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    The island of Sevii, an island scarcely inhabited by humans that endure the harsh cold and bad weather. Life is hard and surviving is tough, but there is one thing that brightens the life here; pokemon. Dragon pokemon, to be precise.

    The inhabitants of Sevii had long learned to tame dragon pokemon without catching them with pokeballs, forging life-long bonds with them and living with them in their village. Of course Sevii had pokemon, but when it came to dragon pokemon they had them all. Special housing was created for the pokemon, there were facilities for feeding and grooming them, facilities to train them when they were unruly and even dentists for the dragons.

    Every year the village held a tournament and a festival to celebrate their living together peacefully. Lately though, word of suspicious groups capturing pokemon against their will. Many people are nervous about the festival being disrupted by these strange people, but the festival will not be cancelled.

    You are a dragon rider/tamer/breeder, teacher/student at dragon academy or an other inhabitant of the island and will try to fight through the hardships to come.

    The village of Ajagara is the main location of this roleplay. It is located near a large lake and a forest and there is plenty of pokemon wildlife to hunt. You can live in the village, just outside the village or at a completely different location.

    Village occupations:

    - Student: You still go to school and are busy learning about dragon care, feeding and grooming. At the age of 10 you are brought to the hatchery and will pick a dragon or be given an egg to nurture and protect.

    Age: 1/2 - 5
    Elementary school:
    Basic knowledge of dragons, species, sub-classes and their care. No real interaction with dragons. Students are not allowed to bring their dragons to school. Along with some dragon based classes, students are also taught writing, maths and other normal school subjects.
    Age: 5 - 13
    Dragon Academy (High School):
    Extensive teachings about dragon habits, taming, training, breeding and fighting. Ordinary school subjects are only minor classes. Students must have their dragons nearby at all times. Smaller species or pre-evolutions are allowed in class, while larger dragons may wait in the stables belonging to the academy. Students will be giving extensive flight-and-ride training on their own dragon or a dragon from the academy. The provided school clothes are mandatory, as well as training gear.
    Age: 13/18

    - Teacher: You teach young children or teens at elementary school or the dragon academy how to take care of their dragons, how to properly hatch eggs or even certain flying techniques.

    - Hunter: Together with your dragon you hunt pokemon to make sure we have food at all times. Hunters are busy around the clock, depending on their dragon's preferred time to hunt.

    - Fishermen: The simple task of catching fish. Fishermen have a pretty easy job as all they have to do is hang out their nets and let their dragons do what they do best; scaring other pokemon.

    - Baker (often incorporated with farming): You bake everybody bread, cakes and all kinds of other treats.

    - Blacksmith: You create all kinds of items to help other riders with their dragons, such as saddles and special contraptions for injured dragons. One of the busiest job in the village.

    - Defender: Riding a wide array of dragons, defenders are like Sevii's police force. They patrol the lands, seas and skies and protect the village from enemies and rogue dragons.

    - Tamers: By far the task most involving rogue dragons and therefor quite dangerous. Tamers go out every day and patrol the island in search of wild pokemon. Once found they tame them, if possible, so they won't be aggressive towards humans. Most dragons are brought back to the village and trained properly before being set free, to ensure it won't ruin the village.
    This group of riders also transport unmanageable dragons to new locations.

    - Breeders/caretakers: These people are constantly handling dragons, hatchlings and eggs, making their schedule extremely stressful. Breeders ensure the successful breeding of dragons and take care of eggs and hatchlings all year round. They make sure the pokemon find a proper match, have a good nest and collects the eggs to check them for healthy babies. Breeders have a lot of knowledge of dragon physiology and will often join explorers in case their expertise is needed. They also double as "Dragon Doctors" as most people call them.

    - Scientists/charters: Constantly busy inventing new ways to improve their way of living, scientists are among the smartest, but goofy inhabitants of Sevii.

    -Explorers: Explorer is not particularly a specific line of work. Once every few weeks a group of riders are put together to explore uncharted lands. They consist of many different people with many different occupation, though there is always the same base.
    At least one defender is brought along to protect the group. A tamer to deal with difficult dragons, a breeder to take care of the dragons if something goss severely wrong and a scientist/charter to keep track of the map.

    (I'll probably be adding more to this list, so please help by suggesting things and notify me if I missed something.)



    - All Iwaku rules apply.
    - No godmodding, powerplay, meta-gaming, etc.
    - There may be some swearing, romance and violence, but nothing too much. Anything beyond PG-13 should be moved to PM or fade to black.
    - This is basically a pokemon universe, with ideas inspired by HTTYD. As such, normal animals will be replaced by pokemon.
    - Pokemon evolve due to the bond with their partners and in a way a leveling system. This is just a loose concept though, so we'll have to discuss times of evolution as the roleplay goes on.
    - At this point in time younger characters (children) may have one unevolved or non-evolvable dragon, while older ones (teens) may have one already trained dragon and another just in training or even still in an egg. This may be altered later.
    - Legendary dragon pokemon do exist, but are EXTREMELY rare and will not be in this roleplay for a while. We will discuss their part and connection to players later in the roleplay.
    - All pokemon have a shot limit, though this is somewhat altered in the roleplay. For very strong attacks there should be a low limit such as 5, but ordinary attacks can be limited to 10 or 8. Weak attacks may be used between 15 and 20 times if preferred.


    Acceptable pokemon partners:
    - Dratini
    - Dragonair
    - Dragonite
    - Bagon
    - Shelgon
    - Salamance
    - Axew
    - Fraxure
    - Haxorus
    - Druddigon
    - Goomy
    - Sliggoo
    - Goodra
    - Swablu*
    - Altaria
    - Gible
    - Gabite
    - Garchomp
    - Charmander*
    - Charmeleon*
    - Charizard
    - Trapinch*
    - Vibrava
    - Flygon
    - Deino
    - Zweilous
    - Hydreigon
    - Skrelp
    - Dragalge
    - Tyrunt
    - Tyruntrum
    - Noibat
    - Noivern
    - Magikarp (Beware; is useless.)
    - Gyarados
    - Aerodactyl

    * Yes, I am aware of some of the obvious non-dragon pokemon in this list, but they were added nonetheless. This is either because their evolution is a dragon type or their appearance suggests they are a dragon type.

    If you feel like another pokemon looks much like a dragon, let me know and I'll consider adding it to the list.

    Team Aether:

    A new threat, still mostly unknown to the island of Sevii. The team is lead by a man named Zero Kisuke, but not much is known about him yet. All that is known about the team is that where ever they go, people die and dragons vanish.


    Normal CS:

    (10 is the minimum age to own a dragon. You could make a younger character, but then you wouldn't be involved with dragons much. 10 will be the age of youngsters receiving their first egg to hatch. At that time they will be schooled in dragon care and habits.)
    Personality: *Optional*
    Pokemon partner:
    (Max. 2 at this time.)
    Pokemon skills/abilities:
    (Based on a pokemon's outward appearance and features as well as common sense. Please ask me for help if needed.)
    Pokemon appearance:
    (Optional, but would be good to describe how you met your partner.)
    Extra info:
    (Anything special about you or your partner.)


    Team Aether:

    Reason for joining:
    Partner: (Main partner, preferably dragon-type)
    Pokemon appearance:
    Other pokemon: (Pokemon team, preferably Ice/Dragon/Fairy)
    History: (Optional, good to explain how you joined team Aether)

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  2. Name: Minami Anguis
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Dragon Tamer / Occassional Teacher
    Personality: Minami, or Mina to close friends, is a very friendly person and is quite outgoing. She is very simple-minded when it comes to male or female friends, but will get flustered and embarrassed when she notices a guy likes her. Despite her outgoing nature she can be very strict and will lash out when needed, which makes her both an excellent Tamer and Teacher.
    Pokemon partner: A Noivern named Kisuke.
    Pokemon skills/abilities:
    Kisuke can create supersonic blasts from the round "blasters" on his head and fire them from his mouth as a screeching type attack. He has excellent hearing and an amazing sense of smell, but is blind as a bat during the day. Therefore he uses a kind of sonar location to fly around, constantly being transmitted by his "blasters".
    As for his actual attack, Kisuke can fire dark purplish beams or balls that sometimes confuse or stun other pokemon. He seems to be limited to 9 shots before having to recover. Besides that he attacks with his powerful claws, fangs and tail.
    Pokemon appearance:
    Despite his somewhat frightening appearance, Kisuke is very sweet and very protective of Minami. He is rather large for his kind and has a somewhat darker color of skin, but doesn't look bulky.

    Minami had always been fascinated by dragon pokemon, even as a young girl. Unlike her family members she greatly adored the beasts and often went into the woods to look at them from afar.

    At one of her days of exploration she encountered two pokemon battling each other, one a noivern and the othera dragonite. The nocturnal pokemon was obviously protecting a nest and fought furiously, but the dragonite overpowered it with sheer strength and the bat-like pokemon went down. Satisfied with having defended it's territory, the dragonite left the other pokemon behind and flew off.

    Saddened, but also curious, Minami snuck up on the wounded pokemon and watched it from afar. The dragon was still breathing, but not for long and she knew it. Despite being a wild pokemon, it showed no anger or defensiveness towards Minami. Instead, with its last bit of energy she moved a shiny black and purple egg towards the astonished young girl and breathed its last breath.

    After a while Minami picked up the egg and contemplated what to do. Her parents would surely send the egg to the hatchery and Minami would never see the young dragon entrusted to her, but she knew she couldn't take care of the egg by herself.
    She hesitantly went home and explained the situation to her parents, pressing on the fact the mother dragon had bestowed her egg upon her to take care of her child.

    Eventually, after much discussion between her parents, the caretaker at the hatchery was called and Minami was allowed to explain the situation to her as well. To her great relief she was told to come see the egg every day and once she was old enough she could have the little dragon for herself.

    Overjoyed, the young girl did just that. She visited the egg every day, spoke to it and told it about her school day. A few months later it hatched and Minami was allowed to play with the little baby noibat once it was old enough.
    Finally, a year and a half later, Minami turned ten and her little noibat was brought to her door. It has never left her side since.


    When Minami was around 13 her father had found a boy living in the wild among dragon pokemon and took him in. It turned out he was from the same clan as Minami's great-great grandmother. Her family took him in and he has lived with them ever since.

    Extra info: Minami and Kisuke both wear a dragon fang around their necks on a black collar. Both the fangs belong to Kisuke's mother, who Minami buried some time later with the help of some of her teachers and parents. Minami took the fangs so she and Kisuke would always remember her.

    Name: Sui-Feng (Soi-Fon) also called "Khuni" and "Haeres".
    Age: 19

    Harsh, cold, distant and sharp-tongued. She will rarely speak to anybody beside her father and high ranking Officers of Team Aether. In battle, however, she is a completely different person, often becoming a bit psychotic when she or her pokemon get hurt.


    Rank: Admin
    Reason for joining:

    She had always been a peculiar child, being extremely aggressive and often beating other children at her orphanage to pulp. She was send to a juvenile prison at the age of 12 for stabbing a boy in the neck with a pair of scissors. In the jail she met with a Team Aether member who brought her in and she was adopted by their leader, Kisuke, once he heard of her past acts. She stayed, having found a family for the first time in her life.

    Partner: Akili, a shiny Gardevoir.
    Pokemon appearance:

    Akili is a shiny gardevoir, but due to an unknown mutation wears a black dress instead of a white one. Her eyes are also a blood red.

    Other pokemon:
    - Sylveon
    - Glaceon
    - Unknown


    Sui-Feng was abandoned by her parents when she was still a baby, left in front of an orphanage.

    She grew up to be a smart, but terrifyingly cold child that developed many aggressive traits as she grew older.

    She had already severely injured many children and caretakers before she finally crossed the line and was send to juvenile prison, after stabbing a young boy in the neck with a pair of scissors and effectively paralyzing him.

    After she arrived in prison and set a name for herself there, a slightly older member of Team Aether approached her with the offer of joining the team, which she gladly accepted. After pulling some strings she was released from the prison and taken to the boss of the team, Kisuke.

    After proving herself he decided to adopt her as his own daughter and she quickly rose through the ranks after catching her first pokemon, a regular ralts. After it evolved it had received a black colored dress and that remained when she evolved into a gardevoir.

    Shortly after catching her fourth pokemon she was granted the position of Admin and she has been given the title of Grand Tamer for her peculiar ability to tame most every pokemon she encounters.
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  3. That's a picture of a character from Nier OO this story does not bod well in the hopes of happy emotions TWT
  4. Don't know that xD
  6. Can I join this, as it's mix some of my favorite things, Dragons and Pokemon.
  7. Of course! :D
    The wide choice of dragons and occupations makes it possible for many people to join c:
  8. Name: Hayato Sai
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Student
    Personality: Hayato is very serious about her schoolwork and her pokemon. She can seem to look melancholy most of the time, but she is actually very happy and curious. She loves to battle and spends most of her free time researching and training her pokemon. Her obsessive research often leaves her locked in her room for hours, not socializing much. Hayato gets flustered very easily when anybody notices her hard dedication and training. She doesn't easily develop relationships with people due to her lack of practice, but she easily gets along with pokemon.
    Pokemon partner: A zweilous. Both of the heads are named Sen. She never refers to the heads as individuals in public, but she does have a special name for each head, incase she needs to talk to just one: the right one that is more active and curious is named Yoko. The left one that is more calm and nice is named Oka. Again, she normally only refers to them both as 'Sen' to make it easier.
    Pokemon skills/abilities: Despite Sen being one of the more 'medium sized' dragon pokemon, he is just as strong as a large, well-trained one thanks to Hayato's constant training. Sen doesn't have sight, but Sen does have a great sense of smell and taste. Sen's hearing isn't too strong.
    Sen has two strong jaws, meaning its bite is powerful. The target can sometimes flinch after the bite.
    Sen has developed another attack, dragon pulse, to be able to damage the target without directly touching them. Sen can use dragon pulse by generating energy in its gaping mouth, then developing a powerful shock wave that is sent towards the target.
    He doesn't have many other attacks after that, but his other few attacks normally just involve him slamming his body or head into the target.
    Pokemon appearance: (2 examples)
    History: Hayato always had extremely overprotective parents. Hayato couldn't do as many things as normal kids did because of how much her parents restricted her. Therefore, when she turned 10, she was never allowed to have her own pokemon, despite how she always studied about pokemon since she was 7. For three years, she dealt with hearing about how cool and amazing her other classmate's pokemon were, and she had nothing. At age 13, she finally got tired from being excluded because she wasn't allowed to have pokemon. She went against her parent's rules (which she normally never did) and snuck out of her room in the middle of the night to try to find her own pokemon. As she was walking through the ominous woods with very little moonlight, she decided that she needed to go back before she became lost, and she accepted that she would live forever without a pokemon... That was until a swarm of beedrills began to chase her, pissed off at her for accidentally disturbing their slumber. In her frightened state, she panicked and tried to run away, when she tripped over a random deino that seem to appear from nowhere. The deino paid no attention to her as he lunched at the swarm of beedrills, desperately wanting the swarm for dinner. In the end, the deino got his lunch, but at a terrible cost. The deino was beat-up and barely breathing, and the fact that he looked like he hadn't eaten in weeks added to his unhealthiness. In another panicked state, Hayato picked up the deino and ran back to the nearest health center she could find. At five in the morning, the pokemon nurses brought back out the deino and entrusted her to the task of raising the deino. She gladly accepted, already thinking of a way to hide deino from her parents. She let the deino live in the forest behind her house. It was fenced in by thick trees in a 10x10ft area, and you could only get into the area if you were specifically shown how to. For 2 years, she visited the deino after school for an hour, training him intensely without her parents ever knowing. However, when she was 15, her deino evolved into a zweilous. It became even harder to hide the zweilous in that small area, and she had to let him outside of his encaged area more often. She eventually decided that she had a strong enough connection to zweilous, giving her the ability to let zweilous be out of that small area 24/7. Well, apparently they had too strong of a connection, and zweilous secretly followed Hayato to her house, wanting to be around her. When her parents heard a screeching zweilous wanting to play in the middle of the night, they immediately rushed out to disapprove of the zweilous. However, with the constant persistence from Hayato, the approval from the nurses that healed up the zweilous that first night, and the pleas from her friends, her parents gave in after a month of hesitant debating. She got to keep the zweilous. Since then, she has constantly spent her free time with her zweilous, making him one of the strongest pokemon out of all of her classmate's pokemon. Her parents still aren't too thrilled about her having a pokemon, but they don't say anything about it. They still have a long way to go, but her dedication is impressive, no doubt.

    Let me know if I need to change anything! Sorry if my writing is lacking interest, I was tired... xD
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  9. Really like the backstory, but there are no real pokemon centers, just so you know. They have health centers and all students are taught dragon care at school, but basically the village is very disconnected from the rest of the world and therefore lacks most technologies such as potions, pokeballs and such.

    Oh, also you dont have to limit biting or scratching ^^ we're going more on the HTTYD system. So we basically only limit the "special" attacks.

    Other than that accepted c:

    Not sure how to incorporate flight on smaller sized dragons, but I think since Meatlug can carry Fishlegs in the movies it should be alright c:
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  10. Oh okay, I wasn't sure how connected it was to a pokemon world. :) Same with the attacks.

    I'll edit it a tiny bit to make it more like HTTYD.
  11. That's fine c:
  12. Here as promised
  13. Name: Orion
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Dragon Rider/ Village Hunter
    Personality: Due to his time spent in the wild, he has a rather abrasive personally to those he is unfamiliar with, and very hostile to those he doesn't like. However, on the other side of the spectrum, he is fiercely loyal and protective of those he knows and cares about.
    Pokemon partner: Fully trained Shiny Haxorus, named Ragnar and a Tyrunt, named Tiberion.
    Pokemon skills/abilities: Ragnar is very strong and offense oriented,with his horn blades being extremely sharp as well. He can also increase his abilities by focusing dragonic energies through his body via a strange yet powerful dance, that can also be used for evasive maneuvers. He can also use this dragonic energy to greatly increase his offensive abilities in order to due vast amounts of damage, but while in this state he will attack any thing and everything that he recognizes as hostile, and he will be left confused and unable to properly attack. Can use this about 10 times before the strain becomes to much for his body and he needs to rest. He also has another attack where he charges at an enemy, throwing every once of energy he has into the attack for massive damage, but he has to rest immediately after wards. Can uses it five times before the strain becomes to much. Ragnar can also smash his claws into the ground, creating large shockwave that cause a minaturized earthquake in the vicinity. Ragnar is likely to fight harder and better against other male pokemon, as he always needs to show who the alpha is.

    Tyberion has a rather strong bite, but not much else as he has yet to be trained very much.
    Pokemon appearance:
    History: Orion is part of ancient tribe of dragon tamers that was thought to have gone extinct long ago, until he was found living among a herd of Haxorus, Fraxures, and Axews in the wilds. He was taken in by (Insert NPC or PC here), and has slowly, but surely, begun to adapt to civilized society, though he still carries some habits from his time in the wild. Ragnar is basically his step brother that and they have been together for as long as they can remember, so when Orion left the herd, Ragnar(who was a Fraxure at the time) followed close behind.
    Extra info: He is stronger than regular people and is able to fight pokemon, making him an ideal hunter for the village. His heritage also makes it so that he is able to read a Dragon pokemon's body language, habits, and general feeling much more effectively than a regular person can.
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  14. Raijinslayer, let me know when you finish your form, okay?
  15. Just a quick question... What was the writing level/style (if any) that you wanted for this RP?
  16. I have no high standards or something, just make sure to use some good grammar and not weird sentences we have to disipher.
    And no one-liners, please.
  17. Okay, thanks. c:
  18. You're welcome c:
    I'll be starting this up very soon, I guess after we get our last reservation in. I'm also gonna request a banner so we can advertise ^^
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