Rebuilding Humanity

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  1. "Injustice in the end produces Independence"

    A safe heaven.
    This was the goal that this caravan made for themself.
    A Place to rise, a place to be, a home.

    Last Eden is the place they travel from, a place that once was considered to be the salvation of all problems. A place that should have flourished....
    In the end Last Eden became the heart of tyranny and oppression.

    The Caravan traveled a distance, bringing the materials they require to build a new place... a new home for themself. Maybe this will become another Last Eden, maybe this time humanity will flourish once more.
    Only time alone will tell.


    The place where they choose to build their new home is Barren. They discovered a well and decided to make camp around it. Tasting the water of the well reveals that it is somewhat radioactive, nothing to be concerned about yet. The entire terrain is very open, only low vegetation is growing. The weather is hot and there arent many shadows to hide beneath. The area is very rich of wildlife and huntables.

    The Caravan has enough food and clean water to last them for two weeks and enough seed and material to get themself started.

    The next Dawn would not only Dawn the next day, but also be the Dawn of a new settlement.
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  2. Resdin lets his satchel slide from his shoulder and into the dirt next to the well, and sits himself down next to it. He has his legs spread and bends forward to pull off each of his boots. "Didn't know my feet had it in 'em to come this far." He rubs one of them gingerly. "Ooh, that's a blister." He digs through his satchel and pulls out the rather small accordion. "Sure glad this survived the trip." He plays a couple chords before setting it down in the dirt. He sighs and sits straight up, looking around the area. "Welp. What'cha guys thinkin'? Seems a real good piece. 'S got water, open air, looks like some trees over yonder. We could get somethin' real nice going here." He says, patting the ground next to him.
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  3. Mask throws their messenger bag to the side, next to Resdin's, nodding at his positive comments. Sure as hell better than most of the places I've lived.... Mask thinks to his/herself, glancing at the others through the thick lenses of the mask. Hope these people are reliable, though. I can still remember what happened last time I tried to settle down. With that, Mask leans against the well, sighing a muffled, heavy sigh through their mask, and rubbing the sleeves of their leather jacket to stay warm.
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  4. Chad crossed his arms in front of his chest, and intently surveyed the environment. A vein on his temple twitched; it seemed to pulse with the stress of imagining every worst case scenario possible. "What matters most is that it is not on a strong fault line; although I doubt any databases exist to track 'em down." He did nod curtly with a shred of optimism concerning the water supply. "I would suggest setting up a camp near the water supply, and to guard it. I have heard of water siphoning; crazy world we're in now, 'eh?" He took a seat near Resdin and unraveled blueprint paper. He flicked his eyes up, scanned from side to side, and looked back down to mark nearby locations, and the specifications of a makeshift camp. "Now, are we talking about a camp or a base? Each calls for different materials. No use wasting manpower to root ourselves to one place, if we're planning on leaving in a hurry."
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  5. Vivienne stood still, carefully watching as the others stopped. Her bow in her hands. An arrow already notched, but lowered, resting in her grasp, as though it was the most natural thing in the world. "Looks can be deceiving... we should take time before we decide on this area." She returned the arrow to her quiver and slung the bow over her shoulder, before stalking off to get a better look at things.

    She wasn't pleased with the amount of exposure they would encounter here, but beyond that everything seemed perfect. Even the soil was beginning to return to the dark, nutrient rich color that was suitable for growing food. The local fauna seemed to be hesitant to approach too, probably feeling safer in the cover of the trees.. She glanced around one final time, and besides the outcropping of trees off to the west, the surrounding landscape was open enough that they should be able to prepare against anything, as long as they didn't get too comfortable.

    Returning to the group, she finally allowed herself to sink to the ground and rest her feet. "We should be able to do well enough here..." Vivienne conceded, pulling her backpack off her shoulders and to the ground. She flashed a weak smile before digging out her canteen, and taking a small sip of water. If we're going to stay, we need to start making camp for the night. She mused silently. We'll all be better off in the morning, after a good rest anyway...
  6. David smiled as he looked around at the place, His hands on his hips "Yeah, I think so, We could finally live in peace, Haven't said that in forever" He grabbed his back pack off his back and rest it on the dirt, he unzips the bag and takes out a half empty water bottle, He takes the gas mask off and opens the lid of the water and takes a sip, he then tightens the lid and holds it in his left hand "Anyone want some?"
  7. Mask raises their hand, slowly jogging over to David and reaching for the bottle, before withdrawing the hand. Uh.....shit, can't really, with the, I guess I'll just wait until later..... They think, awkwardly striding back towards the well, before Mask begins to occupy itself with their sidearm, inspecting the small, rusted machine.
  8. Esperanza grinned and plopped down beside David, letting her medium-sized pack slip off her shoulders and fall down behind her. "Sure," she said, snatching the bottle and taking a few deep drinks before passing it back to him. "Thanks, Daniel, or whatever your name is. It starts with a D. Dylan?" she trailed off, absentmindedly picking at the few sparse blades of grass beside her. "Something like that. So you guys can figure out what it is that we are going to do." Reaching behind her, Esperanza dug around in her pack for a few minutes before pulling out a zippered cloth bag and beginning to rummage through the contents.
  9. after the girl took a sip, He grabbed the water and put the lid tightly on it "It's David" He started looking around while he stood in place "I was thinking we set up camp tonight and work on everything else tomorrow" He then put the green gas mask back on and started walking around checking if the place was safe and secure
  10. Kim sighed heavily,shaking her head as she looking up at the sky, the heat was unbearable today, and with what little shade the area provided, it wasn't looking like there was much options for shade.

    She had her satchel swept across her chest, hanging to her side, her left hand on her hip as she eyed the well, and the far small wooded area. Kim had her hair swept into a high ponytail due to the heat, and was already slipping off her deep beige jacket to tie around her waist. " ahh shit it's hot today.." she groaned in frustration as she scanned the rest of the barren land.

    Everyone else seemed to think this was ideal to set. up camp, but as a farmer her whole life she knew the land was incapable of producing useful vegetation, it was unable to to support the proper growth of crops, fruits and seeds.

    " I think we should stay for couple days, scout the area.. see what were up against, what wild life lives here" she sighed looking around at the scrubby growth of trees, so dry and bare there was no surprise there was very little plans and trees. "the soil though.. it's to poor for farmland, the plants wouldn't grow, maybe hunt for meat or some animals to take with us, in case we find an area good enough to start a farm, males and females of course" she chuckled feeling like she'd been babbling on forever, or atleast sounded to bossy, but she wasn't used to being with people her attitude would just have to adjust with time.
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  11. "Man, I wish my brother was here. He was the real farmin' minded guy." Says Resdin. He grunts, propping himself up on his hand and then onto his feet. He wiggles his toes around in his bare socks as he looks around the plains, thinking. He tugs a little at his chin with his right hand while looking very pensive before using it to point out at a nearby patch of grass. "We could try a lil' sub-terranian dugout for our temp'ry livin' area." He draws a rectangle in the air with his index finger. "Dig 'bout four feet into the ground, use the dirt to pack up some three foot walls 'round the perimeter of the thing. Keep 'em 'bout half to a whole foot thick. Lay some branches 'long the top and then take summa' these grasses here and pack 'em on top of the branches real tight." He demonstrates each step, moving his arms about in wild gestures to show width and shape. He nearly hits Chad, but the hand glides cleanly over his head. "Should keep the sun off our backs, and dirt's real good at keepin' cold things cold and warm things warm. But, the diggin's gonna take a while. We don't got any shovels, so we're gonna have to remedy that before we get started." He turns around to face Chad. "Got any ideas?"
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  12. Esperanza looked up from her bag. "Okay, well thanks David," she said, before focusing back on her satchel and saying to no one in particular, "and if we are collecting animals then I need some contaminated ones for... research." As if to prove her point, she pulled out a scalpel from her bag and twirled it between her fingers for a moment. Then she reached into her pack again and pulled out a thick bound sketchbook and thumbed through the pages, flicking past drawings of anatomy, pressed plants, and recipes until she settled upon a page containing a set of instructions surrounded by tiny, messy scribbled writing. Scanning the pages, Esperanza carefully began pulling packets out of her bag, mixing the precious herbs together.
  13. This area isn't too bad... Vivienne almost pointed out that most of the soil, anywhere they went would have to work the soil, trying to build it back up to be able to sustain growth, but she kept her mouth shut, not wanting to deal with Kim's attitude.

    She glanced over at Resdin as he was explaining his idea for subterranean buildings, and smiled. "Underground housing would be genius, not that building is my forte, but we would have natural climate control, and it would keep our place out of sight." She leaned her head back, glancing up at the sky. Feeling the sun burning her pale skin, she rose and walked to the water. Cupping her hands she allowed the cool water to fill them before splashing the water up over her reddening skin.

    She pulled her hair off her neck as she stood, looking back at the group she decided she needed a break, they were all still getting to know each other, and she felt herself starting to feel irritated at these people. She lifted her her pack back to her shoulders and announced to anybody listening, "I'm gonna check out a bit further. See if I can't find something for dinner."
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  14. A glint of sympathy flashed in Chad's eyes as he listened to Resdin reminisce about his brother. He then promptly shifted to problem solving mode and furrowed his brow, intently listening to the man's words. A smirk of respectful admiration crossed his lips, which dissipated into annoyance as he dodged the overt gesticulations that threatened to smack him. "If we don't have any shovels, we're going to have to scout the terrain for the lowest elevation and make do with that. We'll have to ward off the cold, and we can't risk losing our entire group to overnight hypothermia. I've got some durable rope in my kit to create a basic skeleton to work on top of, but that's about it. If we don't have a tarp, we'll just have to keep packing debris: any plant matter that won't crumble from the weather will do. We'll have to put most of our focus on the outer encasing, and create a sizable opening in case we need to abandon the spot for any reason. I would suggest a lattice-work "door" of branches and grass to keep us from freezin' our asses off."
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  15. Wheezing, Anatoly makes his way to the rest of the group and collapses downward into a sitting position, throwing off his pack. "What is this, Death Valley?" he asks rhetorically. "There's nothing here. Why did we-"
    He pauses as he notices the well. "Ah. I see. Is the water any good?"
    As he waits for a response, he reaches into his bag and withdraws a severely aged book and thumbs to a specific page, skimming it over. Hearing mention of houses dug beneath the ground, he speaks up.
    "Sod houses? Sounds great to me. A bit damp, but isn't the temperature more constant underground? I've heard that caves are the same temperature year-round. That'd keep us from having to build insulation, if it's true."
  16. Having paced around the well for a brief moment, Malpaís stopped to look at the burning sun, putting a hand in front of his view in order to avoid damaging his eyes. He then looked onto his arm, inspecting his reddish skin. Understanding how much of a problem will the sun be, he used the bandaged back of his hand as a makeshift wristband and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

    Crossing his arms, Malpaís turned to the group.

    "Seriously. We can't begin any digging in this condition... We have nothing to shield us from the that thing!"

    He pointed to the sun behind him with his thumb.

    "I think that we should begin small: we have enough materials to build some makeshift tents. Once we get that out of the way we can begin thinking on the construction of your dugout. The days after today will be the harshest for us, so let's take it lightly for now and create a plan simply for tonight. But I guess that's up to the leader, Dylan was it?"
  17. Resdin looks out towards the horizon, hand on chin. "Well, we could try a lean-to. Five sticks and a buncha grass. Keep the back of it to the wind, which is coming from..." He licks his thumb and holds it up. "Nowhere right now. Which is prob'ly a good sign. The more wind we got the more trouble we're gonna have puttin' things together." He turns back around to face the others. "Course, there aren't any sticks around. Just grass 'n dirt. Which means we're probably just gonna have to slum it on the groun's 'till we can find somethin' better."
  18. It was easy to forget how good sitting down felt sometimes, especially after hours after hours of walking.
    Things might have been a lot more comfortable back in Last Eden, but Emma had learned to appreciate some good soft grass to lie down on, just like she was doing now.
    Pulling her knees up, she lied down on the ground and closed her eyes, trying to block out the chattering of everyone around.
    But what else was there to hear? Things were creepily calm and quiet right now, not even birds seemed to be around here.

    Opening one eye, she watched the others.
    Most of them were around the well, talking about settling down and other happy things like that.
    But it was none of Emma's business. She knew nothing about the quality of soil and couldn't tell a safe location from a dangerous one.

    "Just holler if you need me." she said more to herself than to others, before stretching and letting out a long yawn.
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  19. Moving silently, Vivienne entered the nearby copse of trees. Her bow at the ready, arrow knocked. From the look of the grounds, very few animals ventured through here. It was unnaturally quiet, and she glanced up into the trees. A few carrion crows cawed high above, and she grimaced at the taste of the gamey, stringy meat that they offered. Last resort, if I can't find anything else, that murder will be a few birds short.

    Moving further into the grove, the protection from the harsh sunlight was a welcome reprieve. Never being one to hunt from a blind, Vivienne moved through the brush. There were tracks, but they were all old, and faded, and the few pieces of scat she found was dried and crumbling. Scowling, she spotted a few edible plants. Some lavender, and a few wild blackberries, and she carefully wrapped them before placing them in the pocket of her bag, and returning to the crows she managed to down two, one right after the other, before the rest of the murder caught on and scattered. Picking them up she removed the arrows, and inspected them. They didn't look sick, but ugh. Crow was edible, but it would have to be inspected first. She didn't like the thought of the wildlife being forced out either. Tying them to her pack, she figured if they weren't safe to eat, at least that one doctor would have something to cut into... Estrella? No, that wasn't right... Esperanza?
  20. "I'm not complaining," Anatoly grunts. "Just as long as we've somewhere to sleep."
    With a sigh, he puts the book back into his bag and stands, hoisting it over one shoulder.
    "Well, I suppose we ought to have a look around. Anyone game?"

    (For anyone needing it, here's the page where our dear adopted GM rolled the terrain out. )
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