Saddest 'injury' you ever got?

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  1. *Goes to kitchen to get ravioli*
    *Can doesn't cut right*
    *Fork get's bent trying to pry it*
    *Tries to fix fork*
    *Cuts self on fork*

    Well, that's mine.
    What's yours?
  2. Heartbreak.

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  3. I took the tin off of a cylinder of fresh tennis balls and accidentally gripped the tin a bit too hard in my left hand. I managed to slice open all of my fingers and my thumb at the first joint. I couldn't believe it.
  4. failed at a lache to skin the cat from about 6 feet above ground and ended up landing on my upper back. that hurt for about a week.
  5. The first time I had to get a cast, it was because I was at a playground (probably 7-8 years old) and I fell off of a bar because I thought that I could hang from the bar by my toes.
  6. > Microwave Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs for 2 Minutes.
    > Take hotass bowl to couch.
    > Plop in seat too hard.
    > Now have BLISTERED BURN on my wrist. c_____c

    That was just the other day. ;_____;

    There is also:

    Slipped at the park and sliced my leg open on a BLADE OF GRASS.

    Stepped on a sprinkler while playing and lodge a giant piece of plastic in the bottom of my foot.

    Touched a glass window with my hand and it shattered in to my palm.

    Got hit on the bone under the eye with a flying golf ball at top speeds.

    STABBED myself right in the hand while trying to knife out an avocado seed. .__.;
  7. I caught my younger sister wearing my jacket.

    She wasn't suppose to be wearing my jacket.

    I chased her around the house and finally outside.

    I cornered her.

    She decided to run back toward me.

    I reached out to grab her.

    My finger got stuck in the jacket sleeve somehow.


    I broke my finger.
  8. That reminds me of how I used to burn my mouth on hot pockets all the time. Who the hell waits the instructed amount of time to eat a hot pocket? I made it because I'm hungry right the heck now! So yeah...scalded the roof of my mouth several times.

    Also, how do you manage to slide your leg open on grass? That almost sounds like a skill.
  9. Some grass is sharp as hell like razors. ;_____; it wasn't pussy manicured lawn grass. it was BITCH THIS IS MY PARK grass!
  10. Okay, yeah, that's pretty sad.

    Mine was quite a few years back, playing trombone standing on some bleachers. Naturally, my lake game is pretty intense, so I'm trying to avoid splattering every time I release my spit valve. I turn slightly to put it over the concrete between the seats instead of on the metallic bench-thing, and trombonic Star Wars ensues — I tangled up my slide with my neighbor's, and we end up pulling each other to the ground in the same instant. The trumpeteers were in the zone, catching us so quickly; probably would have rolled fifty meters to the grass otherwise. Still came away with a few bruises, probably thousands of dollars in equipment damages and a story to tell all my friends for two years.
  11. Are you certain that the park isn't actually made of razors that have been painted green to look like grass? Kinda reminds me of a Coney Island's beach; I've never seen so many used needles in one place before.
  12. When I was little, like 2, I tripped and fell into a coffee table, busting my forehead open. This wouldn't have been so bad, but when the doctors asked what happened, I replied, "The house hit me." This lead to an investigation in which they thought my Mom caused the injury to me, and it took awhile to sort out the truth.
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  13. Why the doctors would interpret the words of a two year old as the cries of an abused child is beyond me. Also, why didn't they just ask your parents? I'm surprised they didn't get suspended for being idiots.
  14. Well, I guess better safe than sorry.
  15. IS this pathetic or dumb injuries thread?

    I have TWO concussions on my record. Self induced.

    Number one had me jump from dads lap to the bed when I was 4-5 or something. Overshooting and smacking my head into the wall.

    Number two was me running around in a circle as fast as I could, get dizzy and not paying attention. Bam, smacked my head into a concrete pillar.

    So yeah. I was 'tarded kid.
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  16. I may have messed up my knee skipping alongside my dog this morning ;~; Literally I just put my foot down wrong and then I basically fell over and now it's very, very sore
  17. Balls in zipper.

    Tuck it in before you zip it up.

    Also a self induced knockout. Stood up too fast beneath a power box at a new job. Only reason I knew I was out was that the song playing was nearly over and had just begun when I bent down.
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  18. Sour about that.
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  19. Was cooking french toast sticks. Once finished I grabbed the pan from the oven and held it. Was all like, "Why does my hand feel like it's burning?" looked down to see I forgot to put on an oven mitt. So I was carrying a 350 degree pan with bare hands for about a minute straight. Luckily there was no serious damage aside from a few burns but it's all good now.
  20. I fell asleep in the sun and got a second degree burn all over my back, and because the lack of resources I had as a child it went untreated and I had to continue doing everything outside.

    Another time I fell down the stairs and broke my nose.
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