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  1. First off - Hi, I'm Jageroux. Avid writer and fan of the series RWBY.

    My goal, with this thread, is to create a RWBY RP. A real RWBY RP. Not the type that fades away after a week or just stalls before it even starts. My intention is to, with like-minded individuals, create a RWBY RP that contains enough depth to maintain the interest of everyone involved, while providing a friendly environment for everyone. I want to have fun and make sure my fellow RPers are having fun.

    In my mind, with the goal I have envisioned, I'd like 4 (or a total of 8) dedicated RPers, myself included. I understand people have lives and responsibilities that cannot be ignored, and that's understandable.

    • I'm Jageroux. I like dank memes and RWBY.
    • I'm looking for at least 3 other RPers that aren't afraid to aggressively help further the story and weave an interesting plot/story.
    • I believe the 4 of us should be able to form a comfortable OOC environment where we can comfortably brainstorm ideas and plots, while still having fun.
    • I'm willing to extend it to a total of 8 (splitting it into 2 teams) if enough interest is shown by multiple people.
    I know this may seem like a lot, obnoxious or generally overly ambitious, but I'd really like to create an RP with people that are actually interested that doesn't dissolve in a week.
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  2. Bakugou. Aspiring pun-peddler, meme-merchant, and word-weaver extraordinaire. I've been with RWBY since the day the first trailer premiered, and I've recently been craving the opportunity to fiddle about with the world's mechanics.

    I can promise unwavering commitment, however, and I'm not the sort to disappear without a trace. I adore worldbuilding, and I like to think I tackle creating and developing multi-faceted characters with passionate fervor.

    TL;DR smarmy chode was intrigued both by your concept and the chance to write some dorky faunus asshole.

    I'll start this off by asking how might I be able to contribute to figuring out the setting?
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  3. Shattered. Also a pun-creator. Gunfighter extrodinare. And decent word-worker. I got into RWBY just because it was a Rooster Teeth series. And I haven't found a solid RWBY RP that hasn't devolved into a ton of bullshit.

    I do come bearing some plot ideas and new Grimm enemies. I'll try to contribute as much as I can.
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  4. @Jageroux Already know I'm interested. I warn though I am a busy person I am also a dedicated person. I have had pretty much the same experience all of you have with the RWBY rp starting and then POOF outta no where everyone vanishes. -.- I also warn I am an RP ADDICT and being such I am Much For World Building and Crafting and already have a pretty nifty Idea / Basis / Spring Board we could start with ^.^; Depends on how you would also feel playing secondary character NPC - Baddies.

    Anyways GO SEE DEMI HERE she is my RWBY Original built, I was gonna post her here but didn't wanna clutter the thread. Basics of her are ORIGIN : ATLAS TRANSFER 1ST YR - Faunus -Arctic Fox with breaks in the series ideas. she only has ONE set of ears those are her big ass Fox ears. She ALSO has a tail. So two animal parts and three if you count her vertical slit cat like foxy eyes. Hm more about her, oh her weapon is both a bow and twin spartan style short swords ^.^ I love ett go see profile for more on Deminique.

    Man were created from dust... Grimm were Created from Darkness... What if like us mortals, they too have a god. And origin more of however. A beast that would spawn Grimm in floods across the land. A Might (SPOILER) DRAGON GRIMM. Anyways this idea is for POST CANON so RWBY's team would be full fledged hunters doin there thang in the world. This Dragon isn't around but a cult of like 8 (or 4 depending on size of this group) are within a Cult that are trying to resurrect this Dark God Grimm.

    So Why Post Canon you Ask? I CANNOT STAND WHEN PEOPLE FUCK UP THE TRUE PERSONA OF THE ORIGINAL CHARACTER!!! I know I know!! This is rp and we should be allowed creative freedoms its just a major pet peeve of mine ^.^ So yeah um... Hai
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  5. I have to go for now however, due to a severe storm heading my way. Must batten down the hatches 'n-such. LOL.
  6. ... I too, am in the middle of a storm.

    Also, if anybody is interested in my concept of an island-sized Grimm, we can probably make it work.
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  7. A pleasure to make both your acquaintances! I'm really liking what I'm seeing and I can see this shape up into something great. First off, paging @Kabyt.

    As for the setting, I was talking to Kabyt earlier and I know for a fact it'll be post-RWBY Canon, so we'll have a lot of wiggle room in terms of creative freedom. There's a lot we don't know about the world, eg: specific dust-types, how Faunus came to be exactly, so feel free to be as creative as you like.

    As for the setting, I know Beacon will be one of the primary locations, naturally, and then I think we can just go from there with more exciting landscapes and areas.

    Also, Shattered, New Grimm Enemies = Love. I really look forward to seeing what you can cook up.

    As for the story, I know we all have plots we'd love to see play/write out, such as Kabyt's, so if you have any plot in particular, even if it's only a fraction of an idea, and we can build off of everything and incorporate them all into one solid story. I think with all of us working together we'll be able to create something pretty damn dank.
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  8. I
    N my idea the culr baddies each control a grimm of their own making.. I am lurking via mobile. See lunk in signature that says 1x1 hunt for demi cs forgot to link it in my rush.
    • Island-sized Grimm? Check.
    • Dragon God Grimm? Check.

    This is looking great.
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  9. I look forward to building a plot with all of you too. My ideas primarily focus on the White Fang being a terrorist organization, including the island-sized Grimm as a weapon.

    Maybe also giant worm Grimm? I don't have a supersolid idea for it, but something like the big ass worm from Gears of War 2?
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  10. A thought: aquatic Grimm. Colossal squids, hellish landsharks, etc.

    Also--since the four of us are presumably playing the members of a single team, we're going to have to sort out names.
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  11. My cgaracters name is Demi but i can always change it to something else if need be.
  12. I have two characters I could use. I'm pretty sure the naming rules lets you use last names in the team one too. The initials of my characters are MC and AZ.
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  13. DR LOL just call me Doctor! (Demi Rune never realized my love for Doctor Who was leeching through to other aspects in my life. )

    Also I could Play a Demi and a secondary character as well, but it would be a baddie instead of a good guy ^.^ If you guys wanted me to.
  14. The initials for my character are OZ.

    So we have DR (Kabyt), OZ (me) and MC/AZ (Shattered).

    So it could be:

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  15. My character's initials are I.A.; would that work?
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  16. We could go with ROZI and pronounce it Rose.
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  17. Oh! While we're on the subject, are there any character sheet templates I should know about? I'm excited to get my shitlord fleshed out.
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  18. Code:
    (Brief) History:
    Also, something I'd like to bring up: A lot of times there's disagreements about what Dust does what, so I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on this:
    • Red - Fire
    • Orange - Explosions
    • Yellow - Vitality/Strength/Force
    • Green - Wind
    • Light Blue - Ice
    • Blue - Lightning
    • White - Motion
    • Violet - Energy
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  19. All sounds good to me with the dusts. ^.^ I like ROSI too for the name\

    EDIT -- Will also update Demi's profile this evening when I am off from work.

    ALSO if anyone wants my SKYPE name screenie is poe.etic.enigmis
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