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  1. Plot
    Humankind was formed from the dust of creation, a byproduct of a time long past and forgotten. Not long after, mythical creatures of darkness referred to as the Grimm appeared and were intent on destroying Humanity and all it had made.

    However, with man displaying ingenuity, resourcefulness, and passion, they found a powerful substance that granted the user the power of "Nature's Wrath," and appropriately named this spark of hope "Dust," after that which they themselves were born from. The use of Dust helped to drive off the creatures of darkness and secured the continued existence of Humanity.

    That said, it's also true that even the most brilliant of lights eventually fade, and the dark will eventually return to finish what it started and destroy Human civilization; furthermore, if Humanity relies on strength or Dust alone, then it will not be enough to defeat the Grimm a second time. Instead, it's believed that victory will come from something that is long forgotten: a "smaller, more honest soul."

    It is your and a few other students First Starting year at Beacon Academy, in which you will learn more about Grimm, Aura, Semblance, Dust, alongside being introduced to Combat, Tactics, and Leadership. All to become Hunters and Huntresses.

    You and a few others have just landed in one of the many landing pads to Beacon Academy, in front of you stands a large castle like school building. You have been instructed by Professor Ozpin and his Assistant Glynda Goodwitch to head to the ball room, where you will be allowed to interact with the other students for a few hours before heading to bed. Once you are awake you are to head towards the Rocket Locker's and get your weapons. Afterwards you are to meet at the launch pads on the cliff overlooking Emerald Forest where Professor Ozpin will explain your initiation.

    Character Sheet

    Name:(Can be anything but names that don't relate to a color are rare)


    Weight: (Height and Weight are just for those who want to make a character who are smaller/bigger than normal.)

    Age: (Can be between 15-17, if character is 15 then you must give a reason why they were accepted a year early. Remember the character you create is starting their First year in Beacon.)

    Race: (You have the choice of 4 Races, Human, Aura-Generating Android (Only 1 allowed, and this android is stronger than normal humans, smarter, and can remotely hack into things, but they are socially stunted, meaning they don't know how to interact with others like normal humans/faunus.) Half-Grim (Only 1 allowed, a Half Grim will not have an aura and only half a soul, but a Half-Grim can change parts of their body into Grim parts, or give themself extra Grim appendages (Like small Nevermore Wings, or a small Deathstalker Tail), Half-Grim also will have Beowulf like ears, or a Beowulf like tail, your choice.)) and finally Faunus (Faunus are basically people with 1 or more Animal like aspects (the more animal like aspects, the more they are animal like), can see in the dark, and have better hearing and sight than a human (For example, Cat Faunus will have cat ears or a cat tail.) But be aware that most humans discriminate against Faunus because of The White Fang, only a few humans don't, but almost all Faunus despise The White Fang because of this. If you choose to be a Faunus be aware that Attempted bullying and other such things may happen at Beacon. Which is one of the only schools for Hunters and Huntresses that accept Faunus and the Teachers and Staff don't discriminate against.)))

    Family: (Just list any family you have or know of.)

    Fighting Type: (Choices are Weapon Fighter (Someone who uses their weapon to the utmost effeciency, think Phyrra Nikos, Nora Valkyrie, or Roman Torchwick), Dust Mage (Someone who weaves a certain type of Dust into their clothing, allowing them partial control of said element, think Cinder Fall or Glynda Goodwitch), Aura Fighter (Someone who prefers to use their own body to fight while using Aura to enhance their moves and Techniques, think Lie Ren.), or Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter (Someone who uses their Semblance and Weapon in perfect tandem with eachother for utmost efficiency, think Ruby Rose, Neopolitan, Yang Xio Long.)

    Aura Color/Object: (You're aura can be a simple color or a colored object, for example a regular white aura or a Red Roses/White Roses Aura)

    Weapon Appearance/Capabilities: (What type of weapon does your character have, does it have a sister weapon (Like a Swords sister weapon is a Shield, or a Pistols sister weapon is another Pistol), how many mechashift forms does it have (A weapon/sister weapon usually has either 1 default form that doesn't change, or 2 forms they can alternate between, there are those with 3 forms, but they are rare, so keep that in mind), what do the weapons and their forms do?)

    Appearance: (What you look like, if you want/can then you're allowed to upload a picture. Please be as descriptive as possible, adds to the RP.)

    Battle Experience/Training: (What kind of training/battle experience does your character have? Did they train with the White Fang before defecting? Were they trained by a semi-famous/famous hunter? Did they train by themselves or were trained by their parents? Did they train at a regular Combat School before coming to beacon? Ect Ect)

    Past: (You're characters past, you obviously don't have to upload their Entire past, but enough to give them character that others will find obvious/un-obvious while you keep the darker secrets to your self. This is to keep them for surprises.)

    Beacon Admission: (How did your character become a candidate for a student at beacon? Did you sneak in with fake Transcripts? Were you scouted by a teacher or Ozpin/Glynda themself? Did you have enough credentials at your old Combat School to be accepted?)

    Personality: (Your characters personality, how they act, their mannerisms, ect. Doesn't have to be much, at least 1 4 sentence paragraph.)

    Dust Usage: (What colors of Dust does your character use and is said dust in Dust form or Crystal form?)

    Semblance: (What type of Semblance does your character have? Everyone's semblance is different from eachother's, no two peoples semblances are the same. Keep in mind that when using your semblance your Aura is active, causing your Aura effects to show. (Think Yang's hair, Ruby's red roses, or Pyrrha's black Aura with Polarity semblance.)

    Anything Special or Noteworthy: (Has your character done anything special or noteworthy throughout their life. Did they win the Mistral World Tournament 2 or 3 time in a row? Where they able to go toe-to-toe with a famous criminal the likes of Roman Torchwick or Cinder Fall longer than 2 minutes and live? Did they defeat an exetremely strong and rare grim? Are they from a famous family? If your character hasn't done anything special or noteworthy, or does not have anything special or noteworthy to put, then leave this blank.)

    1. All of the Iwaku Rules apply.

    2.Keep in mind that because of your Aura you cannot be damaged physically until your Auracaly Exhausted, All of the Laws of physics and such still apply though, so you can be thrown and launched. Only when you're Auracaly Exhausted will injuries and blood start to show and happen.

    3. Your character does not have an Unlimited Amount of Aura, keep this in mind.

    4. Only 1 Half Grim Character is allowed.

    5. Only 1 Aura-Generating Android is allowed.

    6. 1 person can make up to 2 characters if they believe that they can handle it.

    7. I will 2 teacher characters if someone wants to be a teacher.

    8. I will allow 1 villain if someone wants to make an antagonist.

    9. There can be couples and such but anything M-Rated or 18+ goes to the Mature Forums.

    10. No Godmodding and Overpowered characters. Teamwork is important in this RP.

    11. The world of Remnant is different from ours, Age doesn't really matter, but Race does.

    Character List
    ---6/8 Students---
    Tama Anaru (Weapon Fighter)
    Ben Beck (Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter)
    Royell Destoona (Aura Fighter)
    Lila Gharenz (Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter)
    Tasha Nikura (Weapon Fighter - Fists/Kicks)
    Aven Hyacinth (Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter)
    ---1/1 Teachers---
    Vincent Laroche (Weapon/Semblance/Aura Combo Fighter, Teaches Methods of Attack and Defense0

    We Need at least all Student spots filled in order to begin. Teams RWBY and JNPR and their subsequent members do not exist, but canon Villains like Roman Torchwick, Adam Taurus, Neopolitan, The Malachite Twins, Junior, Cinder Fall, all do exist.
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  2. Name
    Tama Anaru


    197 lbs


    Faunus - Bear

    Eldest Brother
    Younger Sister

    Younger Brother

    Fighting Type
    Weapon Fighter

    Black Gas

    Weapon Appearance

    Tama's weapon known as the "Point Blank Fist", is a mechanized gauntlet with a claw like hand. It is colored black and includes many blue accents. On the backhand it is labeled
    "02 TA".

    Weapon Capabilities
    Tama's weapon is a short range weapon. While up close and personal, Tama uses a wild combat style that utilizes the gauntlet's claw and short burst dust explosions to conquer foes. When in a mess the gauntlet goes into overdrive and quickly boosts Tama's aura at an uncontrollable rate ending in an overcharge, or explosion, at the maximum level of a hand grenade and a minimum level of a firecracker. Tama calls this: "My Demon's Revenge" or "Demon Charge." The actual term known as Aura-Extension Effect, a magical occurrence with Semblance that his Brother and Grandfather found. The Aura-Extension Effect is an AOE attack that shrouds the user in their Aura and/or Semblance (depending on the skill of the fighter) and converts this into the raw energy it once was and emits it, the law of Conservation of Energy then comes into effect to gradually restore what is called an Aura and Semblance. Tama's body is not yet ready for the physical strain of this technique, but none-the-less it is there.


    Battle Training
    Tama learned to fight the hard way. No one directly taught him, if he could muster the patience he might practice in secret after watching a combat class. If he could manage to sneak into a White Fang recruiting and practice there he did this, but most of his training came from brawling. Brawling is a fighting style consisting of no clear patterns and wild, but powerful swings, this makes for heavier hits for faster knockouts. Humans loved to pick on him before the days of his hat when he didn't care what people thought about faunus', and to him it seemed all those boys, teenage guys, and then eventually men loved to get into a hustle with him.

    Tama was raised in the outskirts of Vale, but his family's business lie in the heart of the city. His Grandfather owned a dust store and apparently was a hunter before, there in his store Tama's father and mother helped with sales. As a kid seeing his father, grandfather and mother always walking outside covering up their "accessories" seemed strange and he couldn't grasp the reason for it no matter how much thought he put into it. Tama's brother is 11 years older and was a major bookworm, he always chased their grandfather's footsteps. Tama also had a younger brother two years younger than himself and a sister 6 years younger. Tama's cousin whose parents died fighting Grimm, lived with him as well. So in total Tama grew up with 7 people, making for a crowded household.
    Of these seven Tama looked to his elder brother the most often when he came to a fork in the road and to his younger relatives (his cousin, brother and sister) when he needed a playmate. Around the ages of 6-12 they all began to fancy in the arts of fighting and often rough housed, got yelled at for hurting their sister, and went at it again. By this time The eldest is 22 and he sets out to study aura and dust with their grandfather and father. Tama's mother took good care of them for one year and then was driven by despair and madness for one more when she took her life. It was during this time that Tama grew his "idgaf" persona and set out to become a better combatant. Tama's brother was 12 when he died and his cousin 13. His brother died of blunt force trama, his cousin from blood loss due to a stab in the side and his mother from decapitation. Tama was only 14 when it happened with an 8 year old girl he now had to take care of or he would be separated from her possibly forever. Tama sought refuge in White Fang to keep what he knew as family alive and together. Tama was too young and unfit for battle so he stayed in camps and was constantly shifted around as space got tight.
    Tama was in the White Fang camps for two years with his sister when his brother, father and grandfather all found him in a camp. Tama's brother fought off the white fang with this white and purple metal claw gauntlet, the fireworks were amazing to Tama his sister ran out with their father as soon as possible. Tama stayed to show how "unfit" for battle he was then and grabbed a crowbar bashing heads. Tama had been exercising as much as possible during his imprisonment with the White Fang constantly fighting with humans top-side. It payed off that day. They were able to fend off the small encampment for an escape's length.
    When they returned home many papers had to be documented and signed, and Tama's brother told him all about a new science he discovered with the aid of their elders. Tama was also presented with an arm almost identical to his brother's, but was not aloud to wear it. Tama's body couldn't handle its stress just yet and he was put through vigorous workouts to get his body ready to handle the overcharge, but it could never get there his body had reached its limit for now. Tama would never dare attempt the overcharge and began to fear his aura like a demon and named the overcharge accordingly: Demon Charge

    Beacon Admission
    Tama's fights most definitely did not go unheard from anyone and often troubled authorities, self-defense has saved him. The professor had visited a famous place of Tama's, a large dine-in oriental restaurant. Tama never expected the next thing and neither the professor, the restaurant was being robbed. Tama hid his arm under the table eating and drinking with the other. One of the twelve men noticed he wouldn't get to the floor and walked over with their weapons in his face. Tama finished his noodles and threw his bowl in the air the man looked up watching it fall into the now standing Tama's hands, Tama smashed the bowl on the man's head and begun the 12 man brawl. The professor presented Tama with a letter. It had a Beacon seal on it of course Tama had no idea what the symbol was, but the man predicted Tama's wild behavior and made the letter in terms he understood.
    "I can help you "fuck shit up?" Just in a more fashionable way."
    The letter also came with where to meet and Tama was interrogated on his whole past.

    Reckless and Angry/Fearful. Everything he does is out of anger and on a whim, he's usually the brawn of a group. Given, growing up with his brother he is not a complete dummy.

    Dust Usage
    Black - Dust
    A chamber in the gauntlet fires these out of the palm of the gauntlets hand. Tama has been known to chuck raw dust at his enemies for more devastating effects.

    Tama's semblance is to make a mirror edge of his attacks. So, for example: Tama stands before a Grimm and uses his Semblance, when he attacks the grimm in front another attack will happen behind it. Except this secondary attack is flipped. This Semblance in known as Mirrored Fist by Tama, but is just another categorization of mirroring Semblances.

    The 49er.
    Tama was angered once when he was challenged, but led astray into an ambush of 50 men, he won through the use of an overcharge. Many stories are told of how amazing he was, but no one knows except for his family that he was thrown into a major illness for a week afterwards.
  3. Of course, tama is always accepted :3
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  4. You give an explanation for all teh races but teh hoomans :I
  5. Well humans, are just normal humans, they have Aura and a semblance just like faunas do, that's it, not much to explain really.
  6. I'll get one up either today or tomorrow.
  7. Okay then, can't wait to see that chainsaw weapon >:D
  8. Name: Vincent Laroche

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 160-170

    Family: None

    Race: Faunus, with feline features, specifically black cat ears that hide under his hair

    Fighting Type: Semblance/Weapon/Aura Combo fighter

    Aura Color/Object: Aura color is yellow, when he uses it to do anything else such as a sprint with aura, streaks of black and yelloe appear.

    Weapon Appearance/Capabilities:

    Minus the entire get up, bandage, and whitening hair. Has black pants on and yellow shirts on

    Battle Experience/Training: Trained in one of Atlases acadimies on weapon construction, and attack and defense methods

    Past: Easier to explain in rp

    Beacon Admission: Scouted by Professor Ozpin for being one of the only three people in the world to possess the ability to make six different weapons with one. Admitted to teach students at Beacon albeit at young age.

    Teaches: Methods of attack and defense

    Personality: Keeps respect toward others, while maintaining mannerisms as respectable as possible. When not teaching, he tends to have fun with everybody and lose his "Teacher" side, playing, talking, and hanging out even with his own students

    Dust Usage: Uses Black and Yellow Dust. When he fires the yellow tipped bullet, it causes the victim or object to electrify, but if it's a black tipped, it causes the object or victim to be thrown off and float for about 10 seconds. If a quick combo of both is used, it Creates a semi large explosion which throws them off and electrifies those around the blast.

    Semblance: Ability to manipulate fast or slow moving projectiles

    Anything Special: Ability to create six weapons out of one, but must be in a safe area as he can only have a set of three on him at a time
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  9. When i say Dust Usage it's supposed to be what types of dust they use and how they use it. (Keep in mind, in RWBY it's shown that Black represents Gravity and Yellow represents Fire)
  10. Righ, he uses it in Dust forn
  11. What Shiro said ^^
  12. Name: Ben Beck


    Weight: 190

    Age: 16

    Race: Human

    Family:Dead: dad,Mother, sister, and brother. Alive: adoptive Father

    Fighting Type: Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter

    Aura Color/Object: Blue Gas

    Weapon Appearance/Capabilities:[​IMG]
    Ben only has a long sword called the Pride Sin blade.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Battle Experience/Training: Ben has trained at Jeet Kune Do. Jeet kune Do or JKD is an eclectic and hybrid style fighting art heavily influenced by the philosophy of martial artist Bruce Lee, who founded the system in 1967, referred it as "non-classical", suggesting that JKD is a form of Chinese Kung Fu, yet without form. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. It was named for the wing chun concept of interception or attacking while one's opponent is about to attack. Jeet Kune Do practitioners believe in minimal movements with maximum effects and extreme speed.

    Past: Ben Beck, the youngest of two brothers, grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Edward Beck. Edward Beck was good at sports, good at school, good with the girls, and everybody liked him. Everybody expected Ben to be the same, but he wasn't. Since Edward was everyone's hero, Ben decided to be the villain. He got up to all kinds of trouble as a child. Even though Ben lived in his brother's shadow, Ben still idolized Edward. Throughout his life this clearly shown when under extreme psychological stress he has mistakenly called others by his brother's name. One day the boys' mother, Ana Beck, asks the pair of them to kill their abusive father. Edward accepts this request but Ben refuses to kill his own father, so Edward locks him in the shed behind the house. Ben manages to break out and in order to save his brother from jail and a grim future, he decides to save his father. He obtains a rifle and climbs a tree. Peering through the window into the house, Ben sees Edward about to shoot his father. Ben attempts to shoot the gun out of his brother's hands but at the last moment the branch upon which he is perched snaps, causing Ben to accidentally shoot and kill Edward. Ben inadvertently kills the brother he loves to save the father he hates. Wracked with guilt, he sees his life as "meaningless" from that point on. After the incident Ben ran away from home. While gone from home he met a very old man. Ben looked up this this old man and when Ben told the old man that he was homeless the old man took Ben in and raised him as if he was his own. A few years later the old man took Ben to Jeet Kune Do where he can learn to defend himself from anyone or anything. For the past 12 years Ben has been training at Jeet Kune Do.

    Beacon Admission: When Ben was training one day Ozpin stopped by Jeet Kune Do and saw how skilled Ben was with fighting. So when Ben was done training Ozpin offered Ben a spot at his academy.

    Personality: Serious, quiet, with loner tendencies. Enjoys solitude and tends to sit back and observe. Private, rarely talks about their feelings. Can be insensitive to the hardships of others. A planner. Well-organized and hard-working. Works steadily towards identified goals. Focused, with well-developed powers of concentration. Will usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it. A perfectionist. Clean, thorough, detail-oriented. Avoids mistakes. Logical and analytical. Not adventurous or spontaneous. Realistic. Doesn't appreciate strangeness. Conventional.

    Dust Usage: Light blue-Freezing. He user the Freezing to trap his opponents to the ground

    Semblance: Ben can look through a persons memories and imitate the fighting styles in those memories. this blade does have a draw back however; depending on the strength of the original user of the fighting style, the blade users own strength is dramatically used up. meaning if the user isn't strong enough and they dare to copy an almost unbeatable person, they will either die from exhaustion or become parallelized for several weeks.

    Anything Special or Noteworthy: As tough as Ben is he's afraid of bugs
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  13. He manipulates it by means of his weapon
  14. @Darkstar Your weapon isn't something that would be able to happen in RWBY, though it would be a Semblance, which i will allow if you change it to his semblance and power it down a little, and remember semblances do have side effects, like his eyes changing color for example. Also, once again, Dust Usage is what color dust he uses in what form and how does he use it?

    @ResistingTheEnlightened well yes, that's obvious to see, but what happens when he does? When he shoots a fire one does it just catch something on fire or does it explode? When he uses the black one does it heighten whatever it hit's gravity making whatever it hit virtually useless or does it lower it's gravity making it lighter?
  15. When he fires the fire one, it causes the victim or object to burn, but if it's a black one, it causes the object or victim to be thrown off and float for about 10 seconds. If a quick combo of both is used, it Creates a semi large explosion which throws them off and hurts those around
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  16. is that better
  17. Yup that's fine Darkstar ^^
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