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  1. Sacrifice
    "The war is raging on, we can't do anything about it us humans are to weak"
    "They some of the greater creatures will help us"

    "Rosalie sacrificed herself for her town to live in another dimension"


    The war of the greater ones has started to happen..over the years supernatural races and humans lived as one. Scientists found a way to help the supernatural hide their abilities and other features that are distinct so they could live among the humans. Well when they tested it didn't help hide some it increased their power, they caged them and fed them it was impossible to kill them. After years of torture, these creatures, called the greater ones by the human race and other supernatural races, escaped. They didn't band together most went into hiding and lived alone, others went out and was hard work for the other races to kill them but it is possible. The towns and cities are starting to lose this war against the few greater ones who didn't go in hiding. People are sacrificing themselves to save their families, friends, and towns. The greater ones are now coming out of hiding not to fight but to survive..after almost all the human race and the supernatural left to another plant in another dimension called Pannia. The world was overrun by magic, sacrifice to another dimension calls for more then just your life it released terrible magic in the air causing earth to be over run by magical animals, and plants. Now the few remaining humans and supernatural have to find the greater ones to survive, but are the greater ones enough to even survive this...

    IC Thread Here

    1. All Iwaku rules apply here
    2. Cursing is alright but not a lot please
    3. If I kill off your character something was wrong I will discuss with you in PM beforehand
    4. Greater one are only 1 from each supernatural race, maybe willing to change this later on message me if you really want a race someone else has we'll discuss it with them
    5. No sex this is a surviving between supernatural worlds you aren't gonna find your soulmate here
    6. Don't post one on one with someone for 3 pages..we all want to be in the roleplay if we sign up!

    Character Sheet:
    Race: (Human, or any other race)
    Greater One or Normal:

    NPC Sheet:
    Plans to effect the RP:

    Major skills that will effect the RP:

    Available Greater Ones:

    Nuwa (Half Snake Half Human)

    (Message me with more)
    The greater ones are exemplified versions of their races..maybe werewolf has longer claws bigger muscles and is larger and in human form maybe has heightened smell sharp nails etc

    Kastia - Dramma
    Jack - Kazuaki Bara
    Vannic - Mglo
    Mariel - Daird
    Isaisah - Unkowndb
    Harold - Commander Grayson

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  2. Name: Kastia Rose
    Age: 1739 (Human years)
    Race: Pixie

    Bio: Living a life as a pixie was fun they played hide and seek when humans came and then when they were gone they would dance around and make dresses play in the water and practice magic, when they heard they could become one with the humans and didn't have to play hide and seek anymore Kastia was the only one who wanted to do it...she wasn't smart doing it she left her group of other pixies and went to this lab, she gained much in magic but they locked her away so didn't change in looks but her power grew she could control much more now.
    Magic: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Illusions.
    Weapon: Magic
    Skills: Magic, Healing, Elements, Flying, Deceiving
    Greater One or Normal: Greater One
  3. Name: Jack hardy
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Bio: Once an up and coming mix martial arts champion , but The war changed every thing . Now he spends his days trying to survive this hell. Jack had lost every thing from the war including his family .
    Magic: He obtained a charm from a witch that helps him deflect magic from mystic creatures
    Weapon: his own body
    Skills: mix martial art expert , boxer
    Greater One or Normal: normal
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  4. Accepted! I would like to wait for a couple more people though before we start =)
  5. Name: Unknown
    (He calls himself Vannic after drinking a man named Ivan Nick Walters)

    Age: Unknown
    (A few hundred? He can sense himself being something that old)

    Race: Vampire
    Bio: The treatment, caging, and torturing that occurred made him loose his mind a bit. His body easily survived the hardships and made him stronger for it, but his mind had already been weak and sensitive from loosing loved ones that what followed in the hands of the humans left him deeply scarred. After finally escaping and seeking refuge, he hid and tried to move on; to reclaim himself, the person trapped inside the preternatural body. However, it was too much for him to handle. His memories of the events that initially marred him were too vivid and haunting. He decided to go into a deep sleep to heal. It worked, but now he's woken up and he's a blank slate. He doesn't remember anything.
    Magic: Powers of illusion
    (source: His left eye. He does not know where he got it)

    Weapon: His body is a weapon
    Skills: fast regeneration, quick reflexes, strength, speed = Basic Instinct
    Greater One or Normal: Greater One

    Note: If there are MUST KNOW details about him before accepting him, PM me and I'll spill it all. I don't really have any hidden or ulterior motives I just like the idea of removing his humanity and have him only be the bare/basic/animalistic nature of a vampire, and then develop him by making him find his humanity. I don't really plan on having him remember anything about himself, maybe only past events if at all. Also, if you're worried about his power/magic? you probably shouldn't... XD)
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  6. Accepted! I love this him being a vampire and losing his old self, if you want to let me know anything about him go ahead and PM me but I like to be in the dark like every player, also im not worried i would expect more for his power but if you wanna do just that thats awesome!

    One more person and we can start!
  7. Name: Mariel Whitefin

    Age: 47, but stopped aging at twenty like all sirens

    Species: Mermaid, siren subspecies

    Her mermaid form is exactly what you'd expect, but with long, needle-like teeth. She can transform her fishtail into human-like legs, but they retain small fins on the calves

    Bio: Sirens are not your typical cute Disney mermaid sitting on a rock. For one thing, they're predatory, eating small fish and the like. However, that's just how they get their physical food. They also have a magical diet, but it's a little... strange.

    See, the legends about sirens killing sailors and the like with a hypnotic voice are true, but they aren't the whole story. Rather, the entranced victim walks up to the beautiful lady and she kisses him right on the lips. Sounds like the start of every man's fantasy, right? Well, turns out that kiss is all the siren needs to literally devour the poor victim's soul.

    Mariel, however, found a clever way to get her nourishment. She lives near a human port town, and whenever a member of the town is dying, she comes to the bedside. She's always kind enough to ask permission, and if she gets it, she administers the Siren's Kiss and ushers them into oblivion. In exchange, she protects them from other monsters, including fellow sirens. She's gotten quite good at this over the years.

    Magic: Can manipulate water around her, but conjuring it out of thin air is rather stressful. Fortunately, she lives near the ocean.

    Her hypnotic voice, which only works on sentient males

    The Siren's Kiss, which enables her to eat the soul of any sentient being she locks lips with

    She can also speak the language of any sea creature, although she can't command them a la Aquaman

    Weapons: She wields a cutlass while on land, and dresses rather like a pirate. Some stereotypes aren't that bad, she reasons.


    (I wanted to portray her as a rare good monster. If there's a problem with this, shoot me a PM and we can hash it out later tonight.)
  8. Sounds Great! Accepted we can now start! =)
  9. omg i just realized im the only human XD have mercy
  10. Haha! You should be fine, I want some human and non greater ones to roleplay with it'll be good for the plot, also imagine this for the world we're in..

  11. Are we rping in this thread? Is it official? Can we start... ready, set, go! style? Is it first dibs? D:
  12. RIght above the rules is an IC thread link you can start there =)
  13. Thanks! (does it show I'm new to this?)
  14. Lol no you're fine! And you don't have to type in parentheses here it's the OOC - Out Of Character =P
  15. XD

    I'll head over to the thread in a bit. Just gotta take care of something first.
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