Robin Hood

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  1. The History Channel documentary was better than the movie.

    And it was shit.
  2. They should make a Robin Hood edition of that with that one scene from the trailer that cracks me up every time. The part where King John/Prince John [Whichever they're making him in this version] yells:

  3. Oh come on it can't be that bad.
  4. Did the show turn to shit?

    I caught bits and pieces of the first season... And it was alright.
  5. The History Channel sucks in general, especially with all the stupid reality shows, conspiracy theories, and alien shit.
  6. It didn't have Errol Flynn. If it doesn't have Errol Flynn, I don't give a rat's ass.
  7. dont say dat dont choo ebar say dat!
  8. S
    I giggled and play with my tits "yeahhh your naughty baby mmm"
  9. I can do the same. My last day is next Thursday as well. My last test is Wednesday but I have a work party that night so I probably won't be able to rp that night. If something happens and I can't rp, I'll do my best to let you know ahead of time. That being said, I have work tomorrow and I won't be home til well past midnight.
  10. I can picture that thought process now.

    Ridley Scott: "ITT: Trolling for pro-continuity derps, history/legend buffs, and guys that cling to Robin Hood: Men In Tights"
  11. But.. the movie will be good eye candy for girls, right?
  12. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is one of my favorite movies. I wish they had just re-released that instead of trying to remake the movie YET again while ignoring the one point that Mel Brooks made through Cary Elwes:

    "Unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent."
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  14. That face means yes, right? ;___; RIGHT? YOU CAN'T HAVE ROBIN HOOD WITHOUT EYE CANDY FOR THE LADIES!
  15. Is Russel Crowe eye candy for the ladies?
  16. It's hard to tell if he's eye candy or not...because the moment you look at him he considers it a threat and breaks loose from his restraints...

    And then you die.
  17. I hear the moon's afraid of Russel Crowe.
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