Road Trip!

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  1. A few friends decide to take a road trip! But on this rode trip there are many twists and turns.
  2. ((The person in the pic is my character Takeo! :3))
    Takeo was definatly ready for this summer vacation! Just him and his friends on a rode trip!. He finished packing his stuff, picked up his suit case and went down the stair then outside. He opened the trunk of his blue mustang. He shut it and his little sister Akia and his mother came out.
    "I am going to miss you brother." Akia looks up at him sad.
    Takeo looked at her and gave her a smile, "I will be back." he gave them both a quick hug then got in his car.
    "Be careful!" his mom said.
    "Dont worry mom." he replied and drove off towards one of his friends house.

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  3. Marko was outside jamming on his electric guitar, He was playing a avenged sevenfold song but he was really just wailing on the guitar more than anything. The chords moving rhythmically and fluently and his head banging to the beat until he saw Takeo ride up to his house in his sexy blue mustang, His car was amazing but probably couldn't beat Marko's old muscle mustang. He set the guitar down inside his door and closed it, Picking up his backpack and his suitcase waving at Takeo saying " Dude im ready for this shit! are you?!" He brought his bags over leaning on his car.

  4. Takeo smirks, "Hell yeah man! Now hope in so we can pick up everyone else!"
  5. " Hopefully " He says as he climbs into the other side of the car, Rolling down the window and looking at him giving him a nod to say he was ready.
  6. ((Takeo kinda sounds like Taco XD. Just realized that. XD))
    Takeo presses his foot on the pedal and drove off.
    "Dude! Now is the time for fucking music!" He turns on the radio and turns the volume up high.
  7. He bumps his head to the music and looks out the window as they drive and see's some ladies and say's " Lookin beautiful girls! " They giggle and continue to talk to each other and he leans his head back into the car
  8. Takeo laughs and honks the horn at them then picked up the speed.
  9. (sighs* may as well join but you still a bitch Eli XD not in the mood to get a pick of her so will give small discrepon)

    Wenter aka Wind was still packing like she always is the late one in the group. and the one that sleeps the most. she paked her shit and ran down to the door and got out with her suit case. her long red hair was waves but not to wavy. her mother force her to waer shorts and they wher short. booty shorts Realy. an nother thing forced a tank top witch said 'Kiss my ass.' this was something you would never see Wind waer. ever. she hoped the boys didnt make fun of her. its not like she not fat or anything but she is skiny and pale as snow. people say she sat on her
  10. ((*mutters* maybe you are the bitch :P))
    Takeo stopped the car in front of Wind's house and honked the horn, "Hey wind! Come one!"
  11. She ponits the middle finger still pissed about yesterday. she puts her stuff in e trunk and opens the door for the back seat. "Talk to me and i kick you in Taco" she has a wird thing of calling him Taco
  12. "Whatever Window," he smirks, he knew calling her this pissed her off. He drove off.
  13. "yor lucky your driving im in a tank top and your in the frount becuse of you were not i would kick you now whos nexts or who come tell me then turn up the miusice" she said wth out breath bwcuse she as so mad "I Hate your gutes"
  14. Takeo, who was still calm, smirked, "Back at ya." he said simply and turned up the music. He was now heading to another friends house.
  15. " Wind...i never asked...why are you dressed like a 15 year old teenager " His eye sight still aimed out the window as the air hit his hair.
  16. Takeo turned down the music to hear what she had to say. He glanced at her in the review mirror.
  17. "my mother" she said super solftly only the wind could hear. she was blushing and crossing her arms pouting she then starts muttering cuse. "ask my mother she made more like forced me waer it" she said it much louder for tham
  18. Takeo couldnt help it. He let out a snicker.
  19. Larka waits with her bags, and she tapped her foot impatient. She was wearing a plain blue t shirt and a pair of converse pants. She used to to have long white flowing hair but she got it cut yesterday afternoon. Now it just went down to her shoulders. Her red eyes sparkled as she saw the mustang coming up to her house. "Took you long enough."
  20. Ikki Katau sits outside his house on top of his suitcase, waiting for his friends to pick him up. He is tall and somewhat physically awkward. He could be considered menacing if he wasn't always looking happy. He is wearing what he usually wears: Jeans, A band shirt (Today's being Nirvana) and a baseball cap to cover his short brown hair. He watches the street, thinking out loud. "What is taking them so long?" He tugs on his yarn bracelet impatiently.