Rescuing the Young(Katherun&Halie)

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  1. Griffin detested slave markets. They were smelly and loud. Not to mention too crowded. Griffin hated people in his personal space. He woukdnt be here if there was any other way. But he trusted no one. Which meant to get the help he needed. He refused to deal with mercenaries. They couldn't be trust. So a slave was his best option. He kept his wings carefully tucked by Hus body as he weaved through the crowd looking for just the right slave. He was letting his instincts guide him. Finally he stopped in front if a cafe that held what he thought was a demon of some sort. Not that he cared. "I'll take this one."
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  2. Day in and day out, the everyday scene stayed much the same through the bars of the cage. People and creatures alike with money and freedom that X didn't have wandered about, flaunting their wealth about like it was no big deal. As if buying people like animals was an ordinary, acceptable thing. And in a way, X supposed it was- so long as they didn't find themselves on the short end of that stick. the demon sat with his knees pulled close to his chest and his arms wrapped around his legs, staring down anyone who walked past. The hateful look in his eyes intensified when the Gryphon stopped in front of him, eyed him for a minute, then declared he wanted him. "Excuse you?" He hissed, rising as far as the cage would allow. He could hardly stand on his knees without his head hitting the constricting roof of the apparatus, and it was hard to look intimidating when you could hardly stand up.
  3. Griffin sympathized with the demin more than it would ever know. He lowered himself so that he could look the other being in the eyes. "I said I am buying you. You can either cooperate and only have a metal chain and collar or you can be difficult and I will get an enchanted on that will shock you whenever you think of disobeying. Which will it be?"
  4. X's jaw dropped and he stared at the other creature with wide, incredulous and angry eyes. 'You're joking, right?' He wanted to ask. But he knew better. Of course not. He just couldn't wrap his head around the idea of why anyone would want him. Not when he could look around and see, right off the bat, a handful of far more willing captives. "I don't want anything metal wrapped around my damn neck. I'm not a dog." He lifted his chin to better show the man the long and ugly scar around his neck. "You see this? The chains are copper. It burns. And the scars don't leave." He seethed.
  5. Griffin whinced. "I see. I can't agrue with that. Your not going to be any help to me if your in pain. Tell me if not a collar how do I keeping you from taking off while I need you?" He was more than willing to go without the collar. He hadn't been looking forward to that. Hearing a chain rattle was defiantly something he could live without hearing ever again. He was hoping the demon had a suggestion.
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  6. A feral and triumphant grin spread across the demon's face, and he leaned back against the cage, feeling confident in himself for the first time in a long time. A part of him almost wanted to leave with the man. He seemed like a pushover. Another part was scared and anxious; he qas terrified of whatever punishment would come from hurting or running away from anyone addressed as his master. But the latter of his thoughts was well suppressed and didn't make itself a problem. Yet. "You don't need me. I don't know who you think you're fooling, but you don't need me! And I don't care who you are, I don't need you either." He didn't answer his question about what was needed to keep him from running off. He wasn't going to pick his own leash. If the man really wanted him, he'd drag him out kicking and screaming every step of the way.
  7. Griffin sighed. So much for doing things the easy way. "Your wrong X. Very very wrong. Since your not willing to cooperate I guess we will have to do it the hard way."

    He turned back to the slave master. "I want the strongest nonmetal collar and leash you have."

    The slave master hurried away. He soon returned with a collar and leash made of dragon hide. Griffin put his hand through one of the openings and fastened the collar around the demon's neck.
  8. X's grin faded, and he tilted his head in confusion when the man turned to the slave master. His eyes went wide, then narrowed in anger. "No!" He shouted, backing away from the entrance of the cage as far as he could. But he couldn't get away far enough and the collar went around his neck anyway. His face was red in stark contrast to his hair and his cheeks were puffed in indignation. "Are you proud of yourself?"
  9. "Not really." Griffin admitted with a wary smile. He opened the cage door. He didn't really like the idea of owning another being. But he had little choice in the matter. He couldn't go after the poachers alone. They would be ready for him. He needed something they couldn't prepare for which was the demon was prefect."
  10. X stayed put right where he was, refusing to move until the leash was clipped to him and he was dragged out. If the man wanted him, he'd get him. He'd get the biggest pain in the ass money could buy. He grabbed at the bars on the sides of the cage, holding on to them for leverage to keep from going anywhere when he was pulled.
  11. Griffin sighed at the sight of X hanging on to the cage. Change was hard. He knew. He understand what the demon was doing. But he didn't have tie to indulge him. He wasn't an overly strong male. His kind were more know for their speed then strength. So carrying the cage was definitely out. Instead of pulling on the chain and checking the demon like most would have done he knelt by the cage once again. He leaned forward and kissed the demon.
  12. It wasn't that X was scared of change that he didn't want to move. Though in a way, he was. He just wouldn't admit it. He didn't want to go with the man. He'd been bought and sold more times than he could count, suffering new and cruel injustices with each person who'd bought him. After 20 years, he'd had enough and he was putting his foot down. He'd very much expected the man to yank on him and drag him out. It would've take much; months of being caged up and hardly fed had left him weak. But he was surprised when Griffin knelt down in front of him and kissed him. His face was heavily flushed out of embarrassment, rather than anger now. Letting go of the bars, X landed a solid punch to the other being's cheek. "What the hell?" He shouted, chest heaving. His eyes were gleaming bright with hate. There'd only been one other person who'd ever kissed him, but they were long gone now. "Don't touch me!" With that, he pushed himself further back into the cage, until his back was wedged uncomfortably in the corner.
  13. Well one step forward and three steps back Griffin though. At least the demon wasn't clinging to the cage anymore. He really didn't want to go into the cage after X but he didn't see any choice. Ye hunkered down and eased himself into the cage. His breathing increased as he entered the cage. He put his arms around the demon and pulled him towards him. "I don't wish to hurt you."
  14. X's heart raced in his chest and it took every ounce of self control not to curl up in a ball and sob like an idiot. His fears of being hurt or punished for acting out were coming to the surface, and his cold outward exterior was crumbling. One too many past blows to the head had resulted in an injury that not even time would heal. There was nothing anyone could do for the split personality that'd formed as a means of coping with the stress of captivity. His eyes were wide and childlike when Griffin pulled him in for a hug and a terrified gasp escaped his throat. In a final act of defiance, X tried his best to kick the being away. "I said don't touch me!" There were tears in his eyes, entirely incongruent with the angry tone of his voice. "Get out! Stop it!" And with that, X's resolve cracked and the childish side of him resurfaced- tears and all. "I'll be good, I'll be good!"
  15. Griffin's heart broke. He held X firmly but gently. He slowly backed out of the cage. He ignored the stares from the people around them. He wrapped his wings around the demon protecting him from the on lookers. "Shh...little one. I've got you. Your safe now. No one will hurt you ever again." Griffin whispered gruffly as her rocked X like he had once rocked his son.
  16. The demon tried fighting back to keep from being pulled from the cage, but he was weak and tired and scared. The childish persona didn't have the fight in him that his regular self did, and he more or less willingly followed Griffin out the cage, leaning awkwardly into the man's embrace. "I'll be good, I'll be good, I'll be good..." He muttered into his chest, over and over until he could hardly pronounce the words properly. Had he been in his right mind, he would've fought tooth and nail with the man, struggling to get away. Instead, he welcomed the gentle embrace with open arms.
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  17. "I know little one. I know. Your a good boy." Griffin reassured X. The demon was broken. Griffin had seen in before. He held X tightly but firmly. He didn't want the demon hurting himself. He rocked X comforting him the way he would comfort his son. "I know you'll be good. But for now I want you to rest."

    (I forgot how tall is X?)
  18. (He's about 5'5. He's short. How tall is Griffin? I imagine somewhere near 6 feet)

    The demon's poorly cropped ears twitched at the sound of Griffin's compliment. He couldn't remember the last time anyone told him that he was good, or the last time he'd been held in an way that was even remotely resemblant of love. X took a deep breath and pushed himself away from the man when his grip loosened on him. He was starting to come back to his senses, but he wasn't there yet. He sniffled and wiped his face with his arm. There were matching scars on his wrists, as there was on his neck- burns from shackles in the past. "I'm sorry." He apologized. He looked at the being with sad eyes, red from having cried.
  19. Griffin released X when he pushed away. He had a feeling that the demon was coming around. Not so much about cooperating with his quest but back to his senses. He was willingbto give the demon his space.He watched X carefully, "Don't be sorry X. I understand. We all lose control sometimes. It's nothing to be ashamed of." he remained in his crouched position hoping that he would appear less intimidating.

    (that's about what I thought. Yes 6'2)
  20. There was little Griffin could do to appear less intimidating to X; not while he was like this. Not while he was scared of his own shadow. The demon backed away and turned his head, keeping his gaze trained on his feet- bare and riddled with little scars. They weren't as prominent as those around his wrists, but they were there nonetheless. "Where are you taking me?" He questioned timidly.
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