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  1. In the 90's we were led to believe that in 2014 we would have flying cars, teleportation systems, holograms, the cure for cancer! Well it's been six years since then and what's new? Nothing.
    This generation is useless. Kids these days are nothing but dead weights, bumps on logs. We need geniuses and what do we get? Jack shit. We need people like Einstein! Hatsheput! Sun Tzu! They were some of the greatest! We need them. They can lead us to success and we'll dominate the world once more! No longer will they look to China and Japan for genius! America will be the one and only. The greatest, the strongest and the pioneer of this world.

    On April 19th 2020, the smartest and most successful scientist in America were called to a meeting. They all agreed that if they didn't take action now, America would no longer be the top dog in the world. Nations would look down on us, try and invade us or worse our own people would desert us. They needed to come up with something big, something that people have only dreamed of doing:

    Bringing back the greats. Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Aristotle! And more!

    They would use artifacts that belonged to history's greats and they would create clones. The clones would then be raised to continue the plans of their originals, and bring America back up to it's top spot and maybe more.

    A Conflict
    But before the clones were created, the scientists who were tasked with creating the clones, had a massive disagreement. There were some who wanted to bring back all of the great, good people.

    And there were some who wanted to bring back the hateful, twisted people. They believed that given the chance, these clones could implement their own strategies but without the carnage that their originals brought about.

    That idea was cut down before it could be suggested, but the idea remained, festering in the minds of the scientists who suggested it. These scientists left the project, claiming that they were moving on to different projects, but really they had stolen the Clone Creation Formula, and were planning to make their idea come to life.

    And so the, 'Titans' were created. But since the other scientists could never know about their existence, they were given new names, new identities, and given to temporary families. However, the Titans were very much aware of their originals, bu their temporary families were under the impression that they were simply normal children in need of some TLC.

    When all of the good clones turned fifteen they were sent to attend Imitantes' Academy for Geniuses, a government created and funded school.

    However, to keep the public from getting suspicious of the students, the government temporarily opened the school to regular humans. And that was when the creators of the Titans made their move. They intercepted the registration letters sent to a few choice regular humans, and admitted their clones instead. The Titan scientists planned to reveal their clones on graduation day (Age 20 for all clones) and show the other scientists how good their clones turned out. However, when you're modeled after evil, it's hard to expel it.

    Another Conflict
    Despite several clues to the registration switch up, the staff of the school (Scientists and Government Workers) were too preoccupied with something that was going on with some of the good clones.

    A group of good clones were showing signs of not wanting to follow in the footsteps of their originals. They want to live normal lives, not as genius pioneers but as regular run of the mill human beings.

    This group creates a society called 'The Avians'. Free to do as they please, go where they please, and be what they want. A society for clones who don't want to follow in the foot steps of their originals.

    F a c t i o n s

    A group of clones who do not want to follow in the footsteps of their originals. Some of them want to be good and some want to be bad.
    Avians are friendly to all that extend the same courtesy, however they tend distance themselves from Mirror Clones because of the whole 'follow in the footsteps' thing.

    Clones under the guise of regular humans who are cloned after the evil figures of history.
    The Titans are on good terms with both factions, but some of them resent the 'good clones' for being able to be who they truly are.

    Mirror Clones
    Clones that know what they are supposed to do and plan to do so.
    Mirror Clones generally disapprove of Avians.
    The Mirror Clones are pretty neutral towards the titans due to them thinking that they are regular humans.

    Need to Knows
    All good clones (avians and mirrors) were raised in a lab and allowed to interact solely with the scientists, a few government officials and each other. In the lab, the clones all had separate rooms that they could decorate however they pleased.
    The clones were treated very well by the scientists and if they did something wrong they were deprived of entertainment based things (phones/ipods/gaming systems).

    No Godmodding/Mary Sues/Gary Stus/Special Snowflakes/Debbie Downers/Donnie Downers.
    No hyper sad/abuse backgrounds.
    If you play a Mirror Clone try to act like your original.
    School Staff are NPCs, don't abuse them.
    Some originals were racist/sexist/ableist etc. Do not use any type of slur.
    Keep romance to a minimum, don't let it dominate the plot.
    All clones are fifteen.
    If you read the rules say something about pudding cups in your character sheet.
    There is no posting order but no two-three people should be continuously posting and not including others.
    No anime pictures. Use real pictures (with real people)
    Mirror clone and avians were raised in a government facility. Titans were raised in temporary homes with regular humans.
    All posts must be at least one-two paragraphs in length.
    Rules are subject to be updated or changed at any time.

    Character Sheet
    (You can add your own jazz and style but follow the outline below first)


    Appearance: [Description or Real picture]
    Questions: (About the RP/Rules/Etc)

    Lorchenne - Rollo Leone Conway - Galileo Galileo
    Temper Tantrum - Charles Xerxes Lewis - Lewis Carroll/ Charles Dodgson
    Last Bunny - Alexander Raus Wright - George Washington
    Last Bunny - Olivia Baskette - Jane Addams
    Lorchenne - Abramm Justin Hunter - Abraham Lincoln


    The Red Tazelwurm - Adelaide Meyer - Pharaoh Hatsheput
    The Red Tazelwurm - Valerie Ernest - Sojourner Truth
    Lorchenne- Namiko Yoshida - Tomoe Gozen
    Temper Tantrum - Selene Arsinoë Rosetta - Cleopatra VII Philopator

    ThousandSwords - Aaron Heinz - Adolf Hitler
    The Red Tazelwurm - Q - Genghis Khan
    Last Bunny - Klaus Frederick Conrad - King George III

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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Aaron Heinz

    Original: Adolf Hitler

    Faction: Titans


    Ironically, as if to prove the founders of the Titans correct, Aaron is exceedingly calm, level-headed, and quiet, with a large shy streak and a tendency to avoid contact with other people. When presented with situations that involve stress or anything, he has more of a tendency to dip away or avoid them entirely. He shows a great passion for art, drawing, and writing.
    When he is agitated enough, or challenged in things that he believes in, he has a tendency to become very passionate about the subject, as if he was a different person entirely. If put into this sort of situation, he acts quickly and decisively to make his point, but usually doesn’t follow up on it after that, returning to his rather shy nature.


    Aaron was raised in a relatively average middle-class household in the middle of America, born without a single clue who he was or what he was supposed to be. All his family knew was that he was a regular adopted child coming to them as a baby, a fresh start due to the wife being infertile. Allowed to pursue whatever paths he wished to as a youth, he gravitated towards arts and writing, and away from sports, spending most of his grade school time drawing, not making waves, and being that weird quiet kid in the back of the class that could draw that cool 3D S that everyone likes to draw at that age.

    Progressing through middle school similarly happened without much event, ending him up with high school. So far, so good.


    None, except pudding cups.
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  3. Sorry, eyes glazed over that part, fixed.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Victor Greene
    Vlad III the Impaler Faction:
    Tend's to be like one of those loud mouth jock types, being really loud and aggressive. He tends to pick on younger people and those weaker than him. He seems to like other Titans and other jock types.
    Ehh, He has a strange love of pudding cups.....

    Victoria Sky

    Amelia Earhart



    Questions: (About the RP/Rules/Etc)
  5. Name: Rollo Leone Conway
    Original: Galileo Galilei
    Faction: Avians


    Personality: eccentric, creative, playful, mischievous, friendly, loud
    Bio: Early on, Rollo Leone knew of his original-his great role model. He likes to tinker with all sorts of things, taking them apart then assembling them back together just to figure out how they work. He is often encouraged to do so and he has gotten pretty good with figuring them out. He is fairly behaved as a clone, seeming to follow his predecessor's footsteps peacefully. But he strongly believes that clones are better than normal humans. He wants to excel and learn as much as he can from them just to use his intelligence to have clones dominate the planet as an "evolved species".
    Extra: He is excellent friends with Charles Xerxes Lewis (Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carrol's clone) and Abramm Justin Hunter (Abraham Lincoln's clone). They keep him pretty grounded-without them his imagination goes way too far (he'll try disastrous things out of curiosity).


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  6. @ThousandSwords

    Sorry, I totally forgot my own rule. Use a real picture please. ^^ Or just a description.


    He would be an avian.

    And what do you mean there needs to be more about the factions?
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  7. WIP!
    Name: Adelaide Meyer
    Original: Pharaoh Hatshepsut
    Faction: Mirror Clone
    Personality: Like her original, Adelaide is strong spirited, head strong and a natural leader. She likes to take charge and will argue and debate until she deems things fair.
    Bio: Adelaide was one of the first clones to be created. Upon being told of her destiny she practically threw herself into becoming the best that she could be. She wanted to make the scientists proud and create a better America.
    As a child, Adelaide was pretty obedient and she only argued and disobeyed the scientists a couple of times, but they were for good reasons.
    When she was entered into the Academy, she soon ran for a position on the Student Council President* and won after a month of fierce debating and campaigning.

    - Adelaide does not care about her clothing style very much and will wear male and female outfits.
    - Pudding Cups

    Name: Q (Monkh Qutugh) Nergui
    Original: Genghis Khan
    Faction: Titan
    Personality: On the outside, Q is friendly and amicable. He jokes around, and partakes in the fun. But on the inside, Q is psychotic. His mind is twisted and everyone he sees isn't a person but an object to be toyed with an mutilated. However for now, he plays the part of that 'friendly guy', because he wants to graduate and be free to do as he pleases.
    Despite living with a kind family, he was unable to distance himself from the evilness of his original and grew up to be a closet psychopath.

    Bio: After his creation, Q was placed with a nice family who welcomed him with open arms. They did their best to provide him with proper stimulus and enrichment while, helping him maintain some of his Originals' character traits.
    However due to the cruel and vicious nature of his original, Q grew up warped and horribly twisted, despite his adoptive family's efforts to mold him into a nice young man. Q, being the smart kid that he is, kept his growing psychotic tendencies a secret, for fear that the scientists would dispose of him before he got to act on his violent impulses.

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  8. Details like, what kind of live did they live. Were the lab ones allowed to socialize? Did they live in dorms? How are they treated? How are their relations to the other factions? Um, just wondering.
  9. @Lorchenne

    Alrightie I added that information. :3
  10. @Lonewolf888978

    :D Ooh Vlad the Impaler and Amelia Earhart, niiice.
  11. If I could enlist some help in getting a picture that is realistic.

    Not super great at getting photograhps.
  12. @ThousandSwords

    Sure ^^ You could use a description too if you want. :3
    For a real picture are you looking for a dark haired, Caucasian guy? Any particular eye color?
    You can check and search 'dark haired boy/male/model'.
    Here's a link Dark haired dudes
    Scroll down though, cause the younger guys are further in.
  13. That'd be great, except I can't access pinterest right now, not until Friday.
  14. @The Red Tazelwurm lemme just-j-j-just spazz-heehee- You just posted Miura Haruma there and I'm-I'm-KYAAAA~

    Ahem. Okay, um, yes. Thank you. Thanks. :)

    By the way, I mentioned Charles Xerxes Lewis (Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carrol's clone) there because Temper might come round to play him. That okay? Charles and Abramm won't necessarily be roleplayed by me, they'll just be frequently mentioned by Rollo.

    If that's okay, of course. @The Red Tazelwurm
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  15. @Lorchenne

    Well the only thing about that is that someone might want to play one of those characters, so I can't reserve them. However this role play isn't very popular yet so they'll probably be safe.

    And you forgot to add something to your CS. ^^


    Once you finish your CSs and I give your post a 'Thanks' you can remove the pudding cup thing. ^^
  16. Sure, that's fine with me. But Rollo will definitely talk about his best friends most of the time, not their corresponding originals.
  17. @Lorchenne

    Fine, just make sure that if someone who isn't Temper joins with those characters, you'll go over the 'friend' thing with them.

    On another note, I can't accept your character until you add the thing from the rules. ^^
  18. Oh, I did read, I just left it unfinished to confirm about the friend thing. And I'm chill with that sure. Nothing else is wrong with my character now?
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