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  1. UPDATE (BEING SLOW AS MOLASSE <3 But I still want to roleplay <3 )

    So I've been role playing for almost a year, but I use to write fan fictions and such. I consider myself not too bad considering I had many successful rolaplays with amazing roleplay friends! I am very social, so expect Private Messages and to be honest, my reply speed varies depending on the time of the year. If I will be absent for a while, I'll make sure to tell you in advance!

    Fair Warning! I am a multi pairing roleplayer. Expect at least four characters if not more in our roleplay! It's to keep it going and for my own enthusiasm~

    What I Expect From You Dear Friend
    - To be Active
    -Multi Para
    -Multi pairings
    - Aggressive and Passive occasionally
    - Adept and Creative :)


    My Fandoms

    -League of Legends
    -The Walking Dead

    - The 100
    -Death Note
    - Lost

    -Full Metal Alchemist
    -Avatar The Last Air Bender
    -Star Trek
    -Star Wars

    -Game of Thrones

    - Harry Potter
    - Avenger or Marvel

    My To Do List
    Imaginary Friend x Lonely person
    Band Member x Band Member
    Deaf Girl x Hearing guy
    Athletic Girl x Geeky Boy
    Geeky Girl x Athletic Boy
    New Girl x Guy (vice versa)
    Popular x Outcast
    Bad x Good
    Step Siblings ( not incest.)

    Online Relationship
    Abusive Boyfriend x Girlfriend
    Time Traveler X Normal
    Stripper/Prostitute x Lonely Guy
    Mob Member x Mob Leader's Daughter
    Country x City
    10 years, I'm back
    Wolf of Wall Street
    Mental Ill x Normal
    Arranged Marriage (Modern or Historical)
    Police Officer x Criminal
    Soldier x Nurse or Lover
    Rival Gang Members
    The American Dream

    Afterlife (Death Parade-ish)
    Romeo x Juliette
    Nazi Germany
    Greaser x Square (1950's)
    Survivor x Survivor
    Writer x Muse

    YOU SAY WHAT WHAT? bLuEs, you have more ideas? And have storylines that go with it? OMFG?

    And I say: I know i know, i'm awesome.
    Tehehe :heartbeat:
    • The Purge: Two individuals try to survive for twenty four hours in a chaotic and anarchist country.
    • The Viking: Basically a roleplay about Viking and their lifestyle etc.
    • The New World: About the colonization of America and it's people. Set during the thirteen colonies.
    • Schizophrenia: Muse A and Muse B have been together for almost two years now. Their relationship was always a little rocky, but they managed to talk about their next stepd: moving together. While Muse A is super excited about it, Muse B is really worried, because there is something A doesn‘t know about B. B suffers from schizophrenia. An now they want to move together Muse B acts more weird than usally.. Will A find out what B hides from him?

      It can be any other mental illness.

    • Nazi Germany: About two people living during that time.

    • Fake Marriage: Muse A is going to get deported unless they marry an American citizen. Muse B offers because what’s the worst that could happen? Until they realise being married to their best friend puts a massive downer on their love life…

    • Charity Work: Both Muses decide to do a marathon to raise money for charity, however, Muse A is completely out of shape and Muse B is forced to help train them. Is all the effort really worth it?

    • Bodyswap: Both muses swap bodies for 48 hours and have to struggle not to look at their friend’s junk in the shower, attend to their responsibilities, and maybe even go on a date with the others partner. Let’s just hope things don’t get too weird…

    • A Walk To Remember:
      Muse A is a popular bad boy everyone in school wants to date or be friends with. He’s breezing through high school not caring about grades or his future and just wanting to have a good time. Muse B is a church girl, quiet and soft spoken. They get straight A’s and participate in behind the scenes work in drama club. As a punishment, Muse A has to help the drama club in order to make it out of the 12thgrade. By chance, Muse A and Muse B get picked for the leads in the play. Muse B thinks Muse A is an overly confident jerk and Muse A thinks Muse B is a closet weirdo. However, when Muse A and Muse B run lines together after school, Muse B sees a different side of Muse A and realizes they have feelings for them. Muse B tells Muse A not to fall in love with them, though Muse A doesn’t understand why. After the play, Muse A expresses their feelings for Muse B. Muse B shares the same feelings but tells Muse A that they will only hurt them in the end. It isn’t until after an incident at school that Muse B tells Muse A they have cancer.

      Plot Twist 1: A jealous ex of Muse A assaults Muse B not knowing that they have cancer.
      Plot Twist 2: Muse B’s parent forbids them to see Muse A justifying it by saying they are trying to save Muse A’s heart.

    • Book Of Heartbreak:
      Muse A picks up a book in which Muse B is the main character. While reading the book, Muse A finds themself slowly getting more and more attached to Muse B, to the point where they consider themself in love with a character they deem fictional. When Muse A finishes the book they feel heartbroken. At night they dream of being with Muse B and during the day they are perfectly aware that that’s never going to happen. It’s tormenting Muse A.
      Possible continuations:

      One day Muse A meets someone who reminds them more and more of Muse B. Muse A is reluctant to start something, because they feel they can only be disappointed, until they realise that Muse B’s sibling is the writer of the book and their main inspiration was Muse B.
      Fuck the laws of science. Muse B suddenly turns up on Muse A’s doorstep, wondering where on earth they are.

    • Love Dearest: For a few years, Muse A and Muse B have been in a relationship but, as of late, it has seemed to be heading into a downwards spiral. Muse B has a drug and/or alcohol problem and refuses to get help. On top of this, both Muse A and B are having trouble holding jobs and Muse B seems to have all but given up, despite Muse A’s encouragement. Finally, Muse A delivers Muse B an ultimatum: get sober and actively look for a job of Muse A is leaving them.

    • Deadline Hell: Muse A is an uninspired writer. Broke, alcoholic, and on the verge of falling apart, he meets Muse B. His new Mona Lisa.

    • Rundown City: Muse A and Muse B met. Both are dirt poor and wish only one thing, to escape their cursed city.

    AU Worlds Ideas (Fandoms)
    • Disney AU: Tarzan, Frozen, Mulan, Little mermaid, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, and Beauty and the Beast.
    • The Walking Dead
    • Lost: Survived a plane crash in a supernatural island.
    • Grey's Anatomy or Dr.House
    • Marco Polo
    • Spartacus
    • Any TV Reality Show

    More Fantasy based
    • Exiled Realms of Tera: About a millennia ago two omnipotent titans Arun and Shara entered into formless voids and for reasons we can only guess, fell asleep.
      The titans started to dream. Dream of a world that took form on their backs known as Tera.
      The first beings to call Tera home were twelve godlike beings dreamt up by the titans, but it wasn't long before the gods started fighting.
      As the dream continued new creatures took place called mortals, they were less powerful but far more numerous.
      Arun dreamed of ambitious Elves, clever Humans, honor bound Amani, powerful Giants, scheming Devas, and mischievous Poporis.
      Shara dreamed of sly Sikandari, dark Gulas and Vampires, fierce Wendigos, strange Faeries, and serpentine Nagas.
      The mortals were forced into the divine wars of the gods, which eventually left the gods dead, imprisoned, or otherwise diminished.
      The mortal races didn't escape unscathed. Some—like the Sikandari, and most of the Giants—were wiped out but others rose from the wars such as the Barakas and Castanics.
      Now that the gods were gone the seven races; Amani, Barakas, Castanics, Elin, High Elves, Humans, and Poporis must band together to fend off a new enemy.
      A metallic race from the underworld called Argons; their goal is to take over Tera and wake the titans to end their dreams and destroy Tera.
    • Sword Art Online: In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players can control their avatars through brain waves using technology called "NerveGear." When players enter the game, they discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive. To escape, players must beat the game by defeating each boss on all 100 floors; however, if they die in the game, they die in real life too. Their struggle for survival starts now...
    *All of those rps can be modified if you wish! Propose any rps you wish to do below as well~ :rotfl::shocked:
    If you are willing to do a roleplay with me, comment under this and I'll make love to you baby ~ *Sings to a beat*
    ( Joke lol. I'm not! Except if you are 18 and over. Perhaps I'll write smut if you don't creep me out too much lmfao! )

    Damn I talk a lot... Anyway, *catches breath* What are you still doing reading this? comment below already *falls of her chair because of Wifi Overdose*


    Don't open. Warning. (open)

    *Chokes with her own saliva*
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  2. Oh I have been searching for someone who would want to do OC Naruto roleplay! I would love to do one with you if you are interested. If not Naruto I would also be interested in the Walking dead one.
  3. Im interested in a walking dead, naruto and league
  4. League pls!!! I have the two others <3
  5. Hi there! I'd be interested in a Harry Potter roleplay? (Maybe both canon and oc if you're up to that?)
  6. I dont have knowledge enough about the canon, but I would love to have OC characters in that world if you want <3
  7. Sure, thats fine too :)
  8. Inbox me :)
  9. Hello~ I saw this and if you are down old friend, so am I~
  10. Mix between "10 years later, i'm back, "Furries" (For the love of god a lot more plot than sex please), and something involving crime stuff (like a mob) but not mob member x mob leader's daughter though that's been rather overused.
  11. I have been looking for someone to do a furry or a marvel themed rp and I think it would be a lot of fun to rp with you :) pm me if you want or I can pm you whichever you prefer :)
  12. Looking to rp mostly the Star Wars and Star Trek. Pm me please if you still want another partner!
  13. Pm guys!!!!:D
  14. I don't suppose you're looking for a naruto roleplay are you?
  15. ME! ME! ME! *waves hands around* Me JAZZY~!!!
  16. Hello! Four of your ideas in particular intrigued me:

    - Stripper/Prostitute x Lonely Guy
    - Athletic Girl x Geeky Boy
    - Soldier x Nurse or Lover
    - Arranged Marriage

    This is, in part, because I haven't seen these recently. I'd really like to do one of these with you if you'd like!
  17. @B l u E s

    Best pairs I think would be a little of a twist on criminalXcop and maybe do CriminalXCheif Police officer's daughter,

    CityXCountry looks good too
    BadxGood is good as well
    Rival Gang Members
    Romeo and Juilet as well
  18. haha I actually have one im about to start, but if you bring up a really cool plot or character, than I will do one with you! PM me :D
    Which one Eternal? :D
    OMG, I want to do the stripper/Prostitune one so bad but no one ever seem interested on doing it :')
    But since you are just a teen... and it is a sexual theme, then I cant do it with you x( IM sorry </3

    as for arranged marriage, I have many of them at the moment, I can do the other two though! PM ME!!!!!!!! :D
    Hmmm Criminal x Chief Officer please <3 PM ME!
  19. Hmmmm~

    New Girl x Guy (vice versa)
    Popular x Outcast
    Step Siblings ( not incest.)

    Online Relationship
    Mob Member x Mob Leader's Daughter
    Rival Gang Members

    those are some that I am interested in~
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  20. Pm me then~