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    Rebuilding Humanity - [A Unique Character & Teamwork-Based RP]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]NOTICE: An ARCHITECT character is needed before we can begin![/BCOLOR]

    It's hard to imagine that 25 years ago, civilizations stood proud and tall. It's hard to believe that once, many years ago, people didn't have to worry about being attacked by mutants that roamed the landscape. They didn't have to worry about supplies running low. They didn't have to worry about surviving the night. All of these things were now the daily worries of what remained of humanity.

    Once the Earth was greatly overpopulated. There weren't enough resources to supply all the nations that dotted the Earth. Tensions rose, fights broke out, followed by wars. Each nation wanted something that another nation wanted, whether it be oil or increasingly scarce mineral deposits. Time passed, the fighting continued on. Relationships between countries severed and millions of lives were lost. Little did they know this was only the beginning. Hell on Earth was unleashed when the big guns- nukes, weapons of mass destruction, were brought out to be used against each other. One thing led to another and nuclear fallout ravaged vast landscapes. Countless countries collapsed, leaving very few left standing in the aftermath of the destruction. With time, they too fell and with it led to their little remaining populations dispersing out into the land with no where else to go.

    Parties from all countries banded together, their bitter past set aside for one common goal: survival.

    That's when the cracks in the very ground they stood on appeared.

    Earthquakes shook through the land, opening up great tears in the Earth. Varying in size, all the tears - becoming later known as "Breaches" - had one thing in common: from all of them escaped forth a foul, irradiated species that seeked to occupy the topside. These creatures would later come to be known as "Radiated Ones". Many more lives were lost after the appearance of these creatures, and it was looking as if all hope was lost - as if humanity was truly doomed for extinction that they very well might have brought on themselves.

    Until one day, an organization rose up under the name of "Last Eden" (L.E for short). They set up one large safe haven in the place of where part of Seattle once stood, attracting people from all over at the promise of safety, shelter and supplies. Somehow, the LE upheld that promise and kept their walls up strong against all that threatened them. Years passed. People aged, a new generation was born. As the years went on, the LE safe haven grew steadily in size - and so did the 'government' that governed it and it's denizens. Over time, the governing ruler of the LE safe haven grew more and more strict upon their 'people', even allowing blatant abuse of power. This angered many and the abuse got up to the point where many - often in caravans or "parties" - left the safe haven in search of their own place to call home that wasn't ruled in a corrupt manner.

    You are apart of one of these caravan parties. Whether you've been hired by someone in the caravan to come along or you went along on your own will, it doesn't matter. You are about to start anew, despite all the challenges that may come with it. You are on the road to Rebuilding Humanity.

    "So... Uh, what is this?"
    The interest check will tell you more about what this is about! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    Follow basic RP sense! No godmodding, no meta gaming, etc!

    While I want to keep the pace moving along, please allow for others to get a post or two in!

    When it comes to things like constructing objects and the likes, I will determine the outcome of said attempt. Preferably, the details of the attempt would be RP'd out as well.

    When it comes to exploring new areas and such, please let me describe what your characters come upon.

    As a note, all NPCs will be played by me. (This includes enemies, wildlife, etc).

    If there aren't any IC player posts for a time (Say, 24 hours to give players in all time zones to post), time in the RP will advance to the morning or night and I will detail anything notable that happened during the timeskip.

    Events can happen at any time and their onset might be subtle! If you have any ideas for an event, feel free to PM me.

    For now, there will be a 1 character limit per person. This may change to 2 per person, depending on how this goes.

    I plan to ALWAYS be accepting characters!

    Character Skeleton
    Each group when they set out tries to have at least one person of each trade with them before departing.
    Primary Weapon:
    (Nothing too high tech)
    Secondary Weapon (If any):
    Essential Equipment:
    (Everyone is allowed to bring 3 personal essential equipment items such as ammo for weapons, personal medical kit if your a doctor, etc.)
    Non-Essential Equipment: (Everyone is allowed to bring 2 personal non-essential equipment items. This can range from personal keepsakes and the likes. Something that wouldn't hinder survival if they were to lose them.)
    Role: (See role list).
    Anything else?:

    IMPORTANT NOTES: Regarding equipment such as ammo, please note how many clips of ammo you have for each weapon and how many rounds are in each clip. Please keep it in moderation. Two clips of ammo for one type of weapon (not including what's already loaded into the weapon) counts as one essential item.

    Leader -
    The leader of the group. The head of command. The Leader makes crucial decisions that could affect the others for better or for worse. Be careful though, others could easily disapprove of how you're running things. This is a special role, please PM me if you wish to be leader!

    Scout/Scavenger -
    Two roles that work very closely together, occasionally doing each others work, they might as well be counted as one role altogether. Scouts are tasked with going ahead of main groups to see if the coast is clear, or to explore uncharted territory ahead of everyone else. Scavengers are usually right behind Scouts when it comes to exploring as they are tasked with collecting vital supplies for the settlement.

    Guard -
    The fighters of the group. Tasked with one of the more dangerous jobs at times, their job is to protect the settlement any it's inhabitants from any dangers that may face them - from both outside the settlement and in.

    Doctor -
    Tasked with keeping injured and ill people alive. without their medical knowledge, dying from illness and infection is all the more higher.

    Architect/Builder -
    Essential for the expansion and defense of the settlement, they are tasked with building defenses for the settlement and repairing ones that get damaged. Along with that, they must work to help expand the settlement if needed and repair any equipment that breaks for one reason or another.

    Farmer/Food Supply Manager -
    Also another crucial role. Tasked with helping to keep food reserves up, whether it be by helping grow food or working with any farm animals that the settlement may have.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When picking a role, please take into account what other character's roles are. The ultimate goal is to survive and thrive, and you cannot do that without help from characters of all roles!

    Accepted Characters & Their Roles
    Accepted Characters & Their Roles (open)

    Vivienne Broderick - Scavenger
    Ellie White - Scout
    Malpaís - Guard
    Esperanza Zapata - Doctor
    Yuke Aud'ious - Farmer/Food Manager
    Entin Tima Pavlovich - Farmer
    Greg "The Doorman" Krulick - Guard
    Kim Mars - Farmer/Food Manager
    Anatoly - Scout/Scavenger
    Mitch Copperfield - Farmer/Food Manager

    The IC thread will include additional information regarding the settlement, supplies currently on hand, etc.
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  2. Hey! Is there one person per role? If it's like that, I'd like to reserve being the Scout/Scavenger, and I'll be making the CS later tonight or tomorrow.
  3. I'd like to claim doctor while I make my character sheet so no one takes it. These things can get competitive.
  4. There isn't a one person per role rule at the moment. An unlimited amount of people can be any role, but of course I suggest strategically picking your roles according to what others have picked so the group has at least one of each role in the group at any given time.
  5. Awesome, I have another question, when did the whole apocalipse started? 25 years ago?
  6. Oh and another thing you should add to the character skeleton- appearance.
  7. Name: Vivienne Broderick
    Gender: Female
    Primary Weapon: Compound Bow
    Secondary Weapon (If any): Knife
    Essential Equipment: Quiver of arrows (30), A canteen, backpack used to collect things
    Non-Essential Equipment: A photo, burned beyond recognition, brightly colored plastic necklace with beads alternating in blue and green.
    Role: Scavenger.
    Appearance: 5'8", pale skinned, thin, long straight blonde hair, green hazel eyes, light freckles across cheeks and nose.
    Backstory: (IC)

    I was three. I don't remember much, now. I remember being scared, and my mom whispering softly to me, trying to calm me down. The ground shook. Now I know. The bombs were falling. The day the world was destroyed.
    My mom died a few years later, radiation poisoning. My father and I survived. My father never did trust the rising LE power, and trained me often. I'm better with a bow as most are with a pistol, and, my ammo can be reused. He was hard on me, but this has turned into a hard world. This is the only world I remember, I guess I'm lucky in that respect. I left with the party after my father died. He was always too vocal within the safe haven, publicly denouncing the powers that be. His death is still "under investigation". That was my cue, time to leave or end up as ashes like my parents.

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  8. Yes, around 25 years ago. As such, it's possible to have characters that were born before the apocalypse began.

    I just physically facepalmed ahah. How could I have forgotten that? Thanks!
  9. Looks good, all you need is an appearance (forgot to add that in at first, whoopsie xD) and you'll be set!
  10. Personality might be a good thing to add as well, though I suppose that could be rped.
  11. I edited my post from before ;)
    I like discovering personality as I write personally.
  12. Name: Ellie White
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Primary Weapon: a katana
    Secondary Weapon (If any): standard pistol
    Essential Equipment: 30 bullets for her pistol, a winter jacket and a lighter
    Non-Essential Equipment: the army necklace that used to belong to her father, an old backpack
    Role: Scout

    She is small and skinny, of about 160 cm, which allow her to move really quick and be exceptionally agile with her sword.
    Backstory: She was born in the middle of the chaos, and stuck with her family until she was 15 and they died in an earthquake. She's a nomad since then, and, as she's not really trusting, this will be the first group she joins after being an orphane.
    Before the whole disaster occured, her father used to belong at the army, and taughted her how to be a good shooter. Anyways, they found a katana she's always carrying in some corpses and she took it as her favourite weapon, becoming even better than with a gun.
    Personality: She shows herself cold and careless, but when you get to know her you'll find a really protective and warm person. She's usually sarcastic, and uses this to get rid of awkard situations. Besides, she is fearless, up to the point that it becomes a disadvantage more than an advantage. She doesn't really care about her looks.
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  13. Doobity doo, I'd like to join too.

    Farrow da-darrow, I'll post something tomorrow.

    Heebity fwee, I'm too drowsy at the moment to make a coherent character sheet.

    Teedle tee, Or rhyme.
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  14. Accepted then! And yeah, I tend to leave out personality in character skeletons as I find it more interesting to learn about a character's personality through actual RP. Feel free to add it to your CS if you really wish, however.
    Hah, glad to have you joining us. :D
  15. "I have been baptized twice, once in water, once in flame. I will carry the fire of the holy spirit inside, until I stand before my Lord for judgement." - Randall "Malpaís" Browning




    Primary Weapon: Compact carry Springfield Armory 1911A1

    "The gun that won the West. This type of .45 automatic pistol was designed by one of Malpaís "tribe" almost 130 years ago."

    Melee Weapon: Malpaís Pistol Whippin' .45

    "As the name implies, it is Malpaís unique 1911A1 pistol held by the barrel and used to "pistol-whip" enemies with the butt end of the gun."

    Essential Equipment: Two (2x) spare 9 round 1911A1 magazines, SLCPD SWAT ballistic vest.

    Non-Essential Equipment: The Book of Mormon, a silver latin cross necklace.

    Role: Guard.

    Malpaís is a Cacausian male of mesomorphic build, weighting around 82 kilograms (180.6 lb) and being 176.4 centimeters (5'9") tall. He has pale blue eyes, with brown buzz-cutted hair.

    Malpaís outfit consists of a of a black flannel shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a grey T-shirt underneath with a set of blue rodeo jeans along with a leather belt with dual pistol magazine pouches and a Salt Lake City police department SWAT ballistic vest.

    Additionally, the shirt has a red sleeve garter on the firing hand (Right) to ensure the sleeve doesn't distract the user. Completing the outfit are cowboy boots and wrapped fingerless gloves made from bandages.

    Malpaís was born in Odgen, Utah years before the Armaggeddon under the name Randall Browning and spent his formative years learning to do the work of a missionary. However, his plans were spoiled by the falling bombs.

    From Odgen's 83 thousand inhabitants only 2 thousand emerged from the ashes. They found comfort in the Zion national park that was untouched by the bombs, but only for a short time as the safe haven was endangered by raiders and the "Radiated Ones" who found their way into the valley. All men: The Young, The Old, The Weak were trained in the art of warfare to protect the"New Canaan". At that time, Malpaís had mastered the art of wielding his ancestors 45. Automatic pistol.

    The inhabitians were intolerant to outsiders and refugees from other failed communities and this was their downfall. One night a mob formed and attacked the village, burning it to the ground and killing most of the inhabitiants of the New Canaan. The Canaanites did all they could to protect themselfes, yet failed. The Canaanites, now more or less a tribe, wandered Utah spreading the word of God when they heard rumors of Last Eden. This was a splitting point for the Canaanites who wanted to start anew in L.E. thinking this was a God's gift for their suffering and the Canaanites who believed in spreading the God's word to gentiles who survived and rebuild another community in the ruins of Salt Lake City.

    The rest? Easy to figure out.

    Personality: Malpaís suffers from survivors guilt. He regurally experiences mood swings, sleep disturbance and anxiety.
    Currently he is in a heavy war with his Inner demons.

    Because of it Malpaís will be seen as a person with a strange sense of moral guilt. Helping weaker ones survive, yet, massacring those who butcher innocents.

    Malpaís is both a monument to gods unending forgiveness and man's growing capacity for violence.
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  16. Accepted. Welcome aboard!
  17. [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Esperanza Zapata[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 19 (I know that a lot of the characters are older than this but I wanted to make a character that is completely ignorant of the pre-disaster world.)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Appearance: Esperanza is around 5’6”, and 130 lbs. She has short, uneven, choppy dark hair, dark brown eyes, and tanned skin.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her clothes consist of battered black hiking boots, a tank top under an oversized longsleeve shirt, and an old down parka. She also wears a pair of faded jeans and a dark green bandana folded and tied around her head to keep her hair out of her eyes.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Primary Weapon: Slingshot[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Secondary Weapon: dagger[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Essential Equipment: Medical Bag, Apothecary bag, mortar and pestle[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Non-essential Equipment: sketchbook and pencils, magnifying eyepiece [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Role: Doctor/ Healer[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Backstory: Esperanza was the fifth child out of seven in her family, and was often overlooked. She spent her nomadic childhood studying the environment around her, listening to tales of the “Disaster” and learning to fight with her six brothers. After getting her ass kicked for her entire life, she turned her back on hand to hand combat at the age of twelve and began experimenting with plants, especially those that were “contaminated”. She worked with the group’s doctor as well to learn everything she could, not just for healing, but also for combat. When she was seventeen, she realized she no longer needed her family and simply walked away. She became a sellsword of sorts, though most simply hired her for her medical knowledge as healers were hard to come by. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]She gradually made her way up the pacific coast from what used to be something called Los Angeles to the safe haven L.E. She joined one group leaving as a healer after realizing that the government prohibited her rather unorthodox experiments involving contaminated flora and fauna.[/BCOLOR]
  18. Name: Yuke Aud'ious
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Primary Weapon: Quarterstaff
    Essential Equipment: Bag o' Seeds(Contains Mutatos[Purplish potato-shaped things with a thick skin and lumpy texture. Still grows underground, but the root actually contains tiny, brown seeds. The seeds are good roasted, the Mutato is handy mashed, boiled, or in a stew.], Dustmelons[Named after their ancestors, the Dustmelons can grow with significantly less water. They're also chewy and the color of dust.], Korn[Like corn in many ways, but produces green kernels instead of yellow and actually evolved from potato plants], and Buckwheat[Just normal, hardy buckwheat.]), Wool Rope, Wooden Trowel
    Non-Essential Equipment: Dented Harmonica, Parchment Almanac (And pencil)
    Role: Farmer/Food Management
    Appearance: Yuke is rather short, stocky, and tan. His face and jaw were square. His hair is kept short and is a dark black. He wears a simple pair of leather work boots over his worn jeans. Some vaguely oval shaped pieces of leather are sewn onto the knees of the pants, and dirty stains cover the patches. He wears a blue button-down shirt that's become almost a navy color over the years of wear. On his head rests a leather hat, styled much in the way of old world cowboys.
    Backstory: Yuke doesn't remember much about the world that existed before this one. Not like he had the time to learn nor care about it, anyway. He spent the majority of his time working with his mother and siblings to care for a small subsistence farm. His early life consisted mainly of mutato fries and grey skies, with some more colorful elements thrown in as small scavenger groups passed by the single house to trade little bits of comic or picture for some food. He led a rather simple life there. His quarterstaff was given to him by his oldest brother, Resdin. It was, in reality, a slender aluminum pole with the ends plugged by wooden stoppers and the center wrapped in leather. He never got much reason to use it, as the mutated creatures of the Breaches never seemed to bother the small farm. At the age of 18, he left the farm. He had grown tired of seeing the same faces and the same sky every day for his life, and made it his goal to at least not die there. Nine years and countless miles of desolate wasteland wandering later, he's reached that goal.
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  19. Name: Kim Mars
    Primary Weapon: Vintage rifle
    Secondary Weapon (If any): dagger
    Essential Equipment: shoulder bag(satchel) to carry essentials,collect found items, lighter, (40 rounds)
    Non-Essential Equipment: silver charmed bracelet, old worn leather diary & pencil
    Role: farmer/food manager
    Appearance: 89769e56fd4735967b049b8c4e1f7ab1.jpg
    Backstory: She spent most of her life isolated, on the family farm with her mother and father. She'd only heard stories of the disasters, lost close friends to the earthquakes that erupted. Away from most of the harshness of the outbreak, she spent most of her teen years learning to crop,
    helping on the farm however she could.

    As an only child, she spent most of times alone finding it harder to trust people as pass byers and other likely survivors, tried to raid their farm, being trained in combat her whole life (father worked in the army before outbreak) she could easily defend her self, quick reflexes and good with a gun, she got used to relying on herself.

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  20. Accepted!

    Waiting for the other two WIPs to finish getting written out before they're accepted.