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  1. There he was. Back at the place he'd call his second home. His second family at the door to greet him. All his teachers and trainers hugging him tightly. "Nice to have you back Chris," his fellow underwater breathing trainer, Mr. Tanner said to him.

    All seniors were to be back before everyone else would arrive, only because this is the year they would be running things. They would be assisting teachers and trainers out. Of course Chris would be the one helping with Mr. Tanner. Chris liked to call him aqua man. He was a underwater breather and a water elemental. He didn't see a reason not to call him Aqua man. Chris chuckled at the thought.

    He normally didn't give hugs but he gave Aqua man a big one. "Nice to see you again. It sucks this'll be the last year we ever train together." Chris was given the option to go back and teach, but he said he wanted to go to a normal college first and get an education. Mr. Tanner led him to his dorm room. "All seniors are getting a lower class-man as a dorm mate. Don't get an attitude about that. Oh and hey I've seen some of the girl's this year. This may sound bad as an adult male to tell you this, but I'm asking you to go wild with these chicks this year! Okay? Get a freakin girlfriend," Chris laughed. "I'll do that when I actually find the right one,"
    "They all like you! Just go for it!"
    "Whatever Aqua man!"

    Mr. Tanner left the room. Chris smiled and jumped onto his bed. He then pulled out a water and drank up. He needed to stay hydrated as a human/shark hybrid and all. He looked at his watch to see how much time he had left before he had to report downstairs for orientation for seniors. Thirty minutes! Awesome, he thought to himself. He obviously couldn't get wait to get this year started.
  2. Jace had stayed here over the summer, in another dome off campus, built for the mutants with no home of their own. He sighed as he reached the front steps of the school. He liked the school, but people always bugged him about test answers and final grades and future relationships and such. It annoyed him. Then he felt a presence next to him.

    "Hello, Mr. Sychson." he said to the entity to his left. Mr. Sychson was his personal trainer, being a telepath himself. Of the two, only Jace was seer, but Mr. Sychson was one of the best telepaths the Academy had to offer. They related well, as Jace was blind and Sychson was mute, communicating with everyone through telepathy.

    "Yep, another year. Only one more after this. Kinda saddens me how quickly the time passes." he said. No one else could hear Mr. Sychson's thoughts, unless he wanted others to. Not even the school's top mind readers could crack him.

    "Is Miss Cardwinn still the nurse? Y'know, the Empath. Really? I thought she would have retired by now. Huh. Well, I have to get to class. It was nice talking to you, Mr. Sychson."

    The older gentleman walked away, and Jace headed to the office to see what dorm he had been assigned this year. He was hoping for anyone except 409. That one smelled of death and rot, seeing as how the last tenants were a Necromancer and a Fish boy.
  3. Sasha had spent the last few months with Elphame and had been working as best as she could on her transforming with the help of the woman whom herself turned in to a coyote. One particular day Sasha went out for a run as she needed to let off steam she still hadn't heard from the school for the likes of her and the summer was ending she knew she was a bit old to just be starting school but Elphame said it was what a young woman needed and she liked the sound of it.

    Turning into her wolf was always painful but she was getting use to it more and more, with the great forest at the back of the house she had started to call home well almost she could run for miles and not be seen she had been getting use to her wolf instincts. As she started her run back she could feel that something was happening at the house, What the hell she thought and she started to speed up to see what had got Elphame so hyped up. As the white wolf walked in through the kitchen she could see Elphame holding a letter. with out thought Sasha started to shift back to her human form the older woman was use to seeing her naked and over the last few years on the run from everything Sasha herself had no problem being nude with anyone it was all part of nature.

    Once she was able to talk she took a few deep breaths and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand to get rid of the sweat that always showed up after he shifting, "What is it I felt you from miles away, whats happened?" Sasha asked as Elphame walked closer to her "Your going your really going" she said as she grabbed Sasha in a hug, Not being use to physical touching she tried not to flinch and awkwardly hugged her back "Going where?....Oh you mean you really mean I'm going seriously....Oh wow that's great" Sasha said but she could feel the nervous climbing her body oh crap she thought as her body shifted again but this time it was a gentle shift as she looked up from the floor The older woman smiled and picked up the pure white snake with black eyes "Your gonna have to get use to staying calm my dear" she said with a slight laugh.

    A few days later Sasha was standing outside the house with Elphame at her side and a suitcase of clothes and other things the letter had told her she would need. Biting her lower lip she saw a taxi pulling up and looked up at Elphame "I'm not good at goodbyes but thank you for everything you have done for me." The woman put her arm around her shoulder "This is not good bye you will always have a home here Sasha, so I shall see you when school breaks up" with that said the older woman put her suitcase in the back of the taxi and closed the door behind Sasha. with a quick wave they were gone from sight.

    Sasha looked up and could see buildings around her but she had no idea where she was she started to feel nervous but swallowed it down I will be calm she thought to herself as the taxi pulled up out side a big building, as Sasha got out she smiled and said thanks to the driver he smiled and wished her luck. With her suitcase and bag in hand she looked up at the building I'm gonna need all the luck in the world she thought as she walked closer to the building.
  4. Of course they'd send her early. Jaymi's parents made sure that she left to her prison as early as possible. By the time her weird taxi pulled into the dome, there was 20 minutes left until orientation. The ride to Sacred Heart had been a silent one. The driver had tried to make conversation every now and then, but she was lost in her anger and nervousness of being so trapped. She pulled her black messenger bag onto her shoulder and stepped off the taxi onto the cobblestone path leading up to the entrance of the main building. Her parents had made arrangements to send her clothes and such a few days back so she knows which room they're in but no idea where the dorms are. She had to admit, the campus was beautiful with its huge grassy courtyard and artificial sky, but she knew that looks could always be deceiving. Of course Mr and Mrs. Robinson would drop her off for 3 years under tons of seawater where they couldn't be bothered by their freak of a daughter. Knowing that she can't swim.
    Jaymi scowled and began walking. She wasn't even sure where she was going since she hasn't been informed too well on how this school works. So, she followed the small crowds in the courtyard hoping someone would lead her to the main hall or wherever they're holding orientation. She tried to stay close to the groups of seemingly normal students trying not to get knocked into since no one can see her yet. She kept a firm grip on her messenger bag too. Just to make sure she was touching it and no one would notice a floating object. She has to make contact with her skin if she wants to make something join her in transparency. So her bag can't just hang off her shoulder or arm since that's all covered in dark clothing.
    A strong breeze blew strands of her long hair in her face and she stopped to pull it into a ponytail. Seriously? A breeze? She's underwater for Pete's sake!
    In her annoyance, Jaymi had stopped following students and it had become a bit crowded. She tried to find out where she was on the vast campus, but there were too many people around and she is kind of short.
    Then suddenly, someone smacked into her hard enough for her to hit the grass none too gently. That'll make a bruise, she thought. Obviously that someone noticed the contact and the subsequent 'oomph'. Jaymi felt herself become visible and pushed herself into a sitting position to glare at her assailant.
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  5. In a nice, cold night, Floats was roaming, digging through trash bags in hopes to find a nice and clean bottle of water. He was used to it, ever since being ostracized. After a fairly successful night, he had decided one more couldn't hurt. But little did he know, this trash bag would change his life.
    As he searched and searched, he found something else that caught his eye. An unopened letter, addressed to some "Emily Mason." He laughed at the name, reading over the basics of it. "Huh. Sacred Heart... A-a-academy. School... School!?" Floats nearly burst with excitement. He remembered school, though he wasn't sure how. All he knew was that it gave him a warm feeling in his watery heart. He held onto the letter, before moving on elsewhere.

    Days later, Floats opened the letter again, reading it over more carefully. He was excited even more at the fact the letter said something about school orientation starting soon, even if he wasn't QUITE sure what an Orientation was. He held the letter close to him, making sure to keep his water packed tight as to not ruin the letter. "I wonder what this school will be like... And why I even remember it. Will I make friends there? Oh boy I hope so! Heh. I could do things for them and be all like 'Water friends for?'" Floats lets out a chuckle at his own joke. "...Will they like my jokes?"
  6. Kishi and Sabah walked through the gate of the school happy to be back for another year. Being Junior this year, they where excited to be back at the home away from home. Having such unique abilities they taught themselves how to control them, but Mrs. Wright had helped them and they were excited to see the older Elemental. They smiled at each other, "It's good to be back!" Kishi exclaimed, Sabah just nods shoving his hand into his pockets.

    They had a few minutes until they had orientation so they headed that way not to be late.
  7. A small, blonde haired male lay curled up in a royally fashioned bed, the covers made of pure crimson silk. Precious moonlight filtered in through the window, illuminating the man just enough to see his upper features. He was small, petite one would say. The room was obviously fit for royalty, mostly everything either an obsidian black, dazzling maroon, or a bloody crimson. The bed was large, with a very thin, black, silk covering water-falling down from a single point on the ceiling, expanding, and concealing most of the bed, along with the man sleeping on it. The room had very soft, black flooring, a single Persian rug at the foot of the bed frame. There was not a single noise, nor the littlest hint of disturbance in the atmosphere that surrounded him. Time seemed to drag from the sheer tranquility of the moment, seconds seeming like minutes, minutes seeming like hours...

    But soon, the moonlight slowly slipped away, making room for a few dim rays of sun to cascade ever so slightly through the window coverings, onto the man. As some light was given, it revealed perfect features graced upon the small blonde haired male. Porcelain like skin, soft blonde hair, and the most petite figure one of his status could have. He was roughly just above five and a half feet tall. But, the calmness would not last for much longer, as the large, red oak door's golden handle turned silently. Then, it slowly pushed open, a tall, black clad figure making his way into the vast room. He had pitch black raven hair, wore a black butler's coat over a white dress shirt, white cuffs, black dress pants, accompanied by black dress shoes, and a silver pocket watch dangling gracefully out of his coat pocket. His eyes were a deep crimson, just barely visible through the dim morning light that was still so sparse in the room. Not even enough to make the sleeping man stir. However, the dark clad man took hold of the window coverings, separating them so quickly and elegantly, time seemed to slow just a bit more. His features were finally shown to the fullest, Charles 'Charlie' Ravenwood standing with his back to the light, looking down at the small figure, whom groaned softly and covered his face with a soft feathered pillow. Charles smirked and walked over to the small man, leaning down slightly so his face was brought level with the him.

    "Wake up, young master.. there is much to do today."

    The man just slightly moved the pillow so that a single, emerald hue was looking ruefully at the man. The man simply removed the pillow from his own head, sighing deeply and sitting up on the edge of the bed. He was completely naked, so he kept the covers over his lower section, ending at his small mid section. He then spoke in a light, yet irritated tone. "Charles.. Just hurry up and clothe me so I can get this day over with.. Today is probably one of the worst days of the year."

    He huffed lightly as his butler elegantly slipped on a pair of black socks and some formal dress clothing fit for a teacher. He would allow his butler to clothe him, finally up to snuff for the day. He would obligingly allow himself to be helped up by the man, then lead out the door, down the stairs, his small hand tracing along the wooden support railing.. Another long.. long day for Nathaniel Weathers.

    Nathaniel walked out the tall oak doors of his massive home with his butler following close behind him. Each melodic step was shrouded within Charles' own, he loved when he and his butler were in complete sync. Entering a large carriage, Charles took his place in front, holding the reigns that were attached to a pair of beautiful horses. As Nathaniel sat inside the carriage he raised his hand and brushed his thumb against his middle finger, causing a snapping sound. Below his long hair his eyes glowed a bright green. "Let us leave, Charles." he demanded before he heard the crack of the reigns. He was on his way to Sacred Heart.

    A few moments later, the two materialized in front of the pristine academy. Charles' teleportation abilities were improving each and every day, Nathaniel expected nothing less from his beloved assistant. It was common for the duo to 'ride' in the carriage, though they never needed to, Nathaniel just loved showing up in style. Charles swiftly left his position with the reigns to the door as Nathaniel stood up to exit. Charles held Nathaniel's hand as he stepped down the tiny doorsteps. His butler would never allow anything to happen to his master, if he had to, he was ready to risk his life for Nathaniel's safety. Finally standing on the asphalt below, Nathaniel gazed up at the school before him, analyzing his surroundings. The building's design was exquisite, everything seemingly futuristic in comparison to human schools up on the surface. With the dome's advanced magical properties the school was completely disguised and hidden deep in the Pacific Ocean, though from the inside everything was completely normal. The sky and clouds still lingered overhead, the sun beamed down with intensity, and there were different bodies of water within the structure.

    For many, Sacred Heart was a sanctuary, an escape from the daily prosecution of humans on the surface, but to others it was home. There were many who lived on campus in the student dorms, due to the fact that most of the 'mutants' were ostracized from society. It was the staff's duty at Sacred Heart to protect them.

    Nathaniel quickly strolled ahead and through the school gates, his butler trailing his every move. Scaling the stairs to the entrance, the two entered the academy and proceeded towards the auditorium. "Charles, please make sure that the preparations for the Welcome Ceremony are in order. I will be very upset if something is out of place." he said with a snobby scowl.

    "Yes, master." the coated man replied before vanishing into thin air.

  8. Chris smiled as he looked out to see people materializing at the front gates. At this point he was shirtless with his tan skinny jeans rolled up, and his feet in water while playing his guitar. He sang sweetly as he always did. Chris put down his guitar and through on one of his black tank-tops. He put on slippers, because he was pretty sure that once he found his room mate, they'd be heading out to the pool, which was 75 feet deep, and 3 miles long. When ever the salt water function would turn on, they'd even drop fish in so it felt more like the ocean. That pleased Chris the most during his training. And now that it's time to train others he's hoping he finds another like him.

    He stood behind the curtains of the stage where they'd be having orientation. The stage also turns into the audition stand where they test a student to see what abilities they have and to pin-point what they need help controlling, what they needed help using, etc. Chris remembered his time on this stage. The auditions, and how nervous he was, the performances and talent shows, the pranks and blunders, he remembered it all. He smiled showing his sharp teeth as he remembered. He then took a peek out to see how many students had gathered. Quite a few, but he knew there would be more. The place would overflow with students at the beginning of every year. He loved to see all the new faces every year. He remembered one year he was one of the last people to walk in, and being hugged by almost every girl in the school. It took him over an hour to get up to the front row, which is wear he always sat. He wondered what would happen this year since he'll actually be on stage this year along with the rest of the over-achieved seniors. Chris was never this happy and enthusiastic about anything before, but this year must be different. He's already smiling way more than he has before. He thought something was wrong with him.

    He high-fived and hugged a few of the seniors who stood back stage with him. The podium was clear and all there was to wait for now was the Vice Dean to get up there and make his speech, then the year would have officially started.
  9. Despite having arrived a little early, Jaymi still arrived to orientation behind the rest of the crowd, thanks to the clumsy girl who bumped into her. Since most of the seats were already filled up, she sat on one of the chairs in the back of the room and crossed her fingers no one would try to sit on her.She crosses her legs and tries not to make any noise by fidgeting. She tends to be pretty impatient most of the time.She tells herself orientation will start soon and refrains from pulling out her ipod and tuning out of the mindless chatter around her lest she miss the whole lecture. Most of the people who trickle in through the doors don't look much different from the average humans who tormented her in private school, but of course there are others who look as abnormal outside as they surely are inside. One girl has obvious honest-to-god wings on her back and another guy has snake eyes and a forked tongue.
    She thanks the stars she can blend in better than other mutants...actually, better than anyone.
  10. Nathaniel strolled casually through the halls of Sacred Heart Academy.
    He still had plenty of time before the ceremony and with Charles busying himself with arranging the orientation, guiding students, and placing reminders throughout the dorms, it was a great chance for him to clear his head and fully wake up. It was still early in the morning, yet oddly enough students filled the corridors and were bustling about every which way. He never understood where children got their energy from nowadays. Even when he was younger, he had always been a sluggish person, though he always kept up with his school work and stayed ahead of the class. Sometimes it was nice to think back to his own student orientations from when he was growing up as a student here.

    Approaching the auditorium entrance, Nathaniel glanced inside to see an array of students settling themselves in the crowd.
    Hmm, looks like we are going to have an eventful year.., he thought to himself as he stepped in and proceeded towards the stage. It was not yet time for the ceremony to begin, but it was best to make his presence known. Climbing the stairs, Nathaniel made his way to the center and stared out into the crowd. More students had begun filing in and although they were talking among themselves, a few words were in order.

    With a deep breath the man's voice began to boom out into the room,
    "Hello, students, please make your way to a seat in an orderly fashion. We would appreciate your cooperation in order to begin in a timely manner."
    His astral speech resonated throughout the auditorium, it was one of his many abilities. No matter what language a student at Sacred Heart spoke, anyone could understand him when he used this ability.

    Show Spoiler
    ( Note: Astral speech is a very advanced form communication Nathaniel possesses that allows him to translate his speech universally, anyone who is to hear the words spoken will immediately be able to understand them. An added feature to this ability is that it allows the words to flow through space easier, allowing the user to control how loud the speech becomes effectively. This way, even without a microphone, Nathaniel is able to be heard throughout the entire room with ease. )

    "We will begin the Orientation Ceremony once all of the students have joined us."

    With that, the man traveled backstage to wait for his cue.
  11. Skylar was currently walking intovthe auditorium. He had heard the loud voice and hurried himself to a seat in the middle of the auditorium, avoiding eye contact with anyone. He had no idea where he was going and didnt ask for any help and it was by sheer luck that he found the auditorium. He had no ide who anyone was or where his own dorm was. He was very netvous. Although this was a place for the 'mutants,' he was still prosecuted by his own kind. He kept his head down as he waited for the orientation.
  12. The taxi ride seemed long for the Iristale siblings. Robin couldn't get a conversation out of Raven. Lately she hadn't been talking; she was always so drowned in her music. At least it kept her calm, which was the key to controlling their powers. He was always calm, unless someone was bothering his sister. This happened quite often, which was the main reason why he convinced his mother to enroll them into Sacred Heart. He was happy that they would finally be starting a new life where others would be like them, but then a thought came to mind. What if Raven didn't fit in? What if she loses control? When he realized they would have to be in orientation with a bunch of other students.

    "Raven..." He said calmly while putting a hand on her shoulder. She did jumped for a moment, but smiled as she removed her headphones. She didn't speak, but kept staring at him. He really hoped she would speak this time, but he was wrong. "When we arrive, you know there will be orientation. There will be many students, will you be alright?" As expected she nodded and but her headphones back on. He gave a sigh as they finally arrived. Such a large campus, he couldn't believe they would be living there. They didn’t bring any bags with them, only Raven brought her iPod and headphones. Their mother would be sending them clothes very soon.

    “Looks like orientation will be starting. Let’s try to find a good seat.” Raven didn’t hear his words, only read his lips and nodded. The two held hands and made their way into the auditorium. Students were already finding seats, and Robin found two seats next to each other near the center of the seats. All he had to do was keep his sister calm and distracted by the music and they would make it through fine. Let’s hope she wouldn’t get in trouble for having her music.
  13. Sabah and Kishi found their way to the auditorium where orientation was being held. As they walked in they saw all the other students then heard the booming voice of the Vice-dean. They slowly made their way to the back of the chair seeing two open. Kishi made sure to glance around to see anyone that might look familiar to her. She had plenty of friends last year but summer always made friends disappear. She saw a boy with claws like a tiger and a girl that had wings and many more human and non-human looking mutants. Sabah and her looked relatively normal, for having an elemental as a father and a human as a mother they where quite a rare species.
    They took their seat watching for orientation to begin. "Sabah, this year is going to be great. We are almost a the top of the class," Kishi told him excitedly. Sabah just gives a short nod, not much for words even with his sister.
  14. Jace had taken his usual spot at the back of the auditorium, against the wall. He would be able to hear just fine, as his blindness caused his other senses to be sharper. Besides, the Vice Dean's astral speech helped, too. Being a junior, he should be closer towards the front, but he wasn't too fond of people. Especially thee religious ones. He took off his blindfold, something he only did every now and again. His eyes were pitch black, like the stereotypical demon. The reason he claimed himself blind was that whenever he took his blindfold off he could see the world if Hell inhabited it. Everything burning and in ruins, raining heavily, a blazing red sun in the sky, peeking out from the clouds just enough to illuminate the darkened world.
    Except one spot. That one spot was where the Vice Dean walked, and always directly over him was a beam of white light that pierced the looming clouds. Jace knew it was because Mr. Weathers was a Celestial, and hailed from a place quite the opposite of his own bloods' origin. The humans referred to it as 'Heaven'.

    Sighing, Jace pulled the grey cloth over his eyes. He preferred using his mind to see, anyway. It was about time to see what the seniors had to say, and to meet his new teachers.
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  15. Jaymi stayed as silent as possible. Even when someone sat next to her. He was really handsome. And the moment she noticed his blindfold she knew that he couldnt see. At least not with his eyes. She sat back against the wall and only looked at him from the corner of her eye. Then he pulled off the blindfold and she saw the most beautiful black she'd ever seen. The darkest ebony. But there was something strange about them. No light seemed to reflect off of them...which only drew her attention more. Jaymi slowly moved forward and turned her head just slightly.. just to get a better view, she thought. Woah.
    All too quickly, the mysterious teen who'd caught her attention from the moment he sat down put his blindfold back on, hiding those eyes...Jaymi sighed very quietly and leaned back once more, trying not to glance at him every five seconds.
    He kind of reminded her of when she first met Lily, her old best friend, the way she was always aware of her surroundings and never afraid to do anything even with her disability. Lily even tried to teach Jaymi how to swim once. Of course, it hadn't ended well, but she was always so calm about it.
    No Jaymi! Snap out of it!, she scolded herself. Friends...people only ever hurt you. And that's that.
    Though she would deny it to anyone who asked, Jaymi's usually pretty lonely. And when she's alone, she only ever has herself to talk down to. To reprimand when she begins to remember anything of her life before Sacred Heart
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  16. Peeking out from behind the stage curtain, Nathaniel noticed that the audience had grown significantly in a matter of minutes. Finally, most of the students had arrived. The man scanned the crowd once again, this time taking note of some familiar faces and some new.. it always surprised him of how many students began attending each year. It made him happy to see young and aspiring kids, however, new students meant immature and inexperienced mutants.. and that made his job a whole lot more difficult than he would like.
    Normally, Nathaniel was quite a misanthropic person, but something about the students here at Sacred Heart made him want to break out of his shell. Too bad that most of the people here thought of him as a strict teacher who was too much of a perfectionist to have any real friends. Although his attitude spawned some of the most successful mutants at the academy, his classes were intense, but those who pulled through found themselves at the top.

    Suddenly, Charles appeared behind him, phasing in through a black mist. "My lord, the preparations have all been arranged," he said with a bow. "We are ready for you on stage."
    Nathaniel whirled around and smirked slightly, "Understood, thank you, Charles."
    With that, Nathaniel parted the curtains and stepped through and onto the stage before making his way to center. He held himself regally, his posture flawless and professional, very well suited for a wealthy man. Facing out into the crowd he spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?"

    A hush came over the crowd of boisterous students when the man's voice boomed through the air..
    "Thank you." he continued with a grin. "Now, let us get this under way, shall we?"
    Nathaniel snapped his fingers and an assortment of bright colored orbs began to disperse from his body, expanding slowly as he stepped forward.
    "On behalf of the Sacred Heart Academy Staff, I, Nathaniel Weathers, would like to welcome each and every one of you to our beloved campus." With a wave of his hand the orbs began to mesh, merging together to form a large, screen-like projector behind him. "I do hope that you will enjoy your stay here! We have prepared a small presentation to help explain a little bit about what rests at the heart of this beautiful school."

    He stepped aside, snapping his fingers once again to begin the presentation. The title 'Sacred Heart Academy' illuminated on the screen before the lights swirled and opened up a live video feed of the front of the school. This was another another one of the man's abilities, allowing him to oversee many sites around the campus. "Now, as some of you already know, there are tons of exciting places here at the academy! For instance, the Main Hall! Here is where you will find the cafeteria, library and of course, the auditorium where we are now."

    The screen flashed through some footage of each of the mentioned rooms before continuing on to the outside where a large pool of water stretched on for miles. "This is the Aquatic Sanctuary, for those of you who are not aware, this pool is approximately three miles long and seventy-five feet deep! It was designed by our very own Marine Trainer, Mr. Tanner." There was a lack of enthusiasm in the audience, though there were a few scattered applause for Mr. Tanner.. particular from the mutants with water-related abilities. "The sanctuary provides either some of the freshest water or authentic sea water from outside of the dome on certain scheduled dates, make sure to look at the bulletin boards for more information~! We also went so far as to decorate the pool with sea life for those who love the ocean."

    The orientation went on like this for another thirty minutes, each room and feature coming with a description. There were the beaches, parks, fields, forests, deserts, you name it. Sacred Heart housed nearly every form of landscape and habitat and changed often due to the newcomers.

    "On another note, in regards to your yearly courses. We have normal classes that provide studies in a variety of fields such as: Mathematics, Sciences, Language Arts, Geography, History and many others.. but, there are special classes that truly show what Sacred Heart has to offer. Power Training Classes; these are mandatory for all students to take while staying here at the academy, it is there that you all will be learning how to harness your abilities and how to control them effectively!" There was a surge of applause from the crowd for a few moments, it was evident that they were excited to finally use their powers. "We also will be stationing our school's Senior students in different classes to assist you in your studies, do not hesitate to ask them for help!" he smiled and signaled for the Senior Class to enter the stage. "Please give a round of applause for our Seniors!" He shouted, gesturing towards the stage curtain where they would enter.

    Enter - The Senior Class!
  17. Jaymi hadn't clapped during the presentation at all. Of course it was mostly because she didn't want to be noticed, but also because this...Mr.Weathers guy reminded her so much of her father..the perfect representation of filthy rich if she's ever seen it. Manipulative. Heartless. Pretentious. She glared at him and finally relaxed when the seniors were introduced.
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  18. Floats had arrived late, through means of which he wasn't fully aware. He arrived just in time, moving his way towards the center, to hear about the pool, to which he screamed the loudest with joy! Before remembering himself, and quickly dissipating into a pool of water, ashamed of himself. While doing so, he accidentally spread out too much, getting the foot of a someone. Without realizing it, he had stayed thus for the entire process. He noticed there was a foot in his head, looking up to see whom it belonged to, he saw a girl who had white hair, lightly sweeping against the back of her neck, a large pair of headphones restricting its movement. He couldn't see much more other than her pale complexion. Well, he thought, if she hasn't noticed now, why bother. before just continuing on laying there, looking towards the stage, trying to pay attention.
  19. Raven had been reading the lips of the speaker. She didn't catch his name, and didn't really care. If she needed to now she would ask her brother later. She didn't have an interest in much of anything in the main hall. All she ever did was listen to music, she looked forward to nothing else but that. It was when he mentioned the pool that she finally paid attention. Only because someone next to her screamed out in joy. So loud that she could hear it through her music, which startled her greatly.

    "Ahh!" She screamed and stood for a moment when she felt water at her feet. When did that get there? It was then she remembered why she didn't enjoy screaming. Her screams were high pitched like a dolphin, and in some occasions they could temporarily put anyone in a trance. She hoped this was not one of those moments. Decided to to take any chances, she stood up and walked out of the auditorium. Robin wasn't bothered by the scream since they were the same race. He didn't bother to go after her, he would only make it worse. She just needed to calm down, so he would check on her after orientation.
  20. Sabah had watched and listened to the Vice-Dean and watched the video. He didn't really care, none of the things really interested him. His sister and him had unique powers, they've never met another like them. He looks at his hand where a little light horse galloped about, he had pretty good control over his powers but there was still somethings that he wasn't so great at yet. He watched the horse galloped around as the Vice-Dean talked.

    Kishi paid attention and cheered with everyone else, she was happy to be back at the school. There was so many unique people here. She smiled as the VD kept talking about the school.
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