Right This moment I am Thinking.......

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About the flavor differences and simmilarities of Ale, Stount and Lager.
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.... -_- ....what if I've made wrong choices and what if this isn't meant for me?.....D:
...I'm thinking what the hell am I going to do with the dress afterwards.
Wow another rp ended well. It had exactly 100 replies and 5 pages. Im so damn proud of Zacky and myself. That makes 3 rp's.. Im blown away. Am I dreaming? Nope.. just loving Iwaku...
I need to get a job or start reading a good piece of fantasy novel.
I should really be getting to sleep!
Wow, I like rain and all but this thunder/lightning business not at all. Caused the lights to flicker and I couldn't focus on anything since it sounded like it was striking down close by for a bit hmm..
she has 911 posts.... O__o that could possibly be ironic. THATS IT! SHES HAVING A COFFFFEEEEE EMERGENCY!
Urgh, the thunder better not wake me up in the morning AGAIN. It's getting obnoxious. I like the rain though but that thunder/lightning can needs to GTFO.
I'm thinking about ice cream and setting someone on fire. Mmmhmmm. ...I've got problems.
What is a DMV? A miserable pile of fail! Really, you can send people in space but we can't make a better system for dealing with this shit? <_<
I'm thinking 'I WISH i was about 1800 miles south east of here'
How interesting! I'm thinking about how I wish I was 3000 miles northwest of here.
Wishing I could get awesome cuddles.