Reunion with Unknown

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  1. Once there was a story about three hero's on the planet they called Earthia, as legend goes, they were protecting inhabitants by defeating monsters and conquering new lands. As peace returned to Earthia, the hero's tought it was time to leave. They rested in a hidden chamber for more then 1000 years.

    In the year 2050, people have gathered for the new festival of the year. This year's theme was "Fantasy". As the people were having fun, the ground started to shake and a collosal building came out of the ground. The giant gate opened. Three figures were standing there, A Mage, A Thief and A Warrior.

    Could the legends be true?
  2. Name: Isaac Jurem
    Class: Thief
    Age: More then 1000..
    Rank/Titel: Hero
    Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, brown hood , scar under his eye indicating his first mistake in Thief School.
    Story: Isaac was born from a crystal. He was found by some miners in a village, who took care of him for 13 years. When Isaac was 14, his "dad" said it was time to hunt. Isaac did not like to hunt, so most of the time he stole from other people. He learned new skills and used these for actual hunting. He then began hunting again, but this time he enjoyed it. Developing more skills, Isaac began protecting his village and so on more villages. He partied up with two other Hero's, who also were there to protect people. As they defeated the 6 Deads, the monsters became peacefull and peace came back to Earthia.
    The Hero's went into a deep slumber... even tho Isaac felt there was something wrong. ~And so the rp story begins~
  3. Name: Lady Isabella
    Class: Warrior
    Age: 1000+
    Rank/Title: Hero
    Appearance: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Black Armor and a rose on her right wrist.
    Story:She was born from a legendary fighter in a big city. Her family known for brave warrior and strong fighters. None of them truly taking the title hero. Her father taught her how to fight at a young age and when she turned around the age of 18 bought her some special armor that only fitted her. She trained with the military of her city until she wanted to explore and help the small towns and villages scattered around. In her journey she found two other Hero's who shared her interest in protecting others. She then started to travel with them as they defeated many big evils of the world. Falling into deep slumber with the others she waited until Earthia once again need help.
  4. Name: Alice Utelias
    Class: Mage
    Age: 1000+
    Rank/Title: Hero
    Appearance: Long light brown hair, hazel eyes, she wears a white cloak with a red skirt, under that black stockings, while she has a brown magic staff with her
    Story: She was raised in a magic household with a fighting mother and father. She wanted to get away from the people she called her parents so she turned her back on them and turned to the life of crime. Using her magic to commit awful deeds which included terrorizing the local town folk and killing people that got in her way. Fortunately, she meet two other people who proclaimed themselves as heroes and helped her in her time of need. So she joined forces with them to protect people and get rid of dangerous creatures thinking that it would better her as a person and as a mage. Falling into deep slumber with the others, she waited until Earthia once again needed help.
  5. As the people gather in the central of the city to celebrate -The largest number of them in medieval outfits- in a fantasy type way. There is music, competitions, games. food, and multiple other activities as there was a large tremor tearing apart a clearing in the city as a massive building rises out of the ground and takes it place. The people stand in awe just thinking this is an elaborately planned entrance for some people. As the doors open and dust and dirt fall onto the entrance of the building. Three figures walk out of the dark and into the light as they looked confused at all the people. "What happened....I don't remember the world looking like this." She says to the other figures standing with her.
  6. Alice covered her eyes with her hands to shield the blinding light and uncovered them as soon as her line of vision returned. "Well... People are still wearing the clothes from when we decided to take a nap. I don't think it looks...that different..." Alice looked around one more time before nodding her head. "The buildings. The buildings definetly look different."

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  7. "Thats what I meant." She said softly as all the people gasped. Then cheered wildly as they think they are just people in amazing outfits. "D-Did they expect our return? The world must be in more trouble than we thought if they all gathered out here to greet us." She says as she just looks at the buildings very confused. She rubs her eyes and shakes her head. "So what do we do? Do we talk to the citizens?"
  8. "That's probably the only thing we can do to futher grasp the situation." Alice walked a few steps before coming to a stop. "Urgh... My legs feel like jelly... I can't do any fighting when I feel like this. I need time to recover." She said tiredly, even though she had just come out of a 1000 year slumber.
  9. Isabella took a few steps as her boots made heavy thuds. "These things feel to heavy for me to keep walking....we say we need time to recover...but we know we need to keep walking so we can regain our strength." She says as one of her legs give out on her and she collapses to a knee. "Ngh...Alice...I say we help each other walk...its the best we can do." She says softly as she forces herself off the ground.
  10. Alice summoned up her magic staff to use as a balance stick with the amount of magic she could use as this time and offered Isabella her hand. "I agree. Kinda like old times don't you think?" Alice smiled a little. Some of the people in the crowd cheered as they thought what Alice did was just a cool trick and she scowled. "Oh put a cork in it..." She mumbled.
  11. "These people are annoying....but very very fond of us." She says as she takes Alice's hand and put her arm over Alice and then puts Alice's arm over her as then drags Isaac along also. "We are better together as a team then separate." She says softly as she stumbles a little, but the support from the others helps her. "Wouldn't you all agree?" She asks softly as she looks at the cheering crowd as people flash strange lights at them that blinds her. "What kind of holy magic are they using?"
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    "This place... looks... odd" Isaac saw the flashing light too. He threw his dagger towards the light, only resulting chaos. "Woops, not my fault.. shouldn't start using white magic on me!"
  13. Isabella groans as he does that. "Yet all it did was hurt our eyes...nothing more...nothing that could've caused serious harm Isaac." She said as she look at the massive crowd. "We awaken and you already almost hurt one of the people we are suppose to protect." She says softly and shakes her head.
  14. "Sorry for that.. Mister... mister?!" Isaac's mouth fell open as he saw red liquid dripping out of him. "W..what is that?!"
  15. Alice looked at the red liquid that was dripping out of one of the people and face-palmed. "Look what you did Issac! Now he could be hurt or something! That's not happening to the other people now is it?"
  16. "No... sorry Alice, But... what is it?" Isaac didn't realise it was blood, as he has never seen other blood than monster blood.
  17. "Its blood!" She yells a bit annoyed. "You're telling me you have never seen what happens to me and Alice when we get hurt by those monsters?" She asks as she stands there and the citizens gasp and look at us quietly as some bring out some strange device and speak into it. "What are they doing now!?"
  18. "That's low Isaac." Alice shook her head and looked around at the people talking on their devices. "Maybe if we explain the situation to them they might understand?" She looked at the two. "They must at least know who we are right?"
  19. "Don't you think we may be.... forgotten?" Isaac stood there watching people speak.. at a what looks like hard material device.
  20. "We can try....and why wouldn't they know who we are...I mean they gathered here for us didn't they?" She asks as she looks out at them. "So which one of us should try and tell them?" She asks a little confused. "I would say look for the elder of the town....they might understand history more than the others."