Reboot: Resurgence (Sign-Ups and OOC)

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the Signups for REBOOT: Resurgence.

    If you have any questions regarding this application, please PM either myself or @Effervescent. At this point, unless we've discussed otherwise, we are NOT accepting any applications for Viruses.

    The following information needs to be in your character sheet - how you code the sheet is up to you, but please be sure that it is READABLE. For more information, you may view this thread. LORE THREAD HERE

    Please note that while prior knowledge to the Reboot show/universe is NOT necessary to join this RP, it would be beneficial for you to be aware of as much of it as possible. This RP is detailed and the posting requirements are at least one three paragraph post per week.


    IMAGE (Real faceclaim or Realistic artwork - NO ANIME)

    Name || Character's name
    Location || Should be Mainframe (unless otherwise discussed)
    Format || Sprite (unless otherwise discussed)
    Designation || Occupation
    Key Tool || Name of Key tool:(only required for Guardians)
    Weapon || If applicable
    Secondary || Secondary weapon, if applicable

    Written Appearance 1-3 Paragraph(s)
    Personality 1-3 Paragraphs(s)

    Biography 2+ Paragraphs

    An RP by Effervescent and Elle Joyner

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  2. Yeeeeeees

    Do y'all want CSs here, or will there be a different thread later for them?
  3. I believe this is where you post your CS. I'm not 100% certain with this new format! But go ahead and assume here for now.
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  4. Yeah - I was gonna make a separate thread for OOC, but it seems kind of silly when we'll probably have a Discord/PM :)
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  5. This seems interesting. I know nothing about Resurgence but I would love to join this and will think on a character and will have them up this week or next weekend.
  6. Resurgence is just our name for the rp :-) Are you familiar with Reboot, itself?
  7. Just popping in to say I like dis shit. Don't think I can play, but I like dis shit.
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  8. Site is back up :-) lore incoming today!
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  9. UPDATE: Added a LINK to the OP for LORE :)
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  10. Time to answer this and no I don't know anything about Reboot.
  11. Ehheh... your avatar is a candy-zombie. I'm just now realizing this. That's fantastic.

    Anyway -- If you read through the Lore and familiarize yourself with the concept (a quick google search with take you to the main wiki page, which'll give you a brief overview) then you should be set :)
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  12. It isn't necessary to have seen the show to enjoy the roleplay! Elle is fantastically laying out all the information players will need to know to immerse themselves in the universe!
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  13. Thank you xD I found it on tumblr and just love it since never saw anything like it xD.

    Will do both things once I get home from the store^^
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  14. I am quite interested. :D
  15. We're going to begin accepting character sheets starting tomorrow :-)
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  16. [​IMG]

    ☣ basic ☣

    NAME: Hector Packer (HP) || LOCATION: Mainframe || FORMAT: Sprite (decryption program) || DESIGNATION: 'Hacker' || HACKING TOOL: Interface Guantlet
    WEAPON: Six shot revolver || SECONDARY: Net Access Key ||

    ☣ appearance ☣

    "You can get anything at all, if you pay enough for it."

    Hector Packer, or HP as he prefers, is of average to short height. A spindly sprite, his coloration mimics that of the legendary Mouse: he is lavender of skin, and his longish hair is a dull orange. Wily and vaguely suspicious brown eyes keep tabs on everything around him. He wears gray nondescript pants, with a worn loose tunic on his chest, and on his head and shoulders sits a ratted hood that obscures his face. A pouch is strapped to either leg. His right arm and hand is covered in the glowing blues of his Interface Guantlet, and on his back is strapped a pole approximately a third of his body length: his Net Access Key. On his right hip sits a six shot revolver; not a terribly useful gun in a long fight, but it packs plenty of punch.

    ☣ personality ☣

    "It's a mean Net out there. A Sprite's gotta do what a Sprite's gotta do."

    The best term for HP is "Self-Concerned". He has no trouble helping out a Sprite in need, certainly, and he'll do so willingly with a smile on his face. But he'll be the first to let you know that he expects something for his troubles. He is polite but demanding, a team player but very headstrong, and amiable but detached.

    ☣ biography ☣

    "Occasionally, very occasionally, the risk outweighs the reward. But what's the fun of playing it safe?"

    Hector Packer compiled up in as the son of an Encryption/Decryption program, Vera Packer, learning the many different methods of coding and decoding information from her. He took to it quite well, always eager to learn. Vera was herself reasonably well known among several of the neighboring systems, though never officially, having earned herself a clandestine reputation as "the Bull", the top sprite in her field. Eventually, after much prodding on his part, she began to take Hector with her, introducing him to others and giving the young sprite on the job training. She even would manage to find her way into systems that were otherwise closed off, a feat Hector was never able to figure out until much later.

    But their unknown system could not retain its anonymity with such a one as Vera. In time a group of Guardians arrived in system and found her. They claimed her actions had led to the spread of information into evil hands, and that both she and her son would be taken into custody. Desperate, Vera placed a pole like structure into her son's hands. It was a NAK, a Network Access Key, she explained, and it was what allowed her such freedom of movement as she had. She told him to run, reasoning that if they had her, they'd be less likely to pursue him. Hector obeyed, terrified of those who came for Vera, and last her saw of her was her form being pulled through their home's front door.

    So Hector, taking on the alias of HP to better hide his connection to his mother, began hopping from system to system, aimlessly, doing encryption or decryption jobs for whomever he could find. They were at first honest enough; Vera had wanted him to lead a straighter life than she had, and he managed it at first. He'd mostly encrypt other's information for them, putting valuables behind walls and locks of code. But he missed the thrill of solving the puzzle that decryption brought. Eventually such a job fell into his lap, and he afterwards took home a fair amount of RAM from the cache he had broken open for his client.

    So he fell into the lifestyle Vera herself had lived, becoming well known in the right circles as a sprite to open anything. But such abilities gain enemies as well as clientele, and HP was soon running for his life from a particularly nasty virus. He managed to open a portal through the Net, but as he did, the virus damaged the NAK, breaking its ability to further open portals.

    So HP found himself in Mainframe. He'd done a job or two in this system, but it was on the whole not where he wanted to be. He was determined to get his NAK repaired and leave Mainframe, no matter what it took.

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  17. [​IMG]

    ☣ basic ☣

    NAME: 4G (four) || LOCATION: mainframe || FORMAT: sprite (malware) || DESIGNATION: 'guardian' || KEY TOOL: fritz
    WEAPON: dart pistol || SECONDARY: hallucinogenic lipstick || ​

    ☣ appearance ☣​


    Four is the prime example of a Sprite who knows her aesthetic value, and isn't afraid to use it to her advantage. Fair mint-green skin is dappled by freckles, a canvas for many tattoos, including her signature, the roman numeral IV beneath her eye. Hair, lemon yellow is cropped short by her right ear, long and choppy everywhere else, her eyes a light pink. Her frame is narrow, but tall, with a full bust and long, willowy legs and arms.

    More often than not, she trends towards black, not shy about showing skin, and she favors heels to flats. On her left arm, near her elbow she wears her key tool, and she keeps a dart-pistol in a hostler on her right thigh.

    ☣ personality ☣


    Defiant, troubled, manipulative, stubborn and deceptive. These are all qualities that Four possesses in spades. Rarely the same person, twice, she makes it a habit to keep other Sprites on their toes, with thick walls disguised beneath a mask of sarcasm, wit and allure. Despite this, she remains a charming individual, bearing no aloofness. While, at least on a deeper level, friendship isn't something she can generally afford to entertain, she offers no outward displays of disloyalty or coldness. Pointedly, she is good at her job, and her job just happens to be convincing the world she's someone she isn't.

    ☣ biography ☣​


    If trouble had a name, it would undoubtedly be Four. From the moment she was uploaded, Four struggled with the concept of regulations and authority. Particularly brilliant, Four figured out all too young the advantages of manipulating the circumstances around her, and by her first compiling, she'd made quite a name for herself in the underground world of Phishing.

    Processing a small fortune in stolen bandwidth, Four was doing quite well for herself when she rather unexpectedly came up on the radar of a System Guardian and after a brilliant game of cursor and icon, spanning across multiple systems, Four was eventually apprehended. It was then, penned in a maximum security viral prison, that she was approached with an offer she couldn't refuse...

    Mainframe was her destination, her mission, infiltration... A job she was programmed for. The only things standing in her way a sense of all too familiar entrapment... and a long buried conscience, threatening to surface. Nevertheless, settling into G-Prime, in for the long-con, Four prepared for what was sure to be the job of her lifetime.


  18. [​IMG]

    ⎒ basic ⎒

    NAME: Gwen Parser || LOCATION: mainframe || FORMAT: sprite || DESIGNATION: 'guardian' || KEY TOOL: fritz
    WEAPON: dart pistol || SECONDARY: hallucinogenic lipstick ||​

    ⎒ appearance ⎒​


    Gwen stands at 6'1" and weighs in at 186lbs. She's built to hurt and looks the part as well. She has light blue skin with green accents, equally green eyes and short, hot-pink hair. Her wardrobe consists mostly of sterile white body suits given to her since creation. She finds her clothing efficient and more than enough to fit her needs while many would argue that her dearth of a fashion sense made her a dull individual.

    ⎒ personality ⎒


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    ⎒ biography ⎒​


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  19. I Suppose I should make this clear, just for anyone confused - Sign ups for this RP are OFFICIALLY OPEN. They will be open for the remainder of the week, and next week, so you have plenty of time!! :)
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  20. can i make a binome?
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