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Well damn.

There was a word Sugar had not been hoping to hear. In a way she supposed it was Madam's doing. All those years of training didn't exactly make it easy to blend in, and sheer determination had not been enough to cover the evidence of what she was... It was frustrating, particularly when he'd called her out on it in such a way that denying it would have been useless... It wasn't a question. It was a statement. But that, she supposed, was what she got for trying to be nice.

Still, it was telling. If he recognized her that quickly, and she hadn't given any indication beyond what she couldn't control, maybe there was more to the grungy man than met the eye...

"Then I'll stay here..." Flinching as the cloud of dust exploded from his dingy wardrobe, she sank into a seat anyway and while the perfect smile did not flicker away, there was a waxy effect to it, a woman trying to preserve face, "I don't recall seeing you around the Teahouse. Are you a patr--"

"Ah... Hey there, Sugar..."

The words barely registered, as she twisted to look for the source of those words, and finding the timid soul who had squeaked out her name, she blinked, "Tallowyn?" Slowly, a smile spread to her lips and she leaned forward, "It is you! My goodness, Wyn. It's so good to see you... How are you? How is your... Was it your uncle? Come and sit with us... Please."


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Maz "Mazryn" Faor
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Maz nodded in understanding as she shook Mondei’s hand. iDemon. It was a screen name she’d come across plenty of times, more in casual conversation or on stats boards than ever actually face to face. As far what she tended to play, that would certainly explain why she’d seen so much of the screen name. There’s was definitely overlap in the spheres of VR that they frequented. Anything competitive and combat based had been her scene for quite a while.

Of course, Mazryn didn’t frequent them much at all these days.

She raised an eyebrow as Mondei murmured under her breath, gaze flicking briefly to the small camera at the side of her visor. Streaming, if she had to guess. A sliver of discomfort slid into her limbs, making her swallow at the realization there could be countless people watching.

Hopefully…. There was no one watching that she wouldn’t want to follow her.

Her attention snapped back to Mondei as she addressed her once again, and her smile turned a touch sheepish.

“It’s nice to meet you, too. I’ve heard a bit about you. Same games and all that,” she began, feeling a flush of embarrassment at the younger woman’s words. “And I don’t know about being a legend… but thank you.”

She paused, smile fading as she pursed her lips. “I hope so,” she said eventually. A coincidence was easier to deal with than the idea it was on purpose. She didn’t much care for the idea that they’d all been selected for this already. The Elites, from what she knew, didn’t do much without some form of repayment. Their prices were never money or power either; they had plenty enough of that to go around.

The idea that her status as a VR player had led her to now? Eerie and unsettling at best.

And at worst? Yeah, no. She’d rather not go there for the moment if she could help it.

Mondei’s focus shifted towards the man that approached her, bluntly questioning her. Mazryn took a moment to assess him, quietly cataloguing and taking him in. Blunt, straightforward, and with no intention to beat around the bush. She could certainly respect that. He was also older. Easily the oldest of the crew in the car so far. Based on just the way he carried himself, she had a feeling that was every bit an advantage for him. If his mannerisms hadn’t made her respect him, she had no doubt he’d find one way or another to make her respect him.

Fair enough.

Perhaps a good ally, if things ever went sideways. With any luck, it would never come to that.

She withdrew from her spot at the table without a word, quietly relieved as Mondei’s attention was drawn elsewhere. She wasn’t smothering, thankfully, but there was always something to be said for idolatry when she came across a fan. They put her on a pedestal. Made her something more. Made her more than a teen girl who’d happened to spend a lot of time in her room, senses attached to a digital world.

She slipped past, approaching the small cat currently waddling across the food table. She smiled, nodding briefly in greeting to the man, the one that had joined them not too long ago, who had been entertained by the cat as well. Crouching down to the height of the table, she held out a hand for the cat to inspect, as a gesture of trustworthiness for the small creature, before even considering petting it.

“Hi there, little one,” she cooed softly, before her gaze flicked up to where the cat’s owner stood. “Where did you manage to find him?” she asked, head tilting. After all, it wasn’t like cats were exactly commonplace.