Sailor Moon Fan RP: Princess Solaria and the Sailor Scouts

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    Hoshizora Haruhi had just finished one of her favourite pieces on the small piano inside her small, beachside apartment. Her extra warm body temperature did not only make her irresistible to animals seeking to cuddle, but it also made her limbs and joints extra loose and nimble. The sun was shining through the windows, casting a glare that would've put anyone off, anyone except Haruhi. She liked the slight burning feeling it gave her, in a way that it made her feel at home. She had always thought that this was because she came from Japan, a country where the summers are extraordinarily hot and humid, which of course means the sun is shining brightly most of the day. Little did she know that this assumption was about to be turned over completely...

    Since it was such a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Haruhi decided to go to the park to feed the birds. She liked the peacefulness of the park, which was almost always completely void of other people, and she liked the way all the little birds would eat calmly out of the palm of her hand. Sometimes it would tickle as their tiny beaks scraped around, looking for more seeds. As she arrived at her favourite bench, she threw some seeds in front of her and watched as the birds quickly began to flock, and soon they were sitting next to her, lightly picking at her skirt. She was incredibly grateful of her gift that made animals take a liking to her, since animals could never be mean. They could never say hurtful things, and unless you were mean to them they wouldn't pull your hair. She continued this lonely activity for a while, until she noticed something strange. In front of her, among all the other regular birds, was a strangely large, orange, chicken-like creature. It looked straight at Haruhi with big, examining eyes. Haruhi thought she recognized this creature from somewhere, but couldn't for the life of her remember what exactly. She reached out her arm with some seeds in her hand, to see if the bird-thing would react. Slowly, it walked closer to her. It twitched its head around a bit a lot like any other bird, looking at her hand carefully. Haruhi gulped, wondering whether the creature would accept her or not. The head of the bird slowly bowed down to her hand, and as soon as its beak touched it, Haruhi felt an enormous surge of heat.

    "Aha, I've found you!"

    Haruhi was astounded. The creature was talking to her!

    "Umm, I'm sorry, do I... Know you?"

    "Well, technically you do, but you most likely don't remember me. Anyway, I've been following you around for some time, as I was suspecting you are the one I'm looking for, and that fiery sensation is the proof!"

    "I still don't quite follow you..."

    "Of course you don't."

    The bird jumped up on the bench, sitting next to Haruhi and scaring all the other birds away.

    "Let me introduce myself. My name is Manami Yagakoro, and I come from a time far before humans began to record it, from a place that unfortunately is since long gone, as well. That place is the planet Sun."

    "The planet sun? But the sun is a star, isn't it?"

    "That's true, at least nowadays. But you see, it hasn't always been a star. Back in the time I'm from, the sun was a highly technologically advanced planet, which was able to mimic all the positive traits of a star, but still having the perfect conditions for life on the surface. Sadly, in a war against another evil planet known as the dark star, it was turned into the fiery ball in the sky it is today."

    Haruhi didn't know if she was supposed to believe this creature, or Manami as it called itself, but it was already so incredible that a weird bird was talking to her, so she didn't consider it much.

    "Oh, that's awful... I'm so sorry for you."

    "You don't have to be, my dear. You see, before the Sun was turned into that awful place, the princess Solaria was sent to be reborn here on earth, a neutral planet in the war against the dark star, together with some of the guardians of the solar system, known as sailor scouts. They hold the power to fight evil, and the princess does too. Since I am her governess I was also sent to be reborn, for the purpose of finding and awakening her. And, it seems that the hardest part of my job was completed today."

    "How do you mean?"

    "Because you are the princess I've been looking for!"


    Haruhi looked at Manami, and her jaw dropped.

    "Wait, wait, wait, wait, are you trying to make me believe that a talking chicken is the governess of some princess from some planet that contradicts all modern science, and that I am that princess reborn!?"

    "Well, I'm sorry about my current state, but there seems to have been a mistake in my genetic coding, but all else is true. I can even prove it"

    "Then why is this the first I've heard of this?"

    "Because you had to be protected. We couldn't have a poor, confused girl run around telling people you're the princess of the sun. You had to be old enough to at least consider what it means. Personally I think it's still a bit early, but there's another reason why your awakening has become an urgent matter..."

    "And why is that?"

    "You see, it has come to our realization that the princess of Malevolo, the real name of the dark star, had a spell put on her and the four strongest generals of their army that would reincarnate them at the exact same time as you, so that they could destroy the royal family of the Sun once and for all."

    "But why do they hate the royal family so much? Why are they so desperate to destroy it?"

    "That's because the royal family holds the key to a weapon that can take control over the entire solar system. If it falls into the wrong hands, then humanity will be turned into a race of slaves. Fortunately, we have the means to stop them."

    "But how?"

    "Like I said, you weren't the only one to be reincarnated, remember? So was some of the solar systems guardians, who you are actually a part of as well. Sadly, the others are still not awakened, and the others have a bit of a lead on us. But if we work together to find the others, I'm sure we'll be able to stop those of the dark star!"

    "But I don't know where to start looking... And even if we do find them, I'm terrible at fighting! I get scared easily, and I'm not strong at all. If I can't even defend myself from bullies, how am I supposed to defend the entire solar system against invaders?"

    "Don't worry, I'll help. And when it comes to fighting, I've got just the thing."

    Manami ruffled up her fur, and began concentrating. A ball of yellow light took shape in front of her, and then the ball took the shape of a pen. It flashed, and when the blinding light was over, Manami was holding a pen-shaped item with a sun decorating the end in her beak. She dropped it into Haruhi's hands.

    "Hold it up, and say 'solar planet power - make up'. It'll give you the strength to fight evil. Don't worry, there's no one here but us, so you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself."

    A bit reluctantly, Haruhi did as she was told. She took a deep breath, and held the pen up towards the sun, making it glitter in the light.

    "Solar planet power, make up!"
    She was enveloped in a strong light, and she began to transform. When the transformation was over, Haruhi felt a warmth spread through her, and when she looked at herself, she couldn't believe what she saw. Her clothes were completely different, and her hair had grown long and more golden blonde as opposed to her short, platinum hair. On her right arm she wore a golden bracelet shaped like a dragon, coiling several laps down the length of her arm.
    "That bracelet is the source of your power. It will gain more strength later, but it is enough for now. If you point it towards an enemy soldier and say 'solar bracelet bind', it will return them to their everlasting sleep."
    "Wait enemy soldier? I thought we were talking about a princess and some generals... Also, do I actually have to k-kill them!?"​
    "Oh, I forgot. Apart from the generals, the princess also has an entire army of artificial soldiers to revive. But don't worry, your power can only kill that which isn't actually living, such as the soldiers who are more like robots. If you use it against the generals, however, it will most likely only rid them of their evil powers. Pretty neat, huh?"​
    Haruhi looked at Manami and smiled awkwardly. Suddenly, there was a loud noise next to them. The trash can beside the bench was rustling violently, and out of nowhere it turned into some type of monster.​
    "Hi, Princess! Fooound you!"
    "Oh no! It's a malevolian soldier! They are able to materialize in ordinary objects, and can sometimes pop up at very inconvenient times such as this... Quick, do as I told you!"​
    "But, but I..."​
    The monster lunged a punch towards them, and the two barely managed to jump off the bench in time to escape before it was turned into junk. Haruhi was paralyzed in fear, hiding on her knees behind a bush.​
    "Oh, priiincess, where'd you gooo?"
    "Why didn't you use the bracelet!?"​
    "I... I... I'm scared..."​
    "You don't have time to be scared! If you don't act soon, we're done for!"​
    Tears running down her face, Haruhi stood up and faced the monster. She shakily raised her right arm and pointed it at the malevolian soldier, supporting it with her left hand almost like she was holding a rifle.​
    "There you are!"
    The monster lunged another punch straight at Haruhi, but this time she acted in her deffence.
    "Solar bracelet bind!"
    The bracelet shot of her arm like a bolt of lightning, and wrapped itself tightly around the monster, glowing intensely, like the burning sun. The monster tried to break free, but failed. It screamed, and a black dust evaporated from it, leaving only the garbage bin left in its original state. Haruhi's transformation broke, and exhausted from the adrenaline she fell down on the ground. She turned to Manami with a gratuitous smile.​
    "Thank you for forcing me to do that. If you hadn't been there to push me, I think I would look a bit like that bench by now..."​
    "No problem! After all, it's my job, but even if it wasn't I would still do everything in my power to help you."​
  2. Haruhi looked through the window of the bus she was riding. The sun was shining again today, and reminded her that it had been about a week since her strange identity was revealed. She shifted the duffel bag resting on her lap to allow the person sitting next to her to sit in a more comfortable position. Hiding inside it was also her governess, Yagakoro Manami, who had taken the shape of some strange bird. She and her class were on their way to the ice hall to do some ice skating for gym class, but Haruhi's mind was occupied with the conversation she had with Manami yesterday.



    "What's wrong, Haruhi? You did great against that soldier!"

    "Well, maybe, but they just keep showing up more and more, and I haven't even found a single of the other scouts... If this keeps up, won't I be outnumbered?"

    "Relax, we'll find them soon enough. Just remember my tips, and I'm sure they'll show up."

    Manami's tips were basically to just look around places were talented people gathered. Apparently, those who got reincarnated gained some type of skill that made them stand out from others. So far, Haruhi had been to several sports venues, a local chess club, and even to a gaming arcade. It's tru that that may not be very much, but it sure felt like it to her. Harhui wished that she could just meet all the others by chance, without having to look for them.


    As the bus arrived at the ice hall, the class got off it led by the gym coach, shouting various instructions here and there. They got inside, got changed (which was very difficult for Haruhi since she had to hide Manami while doing so) and were just about to enter the main hall when they noticed their coach screaming at someone. Irritated, she turned to face her class.

    "A'ight, it seems the hall's been double booked, which means we're gunna have ta split the rink with sum real pros. Now, I want ya'll to behave nicely, so no fightin' or bickerin', ya hear me!?"

    "Yes, coach!" the entire class replied.

    Once inside, the class found a place to put on their skates and helmets, and one by one they went out on the ice. Haruhi looked over to the other side of the rink, where the others were training. Just when she turned her head, she saw a girl performing a beautiful pirouette, throwing herself into the air and turning several laps before landing again, gracefully spreading her legs. Haruhi was astonished.

    "Wow, who is that?.." She said under her breath.

    "Oh, you don't know her?"

    Haruhi was surprised to see that someone had overheard her mumbling, and actually responded.

    "That's Aria White! She's reeally talented, not only at ice skating. She's also a professional dancer, and an artist famous for her ice sculptures. She's been all the rage on social media ever since she became the youngest person ever to win that famous award for creative minds."

    Haruhi admired her some more, even more fascinated after hearing about her feats. She really wished she could get the chance to talk to her, but it was her turn to get on the ice. She slowly clattered in her skates, since this was not a sport she was used to. The coach told her to make a lap around their designated area, but halfway she got distracted by Aria again, which made her lose balance and fall on her behind. The others just kept racing by her, as the coach issued new orders, but there was someone else who had noticed her fall...
  3. Aria made another turn, eyes never leaving the figure of the girl who'd fallen. Why dosn't anyone stop to help her up? She asked herself. The brunette skittered to a halt near the sidelines as she watched the group on the opposite side of the rink, still waiting for someone to stop and help the fallen skater. Another minute or two passed as the coach on the other side bellowed more orders, it became apparent no one was going to stop. Aria, mind made up, made a course to the fallen girl, skating over the invisible barrier that had been set up between the two groups.

    "Aria!" Her own instructor called out to her, but the girl ignored the older woman with a wave before sliding up to the fallen figure. Bending down, the girl offered her hand to the blonde at her feet.

    "Need a hand?" She asked, voice soft and quiet as a small blush splattered over her pale cheeks. "You're new at this, aren't you?" She continued before letting a small smile slide over her lips.
  4. Haruhi, astounded, looked at Aria. Some of the girls in her class looked at her with extreme envy, but had to continue their laps around the rink, or the coach would yell at them.

    "Th-thank you..."

    Haruhi grabbed Aria's hand, and she helped her up. She rubbed her behind, since it still hurt quite a bit.

    "I'm sorry for disturbing your practice, I'm just so clumsy at times. It's true, I've never really tried ice skating like this before, not without a supportive device. I prefer things that are warm, and my body tends to stiffen up when it suddenly turns cold like this." Haruhi returned Aria's smile, but still had an apologetic look on her face. "Really, thank you. My name's Haruhi, Hoshizora Haruhi, and you're Aria White..." Haruhi quickly covered her mouth with her hand, and gasped slightly. She tried to bow down, but the slipper ice wouldn't let her go that far down. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to sound so stalker-ish! I'm sure you're sick and tired of people recognizing you all the time, but I swear, I just heard about you from this girl - No, no, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like I've never heard of you before, or, well I haven't, but..." Haruhi had to silence herself before making a complete fool of herself, even though she was probably not that far away from being one already.
  5. Aria rubbed at the back of her neck, feeling the near glare from the girl's classmates, but pointedly ignoring them. She was used to such expressions after all. As the blonde began to ramble, another smile grew over Aria's face as she stifled the urge to giggle at the blonde. The brunette waited for the blond to go quiet by herself before one of the giggles did slip from between her lips. She grabbed Haruchi's hand and shook it gently
    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Hoshisora." Silver eyes nearly twinkled with good natured mirth.

    "Aria!" Again, the older woman called, holding up her clipboard and tapping on it. "You have to at least pretend to be skating if you want to pass today's class!" The instructor scolded from the other side of the rink. A blush shot across Aria's face before she tossed the girl before her a sheepish grin. However, seconds later her eyes lit up in victory as she came up with an idea.

    "How about I help you out then?" She asked before she twisted so that she was right up front and facing Haruchi. The taller girl held out her hands in offering. "You can use me as a balance."
  6. "What, really!?"

    Haruhi glanced over to the coach, but since she was busy scolding some of the guys for being too rowdy, she didn't see any problem with it.

    "That would be really helpful, thank you!"

    And so the two began slowly skating around and around. Aria had many great tips, and Haruhi got better and better. She learned how to accelerate, to slow down, and how to stop completely. She fell a couple of times, but they just laughed and she got up again. Haruhi had completely forgotten all of her worries, until a girl in her class shouted something...

    "Hey, who are you!?"

    Everyone on the rink turned to face her. She was standing about in the center, looking around frenetically. Another girl came up to her.

    "What's the matter? What are you talking about?"

    "There was a strange looking girl here just now, but she vanished right away. Look, she left that..."

    The girl pointed to some skating equipment strewn on the ice. The other girl approached it and bent down to touch it, but as soon as her finger nudged it, a shockwave sent her flying. A dark aura surrounded the equipment, and it began assembling into something... It was a malevolian soldier! It looked like a demonic hockey player, with glowing red eyes. It growled loudly, and began swinging a hockey stick around. Haruhi looked in horror, and then turned to face Aria.

    "You need to get as many people out of here as possible! I have no time to explain, but you have to help me."

    Haruhi tried to rush up to the soldier, and took out her transformation pen.

    Solar planet power, make up!
    She transformed, and faced the monster. When Aria was done helping everyone off the rink who hadn't already gone off it, she turned back to look at Haruhi and the monster. What was goin on?
    Haruhi aimed at the monster.​
    Solar bracelet bind!
    But the skate wearing monster was too fast, and avoided the attack. The solar bracelet went right back onto her arm. She tried again, but this time the monster ended up behind her, landing a hit on her with its stick. She was sent flying, and landed face down on the ice. She didn't move. The monster slowly approached her, stick raised high, and Aria knew she had to do something. There was a feeling inside of her, like a well with water springing forth, but there was a lid keeping it from surfacing. What was she supposed to do? Suddenly, Manami appeared next to her.
    "You can feel it, right?"​
    Aria was baffled by the small creature standing next to her, but as she felt like it knew what was goin on inside of her, she simply nodded.​
    "You need to unleash that energy that is within you. Do like me, and concentrate."​
    Manami did as she had done in the park, and Aria did the same, closing her eyes. When she opened them again, an icy blue pen shaped item with an icicle decoration on its end was floating in front of her. When she took hold of it, it felt like the well was beginning to boil over.​
    "You know what to do. Awaken, sailor Pluto!"​
  7. Aria took the pen and gave one last look at the odd bird looking creature, that could apparently talk. She threw the pen into the air before grabbing it and holding it like she would a chisel.

    Pluto Planet Power - Make Up!
    She moved the pen in quick succession, like she was carving something into the air before jumping through the now glittering space, when she landed she was transformed. Aria blinked and looked down at herself. Really? What on Earth was going on? The Hockey Player caught her attention again and she decided figuring what was going on could wait. Aria went to skate towards the hockey guy, and nearly fell flat on her face. The girl barely caught herself with a squeak. That's when she realized...​
    "My skates?!" The hockey player, noticng her squeak began to charge towards her. "Crap!" Quickly the brunette barely managed to roll away from the oncoming hockey stick. As her palm slapped open against the ice, she noticed the glitter that seemed to just be coming out of nowhere around her hands. The Hockey guy came barreling back at her again. And again, she moved out of the way just in time, this time though she flung her legs out at the players knees, making them buckle.​
    Arctic Gale!
    The brunette blew the fluttering glitter from her hand right into the hockey players face, now level with her own down on the ice. She didn't know where the deceleration had come from, somewhere deep inside of her seemed to know instinctively what to do in the situation. The girl watched as the glitter and her breath turned into a freezing gust of air and encased the hockey player in a layer of ice. Moments passed while Aria just stared, finally, she managed to pull herself unsteadily to her feet, somewhat shaky and unbalanced on the ice without her skates. ​
    "Okay, seriously, what the heck is going on?" She finally found her voice, her hands went to her hips, the only movement she felt safe doing at the moment.​
  8. The soldier, which had frozen mid-movement, stood still in front of her. Manami jumped up to her.

    "As sailor Pluto, you have the ability to make skates that can glide, even without ice. Just touch your shoes with that glitter."

    Aria did what she was told, and some sort of stripe made of blue light appeared on the bottom of her shoes. She tried them out a little, and they seemed to work perfectly. As no explanation was in sight, she decided to skate up to Haruhi.

    "Miss Hoshizora, miss Hoshizora! Are you okay?"

    Groggily, Haruhi stood up, and looked at the monster.

    "But it... How?.." She then turned and examined Aria. "You!.." The short exclamation was followed by a tight hug, and a Haruhi with a shaky voice saying "I'm so happy I found you, and I'm so happy it's you." She wiped her eyes, and turned towards the monster again. "I need to take care of this before the ice goes away, so here goes!"

    Solar bracelet bind!
    The soldier was still unable to move, and couldn't help but to be enveloped in the light of the bracelet. The same black dust evaporated from it, and it turned back into a heap of equipment. Haruhi snapped her fingers, and a light spread throughout the are.​
    "There. That will make everyone forget what happened.Except you and I, of course."​
    Their transformations broke, and Haruhi finally told Aria everything, about the princess of the sun, the princess of the dark star and her army, and the sailor scouts.​
  9. Aria just stared at Horuchi. Her insides felt a little frozen. The way the blonde was looking at her. It was just so full of expectations The brunette looked away, she could already feel the claustrophobic feeling of being assigned a position, a job in life. It wasn't what she would have chosen, it was just like with her parents. She felt like running. After a moment, she cleared her throat.
    "I see..." She drew off before she jumped up from where she was sitting. "I should be going, I need to make up an excuse for my aunt as to why I skipped the rest of school." With that, the brunette all but bolted from the building.
  10. Haruhi just watched her go. The others began wrapping things up, acting as if nothing had happened. Well, to them it was as if nothing had happened, but to Haruhi it was as if her entire world began to crumble. The class left the hall, and school was over. Haruhi went home, and threw herself onto her bed. Manami jumped up to her, and tried to console her.

    "There, there, I'm sure she'll come to her senses."

    "No, you don't know that! Argh, I've been so stupid! Of course, we can't just FORCE everyone to accept it. I'm sure it was all my fault, as well. I was being too pushy. No one's been that nice to me for quite some time, and I drove her away..."

    "But she's a sailor scout! I'm certain she won't just throw her fate away like that. Besides, I don't think she's mad at you at all, or anything. She's probably just a bit confused."

    "No, no, no! I'm destined to be all alone, and if I can't even recruit the others, even if I find them, then this whole thing is doomed. I'm such a failure!"

    "But you can't..."

    "Shut up! I don't want to hear it! Just, just... Just get out of here."

    Manami sighed, but there was nothing she could do. She left, and Haruhi cried herself to sleep, even though it was far from late. When she woke up, it was about 4 in the morning. She walked into the bathroom, and lookd into her bloodshot eyes. Less than a week had gone since she herself had been awakened, and she had already gotten rejected by one of the scouts. She washed her snotty, salt encrusted face, and tried to think.

    "Is there really no way? Can't I somehow convince her to join me? But maybe that's the completely wrong approach... Maybe she just needs time, like Manami said."

    Haruhi sank down to the bathroom floor. It was slightly cool, and reminded her of the ice hall. She fell back asleep, deeply immersed in thought.
  11. Aria ducked through the door.

    "Aunt Rozalin, I'm home!" She called into the large house. Her aunt was a doctor, and a good one. It let the two of them live in comfort. The teen walked further into the house, slipping her shoes off and leaving them by the front door. After shedding her shoes, she grabbed her bag and bolted up the stairs, towards her bedroom, not hanging around to hear her aunts returned greeting. Aria threw herself into the chair at her desk after closing her bedroom door. That's where she finally paused. Blinking her silver orbs, she stared blankly at the black computer monitor up front of her. Her mind going back to review the day's events. Subconsciously, she pulled out the pen with the ice sickle on it and placed it on her desk to examine it thoroughly. Several minutes passed in memories and quiet study. What had happened couldn't possibly have happened. Things like that didn't just happen. Besides, the sun wasn't a planet, and if scientists where to be believed, neither was Pluto.
  12. As Aria continued immersing in thought, she could've sworn she heard a voice.


    There it was again. Was it caaling out her name? She looked around her room, trying to find the source.

    "Oh, Aria..."

    Was it... Coming from the pen? She slowly grabbed it, and picked it up, trying to bring it closer to her ear. Hoever, as soon as she lifted it off her desk, a white light flashed and took over the entire room. Now, there was nothing but white all around her. Strangely, she found it soothing. Like a blank slate, without any demands or restrictions, a place where she could do as she pleased.

    "Behind you..."

    The voice brought her back to her senses, and she swiftly turned around. A woman, quite tall with pure, silver hair was standing there. She wore a silver tiara with one, blue gem decorating it, and she had eyes blue like the sky. She wore a white dress made out of light, airy fabric, which almost looked like a whiff of smoke, but still had a regal feel to it. She almost looked translucent with the white backdrop.

    ”Who are you?” Aria asked.

    ”In a sense, I am you, and you are me. Our souls are heavily intertwined, and that pen you’re holding acts as a medium, allowing this very restricted form of communication.

    “I still don’t get it… What exactly is it that’s happening to me? I just find it all so hard to believe!”

    “And that’s how it’s supposed to be. Pluto is at the very border of the solar system, and as such, it can observe everything that is going on inside of it. But to do so, it is necessary to stay level headed, and always question things. Knowing that things are not always what they seem is one of Pluto’s greatest virtues.”

    “I still don’t think you’re making much sense. Anyway, what’s this whole talk about the sun being a planet? And what do you mean by virtue of Pluto?”

    “Uderstanding the meaning of Pluto is a bit complicated… It is you and I, and all our past and future selves. It is the very essence of our being. Once upon a time, that essence was used to populate the entirety of the solar system. But enough explaining, I’ll try to show you instead.”
    The scenery changed from perfect white, into outer space. It was as if Aria and the woman were flying. Stars shining like Christmas lights, and nebulas like clots of paint came into view. Then, something more amazing than anything Aria had ever seen became visible. It was like an enormous globe of gold, with seemingly small planets orbiting it.

    “That is the planet Sun. Back then, not much was the same as it is now. Even our home planet was a lot bigger.”

    The two flew closer to the sun, and passed a blue planet with streaks of white.

    “There it is. But we’ll get back to it later. First, there is something you need to witness.

    The two picked up a seemingly impossible speed, and suddenly they were landing on the surface of the sun. They were in the middle of a street, lined with houses that looked like they could’ve been picked from some old earthly civilization, only much fancier. It seemed like the golden glow seen from the outside came from something in the atmosphere.

    “Why are we here?”

    “You’ll see soon enough. This is the true dawn of a new era, and the end of the greatest to ever be. Look, up there.”

    Aria tried to focus her eyes on what the woman was pointing to, but realized she had to allow herself to see the whole picture. Almost completely devouring the sky was what looked like an enormous spaceship. A needle like tip was pointed straight at them. Aria could see some type of purple light gathering at the tip, growing larger and larger, while still looking a bit small compared to the rest. However, considering the thing was probably quite far away, the ball of light could be bigger than she could imagine. Suddenly, the light came shooting towards the sun. Aria wanted to defend herself, but she knew it was useless. However, even as it came crashing through the ground next to her, she was completely unaffected, so she allowed herself to look at it without covering her face. An enormous fissure opened up, and an enormous amount of fiery lava welled up from inside the crust. It spread incredibly fast, and soon the entire planet was nothing but a flaming orb. It looked like an explosion, but since Aria couldn’t hear or feel anything, it was hard to know. However, she could see the planets that had been orbiting the sun pretty close get tossed further away

    “Alright, that’s enough of that.”

    The woman waved her arm, and the scenery changed. They were standing on what looked like a snow covered field. In front of them was a stone building, standing alone amongst all the white.

    “This is our home sometime after the great destruction of the Sun. Most organisms who lived here have already passed away, and it won’t be long until it is turned into the Pluto you know from your day and age. But for now, let’s head inside.”

    They walked up to the stone building, and entered through some type of gate. The inside was only barely lit by a few, gloomy torches. Their steps echoed in the cold hall as they walked through some type of corridor.

    “This once used to be part of a great shrine dedicated to us, the guardians of this planet. Close to when the solar war reached its culmination, the elder of this shrine received a prophecy. The prophecy foretold of the one who was destined to save this planet, and return it to its once glorious state. The elder had the most talented carvers make a replication of the one she had seen in her prophecy, and she described her in great detail. They statue they made is standing in front of you”

    Aria, who had been listening to the woman, turned her head. What struck her was a weird feeling, almost like looking into a mirror. An exact replica of her, perfect in size, proportion, down to the last length of her fingers was standing in front of her.

    “And there you have it. The painful fate of many great civilizations, and the final hope of one of them. Do you think you understand now, the role you have been given to play?”
  13. Aria started awake as the woman's voice trailed in her mind, like the last wisps of smoke from a fire. The girl bolted to her feet, her hand still wrapped around the pen as she looked around, taking in the scenery of her bedroom.

    "it was just a dream, I must've dozed off..." She whispered to herself, even as she knew it was a lie. If it had been a dream, it had felt all to real. The teen shook her head again before she shoved the pen into the pocket of her jeans and crossed to take the skates from her backpack. Without another word, she slipped open her window and escaped into the night, heading back towards the ice rink. She always did this when she needed to think but couldn't sit still. She skated, or danced. At the moment, she chose the ice, almost as if clinging to the memory of the icy scenery from her mind.

    When the girl got back to rink, it was closed and the sky was dark. However, she had a secret way in. The girl went to the back of the building and pulled open the basement window with the broken lock. Easily, she slid inside. As if in a trance, she found herself back at the rink, skates on, moving around the surface like a ghost herself.

    I wonder how Haruchi reacted when she found out? The brunette questioned. She probably didn't run because of a little responsibility, Aria went into a semi difficult routine, with lots of twirls and jumps. Her body beginning to match the speed of her thoughts as she glided along. and she did it alone... She wasn't counting the bird creature, she just wasn't. Aria remembered the way the blonde had stumbled along on the ice and a near protective feeling twisted it s way into her gut as she thought about the sweet girl fighting monsters alone. All by herself..... I should've hung around and at least asked for her number. Aria berated herself. She didn't know how she'd find the blonde again. Her routine grew in difficulty until the teen didn't have time to think anymore as she focused on the way her body moved.
  14. When she reached the climax of her routine, she could hear the doors opening at the other side of the hall. At first she thought it was someone who had discovered she was using the rink after closing time, but she ususally got away with it if she used the fact that she was a pro, and that inspiration came to her at strange times as an excuse. Much to her surprise, it was the blonde standing there, not some security guard. The girl walked up to the edge of the rink, and Aria skated up to her. Haruhi looked at her, and Aria could see that she had been crying.

    "I got the feeling that if I didn't talk to you again soon, my chances of convincing you would be close to nill. Thankfully, I found you the first place I looked."

    Aria listened quietly, and nodded slightly.

    "Listen, I'm really, really sorry about earlier. It wasn't fair of me to just expect you to be all okay about it, it's just that I've been looking for the other scouts for a while now, and I got so exited when I finally found one. I guess I got way ahead of myself... Anyway, I want you to know that I'll be completely fine if you don't want to do it. I' sure, it will be difficult, but I'll manage. It wouldn't be nice if I lumped over my responsibility on someone else."
  15. Aria turned away from the blonde so that she could lean up against the barrier between the rink and the sitting area. She let her head fall back and her hair fall over her shoulder.
    "No it wasn't." she agreed quietly. "But I doubt you were given much of a choice either." She continued. The teen used the blade of her skate to kick at the ice a little bit, sending a little puff of snow like dust up and leaving a deep scratch on the surface. "I'll help," she began, "but not because I have to, you need help, and it kind of sounds like there aren't all that many people who can help," she shrugged a shoulder and didn't look at the blonde. "So y'know, I guess I will." With that, the brunette turned back to the blonde. "So, run all of this by me again, how do we find the other, " she paused and made a small face "scouts, and why're we called scouts, thats just so girl scouty." She babbled. "Why not rangers, or avengers or something cool? And why don't we get to choose out outfits? maybe I dont wanna wear white." By the time she finished, she had a silly grin on her face, clearly indicating that she was indeed, kidding.
  16. Haruhi smiled in return. If her canals weren't dry, she would've probably felled a tear. She giggled a bit.¨

    "You know, I haven't thought about that. Maybe we should ask Manami to make us something we like a bit better, while we come up with a kick-ass name for ourselves?"

    She laughed.

    "No, but seriously, finding the others may be difficult, and it may not be. So far I've only found you, and that was by chance. It seems like the scouts are all talented in some way, and so far it appears like that's true, so if we want to really search for it, I think places where talented people gather would be a good start."
  17. Aria let that little bit of information soak in.

    "Do we know anything else about the other scouts, besides that they have talent?" She asked as she bent to remove her skates. "As a side note, we should probably get out of here, I can usually weedle my way out of trouble, but if there's two of us, it might be a bit harder." She flashed a smile up at the blonde as she stepped from the rink to the floor, skates now in her hands. "That, and I kind of slept through dinner, I'm hungry, let's go find something to eat?" She jumped onto the bench that had her sneakers and went about putting them on the entire time she talked. "What's your talent?" She shot the next question over at the blonde.
  18. Haruhi's stomach growled.

    "Oh, now that you mention it, I kinda skipped dinner, as well. I think there's a fastfood restaurant somewhere nearby, if you're into that kind of stuff. I mean, I don't know if you pro athletes have a strict diet or anything... Also, now that I think about it, I don't know anything about the other scouts. We should probably actually ask Manami about it."

    She actually had to stop and think, even on Aria's last question.

    "I guess y body temperature is my talent, if that counts. It's a lot higher than the usual, though I never have a fever. It makes my limbs and joints nimble, so I can play the piano and twist my body pretty good, though I tend to stiffen up in cold environments. Oh, and animals tend to take a liking to me."
  19. Aria flashed a smirk up at Haruchi.

    "Is Manami the bird?" She asked as she thought of the chickenesque bird from earlier. "Fast food is fine, a cheeseburger sounds really good actually, and a large fry and the biggest milkshake they've got!" She chirped grabbing her bag and walking backwards so she could keep her eyes on the blonde. Her smirk softened into a smile. "I can't play music at all. It dosn't compute in my mind, I suppose. " she glanced the blonde over then flashed a playful grin. "So your special talent is being extra loveable and cuddly? Like a teddy bear?" She teased.
  20. "Yeah, she's the bird. At least I think she is, I mean, I'm not sure..." She laughed. "But there's nothing wrong with being cuddly, right? Many people actually say I give pretty mean hugs!"

    The two began walking towards the fast-food place.