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  1. Hey guys :) so as you know RWBY season 3 is fast approaching and I am super excited. I just got the idea for a RWBY RP and was wondering if anyone would be interested. I'll leave it up to a vote to see whether we play as canon characters on a new adventure, or OCs that are on a team yet to be in Beacon's spotlight. I will say this though, if it is decided that we go with OCs I will not tolerate OP characters. It doesn't matter if they have restraints, having a character that is more powerful than any of the other characters from the start ruins the story of an RP and I will not have that happening here.
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  2. I'll sign up tomorrow
  3. I vote for OCs.


    But I need to go. I'll check the response later!
  4. If you want to be the villain, then go right ahead
  5. So far the vote is canon: 0 OC: 2
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  6. Should Remant in Flames die as it soon probably will I'll put my name in for this, for OCs perferred.
  7. OC's If only to allow peoples minds to run wild with the weapons. I CALL THE FLAMETHROWER CHAINSAW COMBO! ehem. count me in.
  8. Interested and i also vote ocs, plus i have a question. What kind of posting style would the rp be in?
  9. Consider me interested as well.
  10. So, Season 3 has officially started... Thoughts?

    I personally dislike how it seems the voice actors for Nora and Ren changed, and that Ren actually talked.
  11. Well...Ren's did changed, for obviously tragic reasons.
  12. I like the change on Ren, No offence to monty intended, but it seems to fit with the way I felt he'd be, cynical, dry but kind. what bugs me more is Nora's weapon colour change.
  13. I'd be interested in this

    RWBY is fun to watch. Hopefully it will be as fun to play :)
  14. Consider me signed up. OC seems the best way to go, by the way.
  15. I'm down, and putting a vote to oc.
  16. If an ooc ever gets throw up please link me
  17. Wow, I am so sorry guys, for some reason I didn't get notifications for any of this, I'll throw up an OOC right now and tag you all
  18. Color me interested! Also, I vote for OC since it seems fun.

    Dibs on the guys with the huge mechanical shield though.
  19. Interested.
    I vote for OC