Royal blood will spill! [Dark Fantasy RP]

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  1. Royal blood will spill! |
    Royal blood will spill! [OOC] | - OOC

    [Tl'DR at bottom]

    Our little story takes place in a land known as "Alderia", a land ruled over by hundreds of Human and Elven Royal Houses who have waged war on one another for centuries, trapped forever in a never ending Stalemate, wasting resources and sending both the young and old ot their doom..For what you may ask? Pride, theses lords wanted nothing more than power and respect, fighting anyone they deemed weaker than them simply to rub their ego. Lords who showed even the little bit of compassion would be targeted by neighboring kingdoms and usually be wiped out, any sign of weakness is acted on to hopefully end this stalemate that has prevented any progress.

    THis war was simply called "The Vanity war" and was only the first chapter in this chaos, the next chapter was only far more troubling than the first. You see, the Vanity war is what caused this; with all the resources beign drained at a futile cause a shortage in troops began with lords being unable to crate armies capable to take on a garrison and have enough troops to defend their territory at the same time. They began conscripting villages at a rate that began a uproar int he community, the lower class citizens have had enough of being forced into this foolish war of theirs and gain nothing but a dead son or father.

    Due to this shortage of military power, bands of mercenaries comprised of mostly armed peasants trained by AWOL soldiers start appearing in the thousands across the realm from all races and cultures, this is infamously known as "The War of Fortune" due to every battle in this war being fought by mercenary groups.

    The royalty of the realm only saw them as ungrateful peons trying to "move up" in this world rather than stay in their modest lifestyle..But they needed troops and if theses people are willing to kill themselves for a few coin, why not? So the nobility play along and even offers some groups their own land if they work for them, maybe even make them royal knights if they prove their worth. So they sent them to fight their vanity war and kept their actual troops inside their walls for their protection.

    To say the least theses rulers never kept their promises and ended up slaughtering entire bands when they come to receive their reward, refusing to honor their agreement and pay up to some lowly peasants. Of course this does not end well and they realize the error of their ways and see that they are without a army again.

    Then one of the more influence rulers of the realm, King Hale IV, a human ruler then called for a end to this chaos among each, to put a end to the slaughtering of their people that their foolish ancestors put them in. The various empires and kingdoms agree to this and wish to try for a era of peace. but they want to make it spectacular , not just some verbal agreement among messengers. No what they wanted this to be a amazing event. A grand citadel was constructed smack dab int he middle of the continent of Alderia, After its construction each royal house would send their son or daughter as a envoy to a gathering held in this citadel, each accompanied by a hundred royal knights each to the grand structure to sign a peace treaty on behalf of their nation...In their own blood, as a sign how they will honor this agreement.

    But something goes horribly wrong...

    You see during the "War of Fortune" the people of Alderia stepped on the toes of a giant. West of Alderia is a continent not as large as Alderia..But despite its size there us a long history on this piece of land. This continent is known as "Celdrin" to the natives, the natives of this land were also caught up in their own war, but compared to the wars waging in Alderia, the wars in Celdrin were far "cleaner" and "Honorable" if there was ever such a thing.

    five factions are native of this land, children of each are bred for war and can't wait for the day they can fight. The Factions here did not fight for land or Vanity,they fought because they see it as the ultimate test of Skill, Discipline and honor. Everyone is trained for combat and those deemed "dishonorable" are enslaved to work on their farms to pay for their crimes and eventually upgrade from slave to a Laborer and live as a citizen with rights..banned forever from fighting however.

    The people of both Celdrin and Alderia have known about each others existence for awhile but never really bothered with each other during the "Vanity War", the Celdrin did not see it as their war and that they should stay on their land and keep to their honorable warfare, but they did however do trade with some of the rulers of this land for food and sometimes even purchase prisoners to work on their fields as slaves.

    However when the "War of fortune" comes around and see the need for mercenary bands as a "inventation" to be apart of the war, the five factions of Celdrin see the need to band together to combine their epic trained forces as one massive army to take on the larger war happening in Celdrin.

    They sent some of their best to Alderia to represent what true warriors look like, looking for honorable Combat and a fortune they make way to Alderia to take part int he epic battles they hear stories of that happened in Alderia. Sadly they did not get what they expected, they got battles but they fought against untrained peasants that used dishonorable tactics that sacked villages and are only doing this mercenary gig because they were mistreated by their former masters due to their corruption and their Vanity war.

    They were also betrayed by their employers, nobility saw them as equal to the mercenary bands made of peasants, and thus treated the same, not getting their end of the agreement and disrespected by the "Mighty" Royal bloodlines of the land.

    The forces of "The Celdrin Union" boil with disgust and anger at the of Alderia, labeling the royalty as "Dishonorable savages" that need to be put down, that plagued this land with their own selfish desires. A council meeting made of the leaders of the Five factions of the Celdrin Union to discuss a drastic move, to purge the land of Alderia of this "Royalty" and bring more "Civilized war" to Alderia. When they learn of the peace treaty signing in Alderia, the Union of Celdrin only want to destroy them more, seeing this as them trying to run away from their dishonorable actions for a few years before going back to their savage war.

    The Union of Celdrin does not even see this as them declaring war on Alderia..More like a "Purging" it and building on the ashes a new future. With the armies of Alderia small and feeble, and the well trained and massive horde belonging to Celdrin; its would be very easy to take them out. So they plan to make their mark and attack the Citadel after the signing of the treaty.

    "If they truly mean to stand together then let them show it."

    -Huan Irow's closing words before giving the signal to begin the invasion"

    Your role in this

    You are a member of one of the many many royal houses that populate Alderia, not just any member of course but you are the heir to the throne whatever it be Prince or Princess, you are sent to the middle of Alderia to attend a gathering to sign a peace treaty to bring in the first era of peace..In your blood.

    Why The heirs you may ask? Why in my blood? The land thinks it would be best if the next generation be the one sto sign it as it will be their responsibly to honor this treaty once they take their throne and to show how much this treaty means to them they will write it in the Royal blood that flows though their veins and makes them who they are.

    But....Tragedy strikes the gathering as a foreign faction known as "The Celdrin Union" launch a invasion on the Citadel to start their bloody campaign against the Royal class for their dishonor during "The war of Fortune"

    Their goal? To snuff out the royal class and build upon the ashes of Alderia a new warzone for honorable combat, to wipe it clean of all the dishonor.

    You and several other heirs meet up during the attack and must work together to escape the citadel alive, but your nightmare is far from over as you will all be in a brutal manhunt, bounties will be placed on your head and unsettling executions await you if caught

    You are all in this together...So work as a team and honor the treaty, or betray each other"


    Our little RP will take place in a land called "Alderia" a land that for centuries has been under constant war between thousands of Royal houses all trying to get one over their rivals for Pride and bragging rights. After constant warfare however the houses are at a critical state due to a lack of resources and call for a end to the violence and usher in a era of peace.

    You will take the role of a Royal heir sent to a peace gathering to sign a treaty on behalf of your house. But things don't go as plan as a Foreign faction known as "The Celdrin union" has raised and are looking to take advantage of the situation and wipe out all Royal houses and build apon the ashes a new world.

    You will be taken out of your luxurious life along with several others who are also a target in this ruthless manhunt, you can only trust each other as bounties has been placed on Royal heads by the Unions and former peasants are now turning away from their lords and embracing the Union

    But who knows? Maybe a heir holds some past transgressions against your house and may end up betraying you..
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