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  1. Rise of the Apes

    We are Apes.

    Everything from makeup to medicine, a lot of human products are first tested on animals. Every once in awhile, some scientist in some laboratory has an idea that is... questionable, but hey, boundaries need to be pushed for advancements to be made, right? Besides, they're just animals. Right?

    A company has been working to develop a cure for brain disorders for a decade, and finally, they've had a breakthrough; approval to begin testing on chimpanzees. The idea is a medication that allows the brain to create its own cells and repair itself, and the drug is promising. If intelligence is increased in the Apes that are treated with the drug with little to no negative side effects, its possible to begin testing on human subjects... If this plan doesn't backfire, of course. I mean, what risks could there possibly be in increasing the intelligence of animals that are three to five times stronger than a human, with a naturally aggressive nature? Lack of intelligence paired with a violent nature is most often regarded as a dangerous combination, but what of intelligence with violence? What about intelligent, powerful apes who have every right to hate and resent the humans who mistreat them? What will they be capable of?

    Apes will rise.

    If it wasn't obvious, the idea is based on Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) with a few minor tweaks. For those of you who haven't seen the movie and want to, I'll do my best not to spoil anything; I'm going to stick to the plot of the roleplay, not the movie, but there's bound to be some spoilers.
    Essentially, our characters will be Apes that live in a laboratory that has been testing the intelligence enhancing drug on them. Some of our Apes may have been treated poorly in the past, some might have been beloved family pets who grew too big and too dangerous to keep, some might be fresh from the jungle with no knowledge of humans; what they'll all have in common is human like intelligence that can either be used as a weapon, or as a peaceful tool. What they want is to escape and live in freedom. Will they appoint a leader, or will it be anarchy? Will they use brute force to break free, or will they carefully plan their escape? Will they take revenge on the humans responsible, or will they spare them? Will some try to protect the humans from the wrath of the more aggressive Apes? Will the Apes unite, will they turn on each other, or will it be every Ape for themselves? Its completely up to our characters.

    Some ground rules about the Apes:
    -Species can be either Common Chimpanzees or Bonobos.
    -They will speak to each other in crude English at best if they can speak, no perfect grammar and no big words.
    -They can know American Sign Language if you want them to.
    -Some level of conflict between Apes will make the plot more interesting and realistic; its fine for the Apes to have some enemies if it turns out that way, they're bound to not all get along and agree about everything.
    -Its alright for some Apes to die, as long as the people playing them are okay with that.
    -There will be enough NPC Apes to bring the total number to ten. Feel free to assign names to them if your posts call for it, but everybody has to be consistent with their names after they're named.

    Ground rules about the roleplay itself:
    -You can use whatever form of a character biography that you're most comfortable with.
    -At least one paragraph per reply is appreciated, but do your best while still having fun!
    -Be patient in waiting for replies~ People get busy and cant always reply every day.
    -Wait until all roleplayers with characters that are relevant to the situation have replied before replying again with your character, unless they have gone at least five days without replying and the roleplay is unable to move forward because of it. We don't want to leave anybody behind~
    -If you can no longer participate for any reason, let me know! No hard feelings, but I'd like to know so that we know that its alright to move on without waiting on your character, or have them get killed or lost to remove them from the roleplay.
    -No godmodding, powerplaying, or overpowered characters.

    Confirmed Characters:
    -CozyCoz as "Joao" and "Cozy"
    -Dipper as "Abtik"

    -Polystical as "Lexi" and "Dione"

    NPC Characters:
    To Be Determined
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  2. Identification:
    Bonobo, initially mistaken for Chimpanzee
    Approximately 22
    Reaching a maximum height of 4 feet 11 inches when standing upright, Joao is smaller and less heavily muscled than a male Chimpanzee, but an average size for a male Bonobo. Thin and lanky, he doesn't look as intimidating or impressive as a male Chimp, but there is something about the way he stares at people with unblinking brown eyes that is unnerving. His fur has the characteristic black coloring and is thinly distributed over his body, most of which is covered with pink and gray skin, with a distinctive touch of pink on his lips and hands. His fur is thickest around his head and he has no balding on his scalp. Joao walks strictly on his feet and knuckles in the classic quadruped position.
    Joao is considered unpredictable and potentially dangerous. He shows no fear of humans and where some Apes may back away or even attack, he stays put and stares down the humans down, never breaking eye contact. This characteristic began shortly after he was treated with the experimental drug; previously, Joao was much more aggressive, and it wasn't uncommon for him to attempt to grab humans through the bars of his cage. He never made any more attempts to attack or hurt any of the handlers after being exposed to the drug, but that's not to say he wouldn't if he was given the chance. With his new intelligence, he knows to bide his time and wait for the opportune moment, rather than aimlessly thrashing around his cage and screaming whenever a handler approached, or waiting with an outstretched arm with no handlers being dumb enough to come within range. He doesn't really care what happens to the humans as a whole, so long as the Apes are free of them... But if he encountered a human that he recognized as one who had caused him harm, he wouldn't hesitate to take his revenge; if asked by another Ape to attack an innocent human, he also wouldn't hesitate. As far as other Apes are concerned, Joao is not as social as some (being a different species could contribute to this fact) but he is definitely capable of working as part of a team if it means freedom will be won, even if he isn't completely trusting of them. He is not one to rush into a situation without some sortof a plan, but also isn't afraid to express his opinions on plans that other Apes come up with. Whether he intends to stay with the other Apes after they escape is unclear.
    Joao was a victim of the bushmeat trade; his mother was killed for her meat and he was sold as a pet at a local market when he was little more than an infant. He was chained to a cage outside of a restaurant in Angola for customers to play with after he was purchased, but unfortunately for him, not all of them were friendly and he got his first taste of human cruelty at a very young age. As he got older, he began tolerating the unkind customers less and less, until he finally attacked an adult male human who threw a glass bottle at him. It was then that he was confiscated and sold to the US based testing laboratory where he was exposed to the drug that increased his intelligence, which changed his demeanor dramatically to something arguably more frightening. He was originally thought to be a Chimpanzee, but blood tests showed that he was actually a Bonobo.
    Joao is an Ape of few words, but will speak crude English when necessary.


    Common Chimpanzee
    Approximately 14
    5 feet 2 inches tall on his feet, Cozy is fully grown, but could use some more meat on his bones. He does not have the average muscle tone of an adult male Chimp, most likely due to the fact that he has spent much of his time in a small cage without room for adequate exercise. His peach colored hands, feet, and face stands out against his thick coat of black fur, and light brown eyes watch the move of every human that comes within sight of him with an anxious gaze. He is often standing in a hunched, yet upright position rather than walking on all fours; this has always been his preferred stance, possibly a result of being raised by humans in his early years. Due to his outbursts, a length of chain is fastened around his neck for control, with the end attached to the bars of his cage to restrict his movement.
    Cozy is very excitable and it doesn't take much to get him displaying with loud hooting and forcefully hitting the bars of his cage. As a result, he is considered highly dangerous and not to be taken lightly by handlers and scientists. Even the sight of a human whom he isn't fond of can send him into a thrashing, screaming fit (although the frequency of such fits diminished to an extent after his exposure to the drug). Although he displays very clear aggression, his intention is less to attack and more to scare or put off any unfriendly humans from coming too close to him. That said, Cozy also understands that not all humans are malicious and wouldn't attack without good reason. He is much more trusting of other Apes, and he is willing to bow his head and follow Apes that are in a position of leadership without question. However, Cozy is quick to stand up for any Apes, or even humans, that are being wrongly punished. He wouldn't take the punishment for them, though, and if such actions would earn him a beating from another Ape, he will look the other way to save his own skin. As sympathetic as he can be, he isn't willing to put himself in danger for somebody else, unless he considers them a very close friend; this is partially because he isn't the bravest Chimp, and it takes a close friend in danger to spur him into action. He has a little trouble socializing with the other Apes since he grew up in human care, but he is catching on and coming around at his own pace. This has resulted in Cozy being unsure of himself and possibly even a little timid around other Apes.
    Cozy was born in a zoo that ended up selling him when he was old enough to be weaned, since his mother was not one of the planned breedings. She was young and inexperienced and ultimately didn't know how to care for him, which resulted in him being pulled from the exhibit and hand raised by keepers. Integrating him with the group when he was older was unsuccessful, with the alpha male being extremely aggressive towards him, so the decision was made to sell him. During the time he spent at the zoo, he experienced loving care from zookeepers, so the treatment he received at the laboratory rocked his world, going against everything he had ever experienced. Cozy was kept in isolation when he first arrived at the laboratory as mandatory quarantine, which he did not adapt well to. His frustration, fear, and confusion manifested in aggressive behavior, and the intelligence gave him even more capacity to question the treatment he was recieving. He hasn't responded quite as well to the various tests that the Apes endure to test their intelligence as the others, and it is uncertain if he will be kept for the project, or if he will be put down. Some handlers consider him too much of a hassle and liability because of his behavior, and his days could be numbered, a fact he is very aware of. Because of this, he is completely on board with conspiring against the humans and escaping, although he would be happiest if he returned to the loving zookeepers, since he has no perception of wild life, or any clue how to fend for himself in a humanless environment.
    Cozy speaks crude English, but prefers to use ASL to communicate.
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  3. PERM. ID: ALZ-1313
    GIVEN NAME: Abtik
    SPECIES: Common Chimpanzee
    SEX: Male
    AGE: 12 (Approximate)


    HEIGHT: 5'2"
    WEIGHT: 132lbs

    Covered in a dark coat of black fur, well taken care of but missing in patches about the neck due to frequent experimentation. Right eye is glassy and blind, with scars varying in length beneath the same eye and across the hairless tops of his hands. Abtik is fairly muscular not only due to the competitive environment in the early stages of his life, but it also seems to be an inherited trait.


    Abtik is generally quiet and contemplative, especially regarding his current situation. He "speaks" only when something must be known or shared, and is known well for his clever and politically deceptive but loyal nature. A self-described leader, Abtik himself wishes to lead those willing to follow into a better society, away from humanity and built upon their own laws and not those of the species that imprisoned them. His quietness is often used as an intimidation tactic when either threatened or opposed, as his words are either well thought out or short and curt enough to carry hidden meanings. His empathy is impressive as well, and his altruism indicates that he's been involved with other creatures.

    Records relating to Abtik's history are vague at best, nonexistent at worst. Earliest records date back to various Havens on the east coast of the United States regarding his sly, clever nature. Integration was generally smooth, and his unique nature earned him a spot in the hearts of many of his human handlers, as well as the name Abtik - clever, energetic, and alert. Around maturity, Abtik had grown somewhat restless and disruptive, causing trouble among his own community as well as with new and unfamiliar handlers. The trouble he caused with the other chimps in the enclosure rendered him not only blind in one eye due to damage and infection via a sharpened stick by one of his plentiful rivals, but also cautious. Constant fights drove the haven to rethink his position in the enclosure, and to avoid early deaths and the possibility of more injuries, sold Abtik to a testing facility after deeming him "unsafe for peaceful chimpanzee havens".

    Abtik calmed and his temperament cooled over in the small laboratory enclosures, and although initially friendly towards humans, he did not take well to the cruel treatment and testing. At the time, Abtik was of average intelligence and so responded to the cruelty with aggression and disobedience. With his intelligence came a quiet and contemplative personality, as clever as ever before and many times more capable. Abtik has no love of humans, but neither does he despise them - experience and awareness of the wider world dictates that grudges will only hold him back, and so he'd much rather help his own kind rather than submit to the primitive urge to acquire revenge against the humans.


    Well versed in ASL; knows a few distinct human words, just enough to string together basic sentences.

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  4. ID # ALZ - 1268
    Nickname: Lexi
    Species: Bonobo
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18 (Approximate)

    Physical Details/Distinguishing Features:
    Despite the excessive experimentation, Lexi has all of her thick black hair, but she is smaller than most bonobos due to the lack of sufficient consumption of food due to stress. Aside from that, Lexi resembles a regular bonobo and has no scars or other distinguishing marks on her face or body. Lexi barely has any extra muscle due to her comfortable background. She also tends to groom herself more than most and after each experimentation she always combs through her fur with her fingers.1

    1 More on this detail in History section.

    Human Interaction Notes
    Lexi is a calm and even tempered bonobo, and is easily manipulated physically when being experimented on. She does not scream or fight when taken from her cage or when injured, however she will whimper if the pain becomes too much. Considering her background, Lexi does shy away from adult humans but when shown pictures of children, toddlers or infants, she reacts strongly in a positive way.
    Species Interaction Notes
    Lexi was taken from her mother at a young age and never socialized with any other apes until she was brought to the lab. Although she stares at the other apes (when she can see them), she does not acknowledge them verbally.

    Lexi's entire troop was attacked and ravaged by hunters, with the adults being killed for their various body parts and the infants like her where taken and sold to various organizations and families. Unlike most of the other infants, Lexi was fortunate enough to be sold to a family of four, two parents and two little girls that they spoiled. Lexi was given to the little girls as a living dolls and the girls treated her as though she were a sister. They dressed her up, put make up on her and taught her how to 'make herself pretty'. (It is believed that Lexi learned how to 'comb' her hair by watching them.) As she grew and the girls did as well, they decided to have her taught ASL, due to them growing and having to rely on verbal language more than usual. Lexi took to ASL nicely and she often had regular conversations with her 'sisters'. Lexi lived with this family for ten years until one fateful day when she accidentally pushed one of the girls too hard, causing the girl to fall down a flight of stairs. Lexi was taken away from the family then and sold to the testing lab where she remained for the rest of her life.

    Speech Capabilities:
    Lexi has shown the capability to speak, but she rarely does and if she does she'll only say one word in response to any questions or other conversation. She is a professional when it comes to ASL and relies on it to communicate. As she was taken from her troop so soon, she cannot converse with other bonobos without the use of ASL.

    * * *

    ID # ALZ - 0013
    Nickname: Dione
    Species: Bonobo
    Sex: Female
    Age: 29 (Approximate)

    Physical Details/Distinguishing Features:
    Dione's hair, thin and sparse all over. Due to stress, clumps of hair have fallen out and still do at times when she becomes too agitated or upset. There are scars all over her face, chest and feet, as well as a branding mark (reading S.R.C Property) on her lower back. She almost always has a look of pure rage on her face.

    Human Interaction Notes
    Dione despises humans and constantly tries to bite them or mutilate them in some way. Despite the experimentation, when it comes to interacting with humans, Dione acts like a regular angry beast and displays no higher intelligence. Because of her generally enraged and abrasive temperament, she has to be tranquilized before being taken out of her cage.

    Species Interaction Notes
    Dione becomes very needy when she comes into contact with any of her species or even chimpanzees. She will often reach out to them or make soft hooting noises. If shown a picture of an infant bonobo or chimp, she will hang her head and whimper.

    Up until she was eighteen years (approx.) old, Dione lived in the Congo with her large bonobo troop. She was the alpha female and she had had multiple offspring. Due to deforestation and poaching, Dione's troop was attacked and split up. One half escaped with Dione and the other half which included most of her children, disappeared (presumed to have been killed or sold). Dione reestablished her troop in another area and the ranks and strength came back almost immediately. Dione had more offspring and it seemed as through everything would be fine until poachers struck and this time the entire troop was captured. Dione was captured first and was forced to watch all of the infants of the troop be either caged or killed.
    After the massacre, Dione was sold on the black market to the Silver Remnants Circus, a circus that traveled all over the world and was known for excessive animal abuse, breeding and the harboring of illegal animals. Dione was trained brutally and taught to entertain humans with juggling, self harm and performing dangerous feats, she was even branded after one incident where she refused to jump over a circle of fire. One night during their travels the circus was raided by a humane society and most of the animals were taken to reservations. Dione however was too aggressive to be taken to any reservation and so she was given to the testing lab.

    Speech Capabilities:
    Dione has the ability to speak (crude words only) and sign but she refuses to.
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  5. @Polystical, did you still plan on making two Apes, or are you all set with Lexi? (I'm glad one of our Apes is a girl, for variety's sake~)
  6. Yeah, I'm still planning on making another. XD and it's probably going to be a girl. Maybe.
  7. Sounds good! ^u^ Getting more of a balance in there will be cool; the movies seemed to focus a loooot more on the males.
  8. Probably because most of them were chimps, right? If the apes had been mostly bonobos, the movie would have had all female MCs.
  9. Koba was a Bonobo and I keep hearing some people saying Rocket was too, but there are also people saying Rocket wasn't, so I'm only positive about Koba. I actually think the only female mentioned by name at all was Cornelia(sp?), if I'm remembering right? I'm hoping we get to see more of the female characters in the third movie, maybe introduce a new character because my favorite (Koba) presumably wont be in it *goes off on an only semi-related tangent*
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  10. It'd be pretty neat if they introduced more characters, because that allows insight into their society. I love it when they do that.
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  11. I definitely want to see more of their society! I think that's what made me love Dawn more than Rise, honestly.
  12. will be joining
  13. Alrighty, once @Poetic Justice and @Polystical get their bios submitted, I think we're good to get started :3 Anybody else who wants to join after that can jump in whenever we hit a point where it would make sense.
  14. @CozyCoz
    Sorry for the delay! I'm finished with my CS(s)!
  15. @Polystical Its fine! They both look great :3 I'll give Justice a couple days to make their character before I start the RP, but I don't want to wait forever. If we end up starting without Justice, they can jump in when they're ready.
  16. thank you very much, i have been floated with homework this last week, hopefully i can post it tomorrow, but don't be waiting on me if i haven't posted, start when you guys want to and i can still catch up.
  17. Its totally fine, I understand! Homework comes first, so don't feel like you're in any rush ^u^
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  18. Okay, just to let you guys know, I might end up being busy tomorrow. I'll probably get the roleplay post up and started tonight, just to make sure you guys don't end up waiting on me if I do end up being gone, but don't feel pressured to rush to get characters written and replies done if you're not ready!

    I'm gonna set it in the early morning, just before the scientists get there so that our Apes have a little bit to get interactions going so that we can figure out how they all stand in relation to each other before anything super exciting or chaotic happens. The Apes have been treated with the drug, have established their intelligence, and can communicate with each other through ASL and spoken words if they can/will speak. If anybody wants their character to be new to the project and cant sign or speak yet, that's totally fine! Just let everybody know that so that we're all on the same page. I'll edit this reply to include the link to the roleplay when I get it set up!

    Link! https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/apes-will-rise.104478/
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  19. I hope this isn't dying already. Where is everybody?
  20. I hope not, either D:
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