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    Name: Naomi
    Mutation: A demon spirit that lives within her give her brute strength and dexterity. she can move very swiftly from place to place, almost as if she were teleporting, when angered he body changes into the demon that lives within her, over the years she has learned to control this demon, this demon has the appearance of a wolf. when the demon does take over her mind and not her body, she is turns into a basic slut.
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    Naomi, was a mutant, not like most though she was created in a lab or sorts. when she was a child her mother was said to be possessed, with the most awful of demonic spirits. So her church, thinking they had all the power, attempted an exorcism on her mother. However they were unaware how close by Naomi was. as the demon left her mother it entered Naomi, turning her into the wolf that she now can be at whim. The demon killed her mother and most of those performing the exorcism, the demon, who goes by the name of Ardat Lili (or Lily), left the priest however alive for him to watch as this small girl she now possessed lived her life with a demon controlling her every action, and making her life a living hell, reminding him each and every day of the failure he had been. the priest quit the church and kept Naomi as his own daughter, as her father had been killed by the demon, Naomi, grew in the church having every day knowledge pounded into her brain if the demon that now lived inside her. When Naomi turned 16 she joined a public school, being picked on her first year as a highschooler, Naomi was kicked out when the demon exposed herself as the wolf and killed half the school. Naomi and her father were forced to leave the country and now live in the backwoods of Romania. where she attends school as if she were a normal teenager.

    "Dad, I don't care about any of this demon bullshit anymore, I'm not wearing that stupid necklace!" Naomi yelled as she walked out the front door to begin her journey to school. Her father rushed out after her screaming. "If you don't she will take control over you forever." Naomi's father knew little about Naomi's connection with the demon, how the demon had grown a fondness of Namoi and wished not to harm her, for now. But nonetheless Naomi followed her Father's wishes and turned back towards the house snatching the necklace from his hand and sliding it over her head and around her neck. "There happy?" Naomi's father smiled and nodded. Naomi saw the worry in his eyes and hugged him. "I'll be alright dad. I love you." Naomi knew he wasn't her real father, but he was all she had. Her father hugged her back returning the "I love you" and sent her on her way. Naomi started to walk but it eventually turned into her jumping ahead in a blur towards the school, thanks to Lilly. As Naomi approached the school she almost ran into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry." she said as she moved out of the way of the boy that stood in front of her. 'That boys like you Naomi.' Lily hissed as Naomi continued into the school. 'yea I know Lilly, you only tell me everytime I walk by him in the hall, what's your deal, you want in his pants or something?' Naomi felt a smack to the back of her head, but it was just Lily giving off the illusion of the pain. 'no! I just think you should know your not alone.' Naomi chuckled. 'I know I'm not alone I have you....I'm never alone.' Naomi approached her locker and grabbed her stuff for class. She didn't have friends so socializing wasn't part of her morning. as Naomi entered her first class. "Greek mythology" she sat in the back corner, where she had sat since the beggining of the year, the teachers liked her there just as much as Naomi liked being there.
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    Name: Michael " Demon-arm " Wraith
    Age: 18
    Mutation: After his harsh experiences with the cold hearted experiments of his father and his cult, they successfully put the energy of a demon inside a person. This person can use this The user has a physical manifestation demonic power, which grants various abilities. the user may have other abilities depending of what kind of demon powers the Arm. He uses the demon energy of demonic fire or more known as Hellfire, He had been cursed with this and has been able to turn into a full on demon morph that looks like
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    He looks like that but the whole body is nothing but a black fire mass with red eyes.

    Michael was a mutant also, he was conducted through ancient alchemy and magic. As a boy growing up in New York he had to get ready quickly with his life which wasn't to great, His father wasn't his real father. He was taken from an orphanage thinking he was going to a great home, But that was a lie a good lie at that too. The first day he was brought to a barn and tied up in chains and left there for 5 days without food, This was the starvation time lapse for the ritual. His body was supposedly cleansed of all earthly realmed contaminants, He was lifted by the chains to his knees were his arms were suspended above him. They then set a book down on the ground and began chanting, The chants grew louder and the earth shook a glowing circle with inscribes on it light up around Michael. Michael tried to scream but he couldn't there was no energy left in his body he couldn't fight it either. When they rose the demon it roared at them and then attacked Michael head on. It jumped into his body and began fighting Michael on the inside..but Michael was a fighter a strong Fighter with a strong mind, He fought that beast for his body and won. When Michael opened his eyes he stood up from the ground his eyes turning from Blue to Crimson and staying there, He then yanked the chains off his body. He began walking over towards his fake father and striked him in the face, He set his father a blaze with such move. Michael arm was on fire in the shape of a gauntlet. He smirked as he began setting the whole barn and everyone on fire, He walked out the barn and was sitting inside it when the fire department and the police came. He came out of the fire and the Fire department hit him with did slowly began putting him out, He fell to his knees and was immediately hit with another hose. He was put out, But all he remembers after that was waking up in Romania somewhere...he was living with some family...some people he didn't know...all he new was "Soon" was a warning that he heard before he was sent to Romania.

    Ugh morning what a fucking day this was, He could barley sleep he felt like he was on fire all night. He rose from his bed a bit melancholy and jumped onto the floor, He shook his body a bit to get rid of the fire like feeling. Being an outcast was harsh on him and he often had nightmares which sparked his powers, But he went and got in the shower letting the cold water hit his body causing steam to rise off of his body. He sighed a bit and washed himself up and got out within 10 minutes, He walked to the sink and was rubbing his hair off when he looked down and saw his turtle crawling slowly across the floor. He picked him up and put him on his shoulder, the turtle made a small noise and he laughed walking into his room sliding on his clothes. He set the turtle in its tank and put some food in there, he walked down the way and began rushing out the house. He didn't talk to his family and immediately began to run, he moved fast due to his increase strength but he was then interrupted when he was in school by a girl. He stumbled a bit and gave her a smile as she passed by him again like she always did, He was so interested in her she was so amazing so..OW! he walked right into a opening locker and grappled his nose. He walked into Greek Mythology class holding his nose and taking his seat in the corner of the class by the window, he hadn't yet noticed her in his class.
  3. Naomi sat in the back of the class doodling and talking with Lily as the class filled with students. Naomi glanced up as she heard a girl mumble something about a boy in her spot. She looked in the opposite corner of the room and chuckled. 'you know Lily, he really isn't that bad looking.' Naomi bit her pencil as she "checked him out" Realizing how her staring was probably insanely obvious she stopped and returned to doodling. 'Why do you think i find him so interesting, I mean can you imagine what he would do to your bo-' 'LILY!' Naomi yelled mentally at Lily. 'God you're such a slut.' Lily chuckled inside Naomi, but it sounded like it was a loud cackle right behind her ear. 'No I am a succubus, there is a difference darling. didn't daddy teach you that?' Naomi rolled her eyes and mumbled. "Shut up!" or at least she thought she did. "excuse me Naomi but telling your teacher to "shut up" is not a very wise decision. now if you would please pay attention." Naomi sank in her chair, pulling her hair over her shoulder and letting it slide over her chest and over one of her eye's. "sorry ma'am" Naomi stared at the teacher for a little while then found her gaze move towards the boy in the corner of the room. 'well damn...' Naomi thought to herself as she realized she was biting her pencil again. 'Thanks Lily.' Lily giggled proud of herself.
  4. He looked up when the teacher began talking to Naomi, he rubbed his head and then looked over in her area were she was sitting. His eyes staring at her before she looked at him, He fixed his shirt and rubbed his nose again. But then she looked over at him and bit her pencil, His heart fluttered a bit and his eye dilated a bit. He smirked as she looked at her and gave a small cute wave, and then looked back at the front of the class shaking his head saying in his head Smooth move dipshit. He smirked as he picked up his pencil and was writing in his notebook when a girl came over to him and said " Excuse me your in my seat kid " He looked up with a small smirk and nodded at her saying " Your seat? im sorry princess " She smiled and thought he was going to get up but he didnt. " But my princess you do not out rank your king now go sit down " She looked at him and scoffed saying " Your nothing but a freak " She flicked her hair and turned away walking to another seat snickering with her friends. Michael gripped his seat as he tried to stay calm, His body steamed a bit from his shoulders but he noticed it and began calming it down again. Not today Michael NOT! today.
  5. Namoi quickly looked away as he waved looking down at her notebook. 'shit he saw me staring, ugh im such a freak.' Lily grunted and sent another pain in the back of Naomi's head. 'you're not a freak child you're just a bad flirt, let me do it.' Naomi felt Lily start to take over, she tried to hold her in, but Lily was persistent. 'Lily! stop no!' Lily kept fighting Naomi, she hasn't fought this hard for a long time, why today why? Naomi couldn't fight it any longer so standing quickly she went to leave but the teacher had to be a dip shit. "Uhm excuse me Naomi, but sit back down." Lily had taken control and she whipped around and smiled at the teacher. "Oh shut up cunt! I'll go wherever I want." Lily whipped back around and smirked at the boy in the corner and slowly slide her tongue across her upper lip, winking Naomi took control of her body back and left the classroom. Lily cackling and Naomi cursing under her breath. 'God, Lily your going to get me in trouble. Naomi stood before turning a corner, she heard some teachers talking and she wasn't really supossed to be out of class. "So did you hear about that new law that was passed?" "No what about it?" "They passed a law regarding the mutants, now if you see one its a law to kill them on sight, and if you know of one, you can turn it it to the government for testing." Naomi filled with rage as did Lily. 'They think they can kill us hahaha those fools I'll show them.' Naomi's eyes went red and she felt her body start to contort and change. "NOO-AHHHHH" her yell echoed through the halls and into glass rooms, turning into a growl, her demon wolf taking form and running around the corner, jumping on the teachers and tearing them to shreds, blood splattering across the walls and down the hall. The wolf howled and ran through the halls. Students in the hall screamed as they saw her. Teachers in nearby classrooms ran to other classrooms telling teachers. One teacher ran into her Greek mythology class. "There is a mutant lose in the school, I believe its a student, we have to kill it. there's already teachers going after it, this thing is massive." The teacher looked around the class. "Go home students. NOW!" Naomi ran through the halls the demon wolf still in a rage. the walls were covered in blood from innocent bystanders. naomi steered the wolf out of the school and into the woods behind the school. Breaking small trees and leaving claw marks on the trees that she almost ran into.
  6. the fuck did they know? about me no not about me...who could it fucking be he said to himself in his head, the teachers freaking out and he stood up from his desk as a student ran into him screaming " Help me! " He looked at her and shoved her out of the way walking out into the hallways, but then he was bombarded by a fist from behind him. He fell agaisnt the lockers it was one of his friends who new he was a mutant he shouted at him and said " YOU MUTANT! ILL KILL YOU! " he looked at everyone who began to slowly embark on his position. He stood up from the floor and smirked looking at them and said " Do you all wish to die then? IS THAT IT? YOU WANT SOME OF THE DEMONIC HELLFIRE! IS THAT IT! COME AND GET IT THEN! " His hair fluttering upwards with the uproar of energies flowing around his body, his whole eyes turning a bright red as they students began running at him. He caught a fist and broke it out of the way causing the kids arm to break out of his skin, he then spun around and hit a teacher in the face with a fist causing the teacher to spiral back. He then was being pushed back agaisnt the lockers even more by the oncoming horde, He then bursted his arms into flames causing the students to jump back. He had no more remorse, He tossed the fire ball into the crowd of people setting them ablaze. He was reckless a rough and tough fireball waiting to explode, He set fire to the school as he ran down the hall. He was throwing fireballs laughing, He then began following some weird scratch marks. He was moving fast like a blaze would his legs carrying him actually fast, He was rushing through the forest when he calmed his flames and was following these weird claw marks. He continued to follow them until he saw something in the distance is that a wolf he thought to himself, He said it to himself as he slowly began approaching the wolf saying " Ey Furball what ar ye doin? " He spoke in a weird idiotic Romanian accent, His voice harsh but had a bit of sincere in the back of it. For if it was a mutant he would have to help the wolf out but if it was not well then its another fight for him.
  7. Naomi had started to calm the wolf as she ventured farther into the woods, stopping to cathc her breath and continue to calm the beast she heard a voice behind her, whipping her head around and baring her teeth. She noticed it was another mutant. closing her mouth and calming down fully she felt herself start to change back. The girl that once had control came back, the clothes that once covered her body still remained. small tears here and there. Collapsing on the forest floor onto her knees she held her head. "Goddamn Lily!" Naomi mumbled. 'Not my fault, you can't control your anger.' Naomi stood and started to walk away, her head was pounding and these woods were hot as fuck. Turning her hand into the paw of the wolf she cut her jeans into small shorts, ripping the remaining fabric off her legs and throwing them to the side. walking deeper into the woods, it started to cool down.
  8. " Hey! " He continued walking after her not letting her leave his sight " Did you kill all those people back there? " He kept leaping after he keeping up with her as best as he could, His hair fluttering behind him as his energies continued to flow. He looked at her Ass like a normal guy would but focused on her again...who was lily? who is she talking to there is no one else around and damn she cut her pants shorter....oohh... He snapped back into reality and realised he was hot to. But she wasnt the only one who can look good in the forest to, He removed his shirt and tied it around his head like a turban. He smiled thinking it was funny but continued on following her.
  9. Naomi Continued walked but realized he was following her, she stopped and looked at him. "Listen dude, can you just-" Naomi stopped mid sentence and stared at his shirtless body. "Uhm, cool off okay your energy is making me want to take my clothes off, seriously. calm your energy and then we'll talk. and were not in iraq, take off the turban." naomi chuckled and turned back walking further into the forest until she came to a very small clearing the sun shined down and a breeze fluttered through the trees. Naomi rolled her shirt up and tucked into the underwire of her bra so her stomach was reviled. she always got hot like this after changing, and it didn't help that Lily was a horndog. "Lily, Oh my god stop it!!" Lily kept quite, slowly starting to calm herself, very slowly. " Oh my god Ardat Lili if you don't calm your tits I'm going to scream." Naomi only called Lily by her full name when she was serious. Turning and looking back at The kid with insane energy flow she smiled. "Hi I'm Naomi and I'm not crazy I just have a demon living inside me that finds you really attractive and yea I killed all those people, sorry bought the mess. Nice to met you." Naomi was a very blunt person and she liked herself that way. Putting her hand out to shake his with a smile on her face.
  10. He laughed as she made the comment about iraq, his energies then calming down as he followed her and walked admiring her a bit. he then noticed the clearing and her rolling up her clothes, she started saying something he couldnt hear her. But he did take the shirt off his head and hung it from his shoulder, He placed his thumb into his pocket and leaned his body a bit still looking at her his crimson eye's scanning her. He then smiled when she said Her name and then the grin got wider when she said attractive. He spoke to himself in his head wow she found you attractive good job bud! wow im lame he then came back to reality and said " Im Michael " His hand grabbed her and shook it " And dont worry i killed a few to...but...your mutant so much...more...amazing than mine " He continued to think about how cool it must be to become an animal, All he turns into is a searing fireman.
  11. Naomi laughed. "yea cool, it's hot as fuck right? sucks that thing has more body heat then your flaming everything." Naomi chuckled. "And thats even the worst part, you just got that right? Well i got that beast and a slutty demon lady. Oh yeah I'm real amazing." Naomi laughed and looked at Michael's shirtless body to, smirking and biting her lip. 'Damn Lily stop it.' Naomi smiled at Michael and laid on the ground. "so uhm people kinda want us dead." Naomi said staring up at the sky.
  12. " Heh a slutty demon doesn't sound to bad " He smirked and ran his hand through his hair letting himself cool down from the humid sticky forest air, he realized he was sweating more than usual. He looked at her and said " Yeah i expected that they want us was only a matter of time " He looked at her while she was laying down and stared at her figure. He walked over slowly and crouched in front of her and said " So since were both mutant's trying to survive in this world...why dont we team up? " He a small smile on his face as he brushed some hair out of his eyes.
  13. Naomi looked at him as he crouched next to her. "sure why not, nobody wants to die alone after all." Naomi chuckled. she was about to say something more but her heightened hearing picked up the sound of a mosh of people coming into the forest. Out of reflex she grabbed his hand and started running through the forest, it got hotter as she ran. Once again she was in her wolf form and she had thrown him onto her back, she was faster most likely anyways. she didnt have the energy to fight again and running deeper seemed like the only thing she had energy for at them moment.
  14. He held onto her fur as she began running away from the old fashioned angry mob, He looked back and then sat up on her back saying. " THIS IS AWESOME! " he opened his arms up letting the wind hit him, he then ducked under a branch and put his face to the soft fur letting a sigh escape his mouth. He then snapped back to realization and said " Can we stop at my house i need to grab a few things " His eyes scanning around for anyone who may of been able to keep up.
  15. Naomi laughed and shook her head as Michael lifted his arms and took in the breeze. Smiling as he buried his face in her fur. Naomi grunted as she continued running as a way to say yes to stopping at his house. Naomi continued running in the same direction, she didn't know where he lived and the only other place she knew of that was safe to go at the moment was her fathers. Naomi continued running, swiftly moving in and out of the way of trees. She soon reached another clearing that opened out into a field and a small dirt path, at the end of the path laid her home. She could smell the sweet scent of holy water that laid around her house. Lily hated the smell but she had grown immune to it. Naomi continued running towards the house stopping as she reached the line of holy water. Standing and returning to her normal self. "There is a line of Holy water the lays around the entire house, so you might not be able to enter, but my father is inside and i gotta tell him what's going on, they will follow my tracks so holler if you hear or see anything." with that Naomi left Micheal side and went inside. Her father was sitting on the couch praying. "Father we have to leave. Now!" Naomi said grabbing his jacket. Her father looked at her, he could see the worry on her face. "What has Lily done now?" Naomi chuckled. "Nothing this was all me. They government passed a new law, all mutated people or "beings" must be killed on sight, and I am assuming that means all that accompany them as well so we have to leave father." Naomi said looking at her father, hoping he would leave with her.
  16. He was standing outside when he heard some shouts coming from the woods, He frowned a bit and knelled down to the earth. He touched it slowly and closed his eyes, A small burst of wind came from the floor and spread outwards he used this as a tracking or binocular advantage. He forced heated waves from his body and expanded them across the way it acts as a radar, if the heat hit something it bounces back signals of a different heat temperature and makes a map in his head which he see's. He stands up and sighs shouting back at the house saying " There coming! " He turned back around and opened his arms up letting the heat flow on his body, His eyes scanning the area as he felt them closing in on there position. He then heard a voice say " Kill em...Kill em all are the Demon-arm...KILL EM ALL! " his arms slowly begun to engulf in flames as he heard cursing and rushing of feet get closer. He shook his head trying to stay calm, he didnt want to harm innocent people. These innocent brainwashed people, they were only doing this because they were different because they new if they ridded the world of these cursed demons they could rest more easily at night. But no Im human, im human im just more different than others. Everyone is different he then shouted out " EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! " a man came flying through a brush and he tossed fire right at the man, The fire hit the man and he fell to the ground rolling trying to put the fire that was engulfing him out. Michael stood there watching as people slowly came through the forest with a bit of fright in there eyes.
  17. Naomi stood inside the house. she heard Michael scream, looking at her father. "we have to leave now!" Naomi screamed at her father. Her father stood there blank faced then moved coming towards the front door and looking out of the window, He saw Michael and what he had done. "Naomi those are innocent people, they don't know what they are doing and you're killing them." Naomi didn't have time for her father's speech. "Dad I know and I also know this is my fault considering i killed them first but we have to leave now you can lecture me later." Naomi grabbed her father and dragged him out of the house onto the front porch. 'Let me have some fun Naomi' Lily asked from inside Naomi's mind. Naomi agreed she didn't have the energy to become the wolf again and Lily loved this kind of thing. Lily took over Naomi's mind and body with ease. "Mmm this feels nice, well lets have some fun shall we." a woman ran towards Lily with a blade and Lily pulled her spirit out of Naomi's body and into the woman's killing her mind then ripping her body apart from the inside. returning to Naomi's body. This continued for some time until the mob grew larger and larger. Naomi looked back at her father with worry. Her father approached her. "Go Naomi, Lily will keep you safe, and your a big girl now you don't need me around, im not your father anyways." Naomi's eyes started to water. "No dad you have to come with me i need you." Naomi's father shook his head. "You don't, I can keep them back for a little while. now go Naomi, you of all mutants need to survive." Naomi's father looked at Michael. "get her out of here and no matter what she does, don't let her come back for me." Naomi tried to pull at her father but he pushed her away and backed away closer to the on coming mob. "Go Now!"
  18. He had his hand on a mans face who was on his knee's, The man was screaming in pain as his face began to melt. But Michael was brought back down to the world by Naomi's father yelling, he turned around and nodded to him and began walking towards her. He crossed the holy water line and he just shouted in pain " AGHH! " he grasped his chest and kept walking forward, He forced himself through the holy grounds reaching Naomi. He wrapped his arm around her waist and began rushing away from the area, As he made it out the holy land he looked at the people converging on them quick. It was his turn to get them somewhere fast, so he nodded to her father giving him the ultimate respect. And wrapped both arms around Naomi's waist, He lept forward and his legs began emmitting a steady stream of fire. They began being propelled through the air like a rocket, He was soaring through the sky leaving a small smoke trail that quickly began to evaporate away. They were flying atleast 30 mph, When he noticed his house down below. He soared down towards it saying " We have to stop here real quick " He was flying towards the house when he stopped the flow of fire about 10 ft from the ground. He began soaring down picking up small speed until his feet landed on the floor and he was crouching, He continued to bring her into the house and lock the door just incase she tried to rush back to her father. He smirked and said " Welcome to my domain " He looked around for his parents but he didnt see them..they were probably shopping.
  19. Naomi screamed as she was pulled away trying to fight back with the little amount of energy she had left in her. Tears streamed down her face and as they got further away Naomi heard a loud boom and knew that it was her fathers home being destroyed. as they landed at Michael's house Naomi tried to run back but it was useless she was dragged into his house and locked inside. "you Idiot. My father is dead now, i could have saved him." naomi said as she pounded against his chest, tears still streaming from her eyes. she soon gave up and just cried on Michael's chest, breathing heavily. "I-I could have saved him..." Naomi said into Michael's chest. After a few moments Naomi backed away and leaned against the door, her father was dead now and she had to move on. "where are your parents? You should probably tell them what's going on.." Naomi said as she looked at Michael, her eyes red.
  20. He just felt bad for her loosing your parents is the worst feeling possible but what could he do now? just keep her safe was the only thing in the back of his mind at the moment until he heard rushing of feet. He turned around and grabbed a hand with a knife in it, it was his "father" Michael looked at him with sympathy in his eyes and said " I new from day one that you guys were just like the rest " Michael slowly began to crush his fake fathers wrist. His father fell to his knees and Michael put his foot on his fathers face and said " Goodbye " he shoved his foot into his fathers face sending his head rattling back and hitting the floor knocking him unconscious. he then looked up to his mother who was holding a shotgun in her hand, He raised his arms up into the air and slowly began walking towards her. " Mom...dont do your son...i love you " She began lowering the gun and he snatched it from her, He sent his hand forth and grabbed her by the arm also. He shoved her back into the kitchen were she toppled over and stayed on the floor. He rushed up to his room and grabbed a duffle bag stuffing stuff into it, He came down stairs with a turtle on his shoulder saying " Sheldon this is Naomi, Naomi this is Sheldon " Sheldon made a small squeaky turtle noise and Michael chuckled. He then took hold of Naomi's hand and opened the door, He lead her outside and walked towards the garage on the side of there house. He opened it up and said " if we travel like normal people...they cant tell where we are " As the garage door came up there was a Kawasaki ninja black version sitting on hits stand. He walked up to it and rubbed his hand along it saying " lets go " He jumped on it and awaited for her to do the same.
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