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  1. Looking for 2, or 4 people to join a roadtrip roleplay.
    Here I shall post le plot.

    It's summer!!

    who doesn't enjoy that?

    A group of boys and girls make their way through the US on a road trip with no destination.
    Just going wherever their hearts take them.
    Enjoying themselves, and eachother, they visit some of the places they had dreamed of.

    each of the friends have their own problems, their own set of drama.
    Will they be able to help eachother? Or will some of them fall apart?

    Are you ready?
    This is the roadtrip to nowhere..

    If you are interested, please make sure to let me know.
    Post a character sheet if you want..

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  2. image.jpg
    Name: Cuoco Tamara( nickname -small Tiger)

    Age: 20

    Looks: view picture

    Tamara is normal a quiet type of girl, still many describe her messy and uncontrollable. She will tell you what she thinks if she knows she is right. She has a small figure of only 5.5" as often was teased in school but yet one time Tamara got into small fights with others.

    Overall her personality is like a feline, quiet but ready to attack when she feels threatened. She is a nice girl, only one best friend during school.
    She is deep inside caring but is just bad at showing her affection or emotions.

    Extra: she has a crush on someone from the group.
    She enjoys lollipops, food and marshmallows.
  3. Come on guys.. This would be interesting xD. I really want to play this. ^^
  4. [​IMG]Name: Miles Anders
    Race/Ethnicity: African American
    Extra: He has a tattoo on his chest and is planning on getting a few more in his spare time
    Personality: Miles can be one chill dude, he goes with the flow and rarely gets angry. People see him as the goofy party guy who always knows how to have a good time. Yes he's somewhat of a flirt, unintentionally? Maybe but other than that he's a risk taker. Lives for the thrill but he also knows his limits.
    Height: Just hit the 6'0 ( whoop)
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  5. Name : Lux Thomas

    Age: 21

    Personality: Skye is a bit of a rebel. She will speak her mind without thinking. Once you get to know her she can be pretty awesome even though she has a tough shell.


    I can elaborate on the character later if you need me too. Just kind of late.

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  6. Ohh ! Nice.. We have people xD

    I think it should be fine..^^
    Also maybe later today an Thread will be open and we can start with our intros :)
  7. Alright, I shall open a thread and you guys can have fun.
    I'll post the link when it's opened.
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  8. Great!:)

    Jumps in excitement ^^
  9. Aaaaaalsoooo...


    Name: ''My name? Well, my name is Jacob Torres, but people usually call me Jake.''
    Age: ''I'm 22, don't look at me like that, I'm not old!''

    Looks: [​IMG] ''Really? You can't see me?''

    Personality: ''Well.. I guess I'm a bit of a flirt, sometimes conflicted, truthful and funny.
    Always keeping my options open, if something good doesn't happen today, it might happen tomorrow, right? I'm young, I have time enough to be all serious later on in life, right now, I just wanna enjoy it.''

    Extra: ''I get to have extras? Uhm, I guess that I'm just really looking forward to hang around with my friends.. Who knows what will happen?''
  10. Awesome I'll work on my post and have it up maybe half of hour or so xD. I'm trying to make it good ;)
  11. Sorry for double post lol

    But now we are waiting for the other guys to post ^^'
  12. Can you guys slow down on the posting I'm falling a bit behind since I'm away from my computer ATM
  13. I always was waiting for you !;)

    Lol I apologise..;)
  14. Yep that's fine I understand we can slow down a little :)

  15. Lux ! You crazy girl xD. Tiger will hate you for doing that ha ha

    I anyways wait to see what Miles has to say lol
  16. You welcome xD

    I hope though we can move forward soon enough ^^
  17. Was I the only one that didn't know what was going on?xD
  18. Ha ha xD maybe !- whistles-

    Lol :) we need more people to meet across our road trip. Just am idea..

    I don't want to give up on my Tiger character! I really love her and want to grow her up lol
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