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  1. The world contains many species, and a sub race has been found. People with runes etched into their skin, as if they had been burned into the skin itself. The runes produce special powers based on the five elements, fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. Nobody is sure why this sub race exists, but many people suspect that it's a sign from the Goddess that she has sent the world protectors.
  2. It was quiet as Lila trudged into her bathroom, sleep crusting the corners of her eyes. Her brother Ergus was still passed out in the living room, the tv blaring. (Opening move.)
  3. Kurayuki had just gotten up where he lived and yawned as the air seemed cold around him though it always did since his powers were over ice and water, he had a strong affinity for them which made the atmosphere around him cold wherever he went. As he woke up he went to his bathroom and brushed his teeth with frost forming on his bathroom mirror, he had grown accustomed to having to thaw his mirror every morning and even had a hair dryer right there picked it up and started to thaw the frost on his mirror so he could see into it as he started to brush his hair now after finishing brushing his teeth, he always had to use hot water while brushing his teeth because by the time it got to his mouth it would be cold anyway.
  4. Lila stared into the bathroom mirror, and saw several new runes appearing on her skin. The runes this time were on her arm, and they were still glowing slightly, meaning they had just appeared during her sleep. Lila could hear the tv playing the morning news, and scrunched up her nose, she hated the news, and had a thing against learning about everything in the world.
  5. Kurayuki looked at his arm as he saw a glowing mark on it, since he wasn't completely awake he didn't pay to much mind to it at first but then he looked back at it again. "What the?.. What is this?.. Where'd it come from?.." He hadn't seen them before but now he suddenly did, was it because he had moved from over seas? Kurayuki attempted to cover it up by wearing a long sleeve shirt but it could still be seen glowing slightly, so he wrapped it in a bandage and then put the shirt on that made the light invisible so to speak.
  6. Lila rubbed her face, and then moved towards the shower, so that she could take a brief cold shower to cool down the blazing new marks, that were still slightly burning hot. She found that cold showers cooled them down, and stopped the light. Lila was then thinking about where the hell she would be able to find other runes... they weren't very common at the moment, but she had a chance at least finding a few of them. After her shower she would continue her search at the public library searching for an reference to the runes.
  7. Kurayuki sighed as the burning on his arm died down after a bit finally and he decided to go out to look for a job, he had gotten a new place and now it was time to get a job to pay for it so he headed to the library to look online to see if their were any posts of any new job openings in the area, he had managed to pay for three months rent but that only left him two months to find a job, sure it should be easy but for some people its difficult to find a job that fast in a busy city.
  8. Ergus started banging on the bathroom door, and Lila groaned. Stepping out of the bathroom, dressed in her clothes she pushed past her brother and left the apartment after grabbing her special jacket. Stepping out of the building Lila stretched out her wings flapping them a couple of times to relax the joints, the joints cracking a couple of times.
  9. Kurayuki had finally made it to the public Library after a while and got himself set up with a Library card and then went and sat at a computer desk and went to work on finding any job openings in the area over the internet, he only had two months to get a job and then to start paying his rent, sure he was attractive beyond comparison but that wouldn't really do anything about bringing in money.
  10. Lila decided against conventional ways of getting to the library, and took to the air, enjoying the feeling of the wind between her dark grey,almost black feathers. It had been awhile since she had been in flight, and it felt good. The wind slapping her face, and her constantly being ruffled.
  11. Kurayuki stood up to go get something to drink since he had been at the library a bit and was getting a little thirsty so headed to the water fountain in the library near the entrance and started to drink the water which just seemed to get colder as he drank it.
  12. Lila pushed open the doors making a grand entrance as she folded her wings closed, and looked about briefly before looking down at the new runes on her arm before heading towards the computers to do her research, and find others with the runes. She had quit her job, and dedicated most of her time to looking for others like herself.
  13. Kurayuki's arm started to burn again as some person he had no idea who she was suddenly entered, he didn't understand why the mark on his arm suddenly started to burn again but it felt like his arm was on fire even though the atmosphere around him was as cold as ice, he pulled his sleeve up and removed the bandage wrap he had around it and put it under the water at the fountain.
  14. Lila froze just before reaching the computers, the runes were beginning to react to others runes, so Lila looked about curiously. She couldn't see a single person who would catch her attention, so she pulled her long black hair up into a ponytail, using the hair elastic that was around her wrist to keep it in place. It took a minute for the runes to calm down before she could sit down at the computer.
  15. Kurayuki started to pant from the burning though it slowly faded until he started to head back to the computer he had been using, which just his luck was the seat across from the one that Lila was sitting in and he groaned in pain again gripping his arm. "Damn it.. what is this burning from?.. What is this anyway?.." He asked himself whispering lowly, though it was silent in the library so anyone near probably could have heard him if they were listening to their surroundings.
  16. Lila looked up briefly, and then back down at her computer, before stopping, and jumping up. She rushed around the desks, and then grabbed onto Kurayuki's arm,and stared at the rune on his arm. "When did you get this?" she asked, almost demanding.
  17. "I just got it today.. it's burning like hell.. what is this?.. its been burning since I got here.. I just came over from over seas.. I didn't have it before I woke up this morning.." He said as he seemed to be in pain his arm felt like it was on fire as he looked at this woman though the atmosphere around him was cold. "Who are you?.. What do you know of this thing on my arm?.." He asked as it seemed to get even hotter with her closer. "Are you doing this to me?.." He asked her as his arm seemed to tremble slightly from the burning feeling.
  18. "My name is Lila Greene, and that." she points at the rune, "Is a rune, it means you have the ability to shape your element with different powers... Now you can create it, not just mold it into being... Your what's called a rune. It appears that my runes,are reacting with yours..."
  19. "Well.. how do we get them to stop? It burns.." He said to her and made his hand cooler placing it on his rune. "Not even trying to cool it down with cold seems to work right now.." He said looking at her and bit his lip trying to relax.
  20. Lila glanced at his lip, and then dropped her gaze to the floor raising her index finger slightly as if trying to write out imaginary words or numbers as she became lost in thought. It took several minutes for her to respond. " The only way they would be doing this is for a special reason... What element do you control?" she asked curiosly slowly playing with her fingers out of nervousness, several sparks flying.