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    {Me and Kat}

    Name: Karmin Durella
    Age: 18
    Karmin loves the woods. One day she was hunting and came across a grand prize. A Black Colored Buck. She pulled back an arrow and lined her shot. "Perfect." But, someone scared it off. Over in the brush she saw someone they looked frightened. She walked over cautiously to them, pointing the bow at their head the whole time.
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  2. Name: Ana Rosemelia
    She had finally escaped that wretched prison after a year of imprisonment. She darted through the woods in a black and white striped prison outfit. Her long brown hair flowed gracefully as she moved. Then she spotted a blonde haired hunter. She crouched down, but it was already to late. The woman's arrow was pointed directly at her as she drew near. She looked up at this blonde haired huntress with frightened blue eyes. Was she going to die so shortly after making her daring escape? The sound of the guards and vicious dogs could be heard in the distance as they grew a little closer with each moment. Ana looked in the direction of the noises then darted her head back to face the woman. "please...I don't have time for this." She whispered as quietly as she could manage while still being audible.
  3. Karmin sighed she pulled three arrows out of her quiver. "Just die already." She shot all of the guards and dogs. "Come on." She pulled the prisoner to a waterfall and kicked her off. She jumped after her. Karmin had her fingers crossed. A portal opened below them. "Yes!" Everything was pitch black in the portal. When they came out the prisoner landed in Karmin's hand. "Welcome to my humble abode."
  4. For a moment Ana was absolutely convinced that she was going to die. She closed her eyes only to hear the sound of the guards choking on their own blood, and the dogs yelping. Opening her eyes she stared wide eyed at the huntress then found herself being pulled to a waterfall. Closing her eyes tightly once more she clenched her jaw once again preparing to die, but instead she found herself in an interesting looking home. She stood up straight and looked around. Her breathing was heavy considering how fast everything just happened. "" She caught her breath and then tried to speak again. "who are you then?" She asked trying not to sound rude.
  5. Karmin took a dagger to the prisoners throat "Who are you? Don't you think that's a better question?"
  6. Instinctively Ana backed away from the dagger. Suddenly she felt more pissed off than anything. She never asked to be saved, but she was still thankful this woman helped her to get away. "Ana...Ana Rosemelia...could you please put that thing away? Someone could get hurt." She looked directly into the blue eyes of her unexpected savior, not breaking contact for even a second.
  7. Karmin felt threatened. She holstered her dagger. "My name is Karmin. Karmin Durella. Why are you running from the guards?" Karmin walked over to an alchemist table and began fixing her bow "Well?"
  8. Ana took a deep breath feeling relieved now that there were no weapons being pointed at her. She looked around, but remained where she was. "I escaped from the prison, why else. Nice to meet you by the way." She took a look at her prison clothes and just knew she'd have to get her regular clothes at some point. Mostly because she didn't want everyone she came into contact with to know she came from the prison, and also for her own comfort.
  9. "Well then." Karmin got up and walked to a blank wall in the room. She pulled it over. "Welcome to the Underground." A large city could be seen. bustling with all sorts of people. Wizards, Knights, Thieves. "This is where all of the "innocents" go for peace."
  10. Ana took a few steps toward the wall as it was opened. Her blue eyes brightened and a large smile came to her face. "wow. It all looks so exciting." If she had a tail it would be wagging. Her eyes darted from one place to another. She hadn't seen anything so colorful, and full of life since she went behind bars.
  11. Karmin pushed her through and shut the wall behind her. "I'll show you around." Karmin took Ana's hand. Their first stop? Something to eat. "This is Miguel's Tavern. Best food I ever had." They walked in the door and everyone shouted Karmin's name."I'm a little popular here." A man ran outside and shouted Karmin's back. "So, I'm a bit renown." Miguel came over to Ana "Well you sure have found yourself a friend. How'd she save you." A guy shouted she kicked me in a volcano. Another popped up saying he was thrown at a tree. "Shush you numbskulls. Now then, How did she scare the crap out of you."
  12. Ana felt a little shy, but kept her head held high and kept alert. She fallowed Karmin into the unfamiliar restaurant. She wasn't terribly surprised that Karmin was well know, but she wasn't expecting anything like this. Ana looked around, her head spinning for a moment with all of the people calling out. "well...I got closely acquainted with the point of her arrow before she introduced herself." Ana raised her eyebrow glancing at Karmin with a small smirk on her lips.
  13. Karmin looked at Ana with a deathly grin. Don't screw up Ana... Miguel urged Ana to go on.
  14. Ana couldn't help but giggle at the deathly grin that was given to her. While her eyes said don't worry I'm not stupid. She wasn't going to go into detail or anything. She looked back to Miguel who wanted her to continue. "well, in the end she helped me get away from some brutes that were chasing me" Ana figured it would be obvious as to where she had run away from, but she honestly didn't want to talk about it right now.
  15. Karmin had the Not what I had in mind smile on her face. The men booed and sighed. "I kicked her off a waterfall." The men started applauding. Miguel turned to Ana. "You must be hungry huh?" He threw a portion of roast beef at her table.
  16. She sighed and rolled her eyes having completely forgotten about that. Frankly she wanted to forget that completely. It was the single most terrifying moment of her life, so far. Once that meat was put in front of her she almost couldn't believe it. She hadn't smelled, let alone ate really good meat in a year. She smiled sweetly at Miguel. "thanks." Picking up a fork and knife that was at the table, she cut it up, and started to eat. God this was really good food.
  17. "Well then Ana when your done eating we'll visit the different shops here." Karmin plucked her bow waiting for Ana.
  18. She simply nodded in response to Karmin. It didn't take her long to finish up her food. She thanked Miguel again, and then stood up. Knowing Karmin probably wanted to get going. They walked out together and Ana fallowed Karmin to where ever it was she was leading them. "you were right about the food. I haven't eaten that well for quite some time."
  19. "Well the man was a master chef until he got into a fight with his boss's wife. But, Yeah were headed to the clothing shop to find you a new wardrobe. Those colors look terrible on you." Karmin scurried along with Ana to the front of the shop. "This is a friend of mines store. Behave yourself. You can find the dressing rooms in the back. I'll be here at the front."
  20. "Yeah, thanks I know that" Ana just wasn't the type for black and white clothing in general. She preferred colorful things, especially purple. When they came up to the shop she peered inside, and fallowed Karmin in. "What makes you think I won't behave?" She winked at Karmin. With that she walked off wondering how she was even supposed to pay for anything if she had no money. Looking over the clothes she was waiting for something to jump out at her.
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