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  1. ~~Tokyo, Japan~~


    "Hahahaha! I'm having a blast!"

    Night was often seen as the time for adults to have their fun. Work was over, the children were tucked away into bed and asleep. But one kid was still up and about! Running along the sidewalk of one of Tokyo's parks, the boy giggled seemingly to himself. This boy in particular had a strange friend. One that declined to be seen by anyone other than the very boy happily skipping and hopping along the sidewalk, making sure to avoid any cracks! He had heard that saying from American cartoons that if he stepped on one, he'd break his mother's back!

    But even a child couldn't be watching 24/7 and the boy's right foot hovered dangerously above a crack. "Nemo!" A deeper, adult-like voice yelled out as what seemed to be a black armored tail seep out from a nearby alleyway and wrap around Nemo's ankle. Yoinking him off his feet, the boy glanced down and noticed a crack right where his foot would have been! "Whoa! Thanks for the save, D! I almost stepped on that crack-"

    "And would have broken your mama's back. Just be more careful, okay?" D asked as he set Nemo down and the tail vanished within the darkness of the alleyway once more. Taking great caution now to avoid any more potential cracks, Nemo continued on his way as he hummed a little tune to himself! It was from some game but he couldn't quite recall which! The characters in it were colorful and interesting and one of them was even big and purple just like D! But they'd never be as cool as his friend!

    Nemo's parents often warned him about how dangerous downtown Tokyo was to wander around, even in broad daylight. But Nemo didn't have to worry about that! He had the best bodyguard that even money couldn't buy! Who would want to mess with a 7'4 demon who had muscles that even the biggest and baddest bodybuilder would wince at and fangs to rival a great white sharks! Of course Nemo had to admit that for as big and bad as D was? D couldn't come out and scare people willy nilly.

    See, D's a demon and although to Nemo, all the demons he's met have just been the same guy, the reality's far different. Demons are just like humans in the fact that no two demons look alike, some are big and monstrous, others could easily pass off as human with a few cosmetic things here and there. But Nemo's the only one who knows about the demons. Not of course why they're here or even how they got here! But that didn't matter to him. All he knew was that his friends looked a bit odd but so what? They hung out, played games, and even watched cartoons together! He didn't need to know stuff like that.

    "Hey D?" Nemo asked as he folded his arms behind his head and glanced over at the wall as he kept on walking. Of course to anyone passing by, it might have seemed like Nemo was just speaking to an imaginary friend. But 'D' quietly used his shadow to move along the walls so as to help better avoid detection by other humans. "What's up, Nemo?"


    "You think we'll ever be able to hang out together like in broad daylight? I know we see plenty of cool stuff at night time, but the arcades are closed at night! I want you to come in and play with me!" Nemo exclaimed before letting out a little series of giggles. The shadow stopped moving along the wall and stared at Nemo who looked back like a deer caught in the headlights. "D-Did I do something wrong, D?"

    "Nemo...You're my best friend. I'd do anything in the world for you. But you know that only your supposed to know about me. If I walked out in the open where everybody could see me, what do you think they'd say?"


    If it had been anybody else who'd given him that response, 'D' might have assumed they were simply being a smartass but he'd known Nemo long enough to know when the boy was being genuine. The shadow raised a hand before extending it outwards and an elongated claw with razor sharp fingers extended out from the wall and gently patted Nemo on the head before receding back within the wall.

    "I wish. But not everybody's as nice as you, Nemo. Now c'mon, let's do one more walk around the block and then I gotta get you home." D explained as Nemo nodded and started on his way only to come to a stop as he heard what sounded like a woman in trouble! He also heard what sounded like laughter! Nemo was of the age where he still believed in cooties and the like but when someone was in risk of being in danger, the risks were worth it!

    Making his way closer to the scene of the noise which appeared to be behind an arcade, Nemo spotted five guys. All of whom looked like they were college age harassing some girl! For shame, picking on women when you were supposed to be focusing on getting a job and other adult stuff! Despite only being ten years old, Nemo had a job all his own.


    That being the enforcing of JUSTICE!

    "D! We've gotta help that girl! It's what The Kid would do!"

    Nemo muttered to his demon companion, while making sure to keep his voice down so as not to alert the others to his presence. Glancing down the way, 'D' was reluctant to get involved. Not because he didn't care for the poor woman's plight, if anything this only solidified the demon's worry that other humans wouldn't be as accepting of them as Nemo had been. But if he went in there an attacked these fools then one of them could have snapped a picture with his phone without D being aware and his race's secrecy went up in flames.

    "Nemo, maybe you should just call the police. Let them handle this.." D suggested only for the idea to immediately waved aside by Nemo! They couldn't let the boys in blue handle this! Who knew when they'd get here? The thugs could have been gone and the woman traumatized or worse! They had to act in the here and now. That's what the hero would do!

    "The Kid wouldn't wait around for the police, would he, D?"


    "Then we gotta do this ourselves! You still have my costume right? Toss it over, The Kid's no slouch when it comes to what he wears to strike fear into villains everywhere!"

    Realizing that attempting to change Nemo's mind was futile, a pile of clothes ebbed out of the wall and fell onto the floor along with a tophat and a plastic cutlass. Also, an eyepatch because you could never go wrong with one of those. Quickly slipping on the new attire, Nemo glanced at the unruly thugs and started to make his way towards them.

    Watching him go, sweat ran down D's face. He admired Nemo's tenacity for wanting to do the right thing. D would have mangled these idiots himself! But doing so put himself at risk of exposure which could have only spelled terrible things for the other demons and it might have spelled the end of their interaction with Nemo as they'd have to double their efforts on hiding from humanity. But he couldn't stand by while ruffians abused his best friend, that simply wasn't in his nature. So D remained along the wall and carefully watched the proceedings.


    "Be careful, Nemo..."

    Unaware of the child planning to thwart their dastardly ways or the demon watching over them from the shadows, the thugs continued to harass the poor woman. With one of them licking and kissing at her face while the other one rifled through her purse and tossed aside anything that didn't seem of any interest to him. Though noticing the lipstick, one of the goons spoke up. "Oh? Getting yourself all prettied up for a night on the town huh?"

    "Why not show us what you can do with those lips, honey?" One of the mooks who happened to be sporting an ugly looking mohawk, taunted as he wagged his tongue across the woman's lips. Tears were running down her face and making her mascara run. But before the mohawked man could force his tongue inside, he'd yelp as he felt something poke him in the leg. Turning around and letting the woman go, he'd look down and saw what appeared to be a kid in some kind of ridiculous getup.


    "I believe you're free to go m'am. I, The Kid, will deal with these rapscallions in short order! Hurry!" Nemo cried out, only he was no longer Nemo! He was the hero of the stories he stayed up all night crafting with D. The man who didn't take gruff from anybody! Who lived by his own rules and helped the innocent when they needed it! He was known only as...

    The Kid!

    The woman couldn't quite understand what exactly happened just now. But she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Snatching her purse back, the woman quickly raced off. Without even a thank you for her would be hero. D rolled his eyes but continued to watch and see how things played out. Watching as the girl ran for the hills, the thugs turned towards 'The Kid' and one of them pulled a baseball bat from over his shoulder.

    "You think you're funny, kid? Sticking your nose where it doesn't belong in some kind of stupid costume-" The man was cut off as he got abruptly whacked upside the head by a plastic sword.


    "Stupid costume to you, perhaps. Symbol of JUSTICE to others! Get that through your thick skull!" The Kid exclaimed as the leader of the thugs winced and clutched at his ear. That had hurt like a bitch! Snapping his fingers, the others swarmed the Kid and grabbed at him. Only to have their hands swatted away by the sword. Eventually however, one of them would have grabbed a hold of the sword and ripped it from The Kid's grasp as he flung it aside.

    "Little shit!" The mohawk thug growled as he picked the Kid up by his collar and slammed him up against the wall. "I'm going to kick your ass!"

    Watching as Nemo/The Kid struggled against the older man's grasp, D bared his fangs and let out a low growl. He couldn't stand to see the child who had befriended him hurt like this! Maybe if he got all of them in one go and destroyed their phones, D mused as he stretched one claw towards the nearest thug from behind.


    "No harming my friend, you son of a bitch.."

  2. Japan. It was a new place for Yukin Zheng, the Chinese woman having moved there just three days ago. Yet nobody would really have questioned her being there. Aside from her white hair and blue eyes, she seemed as any Japanese girl her age would, even speaking the language just fine. The culture posed little trouble to her, blending in proving to be a trivial task. No, the challenge in Tokyo was the opposing martial arts sect. Rooted deeper in the underworld and far crueler than the Yakuza, members of the Bakushin sect lurked.

    Men who slaughtered children to prove a point. Women who used their wiles to lure men to bed before running off with their heads. Children who acted innocent to stab a man in the back. Any sense of humanity left in the lower class of Japan had been driven away by those of the Bakushin. The few who didn't belong to them were those deemed unworthy, thrown out to the streets like trash.

    That was the kind of group Yukin had been sent out to deal with.

    The white haired girl exited the 7-11, taking a small bite out of the bread she'd just bought. Melon bread was sweet and cheap, so she always ended up buying it. She walked among the crowd, her hood pulled over her head. The hair made blending in harder, but she really didn't want to dye it. Getting it back to its original color would probably prove to be a great deal of trouble, after all. Though, speaking of trouble, just how long would she be staying here? She already knew the answer, though. However long it took her to clear them out.

    Soon after graduating high school, her master had decided to send her off for her first mission. Yukin was a member of the Heavenly Dragon sect, and as such she was expected to do her part in keeping the peace. In this case, that entailed taking down the martial underworld of Japan. And she would see to it that her task was completed.

    But still, she sighed softly as the wind gently brushed past her, missing the feeling of the wind in her hair thanks to her hood. Normally, a bit of standing out didn't particularly bother her. She had nothing to hide even if people did elect to stare at her after all. Today was different, though, as she had something particular in mind. She had to find a lead on the Bakushin, or she'd never get around to heading back home. The first step in that process would be scouting out, and if she stood out that wouldn't do that job any favors.

    Yukin took a moment to expand her Qi, getting a feel for the area. The layout, the people, she could effectively detect it all if she tried, something that often proved convenient when walking around, like a personal GPS. This time around, though, the convenience was of another kind altogether. She stopped moving as she sensed something. With her Qi, she could easily enough sense anyone else with a notable amount, provided they weren't hiding it. But whoever she'd just detected wasn't even trying. If anything, it was like they were trying to broadcast it. A half-eaten piece of bread hit the ground, its owner nowhere in sight.

    The source of the Qi was in the subway. There, a man sat at a desk, surrounded by a large amount of containers and other men. Yukin glanced over them, counting about 20 containers and perhaps 40 men, all dressed in suits. Anyone respectable had long filed out of there, leaving just her for the group of them to stare at.

    The man at the desk took a stand, towering above the others at 6'6.

    "You are no ordinary child. Anyone with a lick of common sense can understand what I'm running here. Even the police is smart enough to leave us well enough alone, for the good of the people. So? What is your business with us? You aren't trying to, are you?"

    Without a word, the girl extended her right arm, blue energy materializing in her hand into the form of a sword. Within moments, she was clutching a sheathed sword, dropping it to her hip as her left hand gripped the handle. She gave them just enough time to recognize her business with them.

    "Cutting allegiances with the Bakushin, or having the thread of life cut by my sword. It's your choice."

    The notion of a lone girl, armed or not, facing down the lot of them was laughable. Yet not one of the 40 men could dare to do so, beads of sweat trailing down their brows. Though by necessity all members were martial artists, not one of them had the capability to make their Qi visible. With that simple display, she'd displayed enough prowess to dispatch the lot of them in a heartbeat. They withdrew, understanding their own powerlessness, as the huge man took the lead, cracking his fists as he towered over the young girl.

    "Guess not."

    His fists flew before the words could reach ears, their sheer speed shredding the air and creating a shockwave that could easily blow out one's ear drums.

    But the sword moved faster, outpacing both his fists and the shockwave as his torso slid away from his legs.

    "Then your death is your own choosing."

    The 40 fell to their knees in surrender. One step on the long road to the restoration of martial honor.

    Yukin held her stomach as it growled. Unfortunately, beating down terrorists did little to abate her hunger, and she'd even dropped her dinner for the day. She didn't really have enough to buy another. But, well, she couldn't really complain over a job well done, no matter what her stomach had to say on the matter. She was walking back to her apartment when a certain racket caught her attention. The sound of a woman being assaulted. Her figure was fleeting like snowflakes in the wind, vanishing to uphold her own sense of justice.

    Though upon arrival, she didn't find a woman. A group of no-name thugs, little punks even compared to the 40 who had bowed before her, struggled against a kid armed with naught but a toy sword before finally disarming and grabbing him.

    So she leaped off her perch on the rooftop, planting her foot into the mohawk thug's face before landing softly on the ground.

    "Struggling with a kid? Amusing. I enjoy bullying as well. Any volunteers?"

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  3. "C'mon kid! Beg me to let you go and maybe I'll just let you run home to your mommy!" The mohawk wearing thug taunted but The Kid wasn't about to give into such idle taunts! He was better than that! He was bigger than that! To let such childish nonsense get under his skin would have been a sign of weakness! Which is why he reared his head back and spit right on the bastard's face. Blinking as his friends couldn't help but snicker at his expense, the mohawk thug growled as he smacked The Kid's head off the wall. "You think this is funny, huh? Man, get that stupid ass eyepatch off! What do you think you are!? Some kinda pirate or something?!"

    Ripping the eyepatch off and tossing it to the ground, the mohawk wearing hooligan grinded the sole of his boot upon it. This kid had let their meal ticket run off. He was a lot younger than the people they usually fucked with. But he had the balls to step up to them, armed with just a toy sword and some goofy ass costume. Where did it say they were supposed to just let him off with a warning?

    But even as a trail of blood began to run down The Kid's forehead, he wasn't afraid. He had to be brave! The Kid never showed fear, whether it was facing down an army of alien squids armed with laser rifles, or big monster men armed with butcher's knives, he was brave!


    "I'll never be scared of bullies like you. People who pick on the weak to make themselves feel stronger. You're the real kids here!"

    The Kid snapped which only seemed to anger the thugs even more. What the hell was running through this kid's noggin? Did he not get what was happening here? He'd been disarmed and had no means to fight back and yet the trashtalk continued? Clenching his free hand into a fist, the mohawk thug pulled back in preparation to knock out this brat's lights. "Well, just remember something then, kid. You asked for it!"


    D's claw swung downwards with the intent to slice this human into meat ribbons. It'd be a gruesome sight for Nemo to behold, that's for sure. But it'd have been even more painful if he ate a punch full force from an adult who had no qualms about hurting a kid. Privacy be damned, his friend's life was on the line here!

    Before the claws met flesh however, a new challenger entered the fray and kicked the goon right in the face. As he lost his grip on Nemo, the boy started to fall down to the ground. Retracting his claw and moving along the walls, D extended an arm out behind Nemo to gently set the boy on the ground. Neither of them had any idea who this woman was or how she had managed to make such a cool entrance but they weren't going to complain. Nemo had taken some nasty licks while acting as The Kid but he was safe now and that's all that mattered. Speaking in a low voice so as not to alert the other humans that had gathered around the place, D tried to get Nemo out of here as quickly as possible.

    "Nemo-er, The Kid, don't you think it's time to beat a hasty retreat now? The battle's been taken over by this new fighter who can handle herself. So why don't you move on to fight another day?" D asked, hoping that the injury he had sustained during his capture had knocked some sense into him. In actuality it seemed like it'd done quite the opposite. Grabbing his tophat and throwing it atop his head, The Kid gripped onto his sword and rose to his feet.


    "We aren't going to be leaving, D."

    There it was, that damned confidence that D just couldn't fathom! He knew that The Kid was a character the two of them had crafted along with other demons, but he was fictional! Yet even when life threatening situations like this popped up, Nemo was at the call. Ready to put on the wardrobe, the hat, and draw his sword. Extending a claw to grip tightly onto The Kid's shoulder, D hissed out.

    "What do you mean we aren't leaving?! The woman's got it under control!"

    Slapping the claw away, The Kid looked forward with a proud grin even as blood ran down his face. This was the moment he'd been waiting for!

    "Don't you get it, D? She's the one we've been waiting for! The one who'll fight side by side with The Kid! She weakens the enemy and then I come in to deliver the decisive blow! It all works out just like it was meant to be!" Plus, maybe she could teach him how to make grand entrances like that kick to the face one! Before D could get another word in edgewise, The Kid rushed forward to stand next to Yukin as he pointed his sword dramatically at the gangsters.


    "You idiots made the biggest mistake of starting trouble in my city! People aren't yours to push around when you feel like it! Lest..."

    The Kid twirled the plastic sword around before jabbing it into the ground. "You get pushed yourself!" Drawing his sword once more and hopping from one foot to the other, he glanced up at Yukin with a bold look on his face. "What say you then, milady? You and The Kid taking on some underwhelming whelps on a late night in Tokyo! Sounds like the perfect timekiller and dispensary of justice!"

    As the gangster that Yukin had kicked rose to his feet, he clutched at his nose was just oozing blood after shoe met nose. This night was turning into an absolute shitshow! First the woman they'd been messing with got away, then the kid playing superhero showed up, and now some crazy Chinese bitch? What were the odds??? But low on the food chain these guys might have been, they weren't going to run either. As four of them drew their baseball bats, their apparent leader stood at the back with a silver bat slung over his shoulder.


    "We hadn't anticipated on getting mixed up in a brawl with a woman and a child. But by all means.."

    The leader taunted before snapping his fingers as the others began to charge. With the mohawk thug in particular heading right for Yukin. "This is for my nose!" He cried as he swung the bat downwards to try and crack Yukin in the head. The Kid was already on the move as he rushed forward to smash his foot right into Mohawk's crotch. It wasn't the most hero-like thing to do but these guys weren't playing fair to begin with! They had four and he only had his new lady partner! They had to even the odds somehow!

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  4. Wait, what?

    Yukin didn't let it show, but she'd expected the kid to run off crying, or curl up into a ball, or run and hide, or something. Or even reveal that this had been a bait, and they were after her. But the last thing she'd expected had been for him to, with gusto, declare that he planned to fight the thugs alongside her. Was he brave, or just insane? Perhaps just a severe case of chuunibyou, as the locals called it.

    Though there was no point in worrying about it now. For now, she'd have to make do with the fact this kid was probably going to be putting himself in some awful situations, and get them both out safely.

    "Sorry, but this is not a brawl."

    A single hand floated up to meet the baseball bat at an angle, gently deflecting it into the ground and keeping the mohawk punk off balance as Nemo landed his juvenile attack. Though as such an attack was hardly incapacitating once adrenaline was pumping, she assisted him in finishing him off with a palm strike across his cheek.


    "That would imply the sides are equal. This is a lesson."

    As the rest of the thugs came in, it was immediately obvious they were amateurs as well. A baseball bat was slow with a large amount of recovery time on a swing. It was much more useful as a jabbing weapon. Though, even if they had all used their weapons properly, she would have evaded them with the same ease. Like a leaf in the wind, not one of the bats could strike her, the woman evading their attacks with deft sidesteps and turns of her body. Though as one of the bats came for Nemo, she was forced to break her rhythm.

    She lashed out, dropping to her hands as she tripped Nemo with one leg to make him dodge the weapon before gently pushing him with her other to land him softly on his rear. With that crisis averted, she launched off her hands, planting her shoe directly into one of the thug's throat. Two bats swung in at her from behind, and she deflected them so as to have them collide. Stepping in during that opening, two open palm strikes to their unguarded jaws put the two out of commission, with a third coughing for air on the ground.

    "I am not a generous teacher, but I do hope you all have learned something today. Such as a good time to back down, perhaps."

    That took care of the trash, then. Unlike the brutal Bukashin, these cowards would fold to fear and greater power. Extending a hand to Nemo to help him up, she offered him a warm smile that offset her otherwise rather cold look.

    "Brave, but reckless. Please do not fight without first learning the basics, alright?"

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  5. "...!"

    Watching as his co-horts went down like flies, the leader of the thugs could only watch with bated breath as Yukin spoke up. Whoever this woman was, she wasn't to be messed with, that's for damn sure. He might have just been a two bit criminal but he wanted to be a two bit criminal who could still walk straight! Getting an asskicking probably would have messed with that something fierce. Which is why breaking his previously calm and smug demeanor, the leader ran and turned for the hills. "Yeah! You sure taught us, Teach!" He called back as the others groaned and slowly rose to their feet and hobbled after their boss.

    They might have been able to continue the 'fight' if you could even call it that. But even a broken clock was right twice a day. They knew when to fold and after getting punched in the throat and struck across the face was probably the best time. Watching from the ground as the evildoers bore a hasty retreat, The Kid couldn't help but let out a confident snicker.


    "That's right! Run and hide with your tails between your legs! With your noses pressed to the butt of the half-cooked leader in front of you! You can't mess with this city's good people and you sure as heck can't mess with The Kid and his amazing partner in JUSTICE, Kung Fu Lady!" The Kid would have called her a ninja but he hadn't really gotten a good look at the one who had helped him out and he didn't want to be offensive! He was far too young to understand the implications but while he may not have obeyed authorities, even The Kid was PC!

    Watching from the sidelines, D let out a muted sigh of relief. Well, aside from the still flowing stream of blood running down Nemo's forehead, he seemed to be okay. He'd probably have to get that looked at before he went home since walking in the front door with blood on your face and a big smile probably wouldn't do wonders for the folks. Though he did have to call out and correct his friend's statement.

    "It's half-baked, The Kid, not half-cooked..."

    Though to Yukin, it'd seem like those words might as well have popped out of thin air as there didn't seem to be anyone to attribute them to! But The Kid wasn't deterred by the statement, in fact he simply seemed inspired by it! Pointing his sword dramatically up into the sky, he laughed.

    "Hahahah! You say baked, I say cooked, you say tomato, I say tamato! It's all fine when delivered under the banner of JUSTICE! Isn't that right, Kung Fu Lady?" The Kid asked as he accepted the offered hand and stood on his feet once more! This was glorious! He had managed to save a woman and drive off a bunch of baddies! Plus, he had met someone who seemed so freaking cool!


    Gently grasping onto Yukin's hand, The Kid leaned forward and left a trail of kisses starting at her knuckles and ending to where her wrist went into her forearm! After all, he had to give a kiss to match each of the blows that she'd laid upon those brutes! Nemo was also glad that he was The Kid at the moment, Nemo would never have approved of all this wanton kissing! Cooties were the second greatest danger to boykind everywhere!

    "I must thank you again, madame! Without you, I'd have been in quite the jam! I'm the illustrious gardener of justice known simply as The Kid! I also go by Nemo! Hehe!"

    D debated correcting Nemo and telling him that he meant 'guardian' instead of gardener but why ruin his flow? When he got into character, he really liked to stick it through to the end. But while Nemo seemed to quickly grow fond of this newcomer, the same couldn't have been said for his demon friend. Something about the way she moved and how she carried herself, it all seemed a little sketchy to him. But he supposed these thoughts would just remain right where they were in his noggin since she appeared to be another human. He'd keep an eye on her though, because you never could be too sure.


    Unaware of the concerns that his friend had, Nemo put aside the character of The Kid for now and was back to his usual self. Listening to Yukin's advice, he blushed at the mention of being called brave! D often said that he got into bad spots but he only did those because the Kid would never run from a fight! He'd stand his ground and take on all comers! Though even Nemo had to admit that at the end of the day? He was just a little ten year old Japanese boy with a big heart.

    "I'll try to do my best! No promises though because if I see someone in trouble? I've gotta act, no ifs ands or butts about it! But what's your name, miss? I don't think I got it in the midst of that totally awesome beatdown you gave!"

  6. "Um..."

    He sure was talking big for a kid who'd almost been beaten up quite badly. Not to mention, when did she become his partner, and why did she get a name like Kung Fu Lady? But as she heard an unfamiliar voice, her face tensed as her Qi flared, though Nemo wouldn't have been able to notice. It was her way of sensing the environment without the normal human senses, finding things others couldn't. Yet she found nothing out of the ordinary. The terrain, herself, and this kid she'd just saved. Was she going crazy? She was too young for that. Even if she had white hair, she didn't want to become an old crone this early.

    Oh, so the little kid heard it too. Maybe he just had a talent for voices, or something. A really good talent, if he could get a voice that deep. But in any case, his head was certainly in an interesting condition, to say the least. She understood kids playing pretend, but under real pressure like this it usually quickly gave way to the real self.

    And he even took it a step further, acting like some knight from medieval times. A knight that called people things like "Kung Fu Lady" and had an interest in horticulture, apparently.

    "Yukin Zheng. However, please do not simply act. You will cause more pain to those around you. What would those close to you feel if hurt?" She thought about bringing up the possibility of death, but chose to relent at least on that front. "Become strong first, so that then you may help others. There is nothing to be gained from two people getting injured instead of one."

    Still, his enthusiasm was refreshing after how she'd been spending her time in Japan, and not to mention the incessant pain in her stomach that was hunger. She gently ruffled his hair with a smile as soft as her hand. Then she lowered her hand, pressing her thumb up against his forehead just enough to sting a little. Then with just a faint bit of Qi, she accelerated his body, quickly healing the small wound on his forehead. Yukin stood up straight and pulled her hood over and turned away.


    "Take care of yourse-"



    Ugh, she should've finished that bread first.

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  7. Wow, this girl got cooler and cooler with every passing moment! Was it even possible to be this cool? Nemo wasn't sure and he didn't want to have to get an icepick and break Yukin out of a block of the stuff! But she had awesome fighting skills and an even cooler name! Not to mention that she had somehow healed up the wound on his head as if it hadn't even been there! It felt like something straight out one of his animes or something!

    That sounded way better than kung fu lady! As he was out of character, Nemo giggled as she ruffled his hair before making her way off. That'd been some sound advice she'd given him but one she couldn't heed. She couldn't refuse to act on a call for help! If somebody's life was on the line than The Kid went into action regardless of the dangers that surrounded him!

    "I'll do my best, Yukin!"


    Making his way over to the wall, Nemo looked up at the demon-like shadow which engulfed a large portion of the space on said wall. The shadow also didn't look very pleased.

    "Nemo, I get she helped you out and everything but just seems sketchy to me. A human woman who's skilled in martial arts shows up right when you need help? If their isn't anything fishy about that, I'll eat my tail." D growled to which Nemo scoffed as he stripped off his jacket and handed it along with his tophat and eyepatch back to the demon to hang onto.

    "Then I hope your tail can regenerate, D! Because Yukin's awesome and she's going to be my best friend ever!" He'd say and once D had taken the clothes, Nemo had turned on his heel and rushed after Yukin. Leaping towards her from behind, he'd wrap his arms around her waist and press his face into her lower back. "Hold on Yukin, don't go just yet! You helped The Kid out of a real mess! We should hang out!"


    Okay, now it was official! They had to hang out and get something to eat! "C'mon Yukin, it'll be my treat! I wanna get my new best friend something to eat as a means of showing my appreciation!" Of course while Nemo genuinely wanted to be Yukin's friend, he was also hoping this would put him in good standing with her! He really wanted to be able to beat up guys like Yukin had with those dimwitted thugs! Eventually breaking off the hug, Nemo landed on his feet and walked around to look up at Yukin.


    "Plus, you seem like a really nice person..For a girl!" Nemo added on before breaking out in a fit of giggles. He was still of age where cooties were a thing and girls were gross after all. So despite how badass Yukin may have been, she was still a girl! Which meant she carried the dreaded cooties! "I wanna do things for really nice people!" But while Yukin was trying his best to get all nice and cozy with Yukin, D still viewed the woman through a filter of suspicion. A pretty face, skilled and what have you? Something didn't add up. Plus, the way she had paused after he'd spoken. He couldn't put his finger on it but it felt like she had done something to try and root him out, if she even knew he was there to begin with.

    Well, Nemo seemed to like her so he'd have to stow his worries away. But he'd never let any harm come to Nemo!

  8. The swordswoman heard footsteps approaching her from behind as she walked off. The kid, Nemo if she had heard him right, still had something to say to her?

    She was somewhat surprised when he decided to hug her, stopping in her tracks so that she wouldn't accidentally drag him and scrape his knee or something. He was offering her food, which was great, but due to the patron of it Yukin wasn't quite sure what to do. On one hand, she was hungry. But taking charity from a child? As a martial artist and the older of the two, she absolutely could not accept that. And as she turned her head to look at him, where had the little costume thing gone? Not that it was any of her business, but it was still strange.


    Her response to his offer was a defeated sounding sigh. If she thought of it was hanging out and a return favor for saving him, it wasn't forcing him to pay for her, right? She'd have to accept that for now.

    "Understood. I will walk you to the store, and then you will go straight home. The night is not a safe time for children."

    Offering her hand to him, she'd lead him off back to the 7-11 she frequented. Cheap bread was enough for her, and was likely close to the limit of what a kid's budget would permit for a gift anyway. Her pride ached as she couldn't buy the thing herself, was trade of goods for services. She saved him, he gave her bread. It was...fine. Completely fine. As she approached the cash register with Nemo in tow, the cashier, a middle aged man with a large build and full head of black hair, laughed heartily.

    "You again, miss? Didn't know ya had a lil' bro! Gettin' him a treat for the night?"


    She couldn't bear to tell him the truth, but given who was paying, it was obvious enough.

    "Oho! What a fine lil' brother ya got!"

    This was not fine.

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  9. [​IMG]

    "I'm not her brother by blood but we're united in a different way, Mister! We're friends to the end and defenders of justice!" Nemo exclaimed with a giggle as he dropped the yen on the counter and handed off the bread to Yukin. He had gotten stuff to eat while he'd been walking around with D. Besides, this wasn't a treat for him, this was a treat for a really awesome girl! "Besides, I'm not the fine one! She is, she's a real hero!"

    Walking out of the 7-11 with a skip and a hop to his step, Nemo turned back to look at Yukin as he waved his hands around. "I'm glad you got something to eat, Yukin! It's just like you said, you need to become strong! One of the best ways that I know to become strong? A nutritious diet which is why no junk food for me! Blech, patooie, eugh! Only the healthiest of foods for me!" Nemo's cheeks grew a bit pink as he added sheepishly "...Well except for some ice cream cones here and there..."

    As Nemo continued to laugh and talk with Yukin, D had followed the two. Mainly to keep an eye on Nemo and make sure he was okay. But more importantly to see if he could learn anything more about 'Yukin.' If that was her real name. Having reverted from his shadow form, D's hulking frame sat atop the roof of the 7-11 as he looked over the two. Well, he supposed he learned that she liked bread. Which..Wasn't really helpful in the slightest. Was he really just wasting his time? Was this girl...Just an innocent girl?


    There had to be something more to her! Something bubbling under the surface and ready to pop out and devour Nemo alive! ..Well, okay maybe not that extreme. But something to be worried about all the same. D's tail stood up on end and he bared his fangs as he saw how friendly Nemo was being with this girl. Sure, she had saved him and sure she had some good moves. But did that instantly make them friends?!

    ...Well, in Nemo's mind? That probably made about as much sense as anything else ever did. Closing his eyes, D glanced up at the night sky. He'd seen plenty of things while soaring through Tokyo at midnight. The scum that simmered below the public's prying eye came out to play and a boy like Nemo who was so caught up in his fantasies was easy prey. Which is why D was as overprotective as he was. But perhaps in this case? He simply had made another friend. The least he could do then is get out of Nemo's hair and wait for him back at his home. To make sure the boy got home safely after all.


    The two could have heard creaking behind them and that would have been the roof struggling to hold itself together under Astaroth's talons as he stood up. But before either of them could get a good look at him, he was gone, having soared high into the night sky. With only the sound of his wings flapping to accompany the departure, Nemo rushed forward and waved at the quickly fading demon soaring away from them.

    "Bye D! I'll see you later, okay!!"

    Yelling with all the lung power his tiny body could afford, Nemo turned towards Yukin with a grin. "That was D, he's my best friend! He's probably off going to get some sleep now but I'm not ready to sleep myself! I'm still rearing to go and to hang out with you!" Nemo exclaimed joyfully as he pulled out his cellphone. "I actually got the perfect idea! Hold on a second.." Before Yukin could get a word in edgewise, Nemo was already dialing.

    "Hello Mom?"

    "...Yes Mom, I know it's late! But I told Dad I was going out earlier to play with Yusuke! What'd we do? Well, gosh mom we just played video games and watched some anime! Then we went out for some snacks and bumped into these two mean guys! One of them wore a strange white mask and the other one had a chrome mask! They told us to..." Nemo winced as the yelling from his mother for repeating such foul language could have been heard through the phone. "I think they were American, Mom! But then we walked around for a bit and now he's asking if I can sleepover! Can I Mom, can I...?"


    "Yes! You're the best mom ever! Wait...Aw Mom do I gotta say it? I love you too..."

    Tucking the cellphone away, Nemo turned back towards Yukin with a smug look on his face.


    "I've been out here for a couple of hours and I'm pretty sure Yusuke's in bed by now! But I really did bump into two mean American men with masks and then later on D and I ran into you! I know it's not good to lie but it's kinda true! I am sleeping over at a friend's house!"

    As Nemo's implication was clear enough, D had indeed returned to float outside Nemo's bedroom window. Taking on his shadow form once more, he blended in with the wall and glanced around. He always tried to get as much sleep as he could since flying really took it out of him at times. But he'd stay awake until Nemo came home.


    Oh if only you knew, D...

  10. The cashier continued chuckling as Nemo spoke, assuming he was just a kid being a kid. Which wasn't exactly far off the mark. That just left Yukin to walk out of the shop and hopefully never have to do something like that again. As they walked out of the store, Nemo's talk of diet reminded her of when she had to eat food for maximum nutritional value as well. Though nowadays she could simply use anything and her Qi manipulation would take care of the rest, when she was still a novice it was white rice, baked chicken, broccoli, and carrots, in small servings, six times a day.

    Of course, it seemed Nemo just liked the idea of it, given that he was sneaking in something like ice cream, but, well, the thought was there. It was cute in a way, seeing what a kid thought becoming strong was like with only his imagination to guide him. In the Heavenly Dragon sect, the training was far too strict for something like that, and a kid didn't find another kid's imagination "cute." Or, at least, she hadn't. Then again, she hardly counted as a normal case, did she?

    She was roused from her thoughts as he shouted into the night. Was it coincidence that he shouted at the same time whatever was behind them had leaped away? She'd have to watch out for this "D" Nemo claimed as his friend. Better safe than sorry. Though as he pulled out his phone, she wanted to say she was busy, which wasn't a complete lie, but by then he was already on the phone. Great, so now he was lying, and she had to take him back to her apartment. Keeping up with kids was seriously tiring. But she couldn't help but smile bitterly as he spoke with his mother. What she wouldn't give...

    Well, what was done was done. Reluctantly, she began to lead him back to her place.

    "You should not stay at strangers' places. Do try to avoid doing this in the future."

    He probably wouldn't fare too well if she left him in the park or something, though, so better her place than the alternatives. Besides, it was just one night, and he was a kid. He'd probably fall asleep quickly.

    Once they got to her place, she took off her jacket and hung it neatly on the coathanger. Dropping the wrapper the bread came in into the trash can, Yukin gracefully took a seat on the couch, her posture perfect to the point it was like a doll's.

    "It is not spacious, but I did not expect to be hosting anyone."

    The kitchen, living room, and bedroom were all one, with the only doors leading to the bathroom and a closet. Small, but it had the necessities. The fridge and pantry were stocked on breakfast foods and drinks, with a coffee machine sitting around. A small TV rested on the sole table.

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  11. [​IMG]

    "But are you really a stranger? I know your name! I wouldn't know a stranger's name!"

    Nemo joked while playfully sticking his tongue out at Yukin before he pocketed the phone. His mom and dad trusted him enough that they'd believe he'd be back home by morning! Which he would be, he just wanted to hang out with his newfound role model first! As they made their way to Yukin's house however, Nemo put his hands to his cheek as he jumped up and down. His hero was so humble! She didn't live in some big fancy mansion like some kind of pompous jerk! She lived in as simple a place as you could get. Nemo rushed from the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room before stopping right in front of Yukin again as he humbly bowed and clasped his hands together.

    "Jokes aside, I am sorry for intruding upon your home today, Yukin. I am however most grateful that you've accepted my company. We may have met under strange circumstances but I feel there was a reason fate brought the two of us together! You're the amazing and fantastic hero that I'm supposed to look up to and be in awe of!" Rising up from his bow, Nemo grinned. "I can't say I'm too off the mark there! You're great!"

    As he walked around however, Nemo sat down on the couch next to Yukin as his happy go lucky demeanor finally faded.

    "I'm just kind of bummed D couldn't be here right now. It's not good for other people besides me to see him. It frightens him. But he saw how great you were during the fight! When I was giving him my costume to hold, I was like 'wow, Yukin's really cool!' but then he ended up leaving..."


    "But this is a hang-out between friends! Not a mope session! Go on, go on, have a bite of the bread Yukin! I think you've totally earned it after what you did today! The Kid was in serious trouble until a much wiser, much more experienced, hero swooped in for the impromptu rescue!"

    Nemo exclaimed as he kicked his feet back and forth before glancing at the TV as he laughed. "Heh, you know it's funny. D and I always tend to watch anime or cartoons when it gets this late. But D has to make sure to leave before morning. It's not good for him to stay out past that. But for the time we have, we try to have much fun as we can! What about you, Yukin? Surely you must do a lot of really cool fun stuff!"

    ~~Nemo's Apartment~~

    Having decided to wait up for Nemo at his apartment, the minutes had clicked by and Nemo still hadn't returned home.What could have been keeping him? Hadn't that woman been watching him? What if the street toughs had returned, still licking their wounds from the beating Yukin had given them? Seeing Nemo all on his lonesome walking home. It would have been horrible! The things that could happen! Nemo may have had the conviction and heart of a hero but he was still just a boy! The windows began to rattle and shake and it became harder for Astaroth to maintain his shadow form as his emotions began to reach a fever pitch.

    The shadow started to dissipate and Asaroth's form began to appear infront of the windowsill as he was practically seething with rage at the thought of those thugs or Yukin laying a finger on Nemo.


    "I'll mash their bones into paste! Their'll be nothing left of them by the time I'm done! I'll gobble down their entrails! I'll...I'll.."

    Astaroth's anger would have to wait as he heard Nemo's bedroom door opening. Adopting his shadow form once more, Astaroth peeked in and bared his fangs. If it was any kind of enemy than privacy be damned. He was bursting through this window and taking names. But as it turned out? It was simply Nemo's mother who had a small smile on her face. Walking over to Nemo's bed, she straightened out the left side of his comforter which was a bit out of whack. Mainly due to Astaroth's lanky frame laying on it.

    "Oh that boy, I wish he'd at least clean up his room before he has these sleepovers.."

    Sleepovers? Where was he sleeping over? Had he called his parents? He must have because otherwise he would have told Astaroth what the plan had been. So at least it seemed like he was out of harm's way. But he hadn't gone over to any of his usal friend's otherwise he would have come back for Astaroth. Which left only one option and it nearly broke Astaroth's heart.

    He was sleeping over at Yukin's place.

    Okay, so the woman had saved Nemo and she had some kind of weird ability. Something the demon couldn't quite explain. But now Nemo trusted her enough to lie to his parents and say he was staying at a friend's place? His expression downcast, it seemed like the only thing Astaroth could do was to wait..

  12. He had a point there. They weren't total strangers, but he still didn't really know her. Such was the mind of a child, she supposed. She didn't seem to mind as he ran all over the place, simply taking a small bite from the bread he'd just bought her. So he was convinced D was real, and it was his explanation for the costume disappearing. For most stories of imaginary friends, the more they shared, the more you understood the true nature of their delusions. Strangely, Nemo's only began to make more and more sense. Perhaps he had a friend that was a powerful martial artist in their own right? But then why wouldn't they have intervened before she arrived?

    Regardless, it was amusing how he seemed to perceive her, though not unprecedented. To him, she was someone who'd appeared out of nowhere to save him. To her, it was almost a way of winding down. Such thugs were practically nothing before her anyway. If anything, the aftermath had been far more tiring. But she wouldn't say it was necessarily displeasing. She finished up her bread before she answered his question.

    "I eat, I sleep, and I train."

    Not a full truth, but as far as anything he should concern himself over that was truly about all she did. Involving him with the Bakushin, or any of the other things she'd done previously would be rather unwise and a lose-lose situation for them both. Yukin picked up the remote and passed it to him. She'd never used the thing, but it did still function.

    "Unfortunately, there is little in the way of recreational activities that I partake in. However, your friend, exactly who is he? Is there a reason he chose not to help you out there? You would not have needed me if he had intervened."

    Her hands rested on her lap, eyes forward as she tried to subtly get the information out of him.

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  13. [​IMG]

    Eagerly taking the remote, Nemo turned the TV on and began to cycle through the channels. He always did this with his own TV. Even if he knew what certain shows may have been on his favorite stations, he always thought it fun to jump around and see what popped up! As he did so, he listened to what Yukin had to say and he nearly dropped the remote. Maybe it was because he was easy to please or simply because he idolized Yukin but that revelation made him smile.

    "Well, that's not a lot but so what? You're a hero so you probably got some awesome kick-butt training that only a handful of people in the world can match up with! Even then you could probably take them on and make them go running home and crying to their mamas! Plus, their's nothing wrong with sleeping! I always wanna sleep when I'm not feeling good and mom still wants me to go to school! When she lets me stay home and I sleep? It's the greatest thing in the world!"

    Kicking his feet back and forth, Nemo seemed to have been taken aback at Yukin's next question. How did he best answer that? He knew full well that D didn't want other people knowing about him. It could cause 'big trouble' as far as Nemo knew. But he could trust Yukin! Continuing to flip through channels, Nemo sighed as he closed his eyes and mulled over the best way to explain things.


    "Well, I suppose the best way to answer that is to go back to the start. Months ago, I came home from a bad day of bully-well, school in general and was feeling pretty bad. Then I hear something at my window and I glance over and it's like something straight out of my nightmares! He's standing tall enough to hit his head on the ceiling! He's got a tail like a scorpion, claws, and armored up legs! It kinda reminded me of some big bug or something! He's got muscles on muscles and could probably benchpress a hundred of me!"

    An exaggeration to be sure but one Nemo didn't think was too much of a stress. "He's also got horns and big bat wings! But he doesn't want people seeing him. I asked him why and it's because people wouldn't understand him. He thinks it's because he's so different from people like you and me! See, D's not really like us. He's a...a demon! That's why I call him D!" Nemo exclaimed with a small laugh before his expression turned somber again.

    "I told you this because you're a hero, Yukin! You wouldn't go and try to hurt D for being different from us! But please don't tell anybody else! D would be so mad at me! But as for why he didn't come into the fight? He wanted to, really he did! But he was scared of letting his temper getting the better of him and doing serious damage to those evil guys. Like getting cut up by claws badly serious! Because he's really protective of me. But you stepped in right as he was going to attack! You just didn't see him because he didn't want you to." Nemo leaned against Yukin as he giggled.

    "I think you'd like him if you got to meet him. He has a thing for friendly people. It's why him and I are such good friends! I don't care where he's from or how he got here. He's my best friend and that's all that matters to me. If you two got together I think-" Before Nemo could finish, it seemed he'd come across quite the racy channel to say the least with a man and a woman seeming to enjoy the other's company, perhaps a bit too much. Nemo dropped the remote onto the couch as he stared.

    "What are they doing with their tongues...?"

  14. Beat anyone in the world, huh? If only that were the case. Still, it didn't seem Nemo would hear any talk of her not being the best thing since sliced bread, so she simply accepted it in silence. But as he seemed to ponder her question, the mood shifted a bit. Nemo wasn't angry or anything, but it was obvious he was being a lot more thoughtful than usual. For most people, even this level of consideration wouldn't have been a big deal. But compared to the happy-go-lucky kid he normally was, the difference was like day and night.

    When he started describing his friend, the edges of her mouth curved down slightly. Bullying seemed par for the course when dealing with the over-imaginative types, but to the point they make up a story about some demonic imaginary friend? Not too out of the question, but did he not have any real friends of his own? Well, not that she had much room to talk given her own conditions when she was his age.

    As he turned somber, Yukin sighed and wrapped an arm around him, resting her hand on his head as she ruffled his hair a little. She wouldn't talk to anyone else of this anyway, lest they think she was crazy. But, well, someone who was hiding their Qi would account for the strange things that had been happening since she'd saved the boy. Only once before had her senses been so confused, and perhaps the boy was describing a man wearing a costume.

    "I will not tell anyone, and I will not harm him."

    Unless he gave her reason to, at least.

    And then a certain channel had been switched to. Was this the kind of thing they were willing to put on TV? Lowering her hand in front of the boy's eyes, she quickly took the remote and switched the TV off. She was unfamiliar with what channel had what on it, so there was no need to risk switching to something worse. With that threat to Nemo's young eyes taken care of, her hand slid back atop his head, the martial artist giving him a look.


    "It is nothing of your concern until you are older. Now, it is late. It would be best if you went to sleep now."

    Lest any other late night media find their way to the boy.

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  15. [​IMG]

    "Hahaha! I knew you'd say that! You don't seem like the type who'd hurt people unless they were bad men and girls! D actually showed up briefly before we came here! That thing you saw when we left after getting your bread? It was probably hard to get a good look at him since it was so dark out but that was my best friend! Flapping his wings and flying through the night sky! Oh man, you've never seen how awesome Tokyo looks unless you flew over it!"

    It was then Nemo's statement finally caught up with him and he added on sheepishly. "...Which I mean I guess you did do that. But I meant more flying like one on one kind of like with a bird! But a bird-man though that's not really right, a bat-man!" As Yukin began to ruffle his hair, Nemo giggled and gently clutched onto her shirt as he cuddled into her. She was so nice! "I wish there were more people like you, Yukin! I think the world would be a much better place and D wouldn't be so scared of humans..."

    As Yukin covered Nemo's eyes however, the child cried out in annoyance. "H-Hey! Well it's not like I wanted to see anyway! Girls are gross and have nothing but cooties and stuff!" He whined and once Yukin finally removed her hand, Nemo folded his arms and looked away. "Y-You're probably the only cool girl I know since my mom doesn't count, Yukin! But you still got cooties and stuff too!"

    Hopping to his feet though as Yukin mentioned bed time, Nemo ran off to the bedroom. Eager to try out the bed and see how comfy it was! Crawling under the covers, Nemo giggled as he rolled around. Eventually wrapping himself up in a blanket, Nemo exclaimed boldly. "I'm no longer Nemo, I am...Burrito Boy!" Bouncing around, Nemo eventually unwrapped himself as he laughed until tears threatened to roll down his face. He was having a blast! Though he really did wish D was here to enjoy it.

    But that gave him an idea! He had no idea where D normally slept if he even DID sleep. But he knew with those big honking bat ears, he was sure to hear him if he yelled! Running from the bedroom to the front door, Nemo was a bustling ball of energy! "Hold on a second, Yukin! I need D to bring me my pajamas!" Opening the front door, Nemo yelled into the night.

    "D....!!!" Anybody with any ounce of common sense would have yanked Nemo back inside and told him to stop shouting! It was late and neighbors were probably sleeping!


    Luckily for him his demon friend had indeed heard him. With ears like his? You heard a lot of things, people talking in lower rooms of the apartment that Nemo and his family stayed at, people from buildings down the street, even a pin drop didn't escape Astaroth's attention. Which is why his ears immediately perked up at the sound of his friend's voice. Heh, no doubt he was wishing to be taken home. He probably hadn't enjoyed himself at all. Deciding to cut out the middleman and show up with something Nemo would no doubt enjoy, Astaroth's tail snaked it's way inside his room.

    Opening up his dresser drawer, he'd pull out what appeared to be a set of pajamas. Recalling his tail, Astaroth tucked the clothes under his arm as he soared off. Unaware of the demon flying off with her son's sleepwear, Nemo's mother shivered as she walked past her son's room. "Honey? I think there might be a draft!" She called out blissfully unknowing of the truth.

    Taking into account his speed, Astaroth got to Nemo's destination within a few moments or so. Touching down upon the ground, Astaroth preferred to remain within the shadows. Just in case Yukin was nearby. He obviously didn't know that the woman was already privvy to what exactly he was even if she didn't quite believe it. Glancing back at Yukin, Nemo grinned. "D's here, Yukin! We should-Huh?" Nemo stepped outside and closed the door behind him as Astaroth called out to him.

    "What's the matter, D?"

    "What's the matter? Nemo, you know how I feel about other people but you seeing me.."

    "I know but she's nice-"

    "They all seem nice at first. But you've barely known her for a day, Nemo. She could be all for hunting demons, maybe she wants to hang my head over her fireplace and you'd never know! But, enough of that. You called me to take you home, right? I even got your pajamas and everything."

    Astaroth held out the pajamas and in doing so put his arm out into the light. Which revealed his arm to be much longer than a human being's arm and it was covered in some kind of strange armor-like substance with razor sharp claws. But as Nemo came forward to grab the pajamas, he turned away from the demon who's claw receded into the darkness once more. "..Nemo? What's wrong?"

    "I didn't call you to go home, D. You're wrong about Yukin. She's not a monster. She's a really nice lady. I was gonna sleepover here."

    "..." Astaroth was absolutely stunned. To hear it second-hand from Nemo's mother was one thing. But hearing it straight from Nemo himself? It'd been like a dagger was struck deep into his chest.

    "...So I see. Well, I'm not going to force you to come home, Nemo. Have a good night." With that Astaroth turned and the sound of his wings flapping in preparation for flight could have been heard. Upset at having apparently hurt his friend's feelings, Nemo rushed towards D. "Wait D! You don't have to leave! We can be friends.."

    But it was too late. A gust of wind created by Astaroth's wing flaps sent Nemo flying back against Yukin's front door. Sliding down onto his rear, the boy's lip trembled as he saw Astaroth fly off. "...Together." Watching until Astaroth had vanished, Nemo shakily opened the front door and without a word to Yukin staggered off to the bathroom to change into his pajamas. Once he was done? He'd step back out although he didn't look any happier.


    "D...D didn't want me to stay here. He thinks you're a big bad monster. B-But you're not. You saved me today and I just wanted the two of you to meet! Waaaaaaahhhhhh!" Nemo sobbed as he couldn't contain the tears anymore and they came running down his face as he wiped at his eyes. "I-I-I know you're not a monster! You're n-not scary! Waaaaahhhhhh!!!"


  16. Scared of humans, huh? That was likely just the excuse this "D" used to avoid being ratted out or seen. If he was a Qi user as she'd predicted, that meant he was a martial artist as well, and also trying to avoid detection by, well, just about anyone. A kid like this, though, made good fodder. Discredit their own existence with the ramblings of a kid telling the truth. But that meant potentially getting him involved in something larger, darker, a world this boy didn't belong to.

    Anyone with such a lack of pride couldn't have good intentions. Or at the least, were cowardly.

    She ignored his comment on cooties, having missed that period in her life where such a thing was relevant, just rolling her eyes and letting him go as he ran off to her bed. And soon, he'd already messed up her bed, wrapping himself up in the blanket. But still, it was relaxing, hanging around a normal kid. Someone completely unversed in the martial arts that didn't reject her just for an ability. In fact, he praised it. That alone was almost enough to bring a smile to her face.

    As he called out to his friend, she continued sitting on the couch. Whatever happened, she'd pick it up with her Qi sense. No reason to scare his "friend" by coming out. With it, she could more or less hear what was said, and definitely detected two presences. But the second presence wasn't what she was expecting. It really, seriously didn't feel...human. It did, in a way, but it was like looking at something in the uncanny valley.

    The experience was short lived as D disappeared, leaving her with little to do but wait for Nemo to come back in. And as he came out of the bathroom, what happened took her expectations and kicked them across the room.

    The kid was bawling his eyes out because she didn't get to meet his friend.

    Yukin approached him, sliding the little monster hood off his head before wiping away his tears.


    "It's fine. Many may share his opinion, but I can understand it. But you do not fear me, and he, too, will one day come around. Understood?"

    Sweeping him up in her arms, she walked over to her bed and put him down, fixing up the blanket before placing it on him. Yukin took a seat on the bed as well, her legs dangling off the edge of it. It reminded her of when another younger boy had had a nightmare and asked for her company, but this time in a far more peaceful atmosphere. She placed a hand on Nemo's forehead, keeping that warm smile on her face.

    "Rest well. Your friend would want you, at least, to be having fun."

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  17. [​IMG]

    "H-He won't even give you a chance! He doesn't think any humans but me are good people! I've met really m-mean people but they've probably had problems of their own that made them be mean! It's...It's why I don't judge people. I talk to them until I see the real them. The real them who's bustling with kindness and just needed a little push. I think everyone can be good."

    Nemo choked out in between sobs. Embracing Yukin as she hugged him and pulled his hood down, Nemo sobbed into her chest. For a boy who loved to see people happy, it seemed like he was going to need some coddling himself. But his tears were nothing compared to the plight that was obviously bothering D.

    "I'd never fear you, Yukin. You've been nothing but great to me. You're like the big sister I wish I had..." He'd whimper and he'd lean back and smiled at the older girl as she picked him up. Pulling his hood back up, Nemo waited until he was laid down on the bed before he continued speaking.


    "I'm sorry for crying, Yukin. You really cheered me up." He'd say with a sniffle as his nose was still running and his eyes still red from his tears. But the smile on his face showed that the Nemo that Yukin had grown to enjoy the company of was back once again.

    "I'll always be having fun as long as I'm with you. But, Yukin...? C-Could you sing me a story? D or my parents always read or sang stories to me to help me sleep. If it's too much trouble, I'll just try to sleep. But I think you could do it. I think you could do anything! I could even sing with you if need be!"

  18. He'd never fear her, and everyone could be good, huh? Kind, but unrealistic. When he grew up, would he join the ranks of the rest of society? One day would he gun down someone using Qi, even to help someone, simply out of fear? She could only hope not, that perhaps this experience and his personality would prevent anything like that from happening. That, in all his life, he'd never have to become a part of that world.

    As he cheered up and gave his request, her smile faltered for just a second. She didn't really have any children's storybooks around and she wasn't much of a singer. She didn't even know any songs by heart, much less a full story.

    "I am no storyteller nor singer. I suppose...I will try, though."

    She closed her eyes as she tried to think of something. Tales of violence, weaved through the journeys she'd gone on with her friends? Tales of pain, sorrow? Singing was supposed to come from the heart, and for Yukin, these things evoked the strongest emotions. But what child would wish to hear that as they drifted off to the world of sleep? If she was going to try, she would have to pull from a different source. Call on something stronger than those.

    It took a few moments of silence, but soon, she began. Technically speaking, she was simply bad. Sometimes her voice was unable to remain stable for certain notes, and occasionally the pitch or tone wouldn't be right. But through her song and lyrics, she conveyed a story of friendship. A hero's adventures, even, to someone like Nemo. The time Sung dived into the river to catch them some fish. The times Jiang had covered her back while she flew into crowded battlefields. Underneath the violence and losses were fond memories and extraordinary examples of teamwork, and friends.

    She could just hope that it was enough for the child's request.

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  19. Nemo was in awe the whole time. Obviously, Yukin wasn't a professional at this. She even admitted she didn't have much if any talent in telling stories or singing. But just as Nemo didn't care about Astaroth's background details, he didn't sweat the small stuff like Yukin not being a master at this craft. The imagery was enough to sooth Nemo's formerly dampened mood. Crawling over to Yukin, Nemo wrapped his arms around her waist and laid his head on her lap.

    Glancing up at her, he smiled before resting his head down once more. "Thank you..."

    The story within the lyrics of the song was absolutely wonderful and everything that Nemo had wanted and more. But now the time for fun was over, now was the time for sleep and soon? He would have done just that.


    As Nemo slept however, within his dreams? Someone was waking up and getting ready for a new day! With majestically flowing blonde hair that'd seem right at home on your archetypal hero and bright baby blue eyes, these features and more belonged to a hero known simply as The Kid! Nobody knew his true name, not even Nemo! He had created the character one day with Astaroth and then passing the idea along to other demons, they all took turns stretching and furthering the story. Much to Nemo's delight of course.

    This time the Kid was simply wandering through a small village. Not much to do or say here, right? Except The Kid came to a stop as he gazed upon two figures off in the distance.


    On the right was a man who seemed like an absolute giant and he had a powerful aura around him. Armor covered him up to his neck and he had a cape billowing out behind him. On his gauntlets there were razor sharp tips at the ends of the fingers. But what caught The Kid's attention more was on the left. A woman who's features were out of this world. She had to be the most beautiful, amazing, woman to ever grace his eyes.

    Taking a step forward to try and listen in on their convo, it was a bit garbled but he caught the gist. They had just met and after sharing their names and other such information, they were going to travel together. To try and erase evil wherever it may have roamed. The Kid had to admit that an idea like that sounded absolutely enticing! Holding up his sword, the Kid called out to the two!

    "Greetings, sir, madam! I couldn't help but overhear your conversation! Talk of eradicating evil you say? Why, that sounds like my way to spend an afternoon jaunt! What say you two, hm? Care to have the company of the Kid?" Although the man seemed skeptical, no doubt a reflection of Astaroth's real life skepticism of Yukin, the angelic woman smiled at the Kid and stepping forward, took his free hand.

    "I'd be absolutely honored to have you at my side."

    So it was decided, The Kid, the Knight, and the Angel would travel together! Quashing evil wherever it may have roamed in these fair lands! As for little Nemo? He slept comfortably cuddling with Yukin. Dreams didn't always translate well into reality. But if D, him, and Yukin could all get together like that?

    It'd be the best thing in the world.

  20. Relieved that he seemed to be satisfied with her song, Yukin tucked the boy into bed once she was sure he'd fallen asleep. She took a shower and changed before grabbing her phone. Lying down in bed next to Nemo, she quickly checked her e-mails. There was little of note, mostly other status updates from her friends who'd been sent all over the world, but she was in the kind of mood where she could appreciate those kinds of things.

    "Mission proceeding smoothly. Little of note here."

    Her own e-mail was short and to the point, but it was unlikely anyone was expecting anything more from her anyway. As she sent it, she suddenly felt another, small body against her. She hooked her phone up to the charger and set it down, slinking into bed as well. It really was getting late, wasn't it? With a worn smile that hardly matched her age, she patted his head one more time before closing her eyes...

    7 AM. The birds were chirping, and the sun was just beginning to rise. However, little actual sunlight made it into the room. The blinds were always kept shut for privacy, and the lights were used in the sun's stead. Yukin was already out of bed, making a cup of coffee and two omelettes. Nemo was still a kid, so he probably didn't want any coffee, she figured. Just a quick breakfast, and then he could head home. No reason to keep him from his parents for too long.

    Having finished preparing the food, she approached the sleeping boy, nudging him lightly. Youngsters usually didn't sleep in all that late anyway, so it should've been fine to wake him up now, right?

    "Nemo? Are you ready to wake up?"

    Thinking about it, this was probably the gentlest she'd ever woken someone up. Probably because there wasn't anything urgent to be done, for once.

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