Rose's Request Thread (mxm and oirginal plots)

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  1. Hello and welcome to my request thread!
    So, let's start with an introduction shall we? My name's Kai but feel free to call me whatever you want. I'm a genderqueer asexual who's been roleplaying for a few years now.
    My post length usually isn't that long, maybe only a couple of paragraphs usually. I don't mind how much you post but one-liners are a bit of a pet peeve.
    I'm fine with smut but I'd rather have some plot to it as well. I'd like it if you asked before we did non consensual things. It'd also be good if you could ask before we do weird kinks too.
    Usually I can post at least once a day and more on weekends. I usually update my status if I'm going to be away for a short period of time and for longer ones, I'll probably PM you.
    My favourite genre is fantasy. It's difficult to get into a purely realistic roleplay for me unless it's a short term thing. I'm definitely open to short term roleplays too. It's always fun when you're roleplay has a firm direction and ending to look forward to :33

    Now that that's over, let's talk about you. I'm pretty sure what I'd like in a roleplay partner is pretty much the same as everyone else. Someone I can discuss a plot with who will contribute to it too. Someone with decent, readable grammar. Someone who respects my boundaries (not necessarily my characters though.) Someone who posts more than just a single line. Think you can do all that? Great!

    Moving onto the fun part!

    Generic Pairings

    Preferred roles are in red. None means I'll play either
    Newly turned vampire/Older Vampire
    Scientist/Merman(or anything else supernatural)
    Prince/Prince(or peasant)
    Witch/Witch Hunter

    If anything catches your attention, please PM me or leave a reply here :33
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  2. Im interested Alpha/Omega
    Father son
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  3. Hello, I'd be interested in either your Angel/demon or your incubus/human one .
  4. I like the werewolf and vampire idea.
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