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  1. Amii had been here so long ago that going back threw the town made her nervous. She was unsure of what was going to happen. If the people she had grown up around where still there, if she was going to have to try and remember where everything was, what had changed if things where still there from when she was younger. After all she had moved away from the little town a long time ago. Or well in her eyes what seemed like forever ago. It had only been about five years ago. She closed her eyes as she watched the trees pass by as he Father drove.

    The school year had just ended and she remembered the feeling of regret as she was told she was going to have to move farther then she thought. The pain as she came to understand that she was going to have to start High school by herself no friends. She looked out the window waving to her best friend. She didn't want to leave, and seeing his face made her heart ache. She waved, watching till he was just a small speck in the distance

    “Amii” She shifted come out of her daze and her eyes looked up to the school. She had remembered wanting to go here at one time, and know she felt like a freshman back in her old town. She nodded looking to him. She had changed a lot in the past five years, she was no longer that little girl with frazzled hair, braces and glasses. She stepped out of the car shutting the door. “See you” she said softly, as she began to head up the stairs. She hated schools, and this was a fancy school, compared to where she had been. She glance at the students of course a few looking at her. Though she could tell where the clicks where and where everyone was. She tucked the long black hair behind her ear, it had become pierced a few years back. The stud in the ear attached to a chain that move upward to attach to an ear clamp that resembled a dragon. Her dark blue eyes no longer covered by thick rimmed glasses, she wore contacts know. Her skirt came just to the half way mark of her knees, the pleats moving as she walked. The Thigh high socks, a dazzling black and purple like her skirt. The dark black shirt fit snug to her body as she held onto her art book. She had always been an artist, and she kept to it.

    She walked into the building and straight for her class. She had already gotten her schedule and she knew where to be. The first bell was not due to ring for another ten minutes, but she could see the students sitting around the classroom and tables talking and laughing. She stood just outside the door that read class 2-A and gulped walking in, she slide the door and stepped into the class room, she hoped she would not have to introduce herself and that she could just take a seat. Though she felt the eyes of the people around her, she was more than willing to just sit in the back and not talk to anyone.


    Amii Know

    Amii then (Add glasses)
  2. Jayden was sitting on the bus, on the way to school. The past few years he hadn't changed that much - well, it depended on who you'd ask. He himself didn't thought he had changed that much, but those around him thought he had. Of course losing his best friend had had a big impact on his life, sure, but he wouldn't let that stop him from keep living. He tried not to think about what had happened, but of course it had been hard at first. As time passed by though, things changed. He moved on - or at least, he tried to. He got convinced to change his appareance, just to proove that he had moved on. And so he did. He didn't feel like a whole new person, and changing his appareance wouldn't change his mind about things, but no one seemed to get that. Jayden wouldn't admit it himself, but sometimes, Amii still crossed his mind. Things like 'she would have liked this' or 'if she was here right now', and that were the kind of thoughts that he tried to ignore.

    Jayden had tried really hard to get over it - after all, it was just a friend, he had been told. A friend. Friends would come and friends would go, he had heard. After the first year of sorrow, missing Amii, he had started trying to recover. He couldn't live that way no more. At this point, he felt misunderstood, on most things in life, actually. He remembered the times where Amii would get things that no one else would get, but when he thought of that, he tried to push it away as soon as he could. Thinking of what they had and what could have been drove him crazy. If he let it continue, he would never be able to move on. And so, people said, he had become a whole different person. Before Amii had moved, he had been a warm-hearted and caring boy, happy. But now, five years later, he was almost the opposite. Some saw him as selfish, and he could be seen as cold-hearted and distant. The fear of rejection and abandonment had made him always be on his guard - no one would get close enough to leave him devestated like that again.

    He stepped off the bus and started walking to the school. He was late. Usually he wasn't late - it rarely happened. He'd say it never happened - this was one of the few times a year that he would be late. Why? He didn't even know himself. He entered the school. Empty hallways, everyone were busy with something. The first lesson of the day, probably. Jayden had heard a rumor about a new girl in the class, but of course he couldn't tell if it was true or not. He didn't care that much - whoever it was would probably not talk to him, anyways.

    He opened the door and walked inside. He felt as if he had interuppted someone as everybody went silent and looked at him. He looked at the teacher and was just about to say 'sorry', as he noticed the girl. He tilted his head a little. The teacher sighed, obviously mad about him interuppting, and he quickly made his way to his seat, a few rows in front of the new girl. He didn't have the guts to glance at her - and honestly, she didn't interest him. He assumed he had missed her presentation, if she had even had any - you never knew. Some of the new students had presentations, and some didn't.

    Jayden now

    Jayden then
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    Amii felt the eyes of everyone around her. From her class mates to even people passing by with the door open. It was the whole cliche of being a new kid, You know the rumor goes around and then everyone has to look and see if they can judge you. She hated this feeling, she had done it once before and it made her so uneasy. When she stared school that following year and she didn't have Jayden there. He had always made things far better than they where. It was just the presences he had. She gave herself a mental slap and sighed some. He was not going to be here, and if he happened to be here he would not recognize her. It had been five years and she was not exactly like she use to be.

    While she had always been shy, the fear of having to leave some one she cared about again kept her from reaching out, besides the simple fact that she didn't want anyone to even come close to Jayden and the spot he held in her heart. She had made some friends but they simply got annoyed after some time, with her always talking about him. 'Jayden this' and 'Jayden that'. She blinked though as the teacher walked in looking to everyone. “We have a new student---” Though it when the door open and her eyes looked up she felt her breath hitch. She was unsure though. The Jayden she remembered always smiled and never looked like that, but five years was a long time.

    The teacher simply sighed but cleared her throat. “We have a new student, would you care to introduce yourself?” Amii voice hitched again, but she stood up, walking slowly to the front of the class. She shifted on her feet a moment before looking out. There where so many faces and that was when she say the boy who had walked in later, she let her eyes stare at him. “My name is Amii” she took a deep breath, “I just moved back into town.” With that she gave a small bow and then sat down taking a deep breath. Her heart was in her throat and pounding away!
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    Amii. Really? Jayden hadn't cared to even look at her the first few seconds of her standing up there, but as she said her name, he looked at her as if he had just been hit by something sharp. What? "I just moved back into town", the words repeated themselves inside of his mind as she sat down. As if she hadn't been gone for that long. He glanced at her, feeling like just walking out the door and never come back. He had no idea how to react - was he going to pretend like everything was normal, as it had been five years ago? He couldn't - he had worked so hard on not thinking about Amii and not letting anyone get too close. Would he give up everything he had done for the past few years just because that she returned? What had she been doing all this time? He surely didn't expect to see her coming. Especially not being his new classmate - nothing of what had happened in the past ten minutes had been according to his plants, at all.

    He knew that the teacher was talking, but he didn't care to listen. Normally he would listen and pay as much attention as anyone else, but right now, he couldn't. Amii. He had been working so hard to move on and get her out of his head, and now, all of sudden, she was back. He almost felt a bit mad at her - who did she think she was, just coming back like that, as if nothing had happened? He tried to remind himself though, that he hadn't spoken to her, and didn't know what she thought about all of this. She was probably just as surprised as he was, he thought. And after all, it hadn't been her decision to move away. Jayden had always felt like she had left him behind though, as if there were new, more exciting adventures awaiting her, somewhere else. Without him. He bit his lip. What was he doing? It had been five years, and, obviously, he hadn't moved on all that well. His head was full of Amii - knowing that she was sitting just a few chairs away from him made it all feel so surreal. And a bit scary, as well.

    The bell rang. He glanced at the clock, and yes, a break before the next lesson. He watched as the other students got their belongings in their bags and started moving towards the door. He glanced at Amii, who was getting ready to leave, as well. He began picking his things up as well, putting them in his green backpack. As Amii left, he quickly followed amongst the crowd of other students, catching up on her by the lockers. "Hey", he said, grabbed her arm gently and took her behind a wall, so that they wouldn't be disturbed by all the students in the hallway, picking with their lockers. "Amii", he said and let go of her, as she stood with her back against the wall, and him in front of her. He couldn't really believe his eyes. "I thought I'd never see you again", he said, and put his right palm against the wall besides Amii, making his arm stretch out beside her, sort of blocking the way out of there. "Why are you here?" he asked, and it sounded almost as if he was blaming her.
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    Amii had long since gave up hope of seeing Jayden again. It had been over five years and in her mind that translated to far too long. If she had her way she would have just ran away with him. He was her best friend, and to this day she only thought of him. She had given up on trying to move on, as if it was a bad break up. He was her best friend, and she wanted to keep him close to her as possible. She paid attention though as the teacher spoke, and when she was able to leave she never thought she want to leave so bad.

    What had caught her of guard was the grab at her arm, causing her to let out a small gasp and jerk her hand a bit. Though when her eyes locked with Jayden, she let him lead her toward a more private spot. Not like she would have fought anyway. Though looking him over know, he was not the same little boy, he had grown up and she felt a ping of sadness. She had missed all that, and here she was just dropping back into his life, but at the same time so was he. She gave a small blink, when he asked her why she was here. As if she should not have came back?

    She shifted a bit, the nervous feeling again. She didn't dare look at Jayden in the eyes. “I move back here two days ago.” She couldn't help but feel a intense need to hug him. She was scared, and not really sure how to handle any of this, moving-again, meeting up with her best friend. She looked up to him, her soft eyes showing, that in fact she was scared. “Jayden” she said softly, before letting her arms wrap around him a soft hug, as if to say she was sorry for something she could not control.
  6. Jayden wasn't prepared for what was coming - not at all. Being as cold and distant as he was, he hadn't been expecting her to treat him the way she did. He wasn't sure whether he liked it or not - would it have been better if she hit him instead? Or maybe just said something nasty? No. He had missed her, he really had. He felt her arms around him, unsure of what to do, how to respond. He was surprised that she had had the courage to do so - but at the same time, he felt a bit relieved. Lots of different thoughts and feelings ran through his head as he slowly wrapped his arms around her as well, feeling that it would have been stupid not to, standing there like some kind of idiot. She had missed him too, he thought, although he wasn't all sure of that.

    He wasn't sure whether he wanted to push her away and never see her again or if he wanted to keep her in his arms forever and never let her go, everything was just so overwhelming, he didn't know what to feel. He was a bit surprised about how calm Amii felt, but on the other hand, maybe she was slightly more prepared than he was, he thought as he bit his lip. Smelling her like this, being so close, made all the things from before come up to the surface, all the things that he had been trying to suppress for so long. "Amii", he said slowly, as if he was saying something he hadn't said in a long time, or as if he was learning a new word. He could hear how his voice was filled with emotions - that cold Jayden was almost completely gone, it felt like. You're still you, he thought as he gave her a quick squeeze before letting go and quickly turned his back on her.

    "I'm not ready for this", he said, unsure of whether he should continue or not. He wasn't even sure of what to say. What was there to say? And, in a quite public place like this? He bit his lip for not thinking about that before confronting her the way he had. "You don't know me any longer", he said, although he was unsure of whether that was true or not. Amii had been the only one who had understood him, but now, he couldn't recognize himself in the person he was all those years ago. In a way, all he wanted to do was to run away, but at the same time, he wanted to be that Jayden that he had been all those years ago. He turned around, facing her, with a gaze filled with sorrow, confusion, relief, and who knew what else. "You can't be here... this isn't working. I'm sorry", he said and turned his back on her again, starting to walk away.
  7. Amii was unsure why she had hugged him, it was as if the reflex was still there! She held onto him but when she didn't feel him hug back at first she wanted to cry. She knew that she was probably not helping the fact that she showed up out of no where, and that he probably didn't want to see her. But he had confronted her! When he spoke her name, she looked up. The feeling of him hugging back made her heart swell and him finally speaking her name, she almost smiled. She could tell something was off he was not acting like his normal self.

    She could not really blame him though? He was probably just as confused as her. She had never expect to move back here and the feeling was overwhelming and then to see Jayden, she was beyond confused. It was as if fate was fucking with her. Though when he pulled away and looked at her. She could see it, the pain and sorrow. What had she done to him? Leaving like that. She wanted to cry, and tell him she was sorry. It was not like she could have not moved, her family was in charge at that time.

    Her eyes widen though, when he stated he was not ready and that she should not be here cause it was not working. The only thing that came close the feeling that seemed to seize her heart, was the first time she left. Here she had finally come back, and he didn't want her around. Though when he turned to walk away, she wanted to slap him. HE was the one who confronted her, she didn't go seeking him out. She felt the stinging warm of tears at her eyes before she walked passed him, almost storming. To look back at him and in a voice that was hurt, she spoke “Fine.” Fine, if he didn't want her around him, so be it. How hard could it be? She wasn't wanted where she had been, and she just pretend he was not here. She had other things she could put her mind on.
  8. As Amii walked past him, he stopped, looking at her. He was surprised in a way, although he knew that maybe he shouldn't be. Of course she was hurt by what he had told her, his cold way of being, he was sure she wasn't used to. He completely understood if she felt hurt by everything that had happened - him confronting her but not really having anything to say except that it wasn't going to hurt. In a way, he felt like hitting himself in his face, hard. How could he be so stupid? He bit his lip as he watched her walk away. "Fine." As if it didn't matter, right? Jayden turned his gaze away, not wanting to look her way any longer. This was all just so stupid, so wrong. How could this happen? In a way, he felt like running after her. After all, she was his friend. Or at least, she had been. A long time ago, he thought, reminding himself of all the years that had gone by, all the things that has changed who they were.

    He opened his mouth as if she would hear him if he said something, but he knew that she was probably gone by now. Gone, somewhere else. As that time long ago. She left, just like this, again. He hit the wall with his fist, angry at both himself and her. Why had he been so stupid, confronting her in that way, making her feel so... hurt? He didn't want to think of what he had caused her to feel, he didn't want to think about how she'd been so nice to him, hugging him, giving it all a second chance. And then him, just throwing it away. "Damn", he said to himself, turned around and leaned against the wall. The corridor seemed less crowded now, he noticed. Most of the students had probably got their things and was on their way to the next lesson, if they weren't already there. Maybe the lessons had already started. Jayden couldn't care less right now.

    "Jayden!" someone called, and he turned around, seeing a guy from his class. He nodded slightly as if they were mates, and maybe they were, he couldn't think clearly at the moment. All the thoughts were like a hurricane and he wasn't sure whether he should cry or laugh, since he had such mixed emotions about it all. The guy smiled at him as he got closer, although you could tell that he was a bit surprised by it all. Jayden quickly turned away - had he been crying? No, he would have known, he thought, although he felt a bit anxious about it. The guy gently touched Jayden's shoulder, but he quickly backed off, although he hit the wall, since he was leaning towards it. The guy backed off too, letting go of him. "I'm sorry", the guy said, and then glanced towards the corridor. "I just... the lesson...", he said, obviously concerned about Jayden rather than their lesson. "Did something happen? You look... wierd", he said, and Jayden looked at him, thoughtful. "Yeah, I know. Something happened. Would you please tell the teacher that I went home. I'm not feeling too good. Don't know when I'm coming back", he said, and the guy nodded. "Sure", he said, and Jayden started walking towards the exit. He wanted to get out of there.
  9. Amii gave a small sigh as she walked. Her mind was going threw so much right know. She felt like she was in a whirlpool of emotions that where dragging her down. She kept hoping that Jayden would just rush up behind her and that she would be able to talk to him. She should not have expected him to be so warm. Why would he not be cold?! She left all those years ago, and she just poof back into his life. She should have known better, but she could not help but feeling that she wanted him to just accept her with wide open arms. She found herself to her next class and took her seat, though just like the last time she introduced herself, tucking her hair behind her ears.

    The next few classes went like that, and once lunch came around she felt herself wanting to just run away. She had talked to a few people, but she found herself wanting to see Jayden. Maybe should could try and talk to him? She should not have said those words too him. Fine Yeah that is something she should have just kept too herself. She blinked though, glancing around. She was not going to have anyone to talk to anyway, she might as well go home. It was not like it mattered anyway. She stood up and threw her tray away before heading out. She was not stupid beside, she wanted to talk to her Mother.

    She left the school, heading straight to the hospital, walking with her books in her arms and a small frown tugging at her lips. She left one upsetting situation to go to another. She gave a small scoff. “That would be me” she mumbled as she kept walking, kicking a walk along the way. She glanced up at the sky. “Jayden, your and idiot” She found herself saying out loud, though she should keep that in her head and not speak it. She felt the warm salt water at her eyes again. She needed to stop crying, they would get around to talking again, it was not like he told her that he wanted her to leave.
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    Jayden bit his lip as he walked down the road. He kept telling himself that he didn't care where Amii was, how she was feeling or what she was doing, but deep down, he know that it was all a lie. He cared too much to pretend like what had happened hadn't happened - he had probably hurt her by acting the way he had. And even though he tried to convince himself that she was the one who had been acting wrong, he couldn't get the feeling of himself also having a part of it, away. She isn't the only one to blame, he thought as he sighed.

    Thinking about it, he realized that he had no idea what to do. He'd like to talk to someone, he felt, but he hadn't done that before, and so everyone would be surprised if he, all of sudden, wanted to talk about anything - emotions. That just wasn't him. Not any more. The more he thought about it, he realized that he was rather alone, pushing everyone away. Why wouldn't he be?

    "Are you OK?" someone said, and he opened his eyes. To his surprise, he was lying on the ground, several people looking at him from above. It took a while for him to focus his gaze as he realized that he had probably been hit by a car or something. "I think you fell. You just walked right into the road... you should be happy you didn't get run over", the man said, and smiled slightly. Jayden shook his head and sat up, feeling dizzy. "We've called the ambulance, it'll be here any minute", he said, and even though Jayden didn't like the idea of going to the hospital, he didn't resist as the man gently pushed him down again. The hospital. Great.
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    Amii walked for a bit longer, though once she had reached the hospital she walked in. A nice nurse looked to her, “can I help you?” Though Amii spoke in a soft voice, “I am just here visiting my mother” she said with a nod. The nurse blinked but gave a nod. “alright,” Amii hated hospital's, Doctor offices, anything like this. It was not only creepy, but you could just feel the waves of dis-pare coming from everyone.

    She walked toward the rooms, that held patience and once at the door she knew was her mother's, she knocked only to push the door in. She forced her frown to lift, and wear a smile, if only for her mother. Besides, it was the least she could do. Though it would seem her mother was out again, so she just sat down beside the bed and began to read aloud, to her mother.
  12. Jayden felt like a baby as the paramedics strapped him to the bed once again, 'just to make sure he wouldn't fall off'. What were they thinking, that he was a toddler learning to walk? He felt a bit humiliated as the paramedics rolled the bed into the ward through the corridor for everyone to see. I bet they think I'm crazy being strapped down like this, Jayden thought, and closed his eyes. Why wouldn't they let him walk by himself? To be honest he still felt slightly dizzy, but he wouldn't admit it to anyone, as he was scared they might wouldn't let him go if he told them.

    "Jayden", someone said, and he opened his eyes. It was the same man that had spoke to him before. "I'm leaving now. Good luck", he said and smiled, but Jayden didn't return the smile. Instead, he looked at the man with a gaze that looked as if it could kill. "I'll need it", he said as the man left. Jayden sighed and looked around. At least it seemed to be quite calm.

    He had finally been released from the bed, now standing on the floor, determined to show that he was fine. "I can walk by myself", he said, sounding pretty annoyed, as a nurse grabbed his arm as he was about to fall over. "Don't you touch me, I know what I'm doing!" he said, rather upset, when another nurse grabbed him by his wrist. The nurse backed down, looking scared. Jayden couldn't care less. "Why don't you just let me leave. I've got better things to do", he said, impatient, looking down the hallway.
  13. Amii had spent the next few bits, reading to her mother. Though when she seemed to not be waking up, and sleeping still. She stood up, gaver her cheek a kiss and smiled softly. "I'll come by again soon" Though it was mostly due to her mind not wanting to stay put, to stop thinking about Jayden and how he seemed so upset by her coming back. She gave a small sigh, but walked out. After all, she would be back later. Though when she heard people yelling, and what sounded like Jayden she blinked. Why was he in the hospital?

    She walked down the hall, and once seeing him she blinked. "Jayden?" She asked softly. Before she walked up to him. "What are you doing here?" It would seem that the conversastion they had before this, had slipped her mind when she saw him, trying to tell the nurses to leave him alone. "They just want to help" She gave a stern look, as she spoke. It really seemed as if he had changed, during the last couple of years.
  14. As Jayden heard Amii's voice, he looked towards her. This was so weird. What was she doing at the hospital? He glanced at the nurses, who were both standing a bit away from him, and then he looked at Amii again. "I think I fell to the ground when I was crossing the road not too long ago. And then someone just called the ambulance... and now I'm here, although I don't need any of this", he said, sounding a bit annoyed again. He looked at her thoughtfully.

    "Just want to help? What do you know about that", he said, mostly to himself, before feeling a nurse's hand on his wrist. "You should rest some", the nurse said carefully, and Jayden not wanting Amii to think he was a total nutcase, he nodded slightly. "Sure. I'll rest some. But then I'm leaving", he said, and the nurse nodded. The other nurse looked at Amii. "You can stay if you like, of course... I mean, I don't know why you're here, but, since you obviously know him... I just wanted to tell you that it's fine to spend time with him if you want to, even though he's resting", she said and smiled towards Amii.
  15. Amii gave a small sigh, and a tsk of her tongue. It would seem that Jayden was still just as reckless as ever. Though that made her smile a bit, it meant that he was in fact still at least a little bit the same. She looked to him with a frown, "It's their job to help you, Jayden" She gave another stern look, but nodded when he agreed to at least rest. He was still so stubborn. when the other nurse nodded, she smiled. "Thank you"

    Wow, she never would have thought too see Jayden here. Would he ask her why she was here? If he did, would she tell him that she was visiting her dying mother? She gave a small frown, but followed him to where ever the nurses took him, and once they where alone she gave a small smile. "You are still so reckless, Jayden" She seemed to be trying to not dwell on what happened this morning after all. What good would that help? Nothing.
  16. Jayden glanced at Amii as she spoke. He didn't like any of this - the whole situation was just so stupid. At least she seems to be happy, he thought, slightly annoyed, as he saw her smile. He couldn't help but to feel a bit better about her at least looking happy instead of angry, though. Was this what she had been like all along, when they were little? He didn't remember at the moment, and quickly pushed away the thought of anything that reminded him of the past.

    "Reckless, really", he said, grinning slightly when thinking about it. This time he hadn't been careless though, as he crossed the road. At least not as he could remember. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "I bet they want to run some tests now that I'm here. Why else would they bring me here? If they think that all I need is rest, why can't they let me rest at home?" he said, thoughtful but at the same time sounding impatient and maybe slightly annoyed. "I just don't feel like being stuck here for hours, maybe even till tomorrow, just because of some stupid... well, of me tripping like that", he said, and then looked at here. "What about you? What are you doing here?"
  17. Amii looked to him with a small smile. It was good to see him like this, while he was made he was not upset at her and that was all she really cared about, other than his health of course. “Well, perhaps they want to make sure that nothing else happens, from your lack of attention” She said with another small giggle. Though when he asked her why she was here, she gave a small frown and shifted some.

    “Ah.... just visiting some one is all” She gave a small frown, though it did not last long before she forced it back into a smile. “You should rest though, Jayden. The sooner you rest the faster you get to go home” she gave a small wink, before she leaned in, as if to give him a hug but pulled back. Remembering what happen early, when she gave him one.
  18. Jayden nodded slightly as she told him why she was there. It was obviously not something that she wanted to talk more about, he thought. Therefor, he didn't say anything as she changed the subject. Yes, of course, she was right. If he only rested he'd be home soon. He looked at her, a bit surprised, as she leaned forwards. And as if she was hesitating, she pulled back. But then again, she gave him a hug. Seems like she can't decide what to do, he thought with a small grin on his face, hugging her back.

    Being too upset earlier that day, he probably hadn't paid attention to what was happening around him. At least, that was what he thought about it. The reason why he had fallen like that. He tried to think about it, but couldn't think of any time in the past where he had fallen like that. Maybe he had even though he didn't remember it, he thought. Sometimes his memory could be quite bad. Especially if there was something that he'd try to forget.

    "Maybe you should go home", he said, looking at Amii. "It can't be fun for you to sit here with me... I'll be fine", he said, wishing that she'd actually leave him alone. It's not that he didn't like her being there, but he felt like he needed some time on his own. On the other hand, he actually thought that it was rather nice having her there, but it also reminded him of their past together, and that was something that he tried to avoid. "It's not that I don't like you being here", he said, not sure whether to bring it up or not, "I just feel like I need some time on my own. To think things through... you know", he said, hoping that she'd understand.
  19. Amii looked to him and hugged him, in return. It felt nice to get hugs, but she was confused as well. It made sense to be right? Here she was, coming back after four years to see the one person she had thought she would not get to see ever again, and it was all confusing. Her head was spinning, and it didn't help that she felt like she was bothering him. When he told her she should go home, it was true she probably should, though her dad would be here to pick her up soon, and she would be back again later with him this time.

    She nodded waving her hand in a care free way. “It's fine, I understand” She said with a nod. Amii had never been one to try and press herself onto others, she was always trying to put everyone else before her own health, and wishes. She gave a small smile, “I should go though, My dad will be her soon, we are coming back later, so I guess if you are here. I'll stop by?” She said before standing up and tucking her book into her bag, before waving softly. She wore a bracelet that she had made a long time ago, right before she left to move. It was crude, and worn out but she still had it on her wrist. “Talk to you later, I hope.” With that she began to head out, heading out into the front, where her Father would be waiting for her.
  20. Jayden nodded. Stopping by. That sounds nice, he thought, with a bit of a smile on his lips. He watched her as she went away, walking towards the door. He looked the other way, at where she had been sitting, and then out the window, as he heard the door closing.

    A while later, a nurse came into the room. Jayden had calmed down quite a bit, as he has had time to think things through. Not that it made him any wiser, but at least, he felt less confused about everything. And so, he was able to follow the nurse without getting mad at her for the smallest thing that she might be doing wrong.

    Nothing wrong, they had told him, just take it easy the coming days, and things will be fine. He knew it. There was nothing wrong with him. Nothing! He grinned as the nurse left the room, having told him that everything was fine. He had probably just fell out of... what, exactly? Jayden didn't really care since everything was fine. He looked out the window, waiting for Amii to come back. Telling her the good news, that he was alright. He wasn't sure whether to expect her to be happy for him or not. Why would she even care? It had all been a coincidence that they had met at the hostpital, after all.
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