Rebirth For Salrtban

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  1. The club was dark, the tables all full with creatures of all shapes and sizes. Most of them were just sitting there, sipping strange colored drinks or eating some dark ooze. But, what was one to expect on a slave ship? Places like this were filled with the worst in the galaxy and sadly it would be those kinds of people who would be getting their sticky hands or claws on innocent and often forced individuals who were made into slaves. Often, it was times like this that Rrakkt wondered why he entered such shady places...and then he remember that is what the very people he hated that would also be the ones to fund his current life style.

    "Do you have the goods?" Came a dark and gurgling voice from a strange slug like creature, his five eyes staring at the much taller and stronger alien before him.

    "Of course, I always do. I left the cargo in the ship though...for obvious reasons." Came a deep reply, looking over his shoulder as if he feared he might recognize someone here. The alien in question was a giant of sorts, easily towering over eight feet high, his skin mix of bother dark brown and tan tones. His face had a simple pattern, his upper face dark while his lower face was tan with some reddish stripes on his chin. His was strong looking but not overly so, and his jaw was strong and solid. His outfit was simple, black pants and a dark top, a short jacket and heavy boots to finish it off.

    "Gooood, I want all of it delivered to my personal ship before you leave. I assume nothing is damaged, I need those bottles in tact."

    "Do I ever deliver damaged goods to you, Missk?"

    A light chuckle left the slug looking man, his fat and short appearance jiggling strangely with the noise he made. He started to slip away, moving slowly with his lack of legs.

    "You don't...but you know me, I am a very uncertain creature. You will have your fifteen gems as promised when you arrive with the cargo later tonight. Now come...the auction is about to start. I know you have enough on you to maybe buy something. Or will you free another slave yet again in you attempt to rid the universe of slavery and all unjust things?"

    "You humor is lost on me, Missk." Rrakkt said darkly, obviously not liking the slug mans tone.

    "Bah, just because your race was foolish enough to trust a race of slave makers when your population is dropping left and right, is no problem of mine. Be glad that you are not the one with the collar around your neck and just live your life. Who knows, maybe you'll run into a female of your own kind and settle down."

    "I'd do that if it weren't for the fact that the majority of the women left of my species are in the hands of the slavers."

    "Like I said, not my problem. Now take a aren't going anywhere before I get my stuff anyway."

    Growling under his breath, Rrakkt did as he was told though he was obviously not all that interested in what was about to happen.
  2. "Bend, but do not break.". This was the advice given to Elekav as a young adolescent. She could not recall when those words were spoken. It had to have been just before she had been given away. Her freedom for her life, that was the price that her parents paid. She didn't understand it then, and even now she wondered if it had been her parents only choice. She had not been one of the sick ones after all. They had not been on the planet when the outbreak first occurred, and if they encountered anyone else during that time it was few and far between.

    Now though most were dead. While the plague had been vanquished so many of her people died and many that did not gave themselves up to servitude to stay safe from tha plague. The cure almost came to late and to some, even though there were those that lived, to them the race was dead. She had heard the planet did not even have one major city any longer. The civilization that was built on Salrtban had collapsed, now taken over by vegetation and creatures. Soon their world would be known only in stories.

    She might have been a slave, but she had not yet lost her spirit. She could be bought and sold a dozen times, but she still had her own thoughts, her own dreams, her own desires. Yet it was lonely being in a household with not even another like herself to talk to. Even among other slaves she would be an outsider, outcast, untrusted and rarely befriended.

    It did not help as she was lead, shackled and in garments that were old, dirty and torn, that she still looked everyone in the eye. It had caused her a few beatings, but those owners were weak willed and found themselves happier to resell her then to know they were to be judged. Fellow slaves that tried to put their hands on her found quickly that was a mistake. She was smart enough not to strike an owner, but she was not going to coware, and not for someone in the same position as she was.

    Being brought onto what she could only think of as a selling stage she barely listened to the auctioneer. Instead she looked around at the audience, her dark orange eyes scanning the faces. She was not looking for a familiar soul, she was judging the would be owners. Anyone that did not like her gaze would not bid, and anyone that did, well it would be nice to have another owner that appreated intelligence.

    She did a double take as she looked on the lower level of the seating area. It had been such a long time since she'd seen another of her kind that it was shock enough. She didn't even hear her cue and felt her chain tugged. She resisted frowning at her handler and walked to the forefront so that all could see her. Once out there she could not look for that form she knew, one of her own people, she was instucted to pose and strut and other obserdities.
  3. Rrakkt was quiet as the auction started, one slave after another being pulled onto the stage. It wasn't long before they were sold off to another master, some barely getting over a hundred credits. Apparently no one thought these slaves were worth anything. Sighing, Rrakkt just grabbed his own drink and took a long sip, pulling a metal case of some kind from his jacket pocket and pulling out a long small rod of sorts, putting it between is lips and then pulling out a small device and putting it to the end of it rod, a bit of blue smoke drifting from the end of it. Putting the device away he took a long drag before blowing the smoke from his nose.

    "Our next slave here is a Draconer here, female in sex an quite lovely in looks!"

    Rrakky almost choked on the smoke in his lungs as his eyes went wide. He knew that face, though designs. He hadn't seen them since he was a youngling on the planet. Shocked to see her with a collar on her neck, he barely registered the auctioneer starting the bidding process.

    "She will be starting at a price of 50 credits. Now do I here 100 credits?"

    The credits started to fly once the auction started, all types of aliens trying to get their hands on her. Standing, his voice loud as the number of credits was now in the millions.

    "Four gems!"
    He declared loudly, the rest of the crowd going silent.

    "Five gems, ladies and gentlemen do I head anything higher than five gems? Going once....twice...Sold to the man with the gems, please step up sir."

    Rrakkt instantly made his way through the crowd, getting the attention of some as they realized what he was. Hoping onto the stage with little effort his approached the auctioneer, towering over the thin little alien male quite easily, gems in his clenched fist and smoke slipping off of the cig in his mouth. He was obviously not pleased with having to buy one of his own species off of the slavers as he seemed to be glaring at them all without mercy.

    "I'll be taking her now..." He said darkly to the handler, the small fellow only shivering and nodding his head.
  4. As the bidding started she kepted her rebellious thoughts in check. Draconer, that hideous name. Once people knew their chosen name, they were the Salrtbians, and they were a proud people. How fast people forgot. How fast her own people forgot their pride.

    It seemed the slave trader knew his market well bring her to this place. The bids kept going up and once more she looked at the crowd, standing tall, her dark hair loose past her shoulders as her skull crest, it's four horns over it displayed the light rings on her other wise dark brown upper face. Her lips had just a touch of a frown, but she would show no aggression, not here. Assertive she could get away with, but not much else.

    Then there was a bid that shocked the whole audience. Her eyes darted to the deep voice that shouted it and she once again saw the familiar form of one of her own, but now she got a better look. Her jaw nearly dropped as she saw the face she knew as a child. As his bid was confirmed he came forward, and intimidating man, even by their own standards. The last time Elekav saw Rrakkt he was but a boy. The slave auctioneer handed her chain to him and she could only stare. Stare because what she really wanted to do was cry out and wrap her arms around him, but she would not show her weakness to these people and until she knew his reason, she would not show him either.

    "Good luck with her," the auctioneer said finding his voice then glad to be heading off to start the bidding on the next slave, who was not nearly as nitpicking to the dangerous crowd.

  5. Dropping the chain, Rrakkt took Elekav's hand and tugged her right off the stage and through the crowd. He did not want to be there any longer than saying good bye to Missk would take. Pausing at the table, he looked down at the slug man and spoke slowly.

    "I'll bring the delivery over to you later tonight, be prepared because I am leaving this ship the moment I get my gems."

    With that said he walked right on out of the bar, Elekav in tow behind him. Rrakkt was obviously annoyed but not with her, far from it in fact. He was angry that of all the people that he found in that situation was her. Deciding to save the questioning for later, he just hurried on his way though the ship and back to the port where his own vessel was parked.

    Arriving at the ship, he walked over to the ship and opened it, the hatch going down and allowing them to walk inside. At this point he was no longer holding her hand, he knew very well that she wouldn't run away from her. Stepping inside, it was a very spacious ship, which was no surprise as it was a cargo ship after all. He wandered into the main hall that the hatch was attached to and paused there for a moment before looking down at Elekav.

    "Of all the places I see your face again..."
    He said in their native tongue, giving the smallest of smile as another puff of smoke drifted from his lips.
  6. His hand felt warm as he took hers in his much larger one. His grip was strong but it was a comfortable feeling. She might have held his a bit more fiercely then she intended as he took her off stage and into the crowded. As they approached a table she feared they were going to have to sit through more of the auction, but it seemed whatever business he had, being here was not nessisary. The slug man that watched them go chuckled softly to himself, and Elekav wondered what he found so amusing. Practice kept her features schooled.

    Once out of the bar they continued on and Elekav could actually look at the man who had bought her. Rrakkt seemed to have grown into an impressive man. It was hard to adjust her memory of her childhood friend to the imposing figure that lead her on. She found herself both scared and excited by the possibility of what might happen next. As he dropped her hand she continued to follow, hoping this dream would stay true. They walked into his ship.

    Hearing those words was like music to her ears. Not that what Rrakkt said was poetry of any sort but that it was in their own language. She hadn't heard it in many years, the last time being when a previous owner had taken her to a household of a business partner and there had been a aged gentleman of their people there. It must have been ten years.

    "I find myself amazed. Truly is it you Rrakkt my dear friend?" Her words were slow, long years without them, but they were clear even in her soft tone, one that held more hope and care then even she suspected she still possessed. Fearfully she had held out a hand and placed her palm on his cheek, as though to remind herself that this was no delusion and he was truly here. "I don't even know what to say or ask."
  7. Rrakkt pulled the cigarette from his mouth and tossed it to the ground, stepping on it as he looked down at the much shorter female that he knew so well. He smiled a little more, the rest of the smoke slipping from his nose for a little while before finally disappearing. He took his own and much larger hand and placed it on her face in return, moving it down to her shoulder before pulling her into a tight and comforting hug.

    "It is I, but I find it hard to believe it is you Elekav. When the planet fell and we lost contact I was told by my parents to assume all others were dead. To find your familiar face in that place was enlightening...and disheartening at the same time. Though you have no questions I have plenty...How did you end up as a slave? I know most were tricked in the early stages of the plague but...but you did not leave till the end, much like myself."

    Pulling back, he took her hand once again and started to lead her on through his ship.

    "Come, you can speak while we walk. I must get you out of those shameful bindings..."

    With that said, he pulled her along through the ship and taking her off into a smaller area. It was obviously meant for opening cargo as the tools in there were large and could be frightening as well. However, instead of going for an over sized tool, he stepped over to a table and grabbed something that looked more like a pen than anything else. With the switch on though, a small large light rod poked out, burning brightly with light. Tugging her closer, he got to work on her wrists first, cutting the cuffs slowly so that he would nto hurt her in the process.
  8. As he embraced her, Elekav closed her eyes as she wrapped her own arms around him. The contact, such a simple sign of care, chiseled away at the stony protection around her heart. It was a crude wall, ill made, and had been cracked and repaired more then once. Still, I was perhaps worth the risk to lose it, if she knew how to anymore.

    She could not help but frown at the questions he asked. They were natural, but they brought to mind unpleasant memories. As he released her she tried to muster up her resolve to speak of those things, but he took her hand again and lead her into his ship more. It was amazing how such small actions made her feel so safe and secure.

    "My parents feared the plague. I guess everyone did. They isolated us, my brother and I from all outsiders. I think it was worse for him, being so much older. They waited until they could afford a ship of their own. They did not want to be stuck on a transport with others. I don't know what happen really. We were safe. None of us were sick. It seemed my parents were doing fine in trade. Then..." Elekav didn't wish to say any more. After all these decades the memory still hurt. Maybe because she tried to burry it so deeply. By this point the shackles on her wrists were cut away. They made a very satisfying clanking sound on the floor. She smirked looking down then tilted her chin up, tossing her hair to the side so that he could take off the one around her neck. It always was nice when she didn't have to wear shackles. It hadn't quite seeped in that she never would again.
  9. "I see..."

    Leaning in, he dealt with her collar as he had dealt with her cuffs, taking it off with the small lazer and tossing it to the side lazily. He then returned the tool back to the small table and turned to look at her, taking not of her less than clean clothing. Though he knew it was rude to point it out, she did smell quite a bit. Her last owner must not have let her bathe regularly.

    "Though I know you'd rather leave this place immediately, I'd like to do so myself, I can't do that yet. I have work to do later this night and we can't leave until it is done. Another unfortunate fact is that my customer is still at that god forsaken it night be a while. However, we could get you settled in the mean time. I have a shower in my quarters you can use and I'll lend you some of my clothing until we can find a station that has a merchant area."

    Motioning with his hand simply, he headed out of the work room and back into the hall once more, this time heading towards his personal quarters.
  10. "A shower would be lovely," she said in the blissful tone of one that had not had one recent enough. Though for some that could have been a few days due to unusual circumstances, for Elekav it was too common an event to go without. For the chance to shower, not just be hosed down, she felt she was with in paradise.

    She followed Rrakkt, curious about his business, but unuse to being able to inquire about unimportant things. While an intelligent slave was an asset, a curious one was a liability. She quickly learned to be and asset only. So she didn't ask about why he was here or what business he had with the slug man. Instead she thought of something else. "Thank you. I feel that I might be inadequate at expressing it, but, still, I am grateful."‚Äč
  11. "It is fine, I know you would have done the same for me if I was in that situation. Besides, I've never liked the slavers, and I would have rather beat them all than give them money, but I would have rather give them money than let another one of our species be sold so horribly." He growled a bit as he thought of the terrible people that took advantage of his species.

    Pausing in front of a door, he pushed a button to open it and have the door slide into the wall. Stepping inside, the room was simple. To one side was a bed, long enough for the height of Rrakkt and wide enough for some comfortable wiggle room. Across from that was a wall of storage, holding book and some closed cabinets that held clothing and other things. There were even some worn photos in frames, but the age on them was very obvious as the people int he pictures were his childhood self. Pulling off his jacket he hung it on a hook and headed over to storage wall.

    "Anyway, The bathroom is that door over there, the shower is nothing special but it works. I'll leave some clean clothing out for you on the bed. I have to head to the bridge for a bit so take your time. If you need me, just as the comm on the wall. It will lead you to me." He said before turning to look at her, his hands still in a draw he had been shuffling through.
  12. Take her time? That was permission she hadn't thought to even request. The smile that she gave him was thin, a ghost of a smile really, but the first one she had given him. Smiling had become unnatural to her. There were few things to be joyful about as a slave, though Elekav tried to find them. It was better to be unreadable, occasionally menacing. Sorrow, anger, happiness, emotions were used as weapons by both the slavers and owners as well as other slaves. If you had them it was important to hide them.

    Elekav didn't want to hide her emotions from Rrakkt, but her guard was still up. Too many years of training herself to always be wary was going to take time to overcome. "I will try to not get in the way," she told him, thinking that was at least something she could do. After all he had spent well earned gems to buy her her freedom and was going to be taking care of her for at least the short term it sounded like. She couldn't repay him obviously, but she could make sure not to make his life difficult.
  13. "Don't worry, you won't be." Rrakkt said simply before he set some clothing onto the bed. "Anyway, as I said, I'll be on the bridge so just head there when you are done. Just ask the intercom and it will show you the way."

    With that said, he left the room slowly, heading towards the bridge. He walked through the halls of his ship without any issue, trotting a bit before grabbing onto a ladder and climbing up. At the top he entered the bridge, a simple yet complicated place. It was small and most of the controls climbed the walls. However, the number of buttons it had and all that had to be done just to keep the ship still was rather complicated. Taking a seat in the captains chair, Rrakkt let out a long and tired sigh. So much had happened in such a short amount of time. Thankfully, it wouldn't be two hard on him, just only hard on his wallet. A small beeping sounded and he glanced over the console. He flipped a switch and hit a few buttons before an aliens face appeared on screen.

    "RRAKKT! I'm glad I've gotten a hold on you! I've been sending space signals to your ship of hours!" A fish faced creature said, smiling a smile that didn't have teeth, but more thin strings that whales had in their mouths.

    "I'm sorry, I've been at a bar for the past few hours with a current shipment I'll be dropping off later tonight and then I had some personal matters to deal with as well. What is it that you need?"

    "I've got a job for you...a well paying one."

    "How much?"

    "Fifty gems."

    If Rrakkt's eyes could physically budlge out of his head they would have at the moment. Fifty gems was no small price, especially when he usually only made around ten or fifteen at most on his usual runs, and some of those were pretty deadly.

    "What's the catch?"
    He asked simply.

    "It's fire arms, they're being delivered into the Kif Galaxy. A group of miners have been running into some serious issues in some of the mines, Tunnel worms. And you know personally how nasty though things can get. You also know Kif is not the nicest place to fly around and your ship is the only carrier with weapons installed. I know you've been looking for gems and I called this one for you, but only if you're up to it. The pick up is only in the galaxy next to the one you are currently in and they need for the weapons isn't rushed. Though, a bonus was mentioned for early arrival."

    "Give me the coordinates." He said simply.

    The fish man smiled and quickly started to work on something off screen.
  14. Elekav watched Rrakkt leave before she headed into the bathroom. As she disrobed, she wondered how fortunate she was. In the vastness of space she had not seen one of her people that was free in all her years as a slave, and that when she finally had it was not only someone she knew, but someone that had been as dear to her as her own family, it was almost enough to make her cry.

    Except Elekav knew not how to cry any longer. Instead she turned on the shower water and got in. The warm water felt good on her skin and soothed aching muscles. Her last owner had not been very kind nor very intelligent and there were still some cuts and bruises that were healing. They were all quite minor, but they were a steady reminder of how she had little control of her life and destiny.

    As she scrubbed away the dirt and grime she felt she was scrubbing away several decades of lost dreams and bitterness. Today was a new day. Today she had her freedom. Her freedom and possibly more. She had a connection to her cherished past and it was a gift more precious then anything else in the galaxy for her.

    When she finally turned off the water Elekav felt more bewildered then before. She had thought that cleaning would be a relief, and it was, but life was now very strange and new for her. As she dried off she realized she was afraid, which made her angry at herself. For once in her adult life she shouldn't have been afraid. Yet, she was. Rrakkt had saved her, but she was afraid that he would soon abandon her. As she started to put on the very large shirt she thought about it. While he could, it wouldn't be that hard for him to do so, she was being unfair. He didn't buy her as yet another slave owner to keep her until he had no more use for her. He bought her to free her. He wasn't going to just throw her to the wolves after this.

    Feeling silly, but glad she had gotten a chance to thnk things through for herself she went over to the comm system as she rolled up her sleeves. She asked to be directed to where Rrakkt was and the ships computer complied lighting up the walkway for her. As she traveled on bare feet she once more wondered just what this ship was for. It occurred to her it was a transport. Once she reached the ladder she blinked before climbing up. Once her head was inside she spoke up. "Um, I've finished. It's nice to be in something new."
  15. At the sound of Elekav's voice, Rrakkt and the Fishy alien on scree looked over to her curious.

    "Ah! I didn't know you had company Rrakkt! I would have not bothered you so insistantly if I knew that!" He said before looking past the giant of a alien and over to Elekav with the same strange smile. "Hello Miss! Don't mind me I'll be done with Rrakkt in a moment!"

    Excitedly the fish fellow looked back down somewhere before another few beeps sounded on the bridge, Rrakkt hitting a few buttons before a side screen popped up showing what appeared to be a star map for a pick up and a drop off point. It looked very complicated to anyone who was not used to looking at them. Rrakkt nodded his head for a moment as he looked over it quietly and then stored the map into his computer.

    "I'll head over after I finish some business here and stop at the Narss station for supplies. Let the customer know I'll be there within the week."

    "Perfect! I'll let them know. Thanks for taking this Rrakkt! Now I gotta go, I have a shipment coming in partial drop and I have to make sure nothing got damaged. It's Eek eggs in simmy!"

    With that said, the fish man was gone, allowing Rrakkt to turn his attention to Elekav.

    "Sorry about that, just got more work that I couldn't turn down."
  16. "It is good that you have more business," she said as she finally stood up on the bridge. The cloths he had given to her were baggy, but she seemed to have rolled up the pants and the shirt sleeves so she could move around comfortably. The belt she had to tigh off around her waist so everything stayed in place. For her height she seemed just a bit too skinny, as though she had more then one missed meal.

    She didn't look around overtly, suppressing any sort of outward sign of curiosity still, but just looked at Rrakkt with her hands folded in front of her. From all outward appearances she was shy and submissive, not very much like the exuberant youth he was friends with. Elekav use to delight in discovery and adventure and was perhaps if anything a little too expressive of her emotions. That she tamed as an adult would have been expected, but that her experience growing up made her internalize any sort of expression made her seem almost an imposter.
  17. "It is, though before I go there, I have to finish the job I have here...and get you something proper to wear." He added as he noticed just how thin she actually was. "Anyway, We've still have a while and knowing my current customer, we have another hour or so before he slithers his way out of that horrible place. So...can I interest you in going out to eat. Not all the sections of the ship are bad, they have a restaurant district of sorts and you can eat all you like, promise.

    With that said he stood and smiled, walking over to the smaller woman and motioning for her to head back down the ladder. When they both were down there, Rrakkt only paused at his room to gather his coat before heading out the ship with Elekav and walking with her in the opposite direction that they had come from.
  18. As they walked through the large ship they passed several different types of aliens. Not unsurprisingly they were the tallest two beings walking by. Some aliens were stout, some were slim, some had much more appendages then they did. It was a mixed bag and their reasons for being here were likely just as varied.

    Once in the restaurant district of the ship, there was plenty of activity. Lights, peoples, noises, smells, all combined to make for a mostly jubilant experience. You might almost not know there was a slave auction going on. Except that it was very obvious not everyone was here of their own free will. There were many places to choose from but the restaurant that Rrakkt lead them into seemed quiet and cozy. The type of place for someone to want to enjoy their food and conversation, not be entertained by exotic ingredients and servers.

    They were escorted to a booth by a small robot and a menu hologram appeared once they both were seated. Elekav looked at it. Some of the food she recognized, much she did not, and in the end she had no idea what she even wanted. She frowned slightly, she was hungry, but how could she make a choice?
  19. The ship was rather busy it seemed, all types of species on the ship for one reason or another. Though the public slave auction was unplesant, that did not stop Rrakkt from heading towards the restaurant district. The place they entered was simple and comfortable, the ideal place for some people to just sit, eat, and talk. And boy did they have a lot of talking they could do. Noticing that Elekav seemed to be confused by the menu that hovered in front of them, he smiled a bit and spoke softly to her.

    "There are a lot of choices. If you want...I could order use some plates and you can try them all. I'm rather hungry myself so nothing will go to waste."
    He said simply as he looked at her.

    Even he could tell that she was hungry and having to choose from a menu of items that she probably only knew a few of could be difficult. Besides, he was starving as he had not eaten anything since he had gotten of the ship that morning.
  20. "That would be very nice. Thank you," she said with a small nod. It occurred to her that he seemed to have seen right to the heart of the matter, and it surprised her. Elekav thought she was pretty good at keeping her thoughts private. Except she didn't exactly want to hide from Rrakkt and if anyone could guess what she was thinking maybe it would be him.

    Tilting her head she looked at him and she wondered who he had grown up to be. He was for her a savior and she was willing to think at this moment the very best, though there was a warning voice inside telling her not to get too close and not to open up. That if she did, pain would be her only reward. Deliberately she didn't listen to that voice and she let herself relax a little more as he ordered. Though the lights were not bright, it was hard to miss from only across the table that the birth of a smile was appearing on her lips.