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  1. [​IMG]
    "I should be safe in Calderock... but what was that silver harpy? I better check the records..."

    Calderock Village

    "Wha- what the-" Ben Tennyson woke up, only to find other unconscious individuals surrounding him. They did not appear familiar at all. "Rook? Grandpa Max? Gwen? Kevin? Really, no one around huh."

    He looked in front, to see the entrance of what appeared to be a town in a medieval setting.

    "I have a hunch that I should get used to this," Ben sighs as he tries to get up, before he realises that he was sitting on someone. This individual seemed to be a human male, a man perhaps, and was rather bulky in appearance. Most of his attire was black. Black and possibly metallic.

    "S- sorry! Didn't mean to!" Ben jumped up from sitting on the unconscious, odd person. Technically everyone else was unconscious and odd, but this person was particular. Because Ben was sitting on him for a while. He started to ponder about the odd reasons why all these people were present in this place.

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  2. Many people woke up in a state of confusion. Who am I, where am I, why am I wearing this lampshade, how many drinks did I have last night. Not so with the dandy, laid out on the ground who shot up from sleep to wakefulness with nothing in between. Twisted Fate didn't need to find himself when he woke up, it was something he knew intricately.

    It also helped that it came in handy for quick getaways.

    He took stock of himself, hands quickly slipping to the places he kept his tools of the trade before relaxing. Wait.... Hands reached for his head, before visibly relaxing.

    He had his hat.

    All was right in the world.

    He skipped to his feet, working out the kinks as he stifled a yawn. Well. He had his weapons, his wits and his magic. All the gambler needed to make a living, anywhere he went. So unperturbed, he intended to move off to get something to eat.

    At least till he took in the others. Some children, a few gorgeous women and some Noxus looking men in armor.

    He hated Noxians, sore losers, everyone of them.

    So instead of moving, he leaned against a tree as his hand flicked a card rapidly for amusement sake. Curiosity was well and truly piqued.

    Enter the Card Master.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Everything seemed pleasant in Fantopia, the people were cheering at how long peace had reigned for in the kingdom. Fireworks were being shot off in the air and people paraded out from their homes in the thousands to bare witness to this glorious occasion! Since the defeat of the Black Knight by the latest champion, things had been going along smoothly. No crimes, no murders, nothing of the sort! But if the legends were to be held as truths, then the fact remained that even if he was defeated the Black Knight would always return to wreak havoc on any unsuspecting victims who dared to cross his path!

    Looking out for such an occasion, the castle's guards scoffed as he looked through the primitive binoculars that the kingdom's scientists worked up.

    "Their's no sign of the 'dreaded' Black Knight anywhere!"

    "W-Well, how can you be so sure? I mean have you ever seen the Black Knight?" Another guard would ask as he seemed to be shaking in his chainmail as he glanced across the land to see if he caught even the slightest glimpse of Black Knight's trusty stead, Midnight.

    Lowering the binoculars on a ledge, the guard turned to his face his partner with folded arms and batted breath.

    "You wish to know if I've seen the Black Knight? Well, many people have claimed to see him. They say he's over ten feet tall! He's actually some kind of dragon man behind that armor! Or he's a sign of the end times that the sinners have summoned to wreak havoc upon us good-hearted worshippers! But, the truth is that he's none of those things! As a matter of fact? I doubt he's even real! I mean you've heard of how he's been defeated, haven't you?"

    "..By a brave hero of course. The one who stands above all others and puts their lives on the line for all of us by facing down the Black Knight."

    "Yes, yes, bravery and all that. But, what kind of sorcery would provoke giant metallic balls to skid across our lands and bring the Black Knight to his knees? It's sheer nonsense I tell you! You want my opinion on the matter? The Black Knight stands for whoever's a threat to the monarchy, then they have their wizards bring down those rolling balls of death and strike them down. Only to claim it was the Black Knight! Do you get what I'm saying, my friend?"

    "I..I think so. Wait, what's that?!" The other guard exclaimed as he he nearly stumbled onto his rear but pointed at the gates into the kingdom's cities. Something seemed to be approaching at a very rapid speed and didn't show any signs of slowing down.

    "Probably just some plonker thinking they're good stuff with their horse. I'll send a squire down to tell them to-To...To.."

    "To what, what is it?!"

    Dropping the binoculars to the ground, the first guard stumbled back against the castle walls and clutched a hand to his chest.

    "I gazed upon death and death stared back at me. I was wrong, my friend. The Black Knight, he does exist! We're all doomed, the kingdom is sure to fall!"


    Straddled upon his ever loyal companion, Midnight, the infamous Black Knight had returned just as the legend predicted. He was here to cause mayhem once more and only one chosen hero could afford to stand up to him and his villainous ways. Drawing his double edged sword, aptly named Conqueror from it's scabbard, the Black Knight gave it a flick of the wrist and flames that burned so hot, people claimed they were from Hell itself, engulfed the blade. Guards quickly set about closing the gates to try and prevent the Black Knight entry. But, in their hearts they knew they were only delaying the inevitable. As Midnight started to close the distance, the Black Knight let loose another heinous cackle as the gate buckled for a brief moment as the guards behind it raised their halberds.

    Much to their surprise and relief, it seemed like the gate had actually held up. This was of course what the Knight wished for as he pulled back with Midnight and then rammed the gates full force, causing splinters to rain down from the sky above as the Black Knight leaped through the impromptu entrance he had made as he glanced around at the innocent townsfolk who watched in a captivated mix of awe and fear. The legend was indeed true, the Black Knight was real and he's surely kill all of them!


    As soon as that cold menacing baritone escaped from within the confines of that helmet, the people began to comply. Throwing whatever valuables they may have had at the Black Knight if only in the vain hope that he'd spare them if they handed over enough of their riches to him. Not that the Black Knight cared about such trivial thing when he felt he had all the power in the world. It was just so fun to watch the people squirm! Just as he was about to start on his way to the castle however, something stood in his way. Someone who didn't seem to be like the others, he didn't cower in fear from the Black Knight's presence. Not even the smell of decay and death emitting from his horse seemed to garner any kind of reaction out of the stranger.

    "You stand in my way, peasant?! Get out of the way! FOR I AM THE BLACK KNIGHT!"

    The Black Knight shrieked at the stranger and Midnight neighed in his general direction. But the stranger would not yield, would not back down, no matter what his opponent did. Turning towards his own stead, he'd make his way inside of it and turned the key into the ignition. Leaving the Black Knight to be absolutely baffled at just what kind of horse the stranger was riding in.


    Fixing the interior mirror, the stranger murmured to himself about something that the Black Knight had said.

    "The Black Knight, as opposed to the thousands of other black knights roaming around.."

    The inhabitants of the kingdom had pressed themselves up against the buildings, so as to give the Black Knight and their would be-savior more room to maneuver their rides. Flicking the headlights on, the stranger narrowed his eyes as he could see the Black Knight throwing his head back with laughter.


    Smirking at that little exclamation, the hero pressed down lightly on the gas as rumbling could have been heard and two gigantic silver balls shot in from either side of the car and towards the Black Knight who held Conqueror up to block them. Managing to succeed in knocking one away but the next one hit him square in the chestplate, knocking him off his literal highhorse, as nobody could remove him from the metaphorical one. Smashing an armored fist into the ground, the Black Knight waved his hand and Midnight let out a pained shriek before vanishing.

    Pointing his flaming sword in the direction of his opposition's car, the Black Knight's glowing red eyes seemed to grow even brighter, as a challenge had finally risen up to face him. It seemed to happen everytime he attacked a kingdom and he enjoyed every second of it.

    "So, you're the chosen hero this go-around! I wonder who it'll be next! I wonder how they'll feel once the spot becomes vacant so soon!" The knight cackled before launching a series of fireballs in the direction of the hero. Only for the metallic balls to roll onto the hood of his car, allowing the flames to glide gracefully past the sides and over the roof.

    "This game is over.."

    The other ball which hadn't assisted in blocking the flames quickly picked up momentum. Turning towards the Black Knight, it unleashed all of this bent up energy and sent the Black Knight flying through the air as Conqueror fumbled and lost it's flame before landing in the ground-blade first and the Black Knight crashed onto the ground close-by. Rolling up in his Chevrolet, the hero poked his head out the window and glanced down at the knight.


    "I drive. So you can call me the Driver."

    Short, sweet, and to the point.

    As the people began to cheer on their legendary hero for stepping up yet again to defeat the Black Knight and save the kingdom, this was merely a fantasy. A story made up for a pinball cabinet. Specifically the 'Black Knight' series. The hero was indeed a stunt man who worked as a part-time mechanic/getaway driver for robberies. So, not exactly the kind of role model that someone who took down the Black Knight might be.

    He had just decided his neighbor's son could use a little bit of fun in his life. So, the Driver decided that a trip to the arcade couldn't hurt and lo and behold a pinball section was found and gawked over. Having had little interaction with these kinds of games himself, the child struggled to get the highest score and defeat the Black Knight. But after the Driver stepped up to the plate, the score was doubled it's last amount and this would have been the highlight of the unnamed man's day. Making his love interest's son happy. Instead, he was stuck with a bunch of people who didn't look like they'd make good company and...The Black Knight???

    To people like the Driver, the Black Knight was just the name/villain of a series of pinball games from the 1980s and a funny Monty Python related scene. Nothing more beyond that. In the Knight's own world however, he had gained a reputation as a legend due to his unexplained recovery from every defeat(i.e someone winning the game)and still managing to slay anyone who crossed his path before he's defeated. In rare cases, even defeating the supposed heroes themselves.

    So, it likely came with little surprise that as his eyes flickered open, he wasn't exactly the biggest fan of seeing a sleeping child laying atop him. Rising to his full height of 6'6, the Black Knight glared down at Ben.


    "Didn't mean to? You didn't mean to fall asleep on me and then wake up?! How are you sure that none of your saliva seeped onto my armor while you took a nap on me? The Black Knight will not tolerate such grievances, boy! Inform us of where we are and where the nearest castle is so I can pillage it! For I am THE Black Knight!"

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  4. "Black Knight, huh? H- hey! I don't drool in my sleep!"

    Ben talks back, at the bigger man. He looked like one of the now-disbanded Forever Knights, maybe an unseen high-ranking member. However, based on his words and the situation, it was obvious that he was just a medieval knight. Possibly powerful, but not something Ben had seen before or recognised.

    "Listen, we can talk this out. I'm sure you're confused right now, but so am I," Ben communicates. He had his watch on standby in case the warrior would hurl more than just a tantrum...
  5. "Motoko, Report." Motoko heard. She clutched a pistol, and was staring down a man, trying to clear up a Hostage Situation.

    "I have it under control. He seems like he's suppressed." Motoko said. "Come pick him up."

    When Motoko was contacting Togusa and Batou, the man ran towards her, and swung. Motoko's reflexes kicked in, and she countered, and grabbed his arm and punched him in the stomach. The man still continued to attack. The Major twisted his arm, and held it behind his back. She then contacted Togusa again. "Alright, we got him. Let's go."

    Little did The Major know what would soon happen.


    Motoko's head hurt. That was the first thing she noticed. The last thing she remembered doing was apprehending a dangerous criminal. Now what happened? Motoko woke up with a bunch of other people outside of something that appeared to be a Medieval Village.

    After a few minutes, the Major's headache cleared. She was still incredibly confused. She tried contacting Section 9 to see if she could get a handle on the situation, but she couldn't get ahold of him.

    Motoko pushed herself to sit up. She then drew her pistol, and cocked it several times, and then began reloading the pistol just because she was bored. At least she still had all of her weapons. She looked around and saw Knights, fitting for the setting. A kid with a watch who was getting into a fight with one of the Knights... A man who was now flipping cards around, and several other people who seemed out of place...

    Ok. This was definitely not normal. What the hell had happened? She assumed that she would find out later. For now, she just studied everyone around her.

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  6. Bazett awoke with no great fanfare, eyes simply flicking open and blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light...and almost immediately identifying that this was not the place where she had fallen asleep. She shot up into a standing position, taking stock of the situation. A man in a hat reminiscent of American cowboys absently twirling a card, already . A violet haired woman in attire that seemed suited for stealth combat. A young child with mousy brown hair. And...​
    A loud, boisterous knight. She narrowed her eyes slightly, a bit disturbed by the notion. Seemingly an insult to the word knight, nothing like Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. And certainly not like Cú Chulainn. Honorable combat was one thing, pillaging castle for the sake of it...that's the work of barbarians, not knights. Not any true knight, at least.

    "You will do no such thing. Please do quiet yourself or I will do it for you. The one in the hat has the right idea. Discovering where we all are, given the confusion, comes first."

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  7. "H-H-H-HOOOO HO HO HO!"


    "So, you're that genie girl my old crew has been warning me about," the hulking pirate began, "What gives you the audacity to challenge me? I thought I wiped the lot of your kin clean off the face of Sequin Land!"

    Before him stood the fearless half-genie, undaunted by her enemy's massive size, as his words only served to stoke the fire burning deep inside her.


    "I'm here to put an end to your evil you monster! You're going to pay for what you did to my mother, Pirate Master!" Shantae shouted heroically over the crack of lightning, staring the pirate down with furious eyes.



    "Taking a stab at the captain, are we? Feisty. Like mother, like daughter, as they say!" he joked coldly, bellowing with heartless laughter, "But you forget which one of us has leverage in this here standoff, genie girl." the Pirate Master mentioned, deliberately freeing his scimitar from its sheath and holding it to a nearby woman's throat. Shantae's heart sank.


    "Risky...!" she uttered before having her breath taken away, losing her burning passion almost instantly upon seeing a blade held to Risky's neck.


    "Hoho...grown attached to me first-mate, have we? Good. So we both have something the other wants. That lamp o' yours is brimming with magic..." he teased, baiting a reaction from his chained victim.


    "D-Don't give in to his demands Shantae! He's a dirty liar and a-"the helpless Risky Boots screamed before being silenced again by the threat of death.

    "Well, girl? It's the magic, or her life." he demanded, beckoning Shantae forward with a bony hand.

    With a defeated sigh, she stepped slowly closer, digging around her pockets before pulling out her magic lamp.


    "...You promise you'll let her go? No backsies?" she asked, timidly holding her lamp across her chest.

    "I swear on me own grave!" he answered with hungry eyes, and a toothy grin. Without question, Shantae pulled the top off the lamp, and in doing so broke the locks chaining up Risky. The Pirate Master started to laugh prematurely, only to have a big glob of bright white light rush forth from the open lamp. He recoiled from the light, dropping his scimitar in his rush to shield his eyes. He growled.


    "What trickery is this?! No-one double-crosses a double-crosser and gets away with it!" he roared in a rage, swiping Shantae off her feet and loading her into his cannon. "Give yer mother my regards! H-H-HO HO HO HO HO!" steadying himself, his cannon fired, sending the half-genie hurdling into the sky.


    An unidentified flying object could be seen in the sky above Calderock. It was hard to see from so far away...but it looked bright red, and purple...and sounded like it was screaming. And it was coming closer!

    The girl face-planted in in the dirt with a rough Thump! with her head ending up stuck in the ground. Pushing against the ground with her hands, and flailing her legs around in the air, she struggled to free herself, a collection of muffled screams and shouts coming from her through the soft soil. Hopefully her wildly shaking legs with garner her enough attention for someone to help her out of such a pickle.

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  8. Well... That was quite an entrance into this. Everyone else just woke up, but someone fell from the sky. Seeing the girl face plant, Motoko walked over to help her. The Major grabbed the woman's ankles and began to pull, using her inhuman strength to help pull the girl out of the ground.

    "Are you ok?" Motoko asked. "That was quite a fall."
  9. [​IMG]

    "You speak as if you've never heard of me, boy! My influence stretches from kingdom to kingdom! Even the bravest of the king's guard tremble in their armor standing before me! Yet, I'm a mystery to a mere pup. How droll. I'll give you a lesson on the history of the Black Knight, starting with how he brought down his blade upon those who didn't show the proper amounts of respect! Now, tell me where we are or-Hm?"

    The Black Knight tilted his head as he got a good look at Ben's watch before chuckling behind his helmet.

    "That's quite the device you appear to have strapped to your wrist, boy! It reminds me of the some of the 'newer' technology that the kingdoms have worked with, hoping it'll bring them a brighter future. But as long as I still ride, their will only be darkness. No amount of wizardry and 'futuristic' technology will stop me! But, you're correct on one account. I do not know where I am. The last I recall, I was bested by a blonde haired man with a white jacket, upon which their was a scorpion on the back. The meaning of which is lost on me but he also had a strange mechanical steed with which he bested me! I would rise up and seek to challenge this hero again but here I am! Among strangers in a land that is foreign to me, yet..Familiar. HAHAHAHA!"
    For someone who thought as highly of himself as the Black Knight, he was irritated at this..This woman requesting that he be silent! Wenches like her deserved to flee from him as everyone else did or serve him after he brought down their kingdom by himself.

    His eyes flared blood red almost as if he were a demon, plucked straight out of the bowels of Hell.

    "I will do as I wish! Their'll be no discussion about that! But, for now I suppose you're correct. Finding out where we are and who brought us here is more important. Whoever they may be, they'll rue the day they pulled the Black Knight away from seeking his revenge!"

    Not too keen on sticking near the Black Knight after seeing how volatile the entity could be, the Driver slowly started to make his way off in the direction that Twisted Fate had gone. At least he seemed like he had an idea of what to do. The Driver just didn't want to be in the same place with the evil magical knight who he defeated in a pinball game. Luckily for him, the Black Knight didn't seem to have noticed him yet. Despite the fact that he both had the blonde hair and the white scorpion jacket that the 'hero' had.

    Hopefully, it'd stay that way. But he had his doubts.


    Also, someone apparently fell from the sky. Or something. He didn't feel the need to dignify that with any kind of response beyond a raised eyebrow.

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  10. The girl groaned in pain through the soil as her legs were used as leverage to pull her out, though eventually the ground did give, and she sprung out of the ground with a distinctive Pop! She landed on her derriere, about to thank Motoko for helping her out before a magic lamp fell out of the sky after her, knocking her on the head before tumbling to the ground. The impact left her dazed for a moment, but she quickly snapped out of it, rubbing the spot where the lamp had hit.


    "Yow...guess he didn't wanna keep the lamp..." she murmured, picking up the lamp and rattling it around a bit. The sound that rang from it made her smile nonetheless, "Whew, at least he kept the magic intact..." Shantae turned her head to look up at Motoko.


    "O-Oh, hi! I'm fine, now that my head isn't stuck in the ground. You're the one who helped me out, aren't you?" she asked, giving the woman a grateful smile while she sat there cleaning off her golden lamp.

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  11. [​IMG]

    Motoko smiled and Nodded. "Yes, I am. I am Major Motoko Kusanagi of Japan's Public Security Section 9. Who might you be?" The woman said, sticking her hand out. "What is that you have with you that just fell?" Motoko pointed to the lamp.
  12. -- || J o t a r o K u j o|| --



    The feeling of a good ending, when everything is wrapped up and the madness has ceased. When all the stupid bullshit stops coming up, when all the dumbasses and scumbags stop showing up to stop you. When you manage to kill probably one of the biggest assholes to walk on the face of the Earth, all because he pissed you off and tried to fuck with your family.

    It's a feeling like no other. A feeling that Jotaro hasn't been acquainted with since the beginning of his own bizarre adventure. Of course, unlike his predecessors, he didn't have too much of a bombastic ending.

    He wasn't dead, for one.

    And he is pretty sure he knows his mother isn't disguised as some martial arts lady with a bitchy attitude.

    DIO had no more tricks to pull out from his sleeve, no more amazing finales and master plans. His mangled corpse could only lay still and lifeless in the black body bag as the sun began to rise from the shore. Everything he went through, stealing the body of his adoptive brother and murdering countless innocent people for the pursuit of power...just to be beaten up by Jotaro and shoved in a body bag.

    Jotaro and Joseph stood quietly by the bag, watching as their final sunset comes to claim its debt. Joseph had been nursed back to health with the blood that DIO stole from him (after playing a stupid joke on Jotaro. Old man almost got his blood beaten out of him again), and Jotaro recovered from his countless knife wounds. The sunlight pierced the vampiric cadaver, quickly rendering his empowered flesh to dust. Piece by piece, DIO and THE WORLD he owned were erased from the earth. Nothing but a loose piece of golden cloth remained, and even that would have to be quickly destroyed by the Speedwagon Foundation.

    Vampires are masters of pulling serious bullshit.

    A few hours later, at the Cairo International Aiport..

    "Do you really have to go back to France, Polnareff? You don't have any family there, do you? Heh, you could live with me in New York!" Joseph said, looking down upon Polnareff. The Frenchman finished tidying up his duffelbag, looking up to his last remaining comrades. He smirked and rose to his feet;

    "Mr. Joestar, even if my family is gone, France is my homeland. All the memories I have from my matter where I go, I'll always return there." Polnareff said with a smile, a man who loves his country. Or, at the very least, his origins. Polnareff looked down for a moment, but looked back up between Jotaro and Joseph, his usual determined smile cutting in like the blade of Silver Chariot. "But if you never need me, give me a call! Wherever in the world you are, I'll come running."

    Joseph and Jotaro stared at their comrade for awhile, the air between them heavy with emotion. At least, between Joseph and Polnareff. Jotaro isn't too into that least, well, on the outside.

    "It'll be lonely without you, you know."

    Polnareff gave a solemn nod, closing his eyes; "There were many hardships..but it was a lot of fun. The journey, everything, it was fun because you were all there."

    "Yeah.." Jotaro spoke for once.

    "Yes, it was fun..I believe that from the bottom of my heart."

    Another dramatic pause of emotion, until the announcement system chimed in. "Passengers on the France International Airlines Flight 92 bound for Paris, please proceed to Gate 18."

    Suddenly, Polnareff pulled the two men into a manly goodbye hug, Joseph and Jotaro resting their arms against Polnareffs.


    "Well, see ya, you shit-stained geezer! I hope you live forever!" Polnareff said to old man Joseph with a cheeky smile. He turned his head to Jotaro "And you, his stingy grandson! Don't you dare forget me!"

    "Let us meet again; If you don't hate me by then, you jackass!"

    "I couldn't forget a guy like you even if I tried. Take care."

    And so it were, the trio released from their manly goodbye, Polnareff swinging his duffelbag onto his shoulder. As he turned around, the three of them exchanged one final heavy look.

    "So long."


    "So long."

    Polnareff walked.

    Joseph donned his Walkman.

    Jotaro adjusted his cap.

    The three of them finally departed, taking their own path. Polnareff would board the flight for Paris, and the Joestars took their leave to Japan. Joseph would eventually return to New York with Suzie Q and Jotaro could live happily with his now healthy mother.

    It turned out happy endings aren't as soppy when you experience them yourself, huh?




    The flight to Japan was getting quite boring, and Jotaro rested his head against the seat for a nap...dreams of his adventure suddenly becoming teared apart as the multiverse called out to him. A single white flash was all it Jotaro would awaken

    Against a tree.

    In the middle of a forest.


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  13. She gladly held Motoko's hand, using it to bring herself onto her feet with a huff, standing up straight and puffing out her chest proudly.


    "I'm Shantae! Guardian Genie of Scuttle Town!" she answered strongly, before slumping over a bit into a more neutral stance, "Well, half-genie, actually." Shantae glanced down at her lamp and held it up to Motoko, "What's this? This is my Magic Lamp! Every genie has a Magic Lamp right?" she asked rhetorically, hoisting it up onto her head as she started to dance.


    After a good bit of showing off her stuff, some bright white energy flowed from the end of the lamp, whipping around a flying directly into Shantae. The girl looked pretty ecstatic about the whole experience. With a cheer, set her lamp around her waist, having it rest lazily against her right hip. "Aah...I needed that." Shantae said quietly, giggling in a quick fit of embarrassment, "Sorry for the sudden display."

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  14. A genie-looking chick.

    Some kid with a weird, stupid looking watch.

    Some asshole with huge black armor.

    Another asshole with huge armor.

    Some chick with guns.

    ...aaaand an asshole who bares a striking resemblance to D'arby.

    All of this...and Jotaro is sure what this means.

    The large figure rose to his feet and dusted his coat off, gold chains ringing abit to signal his presence to the others. Looking around, he sighed and lowered the brim of his cap.


    "Yare yare daze, I have to go through this crap again?"

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  15. Motoko nodded. "Nice to meet you, Shantae." She said, helping her up. She nodded at the 'Genie' and Magic Lamp statements. Motoko didn't believe in that stuff, but she was fine letting others believe in it. "Oh, it's fine." Was all Motoko said before a man came up to her.

    Motoko turned around and looked at Jotaro. "What? Have I met you before?" She said raising an eyebrow."You don't seem familiar to me."
  16. [​IMG]

    Jotaro glared at Motoko in his usual way "No, we haven't met. I don't plan on meeting anyone here."
  17. @TheSpringwoodSlasher @C.T.

    "Actually, I haven't heard of you," Ben sighs, looking at the Black Knight. The Black Knight easily inferred that the Omnitrix was highly advanced technology, but didn't know what it really was. Apparently some redhead had to intervene with this Black Knight's actions. "Well, I haven't heard of you and you've never heard of me. I think I know what's going on... anyways, why not we start over?"

    Ben lets a hand out, for a handshake for the Black Knight, before he noticed the armoured individual saying something.

    "I was bested by a blonde haired man with a white jacket, upon which their was a scorpion on the back. The meaning of which is lost on me but he also had a strange mechanical steed with which he bested me!"

    "Was he in it or on it?" Ben questions, before he turns his head towards a recently-fallen individual with the stated description.
  18. The last he'd remembered, Aiolia was locked in battle against Chronos. At least, until he was blown away by the Titan's power, being launched into another dimension. The power of the blow had rendered the Saint unconscious, only awakening to what seemed like conversations going on around him.

    Opening his eyes, the Saint of Leo took in his surroundings. Though the place seemed medieval, it didn't appear to be Sanctuary. Another place like this existed in the modern world? Or was he still stuck wherever Chronos had launched him?

    Regardless, he stood up, still clad in his Gold Cloth evidently. There were some strange-looking people around, between the guy flipping cards around, a boy with a strange watch, a woman with modern weaponry, and...a knight? Strangely, given the setting, the knight was the one who seemed to fit in the most. However, his manner of speech and dark armor did not give off the impression of a good knight.

    "There will be discussion on that, knight. But whatever, let's get moving."

    Turning to follow The Driver and Twisted Fate, Leo Aiolia sought to move towards Carderock as well.

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  19. Motoko just silently nodded. "Anyway, others are moving forwards. Perhaps we should get going. It will probably help us find out where we are. What do you say, Shantae?" Motoko turned to the genie.

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