Right This moment I am Thinking.......

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I helped!.... That could have been bad, but it turned out ok!
Milk, no oreos...
(Oh god Twi'Lek tentacle porn)

I really REALLY want a beer!
I'm thinking that too many people, myself included, make decisions about people based on how they dress/look. It's not a good thing. I hate the fact that I judge people like that, and in turn, hate the fact that people pre-judge me based on what i decided to wear that day. Today I am going to take the time to evaluate at least one person based on their actions.

Thats what I'm thinking...that and Pancakes, I love them pancakes.
That I am an idiot and I shoulda known better. If you're friends with an asshole, sooner or later, you're gonna get their shit.
I'm thinking about Pho. My favorite meal in the world.
This duel is freaking epic and it's not clear who will win... Shame we haven't been recording it...but gonna continue it soon here my opponent returns lol.
.... That video is weird.
I'm thinking about caffeine. CAFFEINE IN MASS AMOUNTS!!!!!!
I hate country
I hate country
I hate country
I hate country
I hate country
I hate country
I hate country
I hate country
I hate country
Gee, America sure is f*#@*ed around here..

Mah boi, this fail is what no country strives for!

I just wonder what Canada is up to.

I think I'll get me a passport, least Nevada didn't elect that crazy Sarah Palin endorsed bitch though.
I'm thinking I want to grab this day by the potato and OWN it!
That I want Octy's potatoes.
That i have a lot to do before lunch, but its early enough to get it all done.
I'm glad I finished the Morning Musume history section in my Asian Music Group e__e 44 singles, every single one of them put up with a members list