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  1. Sladelius had been rather dissapointent in his current situation. "...." Not a word left the man's lips as a frivilous wench commanded his doing. "Hey you, the customers are getting impatient! That's the only seat left in the bar!" In reply to this, the creature's thin right brow rose high over its counterpart. Silken spiked blonde tresses slumped as his shoulders rose in indifference to her words. "I paid for my meal, madam. It would not be fair to boot me from the locale without finishing it." The swordsman's tone was rather cold, yet in an unintentional manner. Dominant right hand rose high to press a single slender index finger accented in lustrous polish to pale lips. "I would rather take my money back, rather than eat in this hell hole you call a resturant."

    "Bah! Just who the hell do you think you are?" The woman scoffed in disgust. Dull chocolate eyes soon met the back of her skull, signaling a quick roll. "Are you trying to get me fired or what, buddy?" Tiny fingers crept across the oak table the man had sat at, snagging a pair of chopsticks as Sladelius' irisless cerulean sight producers followed on point. "Jacking my eating utensils will not make me leave." The waitress boldly extended a small ruby tongue toward him, placing the wooden sticks in between a creamy thirty-eight inch set of E-cup breasts. "Mine now.~" Opposite hand rose to toy with a strand of electric blue hair, slightly curled at the tips. "Whatcha' gon' do about it, eh?"

    (Continue from there. I'll keep it interesting, if the poster does the same.)
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  2. Celene was in a rush to get home after the little encounter she had finally gotten herself out of. She shook her head as she thought about it, her long, light blonde hair which was pulled back in a black ribbon aside from the angled bangs which rested on her porcelain face swaying back and forth to follow her motions. She shoved her hands in her coat pockets, a pointless attempt to keep them warm. As she had gone to turn a corner, she heard a commotion arising from a small restaurant nearby. Curiousity urged her feet to follow the sounds. Much as she thought it might be a bad idea, curiousity had wrapped itself around her mind, unwilling to let go. Shyly, she peeked in the open door, brushing some hair from her face as she looked around. ""Whatcha' gon' do about it, eh?"" The voice traveled through her mind. "I think i've walked in to the start of a conflict" She sarcastically thought to herself. This seemed to be how she often got herself into trouble. She walked closer, sneaking past the servers who may notice her and throw her out, (Though they all seemed to be paying more attention to the same thing she was) curious to know what had happened to get this to where it now was, and where it was about to go.
  3. Elana closed her book trying to ignore the scene that was happening. She caught herself paying attention for a bit, but the way the waitress was turning the tables on the guy she did not really care for. Pushing up her glasses she forced herself to quickly finish up the rest of her meal. Trying to stay focused on her next adventure, finding somewhere to sleep on the low budget she was on. The last bounty she went on didn't really give her much. Looking at what little money she had left she sighed feeling a little defeated. 'There is no way a inn will ring me in with this little.' Gulping the last of her drink she fixed her raven black hair into a long braid on her side and got up grabbing her bag. Starting to walk out she got a glimpse of her reflection on a window. Her face had some cuts and bruises and her clothes were stained in dirt and dry blood. 'Damn, this guy got me worse than I thought.' Sighing she walked past the man and the waitress making a disgusted look toward them about the way they were acting in public. Keeping a slight eye on the man she bumped into a blonde woman at the door. Bowing her head and apologizing she started out following the road hoping to find a little bit of safety in tonight.
  4. A man walked into the bar shuffling a stack of cards. He wore metallic red, black, and white gloves. His hair came to a point in the back of his head, short, untidy, and spiky. He continued to shuffle taking a seat behind the man causing the disturbance. The intensity of the room seemed great, annoyed, Alojz broke the silence. Throwing a card in the man's direction Alojz spoke."It isn't nice to pick on women... Wench or not." Alojz stopped shuffling the cards and slammed the smaller end of the deck on the table. He then calmly layed his cards down. He pulled a toothpick from the complementary items on his table and examined it. "With that being said can I place my order?" He began chewing on the toothpick.
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  5. Celene looked up to the girl who had bumped into her, a pale pink color beginning to take form on her face. She quickly stood up and apologized herself. "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you, I should have gotten out of the wa--" She paused as she finally paid enough attention to notice all of her wounds and the dried up blood and dirt that adorned her clothing. She followed her out of the restaurant, growing curious once again, "Are you alright?" She hesitated to ask, her pale eyes scanning over the girl. She didn't mean to seem intrusive, but she didn't always get a chance to think before her curiosity acted for her. She was prepared for whatever may happen next, or at least, She hoped so.
  6. A man quietly sits at a table calmly drinking a cup of tea while listening to the ongoning arguement that has begun he looks up seeing the two that are casuing the stir then after watching the woman put the chopsticks inbetween her breasts he goes back to drinking his tea and simply uttering " Everytime I try to have a peaceful day things like this happen *sighs oh well at least my day won't be completely boring
  7. Strife watched as the arguement turned to flirting in a matter of seconds seeing this he pushed his pitch black hair to the side to make sure he was seeing correctly he finished drinking the last of his tea as he listened to the conversation more closely trys not to laugh at the Criss Angel insult but is unsuccesful in the attempt he looks over towards the waitress "Mam the mans next meal is on me I am feeling generous today"
  8. Alojz sat back ignoring the Criss Angel comment. A man with a laughing tone stood up to offer to pay for the man's meal. The only thought that crossed Alojz mind was Which one. Alojz relaxed and listened to the man speak, waiting for his menu.
  9. Turning to see the woman she bumped into she looked over at her. Elana thought she looked about the same age as her, but she was never really was good at guessing ages. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a normal day in the Elanathon." She giggled at herself. Looking up at the sky she started to notice it was getting later. Elana really did not have any time to spare on looking for a place. Looking back at the girl she took her glasses off. "Hey blonde, do you know of a farm or, a cave, hut, anything really that I could probably stay tonight." Fixing the bag at her shoulder she looked at her hoping she would know something, but from how clean she looked her mind started to think maybe she asked the wrong person.
  10. Celene giggled lightly at simply being called blonde rather than her name, but the girl didn't know her name, it wasn't her fault, and didn't take offense to it. "Celene" She smiled, and repeated "My name is Celene." She held out her small, porcelain like hand to greet her and maybe get a name from her. "I know of a few places like that, but I have a house, I was in my way there before I got.. distracted by the commotion in there" She gestured the opposite hand towards the restaurant that had seemed to calm down by this point. "I live alone, you're welcome to come stay the night if you'd like. Maybe get cleaned up, I've got some medical supplies from whatever caused all that blood all over your clothes." She curiously continued to analyze the girl, wondering if she might soon learn what caused all her injuries and why she was so dirty. Possibly a similar situation she had just gotten herself out of right before coming upon the restaurant. Her head took on an angle that matched her curious thoughts, causing some of her pale blonde streaks to fall in front of her face, though she didn't much care to fix it at that current point in time.
  11. Looking at her hand Elana looked at her own. They were completely dirty, and still had some dry blood on them. She tried to clean them off a little while ago but the little restaurant if that is what you want to call it lacked the proper soap to clean herself properly. Again looking at her hand she didn't want to get such nice skin dirty, but she took it anyway. "Celene, names Elana." Looking her over again she couldn't see any outlines of a weapon on her. Elana saw that she was maybe about an inch or two taller than her which was weird to her cause everyone always brought up how short she was. Elana was really thinking hard on whether to take her up on her offer. 'She doesn't look to threatening. If anything I could take her if she tried anything. She might even have hot water.' Elana almost teared up thinking about the last time she took a shower with hot water. Putting her glasses back on her face she said "Yeah, I'd like to take you up on her offer. If you don't mind." Elana gave her an honest smile.
  12. Strife stands up and pushes his chair in and proceeds to walk over to where the man and woman are "Thank you for the wonderful tea ma'm and thank you sir for making my day a little more comical." He then places fifty dollars on the table " There's the money for your next order" Strife proceeds to walk outside pulling a pack of Malboro Blacks and a Zippo lighter from an inside pocket of his leather longcoat he leans against the wall next to the door of the bar and lights a cigarette he sees two women outside he notices ones clothes have been staind with blood and dirt he looks towards them after lighting his cigarette "Ma'm are you alright?"
  13. "Elana, it's nice to meet you" her smile only grew larger, though she was confused at what the girl seemed to be looking for on her person. "Whatcha lookin for?" She asked as the girl continued to examine her. She gestured towards the street ahead of them, showing the girl to follow her in that direction. She shoved her hands back into the pockets of her long coat as she begun to walk, assuming the girl would follow her and hopefully answer some of her questions to appease her curiosities. She quickly flicked her head to the side to flip the hair from her face, not wanting to take her chilled hands back out from her warm coat. "Where are you from?" She continued to question Elana on their walk back to her home, paying particular attention to her answers and actions. She had just gotten out of a rough situation, She wasn't about to get back into one. She then turned to the man who addressed them from the front of the restaurant and stopped so she could answer him, "We're fine sir, thank you. I've got her for now" She smiled at him in thanks for his concern, turning to look at Elana.
  14. Alojz scoffed at the occuring events. His cards lined up into a metal holder on his waist. "Criss Angel..." Alojz began gleaming at the waitress. "Has lost his appetite. I now agree with this bastard... This place really is a hell-hole." Alojz scooted his chair back and walked outside. He noticed the girl with the blood, walking with a blonde chick, who was seemingly cold. Alojz had his shivers as well, but the cold never bothered him. Alojz walked down the street behind the girls. His hands in his pockets he kept silent.
  15. Elana was about to follow Celene when she heard another voice. Looking over at where that came from Elana saw a man standing near the door smoking. 'Great I'm really starting to cause more attention.' Sighing she responded to the guy. "Yeah, I'm fine." Fixing her back pack strap again. "Don't worry about it. Thanks for the concern." Elana didn't really trust men, quickly she started to follow Celene when she had asked her where Elana was from. 'She asks a lot of questions, but she is giving me somewhere to stay.' "Uhh I rather not talk about it." Then Elana got a chill, out of instinct she pulled out a dagger and dropped her backpack coming face to face with a man. She looked him over, he had his hands in his pockets. "You need something?"
  16. Strife sees the man that walked in with the cards exit he watches him to make sure he isn't a threat to the two women walking he watches as the woman turns around puling a dagger and faces the man Strife readies his sword that he had been hiding in his long coat prepared for a fight to break out he'd rather avoid the woman being hurt anymore than what she might be "Hey Criss Angel if I were you it'd probably be best to step back I'd rather nobody get hurt."
  17. Celene looked to the sky, then back down to the girl when she explained that she didn't want to talk about things. A grin came over her face when Elana instinctively got into a combat stance. She was prepared herself, though she didn't look it. She thought herself to be rather inventive, especially in situations like this. She only turned and watched as the girl prepared herself for whatever the man may do next, waiting to see what would be the next move. She shifted her gaze briefly back to the man smoking in the doorway of the restaurant, then back to the two in front of her. She winced lightly, almost unnoticably as she pushed her arm into her side.
  18. Tonight was starting to turn into more trouble than she wanted when she heard the same man from before. Looking she saw she was right, it cigarette guy. He had a sword ready, Elana did not want this to turn into something bad. "Thanks I think I got this." She yelled to cigarette guy. Elana didn't want Celene to get hurt so she moved a few steps to the right to cover her. Holding the dagger closer to him she asked again. "Can I help you?"
  19. Alojz looked around then walked around the girl with the dagger. "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover." He continued walking down the road he dropped a card of a smiling Jack of spades on the ground. "Watch yourselves the streets are dangerous at night." He looked back with a devilish smile. "Nice to meet you all." He turned left crossing the street to the apartments.
  20. Putting her dagger back she looked down at the card. "What the hell?" She picked up her backpack and looked at Celene. "We should probably go before more trouble heads our way." She waved her hand starting to become more and more annoyed with tonight as a way to tell Celene to show the way. The cut on her arm was starting to sting more. "Dammit." She removed the wrap she had over the wound and saw that she opened it up again from the quick movement of getting her dagger out. Sighing she wrapped it in the same dirty cloth she had and looked at Celene as if she was full completely read to head where ever she was going to bring her. Looking back at cigarette guy she bowed her head softly as a quick thanks for the support.
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