Rebirth: Return of the Dragons!

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  1. So in this, dragons are starting to return. We, the players will play at LEAST one hatching however, you can also play a human if you so desire so you can one day ride a dragon or make a special bond with a dragon or try to hunt a dragon, etc.

    Now then here is the thing. Dragons hatch without a humans, however, once hatched the dragons can form a bond with one human, this bond is created as soon as they hatch and the dragon will feel drawn to the human. This does not mean, however the dragon has to go and seek out the human. Now the humans will not be discovering the return of the dragons for some time as the dragons must work together to survive.

    Who's interested?
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  2. I am very interested in this! I do have a question, though. If you play a human and want to bond with a dragon, does it have to be your own dragon, or could it be someone else's character? (With their permission, of course, and I understand that dragons don't have to seek out 'their humans')
  3. This should belong to Interest Checks. Plus that's where the publicity goes.

    Anyways, my interest is caught.
  4. My interest is caught too C:
  5. I'm interested. but I'm a compete beginner, so you will have to explain the mechanics, how the character sheet should look, ect.
  6. I'm definitely interested, but I feel a bit more of the specifics would help. Where and when this takes place, what powers do the dragons have, and a CS skeleton would be much appreciated
  7. A bit more detail about the mechanics to this please, other than that it's very interesting.
  8. This interests me greatly, though I agree with the others in that more detailing would be nice. Is this something you are going to start soon? I would be very interested in playing both a hatch-ling and a human.
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