Riverside Academy

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  1. The sky is blue and the sun is out,
    An old academy sits inside a city hugged by modern technology.
    Inside, a journey awaits you- but before you start, I have one question for you...

    "Which group will you fall into?"

    Riverside Academy

    Welcome student! We hope this year will be better than before, in fact- we have lots of new faces coming in this year. Make friends and rivals, the choice is yours, live your life to the fullest without regret or doubt. Now without further delays, your journey begins right here- in this very academy....


    • Abide by the rules of Iwaku.
    • Never criticize in a harsh tone- people have different types of style and experience in RP.
    • No God Mode (Mary Sue).

    Rules will be updated soon.

    Sign up sheet is located right here. Please notify me of your character's subjects as I'm finalizing which class everyone goes through.


    This RP will focus on your character's daily life in 365 days (time flies faster in their world), you will write about their daily routine and problems they encounter through out this journey. Once a member posted a action that includes your character, in other words, they Hijack them, in order to play a part that requires the help of others. Now without any more stalling, you are free to post below- begin with how your character gets to school....



    This is an example of Paul's timetable. I will be creating more, just a bit more time is required of course. A timetable defines what your characters would experience through out the year. It will consist of 2 types of timetables, week 1 we begin- then to week 2 before going back to week 1 and so on. Now I must make my first post and work on more timetables.






  2. Cyan's mother had been very busy recently, so both Cyan and his mother were delighted when the leader of the five star club at Riverside Academy-Sylvia- had agreed with her mum to pick up Cyan and take him to the academy on the way pack from their holiday in Italy. Sylvia was going back home for a day before she left for the academy though, so Cyan had had to stay the night at hers. Sylvia's mum Alissa had been lovely to him for the whole stay, and to say thank you he'd cooked a delicious dinner for her- although it wasn't quiet as good as the ones Sylvia usually made. Still, it's the thought that counts, plus Alissa had been delighted by his return of kindness.

    The journey to the school was long and boring- even the chocolate snacks Cyan and
    Sylvia had made ran out fast. Eventually the car rented by Alissa pulled up outside Riverside Academy's main building. Cyan and Sylvia hopped out the car like brother and sister then Alissa sped off. The pair of chefs walked up to the familiar school doors, hoping for an exciting year. Any on lookers would have guessed them to be siblings, and there relationship was very sibling like. Sylvia even lent Cyan dresses sometimes. "Here we go!" exclaimed Sylvia, as she opened the door to the grand school.

    (Sylvia's start- see above)

    Keiran hummed the Daughter of Evil vocaloid song to himself, in the back of the dull taxi. He laid against his two massive suitcases- one was just full of manga and anime related item, such as: manga volumes, anime DVDs, collectible figurines, reviews he'd written, random memorabilia, and most importantly his laptop. His laptop with endless amounts of everything manga or anime related. All of it was there ready for another year at Riverside Academy. Keiran was staring out at the glum raing, bored, since the taxi rider seemed to be going a mile per hour. Keiran began to doze off into dream as the taxi continued down the winding road.
  3. "School....... hm....." Paul picked up a book covered with a fine layer of dust, he wiped the cover clean and placed it near his shelf.

    "Paul! You'll be late if you don't hurry up" a voice hailing from downstairs bellowed.

    "I'm coming dad....." Paul packed his things and began suiting himself up, he grabbed his polo, pants, neck tie and his most notable white cleats.

    "Hurry up son" a fatherly voice shouted, Paul hurriedly grabbed his bag and went downstairs.

    "I'm here!"

    "Atta boy son- look at you, another year in school..."

    "Yes dad....."

    "Did you pack all of your things? You got your lunch? You got-"

    "Yes dad. I got everything...."

    "You need to cheer up Paul! Maybe this time..... you'll get your first girlfriend?"

    "Ugh! I told you to drop that topic last night!"

    "Okay. Okay..... it's just..... I want to see you grow up.... start a family Paul"

    "When the time comes dad..... when the time comes...." they nodded and headed for the car outside.

    "Oh! Will-"

    "Yes, we'll have to pick up Magnus along the way...."

    Their black car drove by a house off a nearby street, a happy figure approached the fence- with bag in hand, he waved at Paul and his father.

    "Hey there Graham! Hey there Paul!"

    "Get in Magnus" Graham smiled, he happily hopped in and quipped his seatbelt.

    "Hey there Paul!"

    "Magnus...." Paul greeted in return.

    "Ready for first day of school?!"

    "Hm....... sort of......"

    Graham began driving towards the academy, he viewed Paul and Magnus as two individuals with extreme opposites. The academy was just before them as Graham parked just on the nearby curb.

    "Well- here we are! Have fun you two!" Graham smiled.

    "Thanks Graham!"

    "See you later dad....." Paul and Magnus hopped of the car and stepped into the school grounds, it felt awkward yet exciting- despite their differences, they still felt a hint of nostalgia as they made their ways to doors of Riverside Academy.
  4. Brookyln yawned and then grinned happily. She put her fingertips on her heart and held a hand up high.

    "Tis the beginning of a new school year mon father and ma mother! I shall make you proud and suffer the torment of the cruel, harsh and bitter organisation that is known as Riverside Academy! Oh! The name echoes such mystery and passion in my heart and mind!"
    Brooklyn exclaimed with a strong and loud voice, falling back onto the chair and kciking her legs into the air. She tilted her head and placed an arm over her eyes.
    "Oh the word that comes from these lips envelops me with fatigue!" she clapped her hands and with her best cut glass English accent declared, "Present me to my steed, peasants!!" she swing her legs down and jumped up with th grace of monkey. Her parents watch the display with smirks and raised eyebrows.

    At the mention of peasants her mother slurped her coffee and then set it down, a a mocking pout formed on her lips.

    "Peasants? Who let you go to this "cruel, harsh and bitter organisation" in the first place?"

    Her father grinned.

    "I think that might have been me."

    Her mother waved her hand.

    "We're married dear. One suffering from our imaginative child means the other suffers too!"

    The room iruptted with loud laughter. Yup, thought Brooklyn with a broad smile. Just another day in the Holiday home!

    Her father sat up and stretched out his arms, "Ready and willing, kiddo?"

    "Willing and ready, big guy!"

    With one last huge hug from her mother, she skipped outside and got into her car. Her father hopped into the passengers seat nest to her, it's only when he engine started and they were half way reversed out of the drive way that he blinked up.

    "Hey, wait... Aren't I supposed to be on that side?"

    "Aw come on dad! I have my liscence but you never let me drive! Besides I know where I'm going!"

    "... Alright, but we won't tell you're mother."

    Her father cranked up some good ol' jazz beats and Brooklyn saild away and after 45 minutes of Coltraine, Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong, they arived at Riverside Academy. She leaned over and gave her dad one last hug.

    "Love you hun. You have a great year, okay?"

    "Don't I always?" Brooklyn winked and her father winked back as she got out andd so did he in order to get into the appropriate seat for driving home. He zoomed away and Brooklyn sighed wistfully and looked up at the building. She was just about to enter but she caught a figue of someone in the corner of her eye. She turned and grinned widly.

    "Clea!! Hey, Clea!!"

    Clea Dubois turned and smiled brightly. It would be nice to walk in with some company and you couldn't ask for better company than Brooklyn Holiday. Her mother and father and given her hugs, kisses and advice galore, all which she had heard before, but took in politely. Her sister and brother and wished her the same the night before but going more into the realtionships of academy life. She did not listen to that speech, marvellous as it might of been. She walked up to Brooklyn and she was greeted with a huge hug. She always gave such nice hugs, even if they suffocated you.

    Brooklyn let her friend go and pulled her closer, linking her by the arm with her trademark grin on her lips.

    "I have a feeling this year will be great! Don't you?"

    Clea blinked and then gave a small laugh, "Actually Brooklyn, I do. I really do."
  5. She stood their like a solider getting ready to ship off over seas, just as seas and oceans churned in her stomach. Her mother stood tall and proud before her reflective image; her little girl. She straighten her tie, cuffs, hair, chin, and posture, making sure that every detail was correct.
    "Now be good and make a good impression," her mother reminded as she played with the tie.
    "Always be polite," Koty recited.
    Her mother nodded with approval, "Work hard."
    "Be strong."
    "Be bold."
    "Be honest."
    "And make me proud," her mother finished with a prideful smile. "Now go!" She ordered spinning her doll around and shoving her off into sea. The waves crashed against her chest as she made her way.
    'Another new school,' she thought to herself, 'wounder how long this one will last...'
  6. "So Paul? What are you planning this year?"

    "Hm..... I guess I'll pick Music this year......"

    "Really?! I was going to choose it too!"

    "Oh really.......?"

    "I got some lessons from my uncle on how to play a Saxophone last year!"

    "You....? Play an instrument....? Doesn't sound like you at all Magnus...."

    "Oh come on Paul! I know you're good with the piano! Like Sho-pin?"

    "It's Chopin..... and yes.... my dad showed me how to play it when I was 10...." a group of senior girls passed by and looked at Paul.

    "Hey Paul" they waved, Paul barely flinched and continued walking- the girls shrugged their shoulders and started to head back.

    "Paul?" one asked.


    "Are you doing Cooking this year?"

    "I suck at Cooking...."


    "I hate books...."


    "Reading the newspaper is enough for me...."


    "Rugby keeps me healthy enough...."


    "Ich habe Deutsch fur diese Jahre...."

    "Hm..... I guess I'll see you later Paul" she said with an awkward tone, she turned to her friends and walked away.

    "First one of the year....."

    "I don't get you Paul, you have girls at your feet yet you deadpan on them?"

    "I don't need a relationship Magnus..... not now...." Paul kept on walking while Magnus shrugged his shoulders.

    "Oh well..... that's Paul for you- quite the charmer!"
  7. "Jay, you ready?" a voice called from behind the door.
    "Yes Sinclair. You've asked me about fifty times now!"

    "Just wanna be sure." he smiled as she walked out the door. Still smiling, he grabbed her in a big hug. "My little sis is finally growing up!"
    "Oh come on. You've done this every year I go up a grade. I'm still only 15."

    "Well, little miss 15, why don't you go downstairs and make sure you eat breakfast!" Sinclair returned to his normal self, then walked down the stairs. Jay sighed. 'Yet
    again, my brother tries to be the good one.' She straightened up and continued after her brother.

    "Ah! Good morning sweetie." mom called from the kitchen.
    "Hey mom."
    "Nah. I'll be late."
    Mom frowned. "Ok. Whatever." She continued with the dishes.
    "I'm leaving." She prompted. Everyone continued what they were doing. She walked out and jumped on her bike, plugged her head, and started blasting tunes in her ears. 'Another year, another education, and only three more years until I can get out of that house.' She continued down the road, wondering if she'd meet anyone different this year. She stopped in front of the school and locked her bike. Adjusting her backpack, she scanned the building, taking all of it's details in. 'Beautiful. Finally, my family has recognized me...' She started towards the school at a slow pace.

    Kate walked out of her room. "Anyone here?" She called down the hall, knowing in her heart no one would be home, like every other morning. She puled her bags down the hall to the kitchen and poured a bowl of cereal. As she was eating, the front door slammed closed. Kate started immediately. "Who's there?"
    "Kate! I'm glad you're still here! I was afraid I'd missed you!"
    "Jake! I'm glad you're here."
    Where's everyone?"
    "Mom's got a court case, Dad was called back for another month, Rich and Brandon are still at college. They won't be back until this afternoon."
    "Well, you ready?"
    "Pretty much, why?"
    "'Cause I've got a surprise." He covered her eyes and led her outside. "Ta-da!" Kate was speechless.
    "How did you---- where did--."
    "Don't worry about that. Get in." He packed her bags into the back seat, then jumped into the drivers seat.
    "It's awesome!" Kate exclaimed as Jake started down the road. The 2012 Mustang convertible roared across the asphalt, it's radio blasting Nickleback's 'Rockstar'.
    "Good, 'cause once you get your license, it's all yours."
    Kate gasped. "No way!" Jake nodded. Kate was the happiest she had ever been in her life as she marveled at the slick, black coat and blue flames across the side of the car. She could just imagine being behind it's wheel. Jake pulled in front of the school.
    "You're stop."
    Kate smiled. "Thanks Jake, you're the best." She leaned over and gave him a hug. "When are you going back?"
    Jake cast his eyes to his feet. "Tonight. I knew no one would be home, so I had to come home to say bye myself." Kate nodded.
    "That's ok. Just don't get hurt. Good luck, and please don't get hurt."
    "I won't. Now, hurry up and don't be late! Have a great day!" Kate took her bags out of the back seat and started towards the school. Just the size of it caught her in awe. She recovered just in time to wave goodbye to Jake. Then, she began processing the school, trying to guess where she would be.
  8. [​IMG]David grumbled as he tossed and turned his body under the ruffled covers. His blinds were pulled back and the sun was beeming into his room. The last thing he felt like doing was waking up and getting ready for the new school year. Mostly because he was much comfortable laying down in his bed and enjoying a good dream than listening to the teachers lecture about the same thing they did every new school year. " David Jones wake up and get ready for school, you dont want to be late". He heard his mother's voice from the door and he then knew that she was the one that opened up the blinds.

    Slowly he opened his eyes and blinked constantly letting his eyes get used to the light. After dragging himself out the bed reluctantly, he walked into the bathroom and took a refreshing shower that woke him up. After taking a shower and putting on his uniform that he changed up to his liking he grabbed his bag and then headed downstairs to the smell of his mothers breakfast. As he headed downstairs he was greeted at the table by his father who was drinking his coffe and his younger brother blabbing off about his friends and classes.

    " Have a seat and grab a plate" His mother instructed and he did. After breakfast he jogged out the house feeling the relif and the slight breeze. The last thing he wanted to hear was his brother talk about things that he didn't care about or the same pep talk from his dad and the drilling questions from his mom. School was only a few blocks away so there was no need for his to use his car and waste gas. David slung his bookbag over on shoulder. The only thing he was looking forward to was rugby, meeting old friends, and making new ones. Taking a deep breath he erased all the unecessary thoughts and focused on how hw was going to get thought the school day.
  9. '...Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream.. Woaaaah..'


    Sayaka groggily opened one eye, looking at her alarm clock. Figures it would ruin her dream when it was at the right moment. FIGURES. She yawned once, stretching out a bit as she got up and made her bed. It was currently 6 AM, and there were only a few hours before the new school year starts. She wasn't all too enthusiastic about going back to the school, but then, at least it meant free unlimited browsing once more. After all, she ain't part of the Networkers for nothing. The thought cheered her up somehow, and she started to grab her empty shoulder bag to pack her stuff.

    "Hon?" She muttered, grabbing the few books she needed; "Nooto?" She packed her notebooks as well, pretty much just a big binder with many colorful fillers. "Enpitsu, Pen?" With that, she added pencils and ballpens. She chuckled once, pretty much all of these would be empty sooner or later. Oh well. Lastly, she opened a zipper and carefully tucked in her laptop, and charger. Entering school without a laptop was just so boring for the Nihonjin.

    After so, she then proceeded to take a quick shower, humming a small song that she used to know. Once it was over and she had fixed her hair, she put on her most obvious choice of attire-- 3/4 sleeves, glasses, closed toes, and tight jeans. Her eyes strayed to the scarf, but then shrugged it off. It's not even that cold. After she put her phone in a spare pocket, she then grabbed some bread, and ran outside the door; it was time to get going! But of course, not before she locked the door. Being independent had it's times of homesickness, but now is not the time.


    "Zzz..." Keane was also busy dreaming of Tokyo Mew Mew, an anime that he had once seen and had fallen in love with, knowing the theme song by heart. Of course, not all dreams have the beautiful finish. Before he knew what Ichigo had done, his mother violently started shaking him, making him say goodbye quickly to precious Ichigo, and goodbye to being a temporary Mew Mew.

    "Mooomm... I'm awwwaaaakkkke..." He said, still pretty much asleep by the looks of it.

    "It's already 7 AM Keane.." Her mother started, making him turn his head to look at the clock.

    "Oh." He said, blinking his eyes rapidly until he got used to the light, and he was nearly fully awake. After so, he then quickly run off to the showers, forgetting the fact that his mom was over there. She, in turn, merely giggled, used to the facts as she then set his clothes and fixed his things.

    5 minutes had passed and Keane was once again running-- this time in full attire. Two overlapping shirts, khaki pedals, sneakers, and his 5 proud ballers on his left hand. If he had the chance to describe each and every one, he would. But now was not the time. He quickly went downstairs, where his mom had been waiting for him.

    "Thanks mom." He said, now rapidly eating his cereal. It's not like he was late, but considering the chances, better be early. It was the first day of school, and this was the impression he's going to give? He sighed; no males-- er, females-- would notice him if he did so. Once done, he quickly kissed his mom on the cheek and ran off to the nearest transportation possible... but he ran back to his house when he realized he didn't bring his bag, and even his mp3 player. Bright.
  10. When Sylvia had opened the school doors, instead of walking in Cyan flung him self into a nearby bush. Sylvia turned to stare at him.
    "What in the name of flavour are you doing?" she asked.

    "Hiding," he replied.
    "From what?"
    "The school corridoor."
    "The fu...why?
    "B-because its big and scary!"
    "Your not a first year, so stop being pathetic!"
    "They'll laugh at my outfit though!"
    "Then why did you wear a skirt and bows?"
    "They're pretty..."
    Sylvia sighed.
    "I anybody laughs, I'll punch them, ok?"

    Cyan shook his head. Sylvia ignored him, then dragged him out from the leafy depths. He squirmed and shrieked as she carried him up the stairs once more.
  11. "Look Paul! It's-"

    "Look at them- everyone is coming in, I just realized I'll be stuck with them for a whole year...."

    "Why are you so negative Paul, it kinda hurts hearing you say that...."

    "...." a small flashback from last year appeared before him, an memory that made him scorn just by remembering it.


    "Wha-?" the memory fluttered away within a blink of an eye, Magnus pointed at an incoming friend.

    "Hey! Haven't see you in while!" he left Paul and rushed to greet his friend, while Paul tired to erase that memory that lingered in his mind.

  12. Ri woke up late that morning. She had forgotten to set her alarm clock...again. She had hoped to make a good first impression on her new teachers. This was her first year as being a senior and she was excited. Ri rushed around her room. She picked up her uniform and ran to the bathroom. She took a quick shower and got dressed. She didn't bother to do her make-up or her hair. She simply threw it up into a messy bun. She didn't have time to make breakfast and she didn't have parents to make it for her so she ran out of the door. Ri was so glad that her small apartment was relatively close to her school.

    Ri hurriedly walked into the school building searching for her locker. She did not look up in time before she ran smack into a solid wall. When did that wall get there? she thought. She looked up and realized it wasn't a wall but one of her school's head rugby players, Paul.

    She blushed. "Sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." she said nervously.
  13. Calm and collected, Koty made her way up to the school, her back straight and chin up. All around her she saw boys and girls getting together in their old groups, chatting about the summer past and all that would come to pass. It seemed no matter where her eyes wandered someone had a buddy, a group, a pod. Friends from past years that could swap stories about events and people. This how it always was, no matter where she wandered. Everyone would have someone to help them get through the year, all save her. Perhaps this was just narrow minded self pity, there must be others in her predicament.

    A sigh did escape her lips as she marched up to the door. She stopped short, just at the entrance. Her thoughts wondered to all the schools of the past and who each one seemed the same; lonely and dull. The first days were always the worst, and she had more than most. She didn't want to go in and repeat the pattern. All her hopes were set on this school being the one, but life had taught her to be more realistic. "But maybe just for once..." she whispered out loud, as if something or someone were to hear and grant her wish. She chuckled at her silly fantasy, "As if I were to have a fairy godmother..."
  14. "Sorry" she repeated.


    Ri waited for a solid response but Paul, was being..... Paul- quiet and stoic as usual.

    "You must be Paul if I remembered right?"

    "Funny that- I can't remember your name...." Paul responded, Ri ignored his mild rudeness and crossed her arms.

    "I guess what they say about you is true"

    "Yes, I have a pair of feet- I guess that's true...."

    "I thought rugby players were gentlemen? What happened to that?"

    "Well? What do you want me to do? Wipe the table you're sitting on? Open the door?" the two clearly weren't starting in the right foot.
  15. Ri just rolled her eyes at his response. "Well as much as i have enjoyed talking to you, i need to get to class. Have a nice day." she told him and walked away. She couldn't believe the nerve of that guy. But then again i'm pretty sure most girls would kill to have that long of a conversation with him she told herself. Ri shook her head to get rid of the thoughts and headed towards the music room.
  16. [​IMG]David watched some of the students head into the school building and he knew the bell was going to ring, but not anytime soon. Ususally on the first day of school there was new students including freshman who were goig to have a hard time finding there classes and the last thing they were going to do was right the first bell at the usual time. He headed inside and atomatically found his locker grabbing his two books that he needed and placing everything else in.

    Turning the corner he saw a girl comming down the hall with a pissed expression on her face. Going to say hi he stopped himself because he knew better than to talk to an angry female. Davind walked down the hall and saw Paul. Walking over to his teammate he placed his hand on his hsoulder and then looked down the hall. " Whats up man?". Walking over to the corner he saw his first class and sighed.
  17. Jay walked towards the doors, glad that she didn't recognize anyone. Opening the doors, she crossed her arms and stuck to the walls. Everyone was talking to everyone else, so she kept to herself.

    Kate finally decided to go through the front doors. As she walked in, she noticed everyone already knew everyone else. 'Oh well, I'll just walk around them.' she walked around, watching and looking around trying to find someone she might want to talk to.
  18. "Sissy, Sissy! Sissy wake up!"
    Catalina could hear her litter sister telling her to wake up as she lied there in her bed in a deep slumber.
    Her sister pouted and ran to downstairs into the kitchen where her mother was cooking breakfast, "Mommy, she won't wake up" their mom giggled a bit and smiled at Takara, "Okay sweetie, go try again."
    Takara nodded and trotted upstairs to awake Catalina. Climbing into her big sister's bed, she grabbed Catalina's cheeks and moved them around, "Sissy, Mommy made pancakes so you have to get up!"
    Catalina woke up right when Takara had taken a hold of her cheeks, she smiled and looked at Takara. They then both giggled as Catalina sat up and stretched with her sister in her lap, "Okay, tell Mom I'll be down after my shower." Her sister nodded and went to tell her mom.
    Catalina looked around her room, still seeing boxes that needed to be unpacked. She sighed then stood up, making her way to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out, wearing her dark wash skinny jeans and a blue t-shirt with a leopard on it. She then upbraided her hair, letting it cascade down to her waist.
    After walking downstairs she only saw her mother and sister, knowing her father had gone to work already.
    "Good morning, Mom"
    "Morning Cat"

    Her sister looked at them confused, "Sissy's a cat Momma?" Her eyes lit up and she smiled "Does she go meow meow?!"
    Catalina and her mother smiled at Takara, "No sweetie, Cat is her nickname" their mother stood there and thought for a second, "Cat, you must eat or you're going to be late!"
    Catalina sat down and quickly ate her breakfast then ran upstairs and brushed her teeth, put on her socks and her boots. She then grabbed her tote, ran downstairs and hugged her mother and sister, "Thank you Mother, Takara be good while I'm a school." She smiled then grabbed her keys heading out the door
    "Bye Mom, bye Takara."
    "Bye Cat. Be safe to and from school!"
    "Bye Sissy. Good first day Kitty!"
    "Okay Mom and Takara, see you soon!"

    After leaving the house, she began to walk to the Riverside Academy, which wasn't far from her home.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A few minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    As Catalina looked around she spotted the school just a few more minutes away, she smiled a bit as she kept walking. Within minutes she was at the stairs to the Academy.
    "This is it"
    She took a deep breath and let it out as she walked up the stairs, approaching the school's doors. When she reached the door, she looked down at her outfit, wondering if there was a certain dress code. Smiling as she remembered her mother and sister acting to silly.She opened the door and stepped inside, looking around for a principal figure. As she looked around she thought out loud
    "Eh! This academy is bigger than I thought. Well...much bigger than the ones at home"
    Shaking her head, she started to make her way through the halls, seeing the students' she assumed attended in past years. "Eh...where do....I go?" She asked herself as she looked around once more.

    Making her way around a few corners, she became a bit lost, she then sighed and shook her head. "Hopefully I won't get lost everyday..."
  19. Koty entered on a mission to find her classroom, but the crowded halls were hard to navigate. She had to shuffle and squeeze past groups, but she soon found herself lost. She ended up bumping to to various strangers that gave her sideways looks. After being pushed away from an older boy she bowled over a girl near her age in a dark blue tank top with light brown hair. The girl was knocked to the ground but the collision did save Koty from meeting the same fate. She looked down at the girl she had just "attacked" after she gained her balance. 'Be polite,' she remembered the words. "Apologies," she said with an offer of her hand. The girl looked up at her with hazel green eyes.

    ((The girl's Kate Rasti, as to avoid confusion.))
  20. "I guess I mastered the art of killing a conversation...." Paul said as he turned to David.

    "That girl that you talked to? She seemed kinda pissed off about something-"

    "David.... spare me.... don't tell me I have to remember every single name in this whole entire school....?"

    "You should really lighten up Paul"

    "Thank you for telling me that- I'll take it as a compliment...."

    "But what about her?"

    "Take it easy.... I'm bound to run into her again.... it's not like the end of the world if I don't know her name..." with those words the two looked at the rustling hallway filled with students.