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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Other species:
    1. Val
    Height and Weight: 0'0" 0 lbs.
    You are sent to a boarding school. On the outside, it seems like a regular school, but on the inside, it is full of some students who are not human, and some that are. When you walk in, you figure out you've been paired with a person of another race!
    You go to find a dorm and figure out all the spots are taken! The only spots left are in a co-ed dorm close to the school, called the Neko dorm. Now you and your partner are not only working together, you are living under the same roof! What will unfold as you just try to survive school.
    1. Follow all Iwaku Rules
    2. No mature romance! Fade to black! This is for all ages and romance. We don't need to see it here.
    3. Grammar. I swear to god if you don't even complete sentences, get out. Also, the password at the bottom is fake, the real password is not the one at the bottom, it is "Neko".
    4. 3rd person. Again, for the love of god, use third person.
    5. Be nice. Drama inside the Rp is fine, outside is off limits.
    6. One paragraph please
    7. Have fun!
    The password is "Dorm"
    Name: Valorie Trent
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Val is fierce to those who hate on her. She is used to having haters everywhere since she
    wears her anime addiction proud on her chest. If you can get past that, she is joking and she likes
    to give sarcastic remarks. But even deeper is a girl who was abused and hides her scars.
    Bio: She never talks about it
    Wears her collar to cover a scar.
    Height and Weight: 5'3" 115 lbs.​
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  2. Accepted
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  3. This sounds kinda interesting. I'll reserve a spot for a human, please.
  4. Can I reserve a spot for a non-human male?
  5. You may~
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  6. I'm almost done with the SU, just a quick question: would you prefer we use pictures of actual people or anime drawings?
  7. I honestly don't care. Use your preference. I simply do anime because I find pictures of that easier.
  8. Dorm.
    Nah, just kidding; Neko.​
    Name: Zane Welsch
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Most people identify Zane as the perfect example of a slacker. For that matter, he does too. Zane is a relaxed individual who prefers to lounge around doing whatever he wants rather than take on any sort of responsibility or work that others may require of him. He can actually do important things, provided he wants to. However, he has no ambition, goals, and next to no willpower, so he isn't very likely to take on anything of his own volition. He doesn't take life seriously at all, often stating that he's "long since given up on that shit". That said, he doesn't look down on those who do want to do something with their lives, nor does he admire them. He is content with accepting everyone for who they are and dealing with them the same way he does with everything else: passively.

    One might think someone of Zane's particular character would be a loner or a shut-in, but it is not so. Zane is fairly sociable and enjoys the company of others, despite being an introvert at heart. He won't bother trying to befriend people who look down on him for being who he is, but he gets along well with those who know how to deal with him. However, he has a strict policy against getting too close to anyone. He claims he wouldn't want to take on the responsibility that comes with being someone's close friend or boyfriend.

    Though Zane adamantly avoids having to put effort into most things, when he does, he's actually quite good at it. Whether it be sports (with some training perhaps), academics, or everyday tasks, he's able to perform them efficiently and effectively. Provided, of course, someone pushes him into it. Zane usually won't adhere to others' commands unless he has a reason to, even with authority figures. That said, he values his lifestyle very much, and will do whatever he needs to in order to protect it. Take away a valuable element of that lifestyle (say, his laptop or his xBox) and he's your pawn, albeit an unwilling one.

    Zane does attend class like everyone else, but only for two reasons: he likes to socialize every now and then, plus he likes to sleep. He has trouble getting to sleep on his own, and finds the teacher's boring lectures to be a soothing lullaby. He's knowledgeable enough to keep up with whatever assignments the teacher hands out, but makes sure to only do enough work to barely pass.

    Height and Weight: 6'6" and 179 lbs.​
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  9. Accepted!
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  10. Ooh,this sounds interesting~ I'll probably post a form tomorrow.Still undecided if I will go as human or not, but I'm definitely making a female character c:
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  11. Looks interesting, mind if I reserve a spot? (neko) If so, this'll be my first romance RP.
  12. Cool with me. But I might have to make a girl, or not, IDK.
  13. [​IMG]
    (ignore the bondage on her legs lol)
    Chantelle (shawn-tell)
    Age: 17
    Species: Elf
    Sexuality: Straight

    At first encounters, Chantelle can seem cold and intimidating.She speaks what she thinks,caring less if the person she's addressing it to is offended or not.She is a very strong girl in all fields--physical, attitude-wise, etc.She is independent, and she doesn't like asking for help even though she really needs it.Despite what seems like a fragile body,she can really blow some powerful punches and kicks that would leave a 2-week pain.She is not the most patient person either.She can get annoyed easily,and it usually leads up to her hitting the person who caused her annoyance.

    Chantelle isn't all that bad though.Truth is,she's actually sweet and caring.Although she punches and hits people around at times,and even though it's the most annoying person on Earth,she would automatically come to the rescue and will be 100% willing to risk her own life for them when they are in need.After showing people some act of kindness though,she starts to counter it with some coldness by insulting the person in some way.Chantelle can also be rather curious and naive,unsure of the ways of the other humans and non-humans,and this curiosity usually leads up to her expressing the much more softer side of her without her realizing it.

    -She can make wings appear behind her by will [image of wings]

    -Her field of magic orbits around Spell Casting(mostly but not limited to Healing Spells),Electricity Manipulation,and Shadow Manipulation

    -She actually has a 4th magic ability: Dark Magic.She does not like using this though,and she despises that side of her despite it being her most powerful form of magic.She tries to avoid exposing this magic out in public and she doesn't want anyone to know about it as much as possible.She considers this magic as her "last resort"

    -Somewhat ironically,she is afraid of the dark

    Height and Weight: 5'4" ; 118 lbs.

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  14. I'm interested, but I have a few questions.

    1- I would prefer to play a female character (hetero), but I can play male (probably hetero as well). Do you need me to?

    2- Under the other species category, would a Shifter be included?

    Shifter (open)
    A Shifter, in my case, is a being who can shift its form into any organism. It must have first had contact with this organism, or DNA of it, to shift to it. A Shifter absorbs a small amount of DNA from the organism and stores it in what is referred to as "The Deoxys Vault." (This is just something in their minds.) The shift can be modified. It doesn't have to be exactly as the organism the DNA was from, but it's harder to do. Experienced Shifters can change everything about the form. They just need a basis.
  15. hmmm. The shifter might be a bit Op, considering that it would be able to turn into any animal by just walking to the zoo. I will have to think about it, but in the mean time you can make a girl. And I will only have second characters as a last resort.

  16. Accepted!​
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  17. Wait @Haruka did you read the rules?
  18. @IceQueen lol yea just realized I didn't write neko on my form-- xD
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