Robin Hood

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  1. not bad played afew games, got new ram, currently playing twilight princess again (never actually beat it, for some reason I always stopped at the sky temple. I'm at the point where I can go to it now so I guess I'll see why i kept stopping there XD
  2. “What do you want?”
  3. “Told you we spoiled her too much.”
  4. “I want a little more...” Kunari smile playfully.
  5. “Stuff.” Kunari stare at him irritably.
  6. “Eh...” Kunari put down a few angels’ profile, “Not too promising...”
  7. “Alena has always been more aggressive... little self righteous.”
  8. Kunari let out a soft moan as she pull on his hair lightly.
  9. S
    I giggled and play with my tits "yeahhh your naughty baby mmm"
  10. I can do the same. My last day is next Thursday as well. My last test is Wednesday but I have a work party that night so I probably won't be able to rp that night. If something happens and I can't rp, I'll do my best to let you know ahead of time. That being said, I have work tomorrow and I won't be home til well past midnight.
  11. “I spoiled you and you got a little insolent. I needed to remind you.”
  12. Astaroth took her hand and led her inside to the kitchen.
  13. Alena look around the kitchen, “I didn’t even know this was in here.”
  14. “Meh.. the stone oven looks amazing though. I only thought of the outside designs, the inside was mostly the others.” Alena look around in awe.
  15. “What’s the fun in being a stiff adult like big sister? I mean other than sex, then again, she isn’t getting any.. unless you count the stick up her ass.” Alena shrug.
  16. "What Kuna has up her ass or in her drawer isn't any of our business." Astaroth cooked the crepes and stackes them on a plate with layers of whipped cream in between.
  17. "Open your arms."
  18. "No. I never have."
  19. "I'll be here."
  20. “Yeah, I just have imbeciles working for me.” Anya started typing again.