Right This moment I am Thinking.......

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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
And don't you dare say Arby's > <

I am thinking about how awesome this weekend is going to be.
I am thinking... why is this video game still running in the background.
Caffeine, so much caffeine.
Reflecting on my apparent lack of empathy as of late and trying to convince myself to focus more on my studies o.o
I really need to take care of these issues...past is past...what happened happend...
'Damn I'm good'

Is what I am thinking right now.
...I know where I got the pervyness from. Im genetically screwed to be insane and a perv. Uh...yay?
Thinking that I should get an AC unit...finally.
...But what happens if I am thinking eating at Arby's? Naaa, that place's food blows worse than Dorkness at a Chinese hookerhouse.
The garbage disposal is fail. Man...Need that fixed. <_<
....that I am horrified of the dentist, but sometimes things must be done for the sake of being able to open my mouth and EAT. D:<
I'm thinking that I need more furniture.
I know I need to fix a few things and I dont know how. Maybe if I use duct tape...
I hope I packed everything I hope I packed everything I hope I packed everything I Hope I packed everything.

Is what I'm thinking.
Hmm, when is it going to get cold? Kinda hope it does soon.
Wow, cooled down but I didn't really want the thunder and lightning lol. At least it's stopped, man it was crazy.