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  1. From Dust we've come, and to Dust we'll return.

    The essence of life given form, mankind has lived too long in the light. What we view as darkness is merely a glimpse of the most ancient shadows that dwell over us. We carry a torch and pretend that it will burn forever, when in reality it shall always flicker into ash...

    A bleak wind sweeps down from the mountains, tainting the air as it blows. It flies over Vale, waking children from their slumber. Dust darkens as it tastes the foul air, and light extinguishes as it consumes it. Up into the sky it flies, and it rides alongside an airship cruising towards a remote mountain range. At the base of the great rock, both ship and air slow to a stop. The future warriors that leave the ship taste the foul wind, and grimace.

    They don't understand the feeling, but it gnaws at an ancient part of their minds. Their sense of evil. But it is not they that the wind seeks. It wraps itself around four individuals in particular. It marks them, and caresses them. It knows what they'll become as they grow to become Hunters. And it knows what they'll do when they finally reach their goal.
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  2. Grant strolled off the airship confidently, twirling one of his revolvers. He expected to be blown away. Beacon at night was supposed to be something to behold. Yet, as he stepped off the transport, he did not feel very happy. It was as if there was something that was clouding the air. He almost dropped his gun. It felt evil to say the least. Eh, it was probably nothing. "Smells like this ship needs its exhaust cleaned." He remarked at the person next to him. He holstered his revolver and rested his arms over his head. Despite the sudden change in mood he looked forward to his first year here, and walked up the path.
  3. ~ Airship --> Beacon Academy ~
    Time: Night
    Mood: Excited/Suspicious
    Activity: Admiring the view/Entering Beacon

    Amethyst was smiling as she was standing by the railing in the airship, looking out the windows with a gentle grin on her face. Her pale purple hair was tied up into two low pig tails, giving her a young, yet motherly look. She had heard that the area where Beacon was, was a fantastic place, filled with nature and such, however, the air around the area felt different as compared to what she was told. It was almost unsettling. She was sure that it wasn't just her that was thinking these things, and she was probably putting too much thought into it. "Ah Amethyst... What are you doing? You need to focus!" She told herself, nodding a few times.

    A few people looked at her direction, however, she didn't seem to give much of a care at all.

    As the ship had landed, Amethyst finally, and quickly, picked up the pace. It was quite easy running in her heels, however, these made her look much more taller than she really was, considering that her weapon was Evoke at the moment. Once she finally made it, she took in a deep breath, pausing for a moment, and then letting out a soft exhale. So, it wasn't just her imagination. The air seemed.. Off. She suspected that others would sense it as well, and these suspicions were confirmed when the male next to her began speaking.

    "Smells like this ship needs its exhaust cleaned."

    He remarked, and the female couldn't agree any more. "Hehe.. You're right, I suppose." She replied, smiling gently. He looked nice enough, although, probably a few years or so older than herself. He looked athletic as well, based off his build. Then there was her. She had a female physique, although, she was pretty per say, 'plompy' in some areas, such as her thighs and chest, but that was it. She really didn't like it, so she always wore more tight clothing when in combat. Today, however, she was wearing a white robe with gold trimmings, an amethyst embedded on the button, placed right on top of her chest. It was time to go.

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  4. Airship to Beacon Academy
    "There's no ship like friendship!" - A quote from Shimmer Glaus, long time friend.

    Neon sat quietly with his cat ears twitching silently under his hair and hummed to himself. He was sitting on a couple of huge metal boxes that were situated at the corner of the airship. Quite honestly, he was exited for Beacon Academy. He had heard stories of it from his friends, some of which still denied that he was a guy, but that was fine, he wouldn't be their friend if he didn't understand.

    The moment the airship landed he stood up. "Well...time to get moving!" He said cheerily in his convincingly feminine voice as he stretched. He reached for the handles of the metal boxes only to be stopped by two boys who offered to help him. 'While I'm thankful for the help I'm pretty sure that-' He thought before one of the two fell over in trying to pick up a box. "I'm sorry, I should've warned you that these things were heavy. Go on ahead I can handle these." He told them before grabbing the handles and lifting them with ease before exiting.

    One would ask themselves why boys tended to act like that around him. It was because despite being a male, he mostly took after his mother. Petite feminine figure, feminine voice, mannerisms and sometimes clothing. He would've made a very convincing girl.

    "I just hope my maintenance on Wrath and Fury was enough..." He said worriedly.
  5. "HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING," Screamed the flight attendant. Suddenly the air was rushing out of the ship. Everyone was holding on tight to their seats. Everyone except one black hair, orange eye girl. She laughed as while everyone was panicking. She turned around and waved as the flight attendant tried to grab her. Before her hands caught her, she jumped out and grabbed her Tonfas which were glowing green. She scanned the area. There was a cliff which she could get to easily as long as she had enough dust. She checked her Tonfas which were starting to dim, showing they were almost out of dust. she new she had at best 3 charges before she would run out of green dust.

    "Haha im so unlucky, this will be fun."

    While falling she held out her arms and legs out to add more wind resistance. Then she struck the air below her which propelled her towards the cliff. However this would not be enough as her trajectory was still too low. After covering halve the distance to her goal she tapped the end of her tonfas then positioned them at the side of her body. After a second both of them went off and she started spinning like a top. then she struck the air below her again using the momentum from the spin to launch her high into the sky. Now Her trajectory was perfect to grab the cliff. She was going to make it easy. She aligned her arms with her body to make her more streamline. All she had to do is hold this position and physics would do the rest of the work.

    Then a bird hit her in the face. "Ouch" she whine while breaking her form. Following the bird was a gust of wind. She watched as the the cliff was eye level and growing taller. "No no no no..." she said as she pulled out her tonfas and setting up herself for one last impact. She did not have time to set up a spin so she had to use her own strength to propel her forward. She took a deep breath and struck the air behind her propelling her up towards the cliff.

    She then held her hand out trying to grab it but it was not going to be enough. She saw her life flash, as she was slowly losing losing velocity. She Connected the front ends of her tonfas together *CLINK* within seconds, they extended and formed a bow. She grabbed the end of the bow and let out a battle cry. Rocks fell from the cliff under a cloud of dust. Their was brief moment of silence. Then as the dust cleared, the girl was revealed dangling from the bow. She laughed as she swung around and pulled out her weapon sending her into the air and onto the edge of the cliff. Just seconds later, The air ship landed and started docking.

    "YES 1 second, i was totally faster." Then she heard the screaming voice of the flight attendant. The flight attendant was PISSED that the girl put everyone life in danger. The girl bowed and made a live dash as she sprinted through the crowds. She could not let the attendant catch her, it was too dangerous even for her. While running the screaming started to quiet down. Surely this meant she was losing her purser but she had to make sure. She looked back for a quick second and saw that she lost the attendant. She cheered and looked forward only to see a group of students standing in front of her.

    She could not slow down so she would have to avoid them. She leaped landing on her hands behind the 4 students. Then she rolled to her feet and was about to crash into what seemed to be a girl carrying metal crates (@Inevyr). She quickly made it to her feet, while keeping her momentum, and spun around the girl just missing her by a hair. Then she tripped and started tumbling uncontrollably towards a brown hair guy and a purple hair girl. while tumbling she bounced up into the air which ended her tumbling. Then she landed on her back and slid landing right in front of the two. (@Citrus @Xytheus) "Ouch... not fun, not fun at all."
  6. Grant was about to introduce himself to the girl in the white robe when another landed infront of him. He almost stepped on her. "Heh, first day and the women are already throwing themselves at my feet." He joked and offered a hand to help her up. "You ok?" (@Unyielding )
  7. ~~ Path into Beacon Academy ~~
    Time: Night

    Mood: Worried
    Activity: Interacting with others

    Amethyst smiled to herself,nodding her head a bit for whatever reasons unknown. The girl turned her head slightly, as though she were also about to introduce herself, only to be interrupted by the girl who fell from no where. She seemed pretty worried, quickly kneeling down and holding her hand out. "Excuse me? Are you alright?" She asked, gently. The girl look pretty small, though, she probably wasn't as small as herself. She seemed to ignore the slightly arrogant statement that the male he just met, had said, though she didn't seem to react too badly either.

    Of course, it was a joke after all.

    Amethyst was wearing her heels, Evoke, under her robe, and this would be visible to the girl who was on the ground. She didn't look too injured, but she was still pretty worried..
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  8. Vi looked looked up to see a hand reaching for her. She slowly moved her hand behind it and brushed it away. Then she rolled to her feet and and started brushing off the dirt. "Sorry, I dont need your help. I can get up By... My... Self..." When she turned around to see the faces of the help she refused, she saw a brown hair guy who looked much older and a purple hair girl who looked about Vi's age. Vi gave a big smile while tilting her head. "To answer your question, I am uhh..." She placed her finger over her lip and pondered on what she wanted to say. After a few seconds, she lowered her head as she was unable to remember what she was going to say. "ARGH," She stomped on the ground and started flailing her fist around, "I cant remember. THIS DAY SUCKS... It just doesn't feel right and its bothering me." She dropped her smile and started to pout. She never liked it when people tried to help her. They always get close just to break away and make everything hurt more.

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  9. Neon Navir​
    Neon blinked in surprise as a girl shot past him, making him adjust his hold in order to keep his balance. He blinked as she stumbled, prompting him to throw up the metal crates into the air, letting him rush down to her side. "Sorry, I think this might've been my fault." He said. "I do hope your alright, are you hurt in any way?" He asked in his feminine voice.

    "Oh by the way do you-Ah one moment." He started before whirling around and catching his metal crates and placing them gently into the ground. "There we go, nice and...oh yeah, do you need to go to the infirmary? Don't mind the crates." He asked as he dusted his hands. Contrary to what most people thought, Fury and Wrath weren't light weapons except to him.
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  10. @Unyielding @Inevyr @Citrus

    Grant found it a little rude that his offer to help her up was rejected. But it was understandable. Everyone here, including him, probably wanted to prove themselves, and show that they didn't need help. It also meant she wasn't injured. Which was good because he didn't feel like taking anyone to the infirmary, wherever it was. "Well." He looked around at the small group of girls that had formed. "We seem to have a team already. Quick! Someone call Ozpin. That's a new record." He took the oppurtunity to introduce. "My names Grant. And you guys?"
  11. ~~ Path into Beacon Academy ~~
    Time: Night
    Mood: Neutral
    Activity: Interacting with others

    Amethyst was a little put back when the girl refused the help, but never the less, respected the decision. Vi looked a little younger than Amethyst, but just by maybe a year or so. Amethyst kept her robe on, seeing as there was no reason to take it off, and it might get a little chilly as well. That was, considering the time of day. All the other students seemed to be taking their time exploring the area, while a few males looked at Amethyst from time to time. Her body kind of.. Matured, quicker than she would have liked, but she couldn't really tell her body what to do. All she did was ignore the occasional whispering and staring, even though most of her body was concealed under the robe.

    It was annoying, how people could still see at least where her chest was, sigh, why couldn't she be born as a male?

    She let out her own, self conscious sigh, then smiling at the rest of the small band they made up. When Grant mentioned how they already seemed to have a team ready, Amethyst giggled a bit, looking up at Grant for a moment. "Though, I think the teams are made through some sort of trial. I don't think we pick the members." She added. She made a point, that was how most of the well known teams were made, and she had a hunch that, that was how their team was going to be made as well.

    "Oh also, my name is Amethyst. Pleasure to meet you all~" The girl chimed. Her heels made her look a few inches taller, almost about Grant's height. In reality, she was just a few inches taller than Vi.
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  12. Vi turned around when she heart the girl with the metal box behind her apologizing. Vi laughed and started playing with her pig tail, coiling and uncoiling it around her finger. "No no, it is O.Kay. I almost ran into you and lost my own balance. Normally i am really good on my feet but today has just been devilish to say the least," she ended with a giggle. To be honest these days are the best because everything just gets harder but with this uneasiness crawling around her neck, she did not know what to think. Still she knew she owed an apologize to the girl and bowed, "I apologize for nearly running you over." Then she backed up a little because she felt she was in the center of the group and that is no fun.

    Then the guy mention them already having a team and gave his name, Grant. Vi pouted again. She did not want to be on a team. As she said earlier, she can do things on her own. As she opened her mouth to scold him, the purple hair girl mentioned teams were assigned by trials. Vi sighed and gave up. Then she gave her name, Amethyst. Vi squealed and put her hands together. "Amethyst, that is sooooooo pretty and long. My name is short and nowhere near as pretty." She bowed again, "My name is Vi Amber."

  13. Neon Navir​
    "It's alright really, no harm no foul and all that. Well it's to meet all of you, Grant, Amethyst, and Vi. My name is Neon Navir. Pleasure to meet you all." He said with a slight bow. He straightened up and gave a gentle smile. "I don't think that teams are being formed now but if we do happen to be together I look forward to working with all of you." He said cheerily as he turned around and faced the large metal crates.

    "And these are my partners Wrath and Fury." He introduced as the metal crates opened with a hiss. Smoke rolled out as his trusty sometimes elementally empowered spinny teeth metallic death stick, or in other words, his chainsaws were bathed in light. Stuck to the sides of the crates were smaller sealed boxes filled with Dust.
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  14. @Everyone

    Grant would have loved to show off weapons but they were kinda falling behind. Most of the others had walked off to the orientation. "I'd love to chat some more, but orientation is that way." He pointed down the path to a big hall. "And I don't wanna miss it." He turned and walked away. "See you guys later."
  15. ~~ Path into Beacon Academy ~~
    Time: Night
    Mood: Neutral
    Activity: Interacting with others

    "Oh, that's right! We really should get going. It was great meeting you!"

    Amethyst smiled brightly, looking at the little group around her. The girl named Vi seemed to like Amethyst's name quite a bit, causing the girl to giggle a bit. "No way, I think Vi is an adorable name." She complimented, so tempted to ruffle the girl's hair. She had the habit of doing that to people who she think look cute, that is, if they are female. If they were male, she'd try to hold herself back. As for Neon, she was also very tempted to ruffle her hair as well (Using her due to thinking that he is a girl). Though, Amethyst really wanted to introduce her weapons to the others as well, but Grant was right, they needed to get to the opening ceremony.

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  16. Vi flinched as Amethyst ruffled her hair. "Hey it was hard to get it all neat and stuff," she pouted. Vi was not really good at doing her own hair and spent all night getting it just right. To be honest Vi could care less about Neon's weapon for it was not hers and she liked to beat people without handicaps. Then Grant mentioned something about a opening ceremony. Amethyst stoped playing with Vi's hair and soon followed him. Vi watched as the two people were slowly becoming smaller and then turned to Neon. Then what was happening hit her, "OH NO... I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!" She frantically flailed her arms around as she tried to catch up to the other two people. "I DONT WANNA BE LATE NOR THE LAST ONE THERE!"

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  17. Neon Navir​
    Neon was a bit miffed that he was ignored but shrugged it off. He shut the crates before picking them up once more before throwing them into the air. "I'll see you all later!" He shouted as he sprint past them in pursuit of his thrown crates. Throwing the crates allowed him to move faster compared to him carrying it all the way. He just had to catch up with his weapons, which was easy considering his experience with his weapons. He caught them before carrying them into the hall and setting them down so he could rest on them. He yawned and dozed off.

    Soon enough he blinked awake and yawned before giving out a small stretch. He quickly looked around and noticed that the speech and everyone was buzzing with excitement. "I...guess I missed it?" He said groggily in his feminine voice.​
  18. (Joke's on you, @Inevyr! It's just getting started!)

    Ah, Beacon. Such a marvelous school. Blood clouds formed from the corpses of Grimm coat the skies on a good day, and the Sun shines on those whose blades are most stained with the lifeforce of the enemy. But nowhere is such beauty even more present than the Auditorium, where year after year new warriors come to learn the bloody art.

    While they do not look the part, Glynda Goodwitch and Headmaster Ozpin are perhaps the most powerful Hunters of the modern day; they've mostly retired to pursue their careers in educating the next generation to continue their work. But every year it has been the same: A speech from Ozpin, to inspire and amaze the students, to make them do well. But this year, in these dark times, not even the most stalwart of warriors has gone unaffected.
    The crowd was gathered, our heroes present. Goodwitch took the stage, and began an inane preamble to the Headmaster's speech. But few ever truly listened to her, even though she commanded their attention. No, eyes were always most focused on him. The legend, who'd given up the title of Death in favor of Headmaster. When he took the stage, he could have ignored the students entirely. But they still would have watched.

    "Students," He began. "I welcome you to Beacon. And those are perhaps the only words you want to hear from me. But in truth, they are not the ones you need to hear." More than a few confused students looked around at each other, wondering what Ozpin was talking about. Their siblings had told them about the speech before. Why was it different?

    "Students, you have not requested to come here. You have been summoned. Summoned to ward against the darkness, to be a dim light to illumine man's path in the cosmos. However, many of you do not belong here. Not for lack of effort or will. Simply because you have not the strength. Some of you will walk out within the first few weeks. Many of you will never leave here at all." His bluntness earned more than a few gasps, such that a massive hiss of breath rose over the crowd.

    "But your strength, your skill, and your spirit mean nothing now. As of this moment, you are not students. Until the day you die, and do not believe for a second that you will not, you are soldiers. Soldiers who live solely to defend and protect the people. You are all that is left to light mankind's way. And there are too many creatures lurking in the shadows for you to fail. That is all." Ignoring the shocked and angry remarks coming from the amassed students, Ozpin pivoted on his heel and walked off the stage, disappearing behind one of the massive curtains. Goodwitch herself seemed more than a bit shocked herself, but among all her skills, composure was her strength.

    "As this is your first day at Beacon, all students are to gather in the ballroom. Initiation begins tomorrow. You are dismissed." More than a bit peeved at the Headmaster, Glynda adjusted her cape and stalked off after him, leaving the crowd of students stunned, attempting to discern the hidden meaning behind the Headmaster's words.
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  19. Well, that was off-putting. Grant thought at the end of Ozpins speech. But that was to be expected. This was an important task that they were charged with. Grueling training was in his future. Even the Professor seemed effected by the gray that seemed to cover the world. Luckily, gray was where he thrived. It was his mojo. He rested his hands on his revolvers and followed the signs to the ballroom. He intended to sleep well the night before initiation. He didn't fear death. Not yet.
  20. Vi giggled at the headmasters words. He was right. Vi was sure most of the students were not strong enough to handle the future challenge. However his next statement was invigorating. She pictured the many times she nearly died with this last stun of jumping off the airship being the one of the closest times. The 2nd closest time she nearly died to be exact. She lived for danger, death was not something she fear. If anything she welcomed it. In this cold world, she had nothing. Her parents were selfish, greedy, and only cared about their business every one she cared about has already accepted their death. She wondered why she was even alive sometimes, why did her mentor save her, why did she keep pushing forward.

    Though Vi was very bubbly, it was just a facade to hide her grief and guilt, the shame of being a bother to her parents, the memories of her classmates who accepted her dying to that grimm, the pain of watching her mentor save her life in exchange for his own. These were all things that weighed on her conscience and when ever she met a new person, she would fear being hurt again. When it came to death, Vi was not scared for herself. She was scared of having a friend die again. This is why she always flew solo, why she disliked the idea of being on a team, maybe even why she was always putting her self in danger.

    She lives so close on the edge in hopes to catch of glimpse of her fallen comrades while numbing the sadness she felt inside. She train and hone her skills in honor of her mentor. She fought grimm to repent for her cowardliness which brought death to her love ones. This was Vi Amber and her reason for being at Beacon. The headmaster was right, she was a solider, and she could not fail. Her sins were too heavy to carry to the afterlife. Her rage was still burning. Her grief still anchored her heart.

    As the headmaster finished she watched as the people started heading to the ballroom. This was where they were going to sleep for the night in preparation for initiation. Vi walked into the room and saw students preparing their sleeping bags. There she saw Grant right in front of her to be exact. Then she remembered earlier the comment he made about being on the same team. "And so we meet again... Grant," she announced before grinning, "I bet you were stalking me, it's understandable." She giggled knowing how BS her statement was. Still she love messing with people and if they got mad, she would wipe the floor with them. "So is this like some super sleepover?"

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