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  1. Every now and then you look through your libraries, only to figure out you have listened pretty much everything in it to death and back. Today this happened to me... Again. Which is why, Iwaku, I am turning to you. I'm looking for new bands and artists. My range is pretty wide, going from metal to swing to classic, however rather than listing genres (cause the last time I told people I liked rock we ended up with fallout boy and nickelback >.>) I'll try to give you an idea of the kinda music I listen to. I'll list various songs/artists I enjoyed enough to play to death and back.

    Parov Stelar
    The Cat Empire
    Walk the Moon
    Birdy Nam Nam
    Mafalda Veiga
    Loreena McKennitt
    Rhapsody of Fire
    Pink Floyd
    Groove Armada
    Moon Hooch

    I could go on all day, but before I make everyone's browsers crash, I should probably end it here. This should give an idea of the stuff I'm into. So, if you guys got any recommendations you think I might enjoy, that'd be great. Cheers.
  2. I gotta ask one thing though...are you a christian? I know of some bands you might like. Nine Lashes, Decyfer Down, Rapture Ruckus, Seventh Day Slumber, Sent by Ravens, Jonah 33, Skillet, and Red.
  3. I'm about as not-Christian as they come, but music is music. Sound is more important to me than message. I'll check them out. Thanks.

  4. I suggest Can't stop Won't Stop. Their music is upbeat, clever and just very positive. I think you'll like it based of your nonmetal tastes.

    Another recommendation I have is Rebel Warrior by Asian Dub Foundation.

    Since you like TOOL

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  5. Borov's Recommendations to Kestroll...
    • 30 Seconds to Mars (People lament them for being mainstream but there's a reason they got to where they are.)
    • A.F.I. (Beyond miss murder, expect a lot of "fuck society" stuff.)
    • Aerosmi-- Bahahahahaha just kidding.
    • Alexisonfire (Hard rock/metal. Look up "you burn first" if you ever wanna write a vengeful scene in a role play. It's fantastic.)
    • Amaranthe (An unknown, but a good one.)
    • Breaking Benjamin (I'd be surprised if they aren't in your playlist already.)
    • Bullet for my Valen--- pffttthahahaha no.
    • City & Colour (less hard rock/metal, softer stuff. Good break from headbanging shit.)
    • Daughtry (Pop rock, but it sounds good, so give it a listen and make up your own mind obviously.)
    • Dead Kennedys (Classic!)
    • Demon Hunter (Christian metal that sounds good. This doesn't appear every day.)
    • Dream Evil (Power metal? POWER METAL! DRAGONS!)
    • Egypt Central (Another relatively unknown blip on the radar, general rock/metal.)
    • Electronic Lights Orchestra (Like how high Pink Floyd is? This is like Pink Floyd 2.)
    • Fall of Troy (They were good enough for Guitar Hero, they're probably good enough for you and I.)
    • Family Force 5-- pfffttt no. I mean the sheer wtf factor is almost worth the recommendation when you realize the noise coming through your headset is supposed to be something related to Christianity...
    • Lacuna Coil (They do good covers. Look up "losing my religion" while you're at it.)
    • Lifehouse (Before someone assaults me like a rabid fanboi for Static X, yes, I'll get there at some point. Yes, they're mainstream as fuck. Yes, I like them. They make good music, it just gets overplayed on the radio. Get over it.)
    • Machinae Supremacy (It's Swedish but not what you think when I say Swedish. Trust me. Give it a listen.)
    • Mad at Gravity (Dead band, one album, good album. Set it to play and do something else, enjoy the consistently decent noise.)
    • Mercenary (... Those... Lyrics... Guh...)
    • Mobile (Canadian band, again in the category of "softer to relax".)
    • My Chemical Roma-- LOLno. Too emo even for me.
    • Our Lady Peace (Post-Grunge Alternative. May as well round out the list with something other than "hard metal bruh" music.)
    • Skindred (... I... Don't even know how to describe this... Reggae... Rap... Metal?... This is more of a joke suggestion.)
    • Skillet (More good Christian Rock! Bet you didn't see THAT one coming!)
    • Stabilo (No it's not Flawed Design. Yes they have more good songs than Flawed Design, fucks sake. :|)
    • Star One (It's pure cheese. It's in a genre called "space metal". Yes. Space metal. It's that cheesy. Dear God it's awesome cheese though.)
    • Static-X (Obligatory hard metal is obligatory to offset the Lifehouse recommendation earlier.)
    • Trapt (It's good background noise.)
    • Within Temptation (In terms of the endless sea of wannabe gothic female vocalist bands, this one surpasses "wannabe" status and is one of the best.)

    I could recommend more, but I think that alphabetical order of hundreds of hours of music is enough.
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  6. Amaranthe is unknown? O:

    Seconded and thirded on Machinae Supremecy. I have followed the band since their inception, and I know the singer on a first name basis these days. Its a band that does something nobody else does. They should be a shoin for anyone interested in metal and chipmusic.
  7. Dunno what music you listen to, but I listen to a ton of indie stuff. Usually of the synthpop variety.

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  8. He DID link a whole ton of music he listened to in his post :P. How can you not know what he listens to.
  9. I just remembered a group...give Black Veil Brides a look. They're pretty awesome. You could also check out Blink 182 if you're into alternative rock.
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  10. @Hellis. Congratulations. Your post just earned the first 'Love' I've ever given on Iwaku. I think that should explain how I feel about each and every single one of your suggestions. Cheers.
    @Brovo. Still in the process of listening, but as mentioned on Steam there's a lot of good stuff in there.
    @Mr Allen J. I listed a bunch of the kinda music I listen to in the op ;p I'm usually not too big on synth-pop, but that first song is pretty chill as a background song IMO.

    @Xander95 Only skillet has stuck with me so far. I'm really picky with my rock.
  11. K...did you check out the other two groups i suggested?
  12. Then I counter with rock

  13. It comes with working as a promoter and roadie. That and our tastes are very similar ;D
  14. Yeah, I did. Neither of them suits my tastes. In my personal (admittedly super-elitist) opinion, bands like blink182 are like fast food compared to something like Pink Floyd's fine dining. Now before I go wash my mouth off that filthy, filthy metaphor I just used, everyone is entitled to their own tastes and I do appreciate your suggestions. I just don't like them.

    Now brb. Mouth. Soap. Water.
  15. Kestrel. If you wanna listen to something rather out there, I suggest Diablo Swing Orchestra

    You know, Real alternative rock and not Pop-'punk' stuff like Blink 182.
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  16. Oh yeah, I love this band. Contra Fates gave it to me a couple years back. It blends swing (ie music you can actually dance to) with my teenage crush (gothic metal) and somehow makes it work. I don't know how but goddammit.
  17. Sweden. Sweden is the kings of metal for a reason. If you want to blend chiptunes with metal? Sweden allready did it. Want to combine Swing with Goth metal? Sweden allready do it. You want a female fronted super hardcore deathmetal band? Sweden!

    When my country goes to shit, i will always be able to look back at sweden and go "
    "Hahaha, Metallll"

    EDIT; And if we don't master a Genre, we can always count on Finland or Norway to do it in our stead.
  18. Yeah well that and it's untold stretch of unadulterated natural beauty. When I manage to find a friend or two not too lazy to spend days living off a backpack, it's totally on my go-to list.
  19. Do you like Godsmack? Give songs like Voodoo, Love Hate Sex Pain, Cryin like a Bitch, and a few other I can't think of a try. I'm listening to Voodoo right now.
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