Rohad Acadamy (School of the Element Wielders)

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  1. IC


    In the world of Va’siel a few chosen few can wield certain elements. These gifted individuals are knows as element wielders. These wielders are gladiators, soldiers, police officers, and mercenaries. You are that gifted person, one if the few in our world. All of you come from a variety of backgrounds, you maybe experienced wielder warriors, or criminals, either way you will be accepted. This is Rohad Academy. A school that trains wielders. to become the best wielder mercenary in all of Va’siel. Welcome, Va’siel's future Rohad Mercenaries.

    This is a school roleplay for the first part of the role-play. This will take place in Ladria, one of the largest Wielder bases cites in Va’siel. Ladria is home of the very prestigious Rohad Academy. Here, you are trained to become a Wielder Mercenary that can be hired by the government of the people. But with a sister City-State preparing to attack, you may be forced to graduate early.

    Va’siel (open)

    Va’siel is ruled by 9 fairly large city-states. Each empire is strongly entrenched in the world of wielding. There are Wielding Games, beautiful displays of elemental knowledge representing there pride in there homeland.
    The 9 City- States are:
    Ladria- this is the largest of Va’siel's City-States. It is adorned with beautiful what marble buildings, large gated mansions. It's markets beautiful, it's stands are clean and we'll kept. Royal Wielders are stationed at every corner for "protection, although they can be bribed. Then there are the slums, the Ladria slums are much cleans than slums in other city-states. They are sanitary and livable, but mother fancy or mediocre. It is represented by Wind.

    Missea- This City-State is the second largest in all of Va'siel. It is represented by earth and is Ladria's rival in every way. It is mostly comprised of Gothic, dark architecture.

    Orguis- This is the desert City-State, represented, unusually, by water. It is mostly compromised of tropical, architecture despite being surrounded by dirt and sand.

    Banos- Is almost miniature copy of Ladria, since Ladirain citizens created it. Unfortunately, it's slums not as clean as its larger counterpart. Represented by Void.

    Atticus- This City-State is mostly a agricultural city, outside bits large walls are hundreds of acres of farm land, this city is Va'siel's main grain distributer. Represented by Mind

    Honinhym- This City is the sister nation of Orguis, with similar tropical architecture, fortunately. It is actually near water. It is not represented, unusually.

    Galio- This is the smallest city is Va'siel, but very beautiful, it is a coastal city,and the center of the fishing trade. Hundreds of boats stop at its large port, and hundreds of ingredients are sent from Galio, inland.

    Surcoth Empire- Not to much is know about the City. Not many outsides have ever been inside, and come out to tell the tale. All that is know is that the queen is a dark wielder, and the only Chaos wielder in a thousand years lives inside. Represented by black Fire.

    Arguilla- This is the poorest city in all of Va'siel, and because of the this, the Surcoth had easily taken over its government. It is know used to train Wielders and soldiers for is impending attack.

    Apart from these large City-States are large villages, all out aide the jurisdiction of the state's, each rulled by a council. Unfortunately, this has enticed the Surcoth Empire to become greedy. They wish for more land, to take over all of the state's, and with the help of the only known Chaos Wielder in 10,000 years, they are a force to reckon with. Rohad Academy is the place were the best of the best Wielders are trained, they are the hope of all the people of Va’siel.

    Wieldable Elements and Element Emblem (open)

    In the world of Element Wielder a few chosen few can wield certain elements. These gifted individuals are knows as element wielders.
    There are six basic elements and six advanced elements. In order for a wielder to wield a particular element, they must be born with an affinity for that element, but I'm is possible for a person to wield two elements. This is called Duel Wielding.
    However, the wielder must also carry an emblem of their particular element on their element glove/gauntlet. A glove is required to wield, without it, wielding I not only dangerous to the person, but to everyone else.


    Emblem(must be on glove/help wielders wield)

    The Six Basic Elements

    Water: Water wielders control the element of water. Some advanced water wielders have been known to solidify water into ice.

    Fire: Wielders who harness the very power of flames. The second stage of fire is blue fire. The third stage, which very few wielders have reached, is black fire. Black fire has the ability to incinerate anything it hits, it is a dangerous and powerful ability.

    Like water wielders, fire wielders are highly sought out for long missions. Their ability to create campfires in almost any environment has proven invaluable.

    Void: Void wielders can wield all six basic elements; however, this power comes with limitations. Void wielders can only wield weak attacks.
    No void wielder can wield blue or black fire, as those are advanced levels of fire.

    Mind: Mind wielders can mold the minds of others. The extent of the control they have over people depends on the power of the mind wielder & the victim.
    Some have been known to drive their enemies mad with false images of pain and suffering.
    Mind wielders can also use their abilities to re-awaken thoughts that have been long forgotten. Most mind wielders are highly intellectual individuals.

    Wind: Wind wielders can harness the power of wind, using that power in both defensive & offensive attacks.
    Even though wind is a basic element, not many wind wielders can be found in Va’siel. The reason for this is unknown.

    EARTH: These warriors are numerous in Va’siel. Their attacks are sturdy and strong. Their defensive abilities are some of the strongest a wielder can ever hope to create.
    But their abilities go beyond the battlefield. Some Earth wielders are able to mold and enrich soil with nutrients to create rich farmlands. The crops grown from capable earth wielders are some of the most delicious found in Va’siel.
    The legendary warrior, Golden Wielder, was himself an earth wielder.

    The Six Advanced Elements

    Space: Power of the cosmos is a mere plaything to space wielders. Not only can they summon the force of space to use against their enemies, but they can call forth universal anomalies like meteors, comets, and black holes.
    Since there are so many mysteries in the great unknown that is the universe, the true extent to which gifted wielders can push their powers remains an enigma.

    They can create small black holes, freeze there enemies with the power of a comet, smash there enemies with small asteroids, and manipulate gravity.

    Poison: Poison wielders tend to be sick beings, both physically and mentally.
    They possess the ability to create many attacks using venom and a variety of toxins.
    In past times, Poison wielders have proven useful during sieges, where they poison entire cities water or food supplies.

    Darkness: Only the most cold-hearted and wicked beings can properly wield the powers of darkness. Wherever they the go, pain and misery follows.
    Dark wielders can control many of the forbidden wielding abilities that were banned long ago for their inhumane and unnatural power. They have the ability to manipulate the shadows, travel through them, and summon beast of darkness.

    Chaos: Along with holy, chaos is the rarest of all the elements. In fact, in the past 10,000 years, Shal-Volcseck is the only known chaos wielder.
    What exactly can a chaos wielder do? No one who has seen their power has been left alive to tell the tale.

    Lightning: These wielders can summon the power of lightning. Most who practice this kind of wielding tend to be driven by offense. During battle, they rarely use their power for defense.
    There are stories of exceptional wielders who have wielded red and green lightning, though, most believe this to be just tales of legend.

    Holy: Only the most pure and humble of beings can hope to control this power. As such, holy wielders are extremely rare. With each passing year, Va’siel has become more sinister and wicked, full of murder, deceit, and lies. It is for this reason that many believe that the power of holy will never return to such a cruel world. However, there are stories that indeed a holy wielder has been born in the small farming village of Asturia.

    They wield the light of our world, they can hear grievous wounds, and destroy the dark beasts of darkness with ease.

    1. First of all Character limit is 3.

    2.Romance is allowed but as usual if things get to intense find a room for yourself.

    3. Please no Metagaming or OP characters.

    4. No arguing in the OOC thread.

    5.My word is the law(in this RP) and please listen to Co.GMs.



    Name(Self Explanatory)



    Birth Place



    Personality (Paragraph)

    Bio(2 to 3 paragraphs)

    Wielder or Duel



    Weapon(If any)





    Allen "Lao"






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  2. [​IMG]

    Name:Sylver Galaxias

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Birth Place : A mountain village around Galio

    Weight: 103lb


    Sylver is an extremely relaxed person, maybe even too relaxed most of the times. Being generally cheerful and laid back most of the times, she gets called lazy by others who just met her. Although it indeed seems like that on the out side, she usually manages finish everything that she needs to do, but that's it, no more. It's hard to find out what she's going to do next, although not necessary a loner, Sylver by nature is a person who prefers to be not bothered most of the times. This doesn't mean that she likes to curl up in a dark room all the time, she just likes a bit more personal space to work with. Being quite young, she does seem to understand how the world functions, so she doesn't really go off doing anything stupid when there are no adults, she believes that it's because of her element that she can stay so calm. Having space as an element, Sylver deeply know how small herself and the rest of the world that she knows about is compared to the depth of the universe, this is the main reason why she seems to care about nothing. Also, the space element influenced her thought on the world, she thinks that balance is an impotent factor and nothing should be taken to an extreme. For some reason she is also into star gazing, claiming that the stars can tell the future of the skies.

    Bio: Sylver grew up in a small mountain village high up in the sky. Due to the fact the place is one of the closest places to the sky, many great space wielders are born there. Although not that big of a surprise to the people of the village, who all knows deeply that space wielders are more common up in the sky, they were still quite shock. Space, after all, was one of the rarer elements. Maybe it is because of the location she was raised in, Sylver's element awakened when she was only a child around five years of age. After studying the history of her own home, Sylver slowly manage to suppress the amount of power she held, and control it. Many people in the village suggest that she should go to a larger city and find a job there, but Sylver herself was happy with the place she had.

    When Sylver was twelve, the call for her future truly came. While walking along some mountain trails, she slipped and fell from a cliff. This is when her second element awakened. She used the wind to land her fall by instinct, and survived. Afterwards she discovered that she can also wield the wind element, but it's not nearly as strong as her space element. Although weak, a second element is still very rare, realizing that, Sylver left her home after one year of practicing with her wind element to enroll in an academy for element wielders.

    Single Wielder or Duel Wielder: Duel Wielder

    Element(s): Space (main), Wind (weaker)

    Weapon: Silver coated telescope with a small blade tucked into its side, if that counts.​
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  3. No problem
  4. -----------
    Appearance: Athletic build, tall, brunette , blue eyes , square jawline,stubble on face. Blind.

    Name(Finnigan O'leary)



    Birth Place :village that was wiped out



    Personality : Finn doesn't emote well. He is quick to take action. Stubborn and quick witted.

    Bio: Growing up as the blind kid he was ridiculed . When he was 16 he left his home. Two days after the village was destroyed by a Chaos wielder. He decided to train for years . At 22 he left for the academy when he found out he was a wind wielder.

    Single Wielder


    Weapon: hunting knives
  5. e7232c416559d8a2c60cdfcfd65faaf3.jpg

    Crystal Blanchette



    Birth Place

    127 lbs


    Crystal has a very carefree, outgoing, and a flamboyant personality. She tries to be friends with everybody, including those who seem gloomy and distant. She can be serious at times and holds a strong sense of duty. She is quite naïve sometimes and tends to burst into tears whenever she has done something disobedient or witnessed something immoral. Her emotions can alternate unpredictably from enthusiasm to anger. She also loses interest in things fairly quickly. Crystal often uses polite language but when angered, she uses words such as "bloody" or other expletives, regardless of whom she is speaking to.

    Little is known about Crystal's past. She was "picked up" by a family living in Missea as their adopted daughter. At first, her fear had stopped her from going outside for it was hard for her to touch things without cutting or poisoning them. Yet this fear gradually disappeared and eventually she enjoyed being outdoors.

    Before becoming the daughter of the family, Crystal was held in captivity, forced to watch her friends get killed, and kept indoors while frequently receiving numerous beatings. Her captors are responsible for the scars on her back and the development of her powers, which are likely to be the cause of her destructive nature. It also revealed that she was not the only person that has been enslaved and beaten. While Crystal and the others were being held captive as slaves, a sudden raid was conducted on this certain enclosure. The conductors decided to destroy all the files and the 'results' pertaining to enclosure's seemingly illegal activities. In order to stay alive, Crystal killed the conductors who killed her fellow inmates and who was also about to kill her. She escapes the enclosure and was found by the family she is living with now.​

    Single Wielder or Duel Wielder
    Duel wielder

    Wind and Poison

    Weapon(If any)
    golden eggs that contains poison
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  6. DANAsaur
    Crystal is Accepted!!!

    Add a bit more to the Appearance, Personality, and bio and you are accepted!
  7. Appearance (open)
    image.jpg image.jpg

    Kate Scrimic.
    What are you blind? I'm a girl!
    Birth Place?
    A smaller village near Galio.
    Never ask a- whatever, 93 Ibs
    4'2. Yes I know I'm short!
    Hmf... I'm a pessimist to be honest with you. With all the shit that has happened in my life I'm normally pretty gloomy. Don't fuck with me, I have a very short fuse and can get pretty violent. I'm a good student though, I tend to be attentive and see things that others normally don't. Making friends, however, I suck at. I just don't trust people, years on the streets have taught me that.
    You really want to know? ... Fine, once upon a time I was happy. I was born of two none wielders so why would I be one? Let alone one of Darkness? But one day I was making little circles in the air with my fingers and the air there darkened, so much so that I couldn't see what was within my little circle. So I showed my parents, they were horrified. I was forbidden from ever doing it again, but at night I would practice my playing with shadows, could you blame me? I was bulled in school and it for some reason calmed me.

    *Tears begin to fall from her face*

    I-I killed them. I don't know why but I killed them. I woke up one night and one of my arms was black and clawed and stained with blood, my parents blood. I ran away after that and lived out the rest of my life on the streets as an thief, a rat. I never wielded that vile curse again.

    THE END.
    Single Wielder or Duel Wielder?
    I would be dead by now if I had another Element to wield. Single.
    Darkness, the most corrupt, horrible thing in existence.
    I've lived by the knife for most of my life, and have become rather skilled with it.
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  8. Question: what is the technology of this world like? Would you be opposed to someone with robotic limbs?
  9. No, Fantasy midevil, so sword. Spear, crossbow.
  10. I think I'll join here :o Just have to see my laundry list of characters as to who would be suited to a world like this :3
  11. Done :D
  12. Hmm, alright. I'll whip up a character at some point today, I think. :o
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  13. [​IMG]
    She looked somewhat like this. Her eyes are more of a grape green than blue. She also a thin white scar on her right cheek. Her right shoulder has a red tattoo feather on it.

    Name: Meg Brown

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Birth Place: Ladria

    Weight: 115 lbs

    Height: 5'3''

    Personality: Meg is a kind person, sympathetic to those in need. She isn't a pushover, however... well, not really. She tries not to be anyway. She tends to be nervous and a little paranoid, over thinking things at times. She strives to do better than she can but she isn't unrealistic; she knows when to put her foot down. She has a weakness for little children and cute animals.

    Bio: Although Meg was born in Ladria, her parents Sven and Sima Brown were actually from a village a few days away. They fell in love young and were still in their late teens when Sima discovered she was pregnant. Knowing their parents would not approve or premarital relations, or any relation between the two for that matter, the couple eloped one night. They soon enough decided to move to Ladria, knowing the big city would be someplace where they can live a peaceful life without interference.

    Unfortunately that didn't seem to happen as Sven was mugged and killed just a couple of months after they arrived in the city. Sima tried to make a living but she didn't seem to do very well and she ended up giving birth in an alleyway to Meg. She barely managed to name her before she passed away. Meg was thereafter taken in by some kindhearted street urchins and grew under their wings. She lived a rough early life, though this helped in discovering her earth wielding abilities while running away from people she pick pocketed.

    She eventually decided to earn a more honest living and started helping people out, using her earth wielding abilities to help with random tasks. One such person was impressed and decided to hire her full time, allowing her to take residence in the garden shed. She didn't mind the small living area, although it was certainly not permanent, especially once she heard of the academy and decided to see what it's all about.

    Single Wielder

    Element: Earth

    Weapon: She has a sling shot, ammo mostly rocks she likes to collect and store in her pockets.
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    Wow...that's a depressing story, Accepted.
  15. Thanks :D
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  16. 4-5 females? We need males, I guess Ill have to whip up my character.
  17. I'll be making a male. :3
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  18. Doesn't seem a lot interesting, by maybe it's because I skimmed through... I'll take a look at it throughly later and see if I change my mind!
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