing tattoos in the back and Dante assessed her quickly before leaning on the bar near Shola, but not facing her.
    "You get her to leave and I'll keep watch. She probably wouldn't leave with me. The last thing we want is a scene right now, it'll draw the wrong kind of attention," she murmured.
    "She a civvie?"
    "To the best of my knowledge."
    "Good," he replied and pushed off from the bar, smoothly striding over to her table with a warm smile. As soon as she noticed his approach he let a calculated hint of teeth show through an adorably lopsided smile and extended his hand.
    "I'm Dante, new in town."

    He swung a chair around and effortlessly straddled it, leaning his chin on his arms. The low light of the bar made the color of his eyes murky and his smile almost predatory for the barest of flashes before he corrected it and gave a shy laugh.
    "I hope I'm not bothering you, but I couldn't help but see that you do really incredible work. I, um, well… I've never gotten a tattoo before but if anyone's going to do my first, I think I'd love for you to do it. How much do you charge?"

    "Hey! Back off!" Shola hissed from the bar and shooed a tall man away from her with the bottom hem of her apron and Dante suppressed the urge to roll his eyes, fixing the smile more steadily on his face.

    "So what do you say--"

    He didn't get to finish his sentence. The man Shola had shooed away gave a garbled cry and his head blossomed into a gaping, reaching black void. Panic broke out in the bar and a flood of people began scrambling for the front door. Shola hit the creature with a violent electric shock and it staggered back, shrieking as smoke poured from it's maw. Almost instantly the warmth was gone from Dante's face and it was as cold and hard as the steel of the knife he'd drawn. In one fluid motion he yanked her up from her chair and put the tip of the knife to her throat, his grip on her wrist a hopeless vice.

    "We're leaving, now. Fight me and you'll do it unconscious. Your choice."
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  2. "I'm Dante, new in town."

    Lilith barely peeked out from under her hood at the man approaching her. Upon the words 'new in town' she scoffed lightly and went back to her work.

    "I hope I'm not bothering you, but I couldn't help but see that you do really incredible work. I, um, well… I've never gotten a tattoo before but if anyone's going to do my first, I think I'd love for you to do it. How much do you charge?"

    Having learned early on not to believe a smiling face, Lilith tried to ignore the stranger. The harder she tried, though, the harder it was to pretend he didn't exist. It was obvious he wasn't as innocent as he acted, but damned if he wasn't handsome while acting it. She sat her mallet down and twirled her needle between her fingers as she pulled her hood back with her free hand. The woman snapping at a man in the background briefly captured her attention before being drawn back in by that idiotic fake smile. What happened next seemed like a large blur in her mind. The loud horrifying cry, the blossoming monster from which it came, then the fact that she suddenly felt cold steel on her throat.

    "We're leaving, now. Fight me and you'll do it unconscious. Your choice."

    As quickly as he had captured her, Lilith tore from his grip-- her leg shooting straight up between his legs as she plunged her tattooing needle into his shoulder. She pushed him back a few inches to give her a better path to the top of a nearby table. This proved to be a bad idea, since a cloud of smoke instantly blocked her line of vision before she could even properly gain her footing.

    "GET OUT. ALL OF YOU." She yelled, reaching for her sword as the smoke cleared and the monster appeared. Using her sword to get its attention, she managed to lure the beast outside. The last thing the tavern group was able to see was a mop of white hair tackling the monster into the woods and behind the brush. The night grew quiet aside from a rustling of the leaves, and remained this way until a nightmarish roar rang out from from the trees followed by a large thud-- then eerie silence. It wasn't long before the tavern crowd decided to flee, leaving only Shola and Dante standing in the clearing in front of the forest. Shortly after, a small figure appeared from the bush. Wrapped in nothing but her torn cape, dragging her bloodied sword behind her, she managed to make it within earshot of the two before dropping to her knees.

    "...I think.. I need new clothes.."
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  3. Lucas had been sent out by the queen as assisstance to Shola on her journey to find the Purifiers. He was walking through the town and decided to go against the path of all of the screaming civilians running the opposite way. He didn't draw to much attention, what with all of the chaos going on around him and he wore what he always did, his robe/cloak type thing that he had gotten from his home. The queen was nice enough to let him keep it on, even in her presence because she felt it helped him feel more comfortable, feel more connected to the home he left. He had eventually found Shola, Dante, and some girl with really bloody clothes and a bloody sword. "Is she a Purifier?" He asked Shola as he neared enough for her to be in ear shot.
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  4. Nyx awoke with a start and sat straight up in bed with sweat pouring from her body her breathing was heavy and her eyes were as white as snow, as her chest heaved she could still feel what she had been dreaming about, the feeling didn't leave easily like one would expect a dream to. With a shaking hand she rubbed her face to try and get some kind of calm running through her body Ok ok ok breath just concentrate and breath she mentally told herself. After what felt like a lifetime she could feel herself becoming normal again her eyes going back to their normal purpley blue shade, her breathing was coming easier but she felt drained why now it has been ages since I have had one so why this night she thought as she got out of bed her wings shaking behind her as her mind throw the images at her from her vision. The only place that Nxy could truly be herself was in her own home it was not big but it held everything anyone would need a kitchen, bathroom and a living room with a small bedroom off to the side.

    As Nyx got out of bed she stood on shaky legs and walked off to the bathroom to shower, one there she stripped off the little clothing she had been wearing for sleep and she placed it in the wash basket and went to the shower, standing under the hot water as it run over her body she started to feel more relaxed and let the images of her vision replay "Ok let's try and work this out" she said to no one but herself. The first thing she saw was a Tavern she was sure it was from her homeland but she had left so many years ago she couldn't be sure then she saw someone she thought she recognised, that can't be she thought thinking back to the days of her first tattoos and trying in vain to remember what she looked like but her brain was already moving on to the next shot of a monster that had her flinching away as if he was in the room with her come on girl breath its not real she told herself but she knew it was real somewhere and at some point. The next image flashed and not only did she see all the blood but she could feel the blood being splashed on her as if she was the one who was wounding the thing that had been in the tavern. Nxy had to open her eyes and look down to make sure the blood was not real, but upon seeing the water of her shower running clear she let out a sigh of relief as the final part of her vision showed three others standing around watching the woman coming from behind a bush covered as Nyx had been in her vision.

    With a shake of her head she let the water run over her face to try and remove the pictures running through her mind. Once the water was no longer running warm she stepped out a little more refreshed and grabbed a towel to dry herself as she walked into her bedroom better change the bed she thought as she could see the sweat patches she had made while she slept, but the clock caught her eye "Damn it, what the hell I have to get to work" she thought as she hastily got ready to leave for work Nxy always wore the same kind of clothing she liked to show her many Tattoos off so this night would be no different she put on a black top with out a back she always wore tops with no backs as much as no one knew she was a faire they just saw her wings as yet more tattoos she couldn't stand anything to cover them it made her feel uncomfortable after she put on a short black skirt to show of the vine tattoo that climbed up her leg, she put on her heeled boots and had one last look in the mirror she placed the smallest amount of makeup on around her hers to make their colour more pronounced and brushed her long black hair which she put into a half up and half down ponytail. With one last look she smiled ok nothing happened I will be fine she thought as she headed out of the door to her place and walked off down the road to her job.
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  5. Zoduz was biding his time sitting down a dark alley near the Tavern chucking his dagger in the air and catching it. Every Time someone entered or left the Tavern he kept an eye on it. So many faces entered and exit the tavern just like it had for the last few weeks. Zoduz had a mission to complete but there was no time limit, so he stuck to the shadows playing the waiting game. He was after a ex tier 1 assassin named Giles, he didn't know why but he never did. He came to do his job no questions just get it done. Zoduz could've asked why but he didn't see the need. As he was hiding in the alley he thought to himself that this was a perfect test for his skills. One day he will avenge his parents and become the new Leader for the assassins but he can wait and practice his skills until that day comes.
    Zoduz stood up to stretch his legs and kept an eye on the door to the tavern. Suddenly there was a knife to his neck, and a voice

    "Drop the knife"
    He did as he said and calmly asked "Giles?"
    Giles sniggered "Yea you been following me for at least 3 days"
    Zoduz smirked "If you say so"
    Zoduz just wanted to buy some time and the longer he kept him talking the better he'll be to stay alive.
    "Well how long then"
    "Try 3 weeks"
    "I know what happened 3 days ago I thought I was too Lucky to get away with it"
    Zoduz was just outside his window 3 days ago and Giles was finally alone in the house. He always had a female round so Zodus just waited for the right time. As he approached one of Giles cats tried to snuggle against him which made him sneeze. He quickly retreated staying to the shadows.
    "So How'd you find me"
    "Why did you think I was an assassin I have an acute sense of smell and after that sneeze well you can imagine the rest, now before I'll gut you just one more question .Who........"

    His question broke off as there was a commotion at the Tavern and Giles looked up at his local to see what was going on.
    Zoduz had to move fast, he grabbed Giles 's knife hand and elbowed him in the chest. While holding onto his hand Zoduz spun round and managed to prize the knife out of Giles's hand and gave him a quick Kick in his chest which he stumbled backwards into the wall still on his feet. Zoduz moved quickly and sliced his neck clean open. He knows the body quite well so he knew the right angle to cut him so he wouldn't get any blood on himself.
    Giles held his neck and fell to the floor, he was trying to speak but nothing made any sense. It wasn't long till no sound was coming out of him but a river of blood. Zoduz mumbled "If your gonna kill then kill"
    Zoduz was pleased how this ended up in the end and realised he really should start to take the info on his kill he can get back at base. He threw the knife into Giles's leg and walked away from him picking his own knife up and into the sun. He leant against the wall and watched on as the commotion went on outside the tavern. His gut was telling him to stay and see what was going on, yet there was no reason behind it when he could've gone back to base.
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  6. The creature fell through the wall, leaving a hole about two metres in circumference. It lay the other side in a pile of rubble and bricks, patches of fire slowly dying out across its burned body. Thick black smoke emanating from its mouth, mixing with the smoke from the fire, the result, A dark smog rising up into the air. Blaze climbed through the hole with fire covering both his hands, He stood at 6"1 with dark brown medium length hair and dark yellow eyes. Dressed in a Taylor made suit, black ball-room shoes, and a shirt. The top button was undone, and his tie fit snug against it. That's the second one to attack me, what on Sandbox is going on.

    *He shook his hands, and nudged the body with his foot, before reaching into his pocket and placing a cigarette to his lips lighting it with his thumb. After a inhaling, blaze let out a long exhale before turning back to his home, letting out a choke.*

    "Oh for crying out loud."

    I was considering redecorating and selling, but they told me the market wasn't hot, Ha. I better report this to the elders, maybe they can shed some clarity.
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  7. "Is she okay?" Shola asked absently, already turned back to the hole in the city wall that they'd tumbled out of during the fight. Hardly hearing Lucas's question she managed a faint "yeah" as she slowly approached the hole, running her fingers over the brick. They were saturated with black powder that made her fingers tingle unpleasantly and she wiped them on her pants leg.

    "They've gotten into the city," she said faintly. No one paid any heed in the wake of Lilth's bloody clothing and Dante, who was closest to Shola, seemed to hear her but didn't respond. A subtle twitch had begun at the corner of his mouth and soon had crept into the corner of his eye, his whole head beginning to twist slightly to the right with every twitch. Shola motioned for Lucas to come forward and with a shaking hand pointed at the black powder.

    "Lucas, they're in the city! We have to get back to the Queen!"

    "I don't think they're in the city," Dante replied, pivoting on his heel and fanning out three blades in his hand. Behind them a silent crowd had amassed in the bushes and trees, their faces in various states of becoming the dark monster that had attacked them in the tavern. They were so still and silent they might have been missed altogether if the moon had not suddenly spilled from behind the thick, iron-grey clouds that also choked out the stars. How a mass twenty-deep had moved in on them baffled Dante, but it also worried him. They weren't moving to attack, which made him even more nervous.

    "What are they waiting on?" he hissed to the pale and nauseous-looking Shola.
    "They're figuring out which of us are Purifiers. They're deciding who to attack," she replied.
    "I don't have a ton of-- experience in group combat, but this looks-- like a bloodbath. You and the other long-- ears know what to do?" he asked, his voice skipping at each twitch of his head. Under the black, skin-like nylon of his shirt his muscles drew up like a cat at the ready, long fingers restlessly on the pulse of his pistol.
    "Lilth is your priority, Dante. Whatever happens here, the two of you need to survive. The fate of the worlds may rest on the two of you, we have no idea if there are more Purifiers out there. Help us if you can, but regardless of what happens, leave this fight alive."
    "Your call. This time the bitch won't get a cheap shot in," he replied.

    One pointed to Dante. Another to Lilth. And another and another until the whole crowd had followed suit. Shola placed her hand on her sword and Dante grit his teeth. Somewhere a dog began to bark and abruptly ceased.

    The first shriek was drowned out by the trampling of countless feet. Three thrown knives quickly dispatched the front runners, but they were seamlessly replaced. Shola's sword, sparking with pure magic, cut swaths in the teeming mass of gnashing teeth and grasping hands.
    "Protect the entrance!" she screamed at Lucas as one grabbed her arm, nearly wrenching it out of the socket before a bullet pierced its left eye. Dante had placed himself behind Lilth's general range of striking to cover Shola, but soon one sank its teeth into his arm and jerked the pistol out of his hand. When it reared back to bite again he sank his fingers into its mouth and with a loud grunt tore its head open. He wiped the bloodsplatter from his face with the palm of his hand.
    "Dante, take Lilth and leave! There are too many!" Shola shouted above the din.

    He grabbed Lilth by the shoulder, pulling her away from a particularly tall man in Royal Guard uniform.

    "We need to get out of here ,now. Without us the world can't be saved or something. "

    Shola's scream caused him to flinch and when he looked over he saw her crawling away from a very young girl holding a kitchen knife buried in her calf. When she swung the blade again Shola made no move to attack her, only covering her face with bloody fingers. Finding a last blade in his back pocket Dante split the child's skull and Shola, looking at the corpse, seemed to collapse into unconsciousness. He dragged Lilth away into the woods, catching a brief glimpse of a man vaugely familiar standing near the tavern as they fled. A few straggling monsters gave chase, but the majority seemed fixated on Lucas and Shola.

    At once from the palace area of the city a bright column of light met with the sky, illuminating everything in a deep red glow. There was a flash on the battlefield at the city's walls and suddenly Lucas and Shola were nowhere to be seen.

    Another and he and Lilth were falling in darkness. As they fell he grabbed her wrist and squeezed hard, the half-dried blood sticking them together.
    "Is it done?" the Queen asked and the priestess Imal nodded from where she had collapsed to the floor, attended by two wide-eyed younger priestesses.
    "It is. Where they have gone, I cannot say. But they are not here."
    "Wherever it is they are safer than here. Prepare the guard, what is left of it, to mount an attack on the monsters. And Semal, bring me my sword."
    "Yes your highness."
    Shola and Lucas landed with a crash in an abandoned house still freshly smelling of fire and ash. The charred remains of a monster lay in the ground farther from them, and cautiously outside a young, mousy girl with a satchel peeked into the window.
    "Piper, what's so interesting in there? Come on!" her friend yelled and slowly she peeled herself away.
    "I'll catch up with you in a minute Shelby!" she yelled and the blonde rolled her eyes, wandering on up the sidewalk. Piper dug through her bag until she found her battered phone, only to discover that it was dead. Seeing a man in a suit farther up the sidewalk she chased him down and darted awkwardly in front of him.
    "Um, e-excuse me sir, but d-do… Do you have a phone ?"
    Dante was woken up by ocean water rushing up over his face. Choking and spluttering he sat up and spat out some salty water, shuddering at the taste. Next to him on the beach he saw Lilth face-down in the sand and rolled her over, checking her breathing and pulse before violently shaking her awake.
    "Wake up princess! There's lots of fucking water and it tastes like ass. Let's get out of here."
    He pointed to a bar up on the edge of the little town through which a dark haired woman with tattoos could be seen.

    "Let's go in there. At least the water there won't taste like shit."
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  8. Lucas coughed and tried to sit up. The wind had been knocked out of him and he had a massive headache. "Sh-Shola. Get up." He said weakly, shaking Shola a little bit. He looked around where they were. They were in an old abandoned house that had been almost completely destroyed with the power of time. Where the hell are we? He thought as he tried to think of where this could be in Fairy World, not thinking that he could be in another world.

    ((I'm probably going to bring in Kurt next))
  9. Fire burns brightly, but that light is not that of my house burning behind me.
    *Blaze turned and watched a bright beam of light pierce his house.*
    What was that light? More of them ? What are those children doing at my.....
    *He looks down to see a young girl blocking his path.*
    "A Phone, Yes, whats wrong?"
    *He takes the girl by the hand, and walks back to his house quickly.*
    "Stay here and don't move, if you see anything strange then run. Here's my phone, look after that for a second OK?"
    *He walked up to the wall, and backed onto it, peering round the whole in to the remains of his house.*
    So whats going on here, another abomination? It all seems normal, fireplace, stairs, two strangers on the floor, kitchen..........
    *He jumped back, his hands bursting into flames. He took his stance.*
    "Who the hell are you." He hissed.
  10. In his grip Shola's body was limp and unresponsive, fresh and searingly hot blood wetting Lucas's hand from the wounds on her back. Piper gasped and covered her mouth, edging back towards the front door.
    "She's bleeding! I'll call an ambulance," Piper said and began trying to dial on Blaze's phone only for it to blast a high-pitched, staticy sound and then fry altogether, sparks coming from the seams and the battery popping out, smoking.
    "Oh my God, I-- I didn't-- I don't know what happened! I'm so sorry!"

    Shola groaned and came back to lukewarm life, leaning heavily on Lucas's shoulder, her bright blue eyes dull and out of focus.
    "The wall. They're at the wall. We have to go back!"
    "She's really bleeding a lot, I don't think she'll make it if we don't call an ambulance!"
    Piper desperately tried her phone again, but the screen remained black.
    "Mine isn't working either! What are we gonna do?!" Piper wailed.

    "You can borrow mine," a smooth voice offered from behind Piper. The mousy little brunette screamed and jumped away from the doorway, revealing a short, petite woman with long blonde hair wearing a peach-colored dress suit. On the right lapel was a large, cabochon-cut blue goldstone that shimmered in the dim light. She put her silver phone in Piper's hand and then, peach-colored heels clicking, knelt down in front of Shola and slipped a card into her hand.

    "If you ever get tired of your dayjob, here's my card. Talk to me if you want more flexible hours."
    She stood, straightened her skirt, and was gone in a tiny puff of smoke.
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  11. As Zoduz was leaning against the wall he was trying to work out what was going on. Still he had no idea but he kept on watching. Soon enough two figures ran out the door and into the woods, he also saw a few monsters giving chase. Zoduz acted immediately, he pulled some shuriken out which was connected to his belt and ran towards the monsters. He noticed there were 5 of them giving chase and he had 5 shuriken to play with. *Piece of cake* he thought.

    While running he threw his 1st one and it connected and dug into the side of one of the monsters head, there was no way he was getting up. Quickly he threw the 2nd shuriken which had the same effect has the 1st. As he was about to throw the 3rd one, the monsters were aware of his appearance and turned for him and started charging towards Zoduz.

    Zoduz acted quickly and threw the last 3 one after the other. One of the shuriken completely missed and got stuck in a bark of a tree. One of them landed on target, right in-between his eyes. The last one was grabbed by another monster and threw it back right at him. Zoduz watched as the monster caught it and threw it back at him; the angle suggested it was going for Zoduz’s legs. He Jumped into the air and preformed a back flip and as he was upside down he grabbed the shuriken and as he did so he spun around to keep the shuriken speed going and let it go. The shuriken went through the sky so fast if you blinked you would have missed it. The shuriken sliced straight through the monsters neck and disappeared into the distance.

    Zodus looked and there was still one remaining he pulled out his daggers ready for close combat. Zoduz jumped into the air but as he went for the slice the monster blocked it and kicked him. Zoduz fell to the floor. He rolled with it and jumped back up again. Zodus and the monster stood there just watching each other waiting for the right moment. They circled each other, the monster was grunting while Zoduz stayed silent. Suddenly Zoduz threw one of his daggers and ran towards the monster. While running he threw his other dagger.

    The monster went to grab one of the daggers but instead it stabbed into his hands, the monster growled in pain as the other dagger went into its leg. The monster roared right at Zoruz as he jumped into the air landed behind the monster and put his hands round his head and twisted, all you heard was a crack.

    Zoruz sighed and looked at the creatures lying dead on the floor. He wondered why he got involved; it wasn’t like him to do this without getting something out of it. He could have put it down to testing his skill but he knew this would be an easy kill.

    He pulled the daggers out of the monster and went to get his shuriken out of the others and the tree. As he was doing so he still couldn’t understand why he got involved. The only thing going through his mind was the two running away from the monsters giving chase had to live and in impulse and gut feeling he stopped the monsters following.

    After collecting his equipment he realised he was short one shuriken but that could be anywhere by now. His mind went on the two he helped escape and decided to track them down to find out for himself why he saved them, his gut was telling him so. It shouldn’t be too hard to track them. So Zoduz went off in search for the two he has just helped.
  12. "Wake up princess! There's lots of fucking water and it tastes like ass. Let's get out of here."

    Lilith awoke to Dante shaking her violently. She immediately sat up, pushing him away and coughing in an attempt to expel what little water had managed to seep into her chest. She didn't notice, but sitting upright also allowed her sopping wet, tattered cape to fall to the sand. It wasn't until a breeze hit her flesh that she realized she was completely naked.

    "Oh god. It's freezing out here!" She shuddered and stood, wrapping what little clothing she had around her.

    "Let's go in there. At least the water there won't taste like shit."

    Lilith looked in the direction that Dante was pointing. She had no idea where they were, but hopefully there would be somewhere to dry off.. and get new clothes. "Fine. Let's go.." She picked up her sword, but fell back to her knees in pain after attempting a first step.

    "Fuck. I think my ankle is broken. And it's your fault."
  13. "How the fuck is it my fault that YOU didn't land properly? Sounds like a personal problem to me," he groused and began dusting the wet sand off of the rear of his black pants. Slowly he rotated his back until it gave a sickening 'crack' and he winced, giving the same treatment to his left knee and neck.
    "Shake it off, let's go," he said, doing everything he could to surreptitiously look anywhere but at her.
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  14. Once Nyx got to the bar she opened the door and shook her head "Hey girl, you look like you have seen a ghost?" Nyx looked up at the voice "very funny Dione, that joke is getting old now." Nyx said as she walked to the back room to get ready for her shift .As she entered the back room her boss Leon looked up "Hey Nyx" thats when he had a real good look at her, Leons face feel as he looked at the woman in front of him "Nyx, what happened did you have a vision? is the bar going to blow up tell me?" Nyx couldn't stop herself from laughing, with a roll of her eyes she walked closer "No idiot nothing is going to happen to the bar, so worry not about losing all your money. I better start something tells me that tonight could be interesting," With that said she walked out to the bar.

    As Nyx got to the bar Dione was waiting for her "Hey, girl I meant nothing by it you're still sexy, yay you know that right?" Dione said with a giggle trying to get Nyx in a better mood, "I'm fine Dione honest just had a rough start this morning, so what can I get you to drink or are you just going to stand there and watch me all the time?" Dione had been the one to help Nyx when she had first moved here she had got her her job and found her somewhere to stay, there weren't exactly friends but they got on and Dione liked to tease Nyx and most of the time Nyx would play along. But tonight she couldn't get the feeling something or someone was watching her. Looking around the bar she didn't notice anything strange but she could feel it. " to Nyx, you with me girl or are you having a moment" Nyx shook her head "Yeah sorry what did you want Dione" Nyx looked up and rolled her eyes at the woman in front of her "and No I wasn't having a moment."

    Dione just laughed "I said I'll have a whisky straight" Nyx smiled but it didn't reach her eyes as she walked over to the optics and poured the drink. With another look around her. Nyx saw the normal few who propped up the bar and the smoke that was making its way to the already yellow ceiling the couple that were sitting talking in one of the booths and to guys playing pool. Come on pull yourself together it's just you imagination after what happened this morning nothing is waiting for you why would it? her mind asked as she poured another shot into the glass. As Nyx moved away from the back bar to give Dione her drink she fell into the black void that always started at a vision oh no not now not here she thought to herself as she feel she could hear the glass smash that she had been holding but it was as if it happened miles away.

    When Nyx opened her eyes she saw blood and black gooey stuff everywhere she could hear voices but she couldn't make out what they were saying, Thats when she turned around and saw this creature like the one from before "oh no no please" she tried to shout but it came out more of a squeak then anything, but as she closed her eyes ready to feel the icy fingers of death, she felt as if she was thrown somewhere new. Opening her eyes slowly she looked up to see the bar, a creese formed on her forehead what the hell is going on and thats when she saw two figures walking in to the bar, "Hey wait what the hell is going on here?" she called out known they wouldn't hear her for goddess sake this is all I need she thought as she could feel herself coming back to the right time.

    As Nyx opened her eyes she looked up to see Leon and Dione "Hey Nyx are you ok?" Leon asked as he handed her something strong to drink, "Yeah I'm fine" she lied Nyx was use to having these visions but they still took their toll on her. "Hey girl you owe me a drink" Dione said with a smile on her face but Nyx could see she was worried for her "Really well next time pour your own" Nyx said as her eyes started to feel normal. As she went to stand up she stopped "I think I'll sit her for a moment she said as she put her head in her hands I really hate it when this happens at work she thought.
  15. "YOU grabbed ME. I was fine until you and your Captain-of-the-Guard girlfriend came along." She winced as she decided that the heavy cape was too much to carry and tossed it aside. "It was.. because of you.. that I lost my tools." She grunted as she struggled to stand and steadied herself with her sword. "I won't be able to work again until I get new ones."

    Using her sword as a crutch of sorts, she followed slowly behind the assassin.
  16. * Blaze watched the mysterious figure leave as just as soon as she had entered. He looked blankly at the two, then beside him to the girl with his broken phone.*

    "You better call that ambulance, be sure to ask then how long they will be, the wound is deep she's losing a lot of blood, I didn't like that phone anyway."

    I don't know what's going on today, but weird things are happening around my house, this wasn't in the description when I bought it.

    *He walks over to them cautiously, his hands no longer on fire he throws his cigarette backwards. Crouching down next to the woman.*

    "I mean you no harm, we have called an ambulance, let me see the wounds."

    *He takes off his tie, jacket and shirt.*

    Would be a shame to waste such a nice suit.
  17. Zoruz was carefully tracking behind the two people who went into the woods, he started to hear voices and he knew he was getting close. He started to duck and dive behind every bush and tree he could find just to eavesdrop. As he quickly stepped to one tree he snapped a twig and he put his back towards a tree and drew his daggers just in case.

    As he leant against the tree he managed to hear some of what they were saying but it was all argumentative and no use to him. He was hoping he could stay in the shadows and keep following them. Luckily the female has hurt her ankle and they won't be going anywhere fast so it should be easy to follow them now. Now he just has to wait and hope that the twig didn't give him away too much. He thought *Its only a fox not an assassin following you for no apparent reason, yea no apparent reason so why I am I fucking here* Still his gut feeling told him to follow so he did.
  18. "You were in free-fall, you idiot. If we had gotten separated I would've had to hunt your ass all over... wherever this is. Or worse."

    He stopped to let her catch up and scanned the beach, chewing on his bottom lip. Dante had never even so much as seen a real beach before, much less set foot on one, and the water coming closer and closer made him uneasy, but it also masked surrounding sounds and Dante had a nagging feeling that someone was keeping an eye on them. His feelings had never proved wrong, just vague, and he turned to see why Lilth was taking so long.

    "We're not in fairyland anymore, you really need to fucking hurry," he shouted over the roar of the waves. A brief flash of movement from the other end of the beach caught his eye and he swore under his breath. Assassins always knew each other and there was one tracking them now. Quickly Dante assessed the path they'd need to take to get into the bar just up the way. If he carried her they might stand a chance of at least getting close enough if the guy decided to charge them. Dante wasn't close enough to tell if he was stable or not.

    "There's an assassin tracking us. We need to move into a more crowded place, he'll at least have more trouble getting to us."
    Without warning he scooped her up over his shoulder and took off at a quick clip, stumbling occasionally in the sand until he hit the rocks and bounded up them easily. The entire time Lilth could feel his body shaking from the stiffness of his muscles and the increasingly violent twitch of his mouth. As he made it up into the edge of the town proper he made a "tch tch" sound and plopped her on the hood of a car, his head seeming to cock involuntarily to the side.
    "You need clothes," he muttered and scanned the area. The parking lot of the bar was fairly empty, but unfortunately well-lit. It wouldn't be long before someone saw them and starting asking questions. From the side of the bar Dante could hear giggling and motioning for Lilth to stay put he was off into the shadows. All Lilth heard was a loud 'thump' and then Dante was back, shoving a dress at her. It was far too large, but it would stay on. As she was looking at the dress Dante silently knelt and suddenly had set her ankle back in place, a hard hand on her other leg to keep her from struggling as he wrapped the injured foot in some sort of clear, sticky bandage that had begun to harden almost instantly.
    "You're welcome."
    He walked slowly with her into the bar, keeping tight surveillance for the other assassin as they moved through the parking lot. Before stepping into the bar Dane quietly slid his identification card, showing his disavowed status, into a crack in the bar's wall. He knew the other man would see it and hoped that would be enough for him to lose interest in them. Inside he motioned to the bartender and affixed his trademark, lopsided smile.
    "Two shots of tequila, please. Hope your night is going better than mine," he said warmly, grinning. "And love the tattoos, been thinking of getting some myself."
    He handed the second shot to Nyx and clinked the little glasses together, downing the shot quickly. A shudder ran through him, but the last vestiges of the suppressed twitches went away.
    "Cheers. So, you know the people of this place, I'm sure. This a friendly town?"
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  19. "OW."

    Lilith glared at Dante as she sat on the hood of the car. She noticed his tick, but in the light of his recent actions her questions about it were pushed to the back of her mind. He shoved the dress in her general direction and she held it up.

    "What the hell? Are you trying to say I'm fat?! It might as well have been a circus tent. And what did you do to get this? It's still warm.. was someone wearing- GAAAAHHHH...D... DAMNIT.."

    "You're welcome."

    Lilith refused to further acknowledge Dante's existence as they walked into the bar. This wasn't particularly difficult since most of her attention was focused on trying to walk while also trying to keep the dress from dropping off of her body. She managed to tie a few of the goofy-looking frills behind her back to at least keep it up for the time being.

    "Two shots of tequila, please. Hope your night is going better than mine, and love the tattoos, been thinking of getting some myself."

    Having experienced Dante's stupid fake smile before, Lilith just scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Like anyone would want to get close enough to you." She watched the bartender put two shots down on the counter, and started to reach for one only to have Dante steal hers away to give to another girl. She sighed and lifted her hand to the barkeep.

    "Absinthe, please?"
  20. Zoruz kept his distance and watched as they went into a bar. He had to get in without causing too much commotion so he casually walked up to door and grabbed a few gold coins from his pocket hoping to bribe his way in. He wasn’t too sure if he has caused trouble in here in the past, every world seemed to collide with him and he can’t remember every place he entered.

    As he approached he was about to place the few gold coins down but all he saw was a crack. *Great that one knows he’s being followed* he thought. He paused at the door before opening it trying to think of the best way to do this. He never been out and tried to get information, its either wait or kill and waiting doesn’t get information.

    Only thing he could do is wing it. *Just act like you wanna drink and chill* he told himself. He hid his weapons away so they were easy enough to get to but no one could see them, took a deep breath and stepped inside.

    As he walked in head held high he spotted the bar and those other two were there as well. He put a smile on and walked to the bar standing next to one of the people he was following but never made eye contact. “Hey miss pint of larger when you’re ready please” he asked nicely to the lady with the tattoos.

    He turned round to lean on the bar and take his surroundings in glancing at everything and everyone around while turning a coin around in his hand.

    He knew there was a possibility he would be approached by one of the people he was following but luckily enough in a public place, least words will be said.